Another new Arrangement, and I FEAR for the Baby!

On May 8th, during our nightly phone call while I’m at work, Bob tells me that Niko is very restless in the house. He can’t calm down, he is pacing and whining. I ask if something is different with the last arrangement that was on my desk, but Bob can never tell this. When I came home, the first thing I do is check my desk – and yes, there it is. Bob’s and my character were brought down from where I believe they were upstairs in my bedside table drawer.  (they were not down here in the office). There is also a wolf in front of our characters, which was also upstairs in my drawer. And then Nuttah sits in front of all that, with a turtle in front of her, placed on top of the paper heart. The last thing I noticed almost made my heart stop and the thing that did it was behind Nuttah. It was a backwards placed cut-out, and I know that in the past, Nuttah has turned around to face the back anything that she depicts as “no longer with us”, for instance, Dukey and Teme when we lost both of them simultaneously. (That still blows my mind…) But this was something that I provided her to work with that I don’t think I have mentioned yet. I gave her a Lenape baby in a papoose, a small paper cut-out that I downloaded from the internet. And it was this cutout that was turned around, placed behind Nuttah, between herself and Teme. My heart sank.

The white cutout behind Nuttah is her "papoose", being carried on her back

The white cutout behind Nuttah is her “papoose”, being carried on her back

“Oh, no. After all they have been through, no, not the baby! Please tell me nothing happened to Nuttah’s baby.” I was so concerned, I went upstairs to the bedroom, first to see if maybe Bob might still be awake, second, to see if there were any changes on my bedside table too. As I approached my bedside table, Bob stirred. He was awake! I went over to kiss him hello, and asked, “Have you had any contact tonight?”

“What do you mean?”

“With Nuttah, any communication?”

“No, why?”

“Because she was here. She made a new arrangement on my desk. (I took pictures of this with the Canon the night it happened) But I’m really concerned, because her papoose is facing backward. You haven’t heard anything from her?”

“No… but that’s how they’re supposed to face, she carries him on her back.”

“OH!, yeah, I guess she would! So the fact that it’s turned around, that’s all that is about?”


How was Bob so sure, how did he know? He wrote me this email the following morning:

Bob, May 9th, 6:30 AM: It occurred to me this morning that when you woke me last night to say there was an arrangement and I instantly knew what you were saying about the baby, even in my sleep stupor, was unlikely. I had an instant mental image of the arrangement even without having seen it. I went in to your office this morning to check it; it was just like I had thought. Interesting, I knew how the baby was situated and what it meant, also got the meaning of the combined wolf/turtle tribe symbolism. How was Niko when you got home?

Me, later: I didn’t come in to wake you up to ask you about the arrangement, you woke up when I went to my bedside table. That’s when I asked you about the baby. I’m glad you told me that though, I would have been worried all night about the baby facing backward. (That was always how she portrayed those that were no longer “with us”. I get the whole thing now. Niko, by the way was really perturbed by something — kept whining, sniffing around my closet (I think he finally found his ball in there) very unsettled all night as I sat here. Laid on the floor behind me. He must sense it or even see them when she is here.

Poor Niko. He can’t verbalize what is going on, but he definitely senses more than we do!


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