Turtles on my Desk and Bob has a Dream


Nuttah and a “Turtle audience” are lined up next to my keyboard on my desk when I came home the night of 4/24

The night of April 24th, I came home to a new arrangement on my desk, and I’ve added a picture of that to the left. Nothing had happened here since the night of April 1. After I’d gone to bed, I awoke to some noises; thumps and bumps in the house. At one point, about 5 am, I thought I was touched in bed by something. (Bob had left for work already, and the pups were in the basement) It was the first time for something like that for me. I wrote this email to Bob about it:

4/25 email to Bob, 9:39 AM: I think I had a visit this morning. Something clearly touched me in bed — about 5 am I think. Now, the characters are moved since I was here earlier;  Nuttah and turtles are now pointed more toward the window. Kind of had a sense of a presence earlier this morning too. Did you get anything?

4/25, 10:18 AM, Bob wrote back to me:  I had only one brief incident last night, like just passing through, that and a stink bug that landed on my face and I grabbed… letting him release his stench. Both were around 2:00 AM, other than that nothing. Very little activity for me anymore.

The next morning though, April 26, Bob wrote me this email at 6:13 AM:
I had a dream reenactment of the removal of my buddy last night. It was almost like being there again. Sheer terror. It was just as terrifying as the actual event. Felt very little expectation of survival and knew it was going to be extremely painful, remembering, just like the original, hoping that if it was going to happen that it would happen quickly during the event and not be captured and tortured… I am not into pain. Either way, I woke up freaked out at about 2 something… I did have a sense at one point that we had company, but nothing significant. Have a busy day and have to get back to it.

Then Bob wrote again later, at 6:38 AM: Funny, I just saw the blog post after I sent you the email…

I think what Bob refers to above there, is that on 4/26, I was probably just getting to the posting of the event of January 3rd – the one he then has a dream reenactment of in April. It’s typical that I’m usually about 4 months behind with my posts.

I write back to Bob a bit later, 8:12 AM, Me: Funny… she was here. Just came down to my desk, and I have a new arrangement since last night. I did not have any sense of her anywhere else, like I did the night before. Sorry you had to dream that again, I wonder if she was behind it though?

4/26, 10 AM, Me: Your dream re-enactment was probably because I was putting some energy into thinking about that cause I did that post, and she was obviously around and maybe she picked up on it. Or, it was a complete coincidence. Either one is entirely possible. Guess that sticks with you into the day.

Later, I was to find the turtle arrangement from earlier somewhat revised.  Three of the turtles are still to the left, but Nuttah’s character is now lined up behind the pewter turtle with Bob’s special stone, and a heart charm in front of all. This is all just to the left of my computer keyboard on my desk. Given Bob’s dream, maybe this is as if to say that the Turtle Tribe is grateful to Bob for his assistance in freeing them from the annihilators.



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