Learning to Remember Dreams

Around mid-June, I started working on some exercises to help me remember dreams. When I do the exercises, such as they are (not difficult at all) it usually does work. Sometimes, I am just too tired, I can literally fall asleep in seconds these days. (Staying asleep is another issue, but I can fall asleep as soon as I turn off the TV). Anyway, I digress… the exercises. I learned these from a guest on Coast to Coast AM. I talk about this program a lot, I know I’ve mentioned that I podcast it so I can listen while I drive to and from work. This guest was Rosemary Ellen Guilley, and I believe it was the show that aired May 6, 2013. I made some notes about her techniques, and if you try at least the first 2 steps, you will probably start immediately remembering dreams. She uses the word “D-R-E-A-M”, and each letter is one of the steps. I can give you the first 2, because those are the ones I remember, and they are the ones that will do the most: the “D” means: “Declare that you will dream that night”. Just the act of declaration “I declare that I will dream tonight” will begin the process. The “R” then is “Remember”: “I will remember the dreams I have tonight”. That’s a place to start. If you really want to find out what the “E-A-M” meant, you can listen to the show. I don’t use them anyway, and I still remember my dreams, much more than I did. Whenever I do it with “intention”, it really does seem to work. One day I will progress beyond the “D” and the “R”, I hope. Or maybe even get into what they call “lucid dreaming”, which is how I hope to eventually visit Nuttah, since I seem incapable of what Bob is able to do. My whole point here, to these exercises, is to try to interpret something out of the unconscious world to lend some sense to our conscious world. I will keep trying.


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