Another deer bone is “placed” on our deck

On the evening of May 16, I took the dogs out for their last break before I went to bed. It was 11:45 PM. When I came back in, I wrote Bob this email:

There is a really interesting bone on the green metal table on the deck… did you find it and put it there, or is this sort of like the antler that showed up? It looks like a pelvic bone, could be deer.

A pelvic bone of a deer appears on our green metal deck table

A pelvic bone of a deer appears on our green metal deck table. It is about a foot long, and maybe 3″ wide at it’s widest.

Bob wrote back to me the next morning, 5/17, 5:52 AM: I always turn the light on and look out on the deck in the morning while waiting for coffee water in the morning. I saw the bone too, thought you put it there. Niko came up last night after I was settled in (had a lot of trouble going to sleep last night, very unusual for me, was up when you came home), he was unsettled, breathing heavy and whining while on bed, kept looking around alertly. I am extremely tired today, way short on sleep.

And then me to Bob at 8:45 AM: The bone is still there, so I’m going to go out this morning and take a picture because you just don’t know if it will stay. Not sure what it’s from, it’s very light in weight, has a socket in it too.

Now me just narrating. There was one other time that a deer part randomly showed up on our property. It was also on the deck, and it was found at roughly the same spot on deck. It was a deer antler, a very old one. Curiously, there was one other similarity at that time. There were workmen on the property both times. I remember asking our wall contractor what he thought the antler was, and I asked our painter what he thought the pelvic bone was. They just happened to be there when I was photographing these two different appearances, nearly 2 years apart. I think I forgot to mention that after we hired a painter to fix up the flooded room from Irene, we continued to employ him throughout the spring painting the exterior of our house.


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