Another incident in the “office” and Bob has a feeling of dread

Two things happened Memorial Day weekend. Well, “sort of” happened, we don’t really have anything to substantiate it except for Niko’s behavior. There was one overnight incident, when Bob felt the chill of ice creeping up over him from his feet on up. He got up to check things out because he had a “grave feeling of dread”. What he found was only Niko upstairs by our bedroom, outside the bathroom door, having “busted” out of the basement. He must have busted out for a reason though; being apart from Bob was probably difficult for him, and maybe Niko felt the chill of ice and grave feeling of dread too. What was THAT about?

Niko has bonded to Bob to serve as his protector

Niko has bonded to Bob to serve as his protector

Then on Saturday, May 25, Bob has an “incident” outside by the office as we’re readying to leave for a friend’s Memorial Day Barbeque. Bob came in from taking the pups out to relieve themselves. He says his adrenaline is still surging and his heart is beating like crazy.  What happened is that Niko literally attacks the office door and tries to get in the windows, snarling, barking and growling. Bob of course opens the door and checks around inside, but finds nothing. But after this incident, Niko won’t leave Bob alone. While Bob is taking a shower, Niko stakes himself on the floor outside the shower door, as if he can’t leave Bob’s side for a second.

Later, I went out with the pups. I specifically did this because I wanted to observe how Niko behaved this time as we approach the office, which is on the way to the yard. As we approach the door, Niko is cautiously looking around. I observe him glancing toward the office windows, then he stares down the gravel pathway leading to the office, looking out towards street, and glances up to the side of the house. This is definitely not his normal activity there. What was he looking for? What did he experience earlier when he attacked the door? Why does this keep happening? This is not the first time Niko has apparently “sensed” something going on in the office. I posted something in February about the same thing, and about how I always bring a light out with me when I take the pups out for their last spin in the yard at night. The room has some weird energy. It makes me nervous. I don’t go in there anymore, and yet we call it “the office” because it literally used to be my office. (Got destroyed in the flood brought on by Hurricane Ivan in September of 2004, but that is another story… I haven’t used it as an “office” since then). But what is the energy or entity that is hanging out out there? I wish it would go away, it’s a room we could probably use for something.


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