Another incident at the Chiropractor

What is it with the chiropractic visits? Is it THIS particular guy (the chiropractor) or is it just something in the nature of Bob and chiropractic that brings out these things? I suspect it is this guy, or a combination. I don’t think that Bob’s incidents would happen with ALL chiropractors. Of course, you just never know. The weird thing is, I think if Bob were ever to go to Dr. _________, (let’s pretend his name is there), that Dr. __________ would deny that any of it is happening. And that would only be because he just doesn’t remember, or he is unaware of what is happening. I would not think that he was lying, I would just think that something had come over him, or that, more specifically, something is working through him.  That is probably the more accurate statement, and I think Dr. ___________ is completely unaware. Anyway, all this is to get to the next post, which occurred in early May, 2013 AT the chiropractor. Bob relates it to me like this:

Chiropractic-Patients“Dr. ___________ starts the “E-Stim” (some sort of Electronic-Stimulator for the muscles). Then after that, he was standing behind me as he was doing his adjusting. Then in this really different voice, it didn’t even sound like him, he says: “I will continue to pray for you.”

“What?” Bob asks surprised.

The chiropractor then asks Bob, “What?”

Bob responds, “I thought you said something.”

Then, in a different voice, his normal voice, he said, “No.”

The inflections in the voice were completely different, as Bob related it. He felt that the first voice was “speaking through him”, not really him at all. This is why I think when Bob goes to this chiropractor, something else begins to work on him too. Luckily, it is not like the physical therapist, where the “Evil one” apparently made an appearance. I wrote this up in a post dated April 5, 2012, when Bob went to a physical therapy session for this same problem he is still seeing the chiropractor for more than a year later. Some strange things have occurred at this chiropractor’s office. I’ve written all of them up as posts, the oddest one of course being the woman that appeared in the parking lot that said she could see what the doctor saw; there was a wolf that was part of Bob too. Thank goodness, or Bob would probably not be with us today. Gives new meaning to “Dances with Wolves”, wouldn’t you say? An image I found on an internet blog seems to fit here:



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