Flowers are missing, and people come a-knocking

Bleeding Heart Blooms

I added Bleeding Heart blooms to a small vase next to Nuttah’s latest arrangement

A close-up of a "Bleeding Heart" flower when mature. It literally looks like a tiny "heart" with a drop coming out of it.

A close-up of a “Bleeding Heart” flower when mature. It literally looks like a tiny “heart” with a drop coming out of it.

By the end of May, the 26th to be exact,  I brought the last remaining bleeding heart flowers in, and put them in a vase draped near Nuttah. See the picture above. Bleeding hearts are a gorgeous spring flower on a perennial plant that starts coming up mid-April and blooms for most of May.  The flower is a pink “heart-shape”, that dangles with a drop seeming like it is squeezing out of it below, hence “bleeding heart”. As the bud matures, it produces two little “wings” that shoot off to the side, as in the close-up I took of our plant to the right.

Then the night of May 30th, Bob reported Niko being very “needy”. Niko was also focused on the office outside, sniffing around like he had been the night of a possible “visitor”. After what Bob told me, I expected to find some kind of change when I got home from work, which was later than usual because of food shopping (almost 11 PM). I went in to examine any changes in my “inside office”.

The only thing is that the flowers that I left her a day or two ago are GONE. They were the very last of the bleeding hearts, and I kind of draped them around her. They are not anywhere else in the house that I can find. Hopefully, she took them to enjoy them!

Then on Saturday night, June 1 into Sunday morning, Bob reports hearing knocking and footsteps between midnight and 2 AM, at least 8-10 times. The knocking is on the door into our bedroom from the hallway. He said he fully expected someone to walk in. However, the pups were sleeping downstairs, and there was not a peep from them, so did they just not hear it, or was it for Bob’s ears only? The noises he heard did not wake me up, but I was probably sleeping pretty soundly. I am glad I didn’t hear it, I would have been pretty alarmed.

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