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May 26, 2013

Another incident in the “office” and Bob has a feeling of dread

Two things happened Memorial Day weekend. Well, “sort of” happened, we don’t really have anything to substantiate it except for Niko’s behavior. There was one overnight incident, when Bob felt the chill of ice creeping up over him from his feet on up. He got up to check things out because he had a “grave feeling of dread”. What he found was only Niko upstairs by our bedroom, outside the bathroom door, having “busted” out of the basement. He must have busted out for a reason though; being apart from Bob was probably difficult for him, and maybe Niko felt the chill of ice and grave feeling of dread too. What was THAT about?

Niko has bonded to Bob to serve as his protector

Niko has bonded to Bob to serve as his protector

Then on Saturday, May 25, Bob has an “incident” outside by the office as we’re readying to leave for a friend’s Memorial Day Barbeque. Bob came in from taking the pups out to relieve themselves. He says his adrenaline is still surging and his heart is beating like crazy.  What happened is that Niko literally attacks the office door and tries to get in the windows, snarling, barking and growling. Bob of course opens the door and checks around inside, but finds nothing. But after this incident, Niko won’t leave Bob alone. While Bob is taking a shower, Niko stakes himself on the floor outside the shower door, as if he can’t leave Bob’s side for a second.

Later, I went out with the pups. I specifically did this because I wanted to observe how Niko behaved this time as we approach the office, which is on the way to the yard. As we approach the door, Niko is cautiously looking around. I observe him glancing toward the office windows, then he stares down the gravel pathway leading to the office, looking out towards street, and glances up to the side of the house. This is definitely not his normal activity there. What was he looking for? What did he experience earlier when he attacked the door? Why does this keep happening? This is not the first time Niko has apparently “sensed” something going on in the office. I posted something in February about the same thing, and about how I always bring a light out with me when I take the pups out for their last spin in the yard at night. The room has some weird energy. It makes me nervous. I don’t go in there anymore, and yet we call it “the office” because it literally used to be my office. (Got destroyed in the flood brought on by Hurricane Ivan in September of 2004, but that is another story… I haven’t used it as an “office” since then). But what is the energy or entity that is hanging out out there? I wish it would go away, it’s a room we could probably use for something.

May 20, 2013

Bob finds the flowering tree

The Paulownia Tree was at the Plant!

The Paulownia Tree was at the Plant!

On May 20 at 9:17 AM, Bob wrote me this email:
“Walked out on dock this morning looking for truck, looked around and saw this!!!!!  It is the tree with the “flowers” on it.

My response, 9:48 AM: WOW!!! It’s a Paulownia Tree. Right there. Do you think she is trying to tell you something? Interesting that it is still in bloom, that branch was at least a week ago, wasn’t it? Can you try to get a better picture of it? I can barely make out what it is, had to zoom in for a closeup

Bob, 10:35 AM: It is the tree with the “flowers” on it.  Will have to wait until tomorrow for a better picture.

And here, to the right is the picture Bob sent, this is literally right outside the plant, growing up against one of the walls. This is, unfortunately, a fairly dark cellphone picture that I was not able to do much with. I tried to lighten things up as much as I could to emphasize the purple flowers, and I’m pretty sure that can be seen pretty well. I’ve cropped them out separately, and below is a close-up of the flowering part of the tree. I think by leaving this plant on my keyboard on my desk at home, Nuttah was trying to tell us that she is in both places, or is at least, capable of sending representatives to both home and work. What, however, is the significance of this tree? Another mystery…

Close up of the flowering part of the tree at Bob's plant: Paulownia

Close up of the flowering part of the tree at Bob’s plant: Paulownia

May 17, 2013

Another deer bone is “placed” on our deck

On the evening of May 16, I took the dogs out for their last break before I went to bed. It was 11:45 PM. When I came back in, I wrote Bob this email:

There is a really interesting bone on the green metal table on the deck… did you find it and put it there, or is this sort of like the antler that showed up? It looks like a pelvic bone, could be deer.

A pelvic bone of a deer appears on our green metal deck table

A pelvic bone of a deer appears on our green metal deck table. It is about a foot long, and maybe 3″ wide at it’s widest.

Bob wrote back to me the next morning, 5/17, 5:52 AM: I always turn the light on and look out on the deck in the morning while waiting for coffee water in the morning. I saw the bone too, thought you put it there. Niko came up last night after I was settled in (had a lot of trouble going to sleep last night, very unusual for me, was up when you came home), he was unsettled, breathing heavy and whining while on bed, kept looking around alertly. I am extremely tired today, way short on sleep.

And then me to Bob at 8:45 AM: The bone is still there, so I’m going to go out this morning and take a picture because you just don’t know if it will stay. Not sure what it’s from, it’s very light in weight, has a socket in it too.

Now me just narrating. There was one other time that a deer part randomly showed up on our property. It was also on the deck, and it was found at roughly the same spot on deck. It was a deer antler, a very old one. Curiously, there was one other similarity at that time. There were workmen on the property both times. I remember asking our wall contractor what he thought the antler was, and I asked our painter what he thought the pelvic bone was. They just happened to be there when I was photographing these two different appearances, nearly 2 years apart. I think I forgot to mention that after we hired a painter to fix up the flooded room from Irene, we continued to employ him throughout the spring painting the exterior of our house.

May 11, 2013

A Gift of a Rare and Unusual Flowering Branch?

I came in the night of May 10, and was astounded to see something new in front of the latest arrangement from May 9th. Here it is:

What was this flowering branch left on my desk and WHERE did it come from??

What was this flowering branch left on my desk and WHERE did it come from??

I had no idea what this flower was. I’d never seen anything like it before. It is spring, and there are other flowering trees around, but nothing like this. On all my travels walking area roads with our dogs, I’d never seen this blossom either on a tree, or on the ground. I was stumped. As you can see, it is a light lavender, very tubular, trumpet-shaped flower, and fairly large; the blossoms were nearly 2 – 3″ long, and this branch itself was almost a foot long. The flowers also had a sepal that looked and felt like soft brown suede. So unusual. It was unlike anything I’d ever seen flower-wise. I was intrigued. I really wanted to find out what this was, and if it even grew in Pennsylvania. I did an internet search, using “trumpet-shaped purple flower”, and it was not long before I came up with a positive ID — The Paulownia or “Princess” Tree:

PurpleTrumpetFlowerSH05-06-07_2To the left is a picture of it that I found in that web search. It is an ornamental tree native to China, but was later introduced to this country. It’s extremely fast growing, and is often grown as a plantation tree for harvesting.

I don’t know why I have nearly a foot tall branch of it on my desk, but it is fascinating. Below is a picture I took of it after I put it in a glass of water overnight. I wanted to see if it would soak up some water and look a little less wilted, and it worked; it actually lasted like that for about a week, until all the flowers started to drop one by one:

The Paulownia tree flowers after I soaked them overnight in water.

The Paulownia tree flowers after I soaked them overnight in water.

May 9, 2013

Another new Arrangement, and I FEAR for the Baby!

On May 8th, during our nightly phone call while I’m at work, Bob tells me that Niko is very restless in the house. He can’t calm down, he is pacing and whining. I ask if something is different with the last arrangement that was on my desk, but Bob can never tell this. When I came home, the first thing I do is check my desk – and yes, there it is. Bob’s and my character were brought down from where I believe they were upstairs in my bedside table drawer.  (they were not down here in the office). There is also a wolf in front of our characters, which was also upstairs in my drawer. And then Nuttah sits in front of all that, with a turtle in front of her, placed on top of the paper heart. The last thing I noticed almost made my heart stop and the thing that did it was behind Nuttah. It was a backwards placed cut-out, and I know that in the past, Nuttah has turned around to face the back anything that she depicts as “no longer with us”, for instance, Dukey and Teme when we lost both of them simultaneously. (That still blows my mind…) But this was something that I provided her to work with that I don’t think I have mentioned yet. I gave her a Lenape baby in a papoose, a small paper cut-out that I downloaded from the internet. And it was this cutout that was turned around, placed behind Nuttah, between herself and Teme. My heart sank.

The white cutout behind Nuttah is her "papoose", being carried on her back

The white cutout behind Nuttah is her “papoose”, being carried on her back

“Oh, no. After all they have been through, no, not the baby! Please tell me nothing happened to Nuttah’s baby.” I was so concerned, I went upstairs to the bedroom, first to see if maybe Bob might still be awake, second, to see if there were any changes on my bedside table too. As I approached my bedside table, Bob stirred. He was awake! I went over to kiss him hello, and asked, “Have you had any contact tonight?”

“What do you mean?”

“With Nuttah, any communication?”

“No, why?”

“Because she was here. She made a new arrangement on my desk. (I took pictures of this with the Canon the night it happened) But I’m really concerned, because her papoose is facing backward. You haven’t heard anything from her?”

“No… but that’s how they’re supposed to face, she carries him on her back.”

“OH!, yeah, I guess she would! So the fact that it’s turned around, that’s all that is about?”


How was Bob so sure, how did he know? He wrote me this email the following morning:

Bob, May 9th, 6:30 AM: It occurred to me this morning that when you woke me last night to say there was an arrangement and I instantly knew what you were saying about the baby, even in my sleep stupor, was unlikely. I had an instant mental image of the arrangement even without having seen it. I went in to your office this morning to check it; it was just like I had thought. Interesting, I knew how the baby was situated and what it meant, also got the meaning of the combined wolf/turtle tribe symbolism. How was Niko when you got home?

Me, later: I didn’t come in to wake you up to ask you about the arrangement, you woke up when I went to my bedside table. That’s when I asked you about the baby. I’m glad you told me that though, I would have been worried all night about the baby facing backward. (That was always how she portrayed those that were no longer “with us”. I get the whole thing now. Niko, by the way was really perturbed by something — kept whining, sniffing around my closet (I think he finally found his ball in there) very unsettled all night as I sat here. Laid on the floor behind me. He must sense it or even see them when she is here.

Poor Niko. He can’t verbalize what is going on, but he definitely senses more than we do!

May 3, 2013

Another incident at the Chiropractor

What is it with the chiropractic visits? Is it THIS particular guy (the chiropractor) or is it just something in the nature of Bob and chiropractic that brings out these things? I suspect it is this guy, or a combination. I don’t think that Bob’s incidents would happen with ALL chiropractors. Of course, you just never know. The weird thing is, I think if Bob were ever to go to Dr. _________, (let’s pretend his name is there), that Dr. __________ would deny that any of it is happening. And that would only be because he just doesn’t remember, or he is unaware of what is happening. I would not think that he was lying, I would just think that something had come over him, or that, more specifically, something is working through him.  That is probably the more accurate statement, and I think Dr. ___________ is completely unaware. Anyway, all this is to get to the next post, which occurred in early May, 2013 AT the chiropractor. Bob relates it to me like this:

Chiropractic-Patients“Dr. ___________ starts the “E-Stim” (some sort of Electronic-Stimulator for the muscles). Then after that, he was standing behind me as he was doing his adjusting. Then in this really different voice, it didn’t even sound like him, he says: “I will continue to pray for you.”

“What?” Bob asks surprised.

The chiropractor then asks Bob, “What?”

Bob responds, “I thought you said something.”

Then, in a different voice, his normal voice, he said, “No.”

The inflections in the voice were completely different, as Bob related it. He felt that the first voice was “speaking through him”, not really him at all. This is why I think when Bob goes to this chiropractor, something else begins to work on him too. Luckily, it is not like the physical therapist, where the “Evil one” apparently made an appearance. I wrote this up in a post dated April 5, 2012, when Bob went to a physical therapy session for this same problem he is still seeing the chiropractor for more than a year later. Some strange things have occurred at this chiropractor’s office. I’ve written all of them up as posts, the oddest one of course being the woman that appeared in the parking lot that said she could see what the doctor saw; there was a wolf that was part of Bob too. Thank goodness, or Bob would probably not be with us today. Gives new meaning to “Dances with Wolves”, wouldn’t you say? An image I found on an internet blog seems to fit here:


May 2, 2013

The Lao woman sees Bob in a ceremony

The night of May 1, at 6:50 p.m., Bob writes me this email:
So, got a call from the Lao woman (or her husband to be accurate). She had a dream, first in quite awhile. In the dream she saw many “native Americans” standing on a wood floor next to a stream… (sounds like our deck to me). All were men except one, the girl, the one she has seen before. (Nuttah) There was a big dog or wolf beside the girl. She saw me standing with them, dressed like them. She saw it as something serious. I interrupted him and said “All I am is a coater in the ghetto, nothing more, so let it go as a dream”. He said that he knows that is not true, even without these dreams. But the girl told the Lao woman in the dream that she is connected to me, her and many others in her community. The gathering was just to show kinship, respect and connection. Her husband said he knows this without any of her dreams, he knew of me before he knew his wife. Many people in his community talk and know of me. He says I have influenced many of them, all for the better. The dream is just to show that we are connected and to listen. I don’t know what that means. That b what I have. ktaholël

Early the next morning on May 2, Bob wrote me this email at 6:45 AM: What do you think of the dream from the Lao woman? I have no idea what to make of it.

I wrote back to Bob: I don’t really know what to make of her dream, any more than I know what to make of any of this. It doesn’t really surprise me. More than anything, I’m intrigued by it, This whole thing is so interesting; keeps us on our toes too. It would definitely be interesting to sit down with the group of them some time, and with an interpreter. I wonder what else they see/know/sense. Probably a lot. I would love to know.