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June 18, 2013

Our garden is getting started late

On the evening of June 17th (a Tuesday night) I wrote this to Bob:
“How long were you out watering the garden last night? Did you have any sense of anything while you did it? Cause when I came home, Nuttah had placed her character on my window ledge, looking in the direction of the garden, she has her papoose with her, and the silver heart-charm.”

Here is a photograph that I took the next morning in the daylight, of what I’d found on my window-ledge:

Nuttah, her papoose, and the silver-heart-charm are on the ledge of my office window. Nuttah looks out in the direction of the garden.

Nuttah, her papoose, and the silver-heart-charm are on the ledge of my office window. Nuttah looks out in the direction of the garden.

The next morning, when Bob got the email, he responded: 6/18, 7:22 AM:
“I was only out there about ten minutes. Didn’t notice anything. But I was/am kind of surprised we haven’t been getting any pressure to get the garden going”.

I was wondering about this too. We were very late getting the garden going this spring; we were just so busy with everything. Although it did not require anything but a major weeding, we’d been very late planting it. Finally, sometime in mid-June, we bought already-started tomato plants and plunked them in the ground.

Later same day, 6/18/13 at 10:30 AM, I wrote to Bob:
“I just took notice as I was hooking up the garden sprinkler for tonight, that the deer bone is now out there in the garden. I’ll shoot a picture before I leave, and I’ll just leave the bone there where it is, close to the tomatoes, so you’ll see it tonight (if it doesn’t get moved). I didn’t notice it missing from the office last night (where it’s been), but that doesn’t surprise me. Must have moved when she positioned herself looking out at you.

Bob wrote back to me with minutes, 10:35 AM:
“Hmmm, when I read that it suddenly became clear. That bone is a digging tool (usually modified) and a fertility symbol. So that was probably a hint to get started on garden.

Here, below, are the garden pictures referred to. I’d gone out that morning to find that deer pelvic bone that was left for us on the deck about a month earlier, now part of our garden, as Bob surmises, maybe as a tool, or a fertility symbol?

A close-up of the deer bone left in our garden

A close-up of the deer bone left in our garden, placed near a young, newly-planted tomato plant

The overall garden scene. It's mid-June, and we just got our tomatoes in. Perhaps Nuttah thinks we need help with the "fertility" bone?

The overall garden scene. It’s mid-June, and we just got our tomatoes in. Perhaps Nuttah thinks we need help with the “fertility” bone?

June 15, 2013

Loop Quantum Gravity? What on earth does it mean?

So there is a finite number in front of me now to “catch up” with the posts of summer. Then we will be into September (which is the actual month I write in at this time) and since “activity” is relatively infrequent at the moment (but still does happen) I should be able to keep up with it. It would be nice finally to be able to post something the day it happened. There would probably be a lot more energy and excitement about it from me, because it would be new, not writing it up months later, when I am trying to remember everything else that was going on too. Anyway, that said, I just counted, and there are possibly 15 more posts to finish with the summer. Surprisingly many, actually, considering it felt like a “slow” summer. A lot of those incidents concerned pets. Soon to come.

On June 13th, Bob wrote this email:
Last night on deck was unexpected. Out of nowhere, just relaxing with a brew, Bang, there they were. Niko tried to lick Nuttah. He went right through, didn’t perturb him. He sat next to Teme and Nuttah smiled , said “An’na” and it was over. Like it never happened. Maybe it never did.

Me: Interesting visit from Nuttah. Wonder what that was about, we haven’t seen/heard from her in so long, and I saw no changes in the house (that I noticed) whatsoever. I have been trying to have a dream about her, hasn’t worked yet.

That was just a brief “deck visit”, where Bob is just sitting there with our pups, and Nuttah breezes in with Teme to say hello.

Then the next day, Bob sent this email:
“Oh, and just for the record, in the event I am not around, listen for these [terms] when you hear and see the “news” in the future: LQG (loop quantum gravity) and electromagnetism. LQG is not quite accurate, but it is going to lead to the understanding that Hawkings is not quite right about black holes. They are not (as conventional wisdom perceives them) where standard and quantum physics break down, but rather where a higher order of these take place. Black holes are a path to elsewhere. They are not the end of energy, they do not violate the laws of physics, in fact, they are not actually holes at all, at least not the way we think of them currently.”

Later, Bob was to email me a link that was to explain that better. He wrote, “This is it. It is what I have been saying, only easy to understand. It’s what I told your Mom at Rosemont Cafe. This is great. It is what Nuttah understands”: Here is the link to the article, and a graphic below from it. I wish he hadn’t said “easy to understand”. I printed it out, and sat with a highlighter trying to read it and understand it. It was pretty much hopeless. Some of the comments were helpful, but the article? I still don’t understand. What is it going to take? Some great awakening? Oh, and don’t be perturbed by the fact that this post is dated June, and the article is 8/28/13: Bob did mention it in June, and then emailed me the link to the article a couple of months later. One more reason to get caught up.

A graphic from the article linked above.

A graphic from the article linked above.

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June 12, 2013

Learning to Remember Dreams

Around mid-June, I started working on some exercises to help me remember dreams. When I do the exercises, such as they are (not difficult at all) it usually does work. Sometimes, I am just too tired, I can literally fall asleep in seconds these days. (Staying asleep is another issue, but I can fall asleep as soon as I turn off the TV). Anyway, I digress… the exercises. I learned these from a guest on Coast to Coast AM. I talk about this program a lot, I know I’ve mentioned that I podcast it so I can listen while I drive to and from work. This guest was Rosemary Ellen Guilley, and I believe it was the show that aired May 6, 2013. I made some notes about her techniques, and if you try at least the first 2 steps, you will probably start immediately remembering dreams. She uses the word “D-R-E-A-M”, and each letter is one of the steps. I can give you the first 2, because those are the ones I remember, and they are the ones that will do the most: the “D” means: “Declare that you will dream that night”. Just the act of declaration “I declare that I will dream tonight” will begin the process. The “R” then is “Remember”: “I will remember the dreams I have tonight”. That’s a place to start. If you really want to find out what the “E-A-M” meant, you can listen to the show. I don’t use them anyway, and I still remember my dreams, much more than I did. Whenever I do it with “intention”, it really does seem to work. One day I will progress beyond the “D” and the “R”, I hope. Or maybe even get into what they call “lucid dreaming”, which is how I hope to eventually visit Nuttah, since I seem incapable of what Bob is able to do. My whole point here, to these exercises, is to try to interpret something out of the unconscious world to lend some sense to our conscious world. I will keep trying.

June 2, 2013

Flowers are missing, and people come a-knocking

Bleeding Heart Blooms

I added Bleeding Heart blooms to a small vase next to Nuttah’s latest arrangement

A close-up of a "Bleeding Heart" flower when mature. It literally looks like a tiny "heart" with a drop coming out of it.

A close-up of a “Bleeding Heart” flower when mature. It literally looks like a tiny “heart” with a drop coming out of it.

By the end of May, the 26th to be exact,  I brought the last remaining bleeding heart flowers in, and put them in a vase draped near Nuttah. See the picture above. Bleeding hearts are a gorgeous spring flower on a perennial plant that starts coming up mid-April and blooms for most of May.  The flower is a pink “heart-shape”, that dangles with a drop seeming like it is squeezing out of it below, hence “bleeding heart”. As the bud matures, it produces two little “wings” that shoot off to the side, as in the close-up I took of our plant to the right.

Then the night of May 30th, Bob reported Niko being very “needy”. Niko was also focused on the office outside, sniffing around like he had been the night of a possible “visitor”. After what Bob told me, I expected to find some kind of change when I got home from work, which was later than usual because of food shopping (almost 11 PM). I went in to examine any changes in my “inside office”.

The only thing is that the flowers that I left her a day or two ago are GONE. They were the very last of the bleeding hearts, and I kind of draped them around her. They are not anywhere else in the house that I can find. Hopefully, she took them to enjoy them!

Then on Saturday night, June 1 into Sunday morning, Bob reports hearing knocking and footsteps between midnight and 2 AM, at least 8-10 times. The knocking is on the door into our bedroom from the hallway. He said he fully expected someone to walk in. However, the pups were sleeping downstairs, and there was not a peep from them, so did they just not hear it, or was it for Bob’s ears only? The noises he heard did not wake me up, but I was probably sleeping pretty soundly. I am glad I didn’t hear it, I would have been pretty alarmed.

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