The Lao woman sees Bob in a ceremony

The night of May 1, at 6:50 p.m., Bob writes me this email:
So, got a call from the Lao woman (or her husband to be accurate). She had a dream, first in quite awhile. In the dream she saw many “native Americans” standing on a wood floor next to a stream… (sounds like our deck to me). All were men except one, the girl, the one she has seen before. (Nuttah) There was a big dog or wolf beside the girl. She saw me standing with them, dressed like them. She saw it as something serious. I interrupted him and said “All I am is a coater in the ghetto, nothing more, so let it go as a dream”. He said that he knows that is not true, even without these dreams. But the girl told the Lao woman in the dream that she is connected to me, her and many others in her community. The gathering was just to show kinship, respect and connection. Her husband said he knows this without any of her dreams, he knew of me before he knew his wife. Many people in his community talk and know of me. He says I have influenced many of them, all for the better. The dream is just to show that we are connected and to listen. I don’t know what that means. That b what I have. ktaholël

Early the next morning on May 2, Bob wrote me this email at 6:45 AM: What do you think of the dream from the Lao woman? I have no idea what to make of it.

I wrote back to Bob: I don’t really know what to make of her dream, any more than I know what to make of any of this. It doesn’t really surprise me. More than anything, I’m intrigued by it, This whole thing is so interesting; keeps us on our toes too. It would definitely be interesting to sit down with the group of them some time, and with an interpreter. I wonder what else they see/know/sense. Probably a lot. I would love to know.


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