More Niko-fallout

She had been sitting on the window sill, positioned to look out at Bob... and now? Gone.

She had been sitting on the window sill, positioned to look out at Bob… and now? Gone.

July 8, 2013: As if to emphasize her irritation with us (probably more than just irritated) by Monday night, Nuttah’s character had disappeared. She had been sitting on my window ledge since the post of June 17, where she’d positioned herself presumably to look out at the garden where Bob had been working. I wrote Bob this email when I got home:

11:33 PM: Nuttah is missing – her character is not on the window ledge, where she’s been since she was watching you do something out there (planting?). I looked around in all the usual spots where she might “show up”; she is nowhere. I had a weird sense of something on the way home, perhaps 9:45-ish. Difficult to describe, just a sense that I was experiencing something a bit “surreal”, best way I can describe it.

Niko appears to engage in a non-verbal "conversation" with an unusual white bird

Niko appears to engage in a non-verbal “conversation” with an unusual white bird

Bob responded at 5:30 AM the next morning, July 9:
Rough night last night. Really a mess this morning. Completely out of it, forgot my coffee. Remember how I told you Niko changed his behavior completely after the last “white bird” incident in the tree across the creek that morning? Turns out that was when he fully committed, that he would give himself up to protect us and stay with us. That is what the the encounter was about, him voluntarily making the decision.  It doesn’t surprise me that Nuttah (her figure) is missing, I am surprised that is all that is missing. There is quite a bit of disappointment right now. It is not an easy thing to be subjected to, nor explain. I don’t know about redemption, won’t be easy to convince them. Not looking forward to any more encounters. Hope you slept well, I know you have had to have a better night than I had.

Me back to Bob at 9:14 AM: Sorry you are such a mess this morning. The one big question I have about the messages you are getting and Nuttah’s disappearance is, how did you “abandon him”? The way I see it you defended him, and still do. Even Kate is defending him. So what happened that they feel, or you feel that you betrayed a friend? It seems that you/we are being punished for something we are innocent of. Yes, I agree Niko (or whoever it is in him that does that) needs to be worked with… but we’re not putting him out with the bathwater, by any means. Except for a very low-talking admonishment and a look of disapproval, I didn’t do anything to him – he wasn’t yelled at, hit by anyone, banished to the basement, put out in the yard — so it’s hard for me to understand why she’s being so critical of our reaction. Literally, some people would not have the dog at this point. What did we do? Anyway, that is my big question.

Now me just narrating: What could be the possible answer to this? Why is she so upset with how we handled this? I just don’t get it; she’s removed herself, given Bob countless messages about how we’ve betrayed Niko, and yet we really didn’t even punish him, and probably should have. Kate admits some fault in possibly somewhat “provoking” it. But still… It is not the first time that Niko has behaved this way, so Kate, and whatever she did, is not to blame. Maybe what Nuttah picks up on, is not so much actions, but thoughts. Yes, I had negative thoughts about Niko. Yes, I was angry. Yes, I had some thoughts about the sanity, or lack thereof, of keeping a dog capable of this. I admit it, I had all those thoughts. But why were we being treated like villains? It was curious to me, but I was not going to let it override my mood. Kate was doing well, she was healing, and soon after the stitches were removed, she actually looked pretty good. I was pleased with at least that outcome, and so was she. Where was Nuttah in all of this?


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