More Niko Fall-out (2)

Later on July 9, Bob expressed surprise that only Nuttah was missing:
Bob asked, “What about the wolves, the hearts??”
I am not sure why he asked about them, but I checked when I got home, where I thought some of this stuff was (it wasn’t ‘out’) and I can’t find them. Also, my hearts are gone – the paper heart copy and the one it is a copy of. More significantly my character is gone from in the drawer where Bob and I were. Only Bob is in there. I am gone. When she was angry with Bob one time in the past, his character disappeared. I thought maybe I fell out of the drawer behind the desk, but I just pulled all the drawers out and found behind it a whole lot of stuff, including the Dukey/and Teme character, but not my character. So Nuttah, the biggest hearts that were ever part of this, and my character. Gone. She is mad at me? I’m a little perturbed by that. I keep reminding myself that I didn’t even punish Niko over this except to reprimand him over Kate’s defacement. Bob’s looking for reasons online for this behavior, I’m just hoping it doesn’t happen again and that Kate’s face heals without a major scar. It doesn’t feel wrong to be perturbed by that, and I’m unapologetic about it – some people would have severely punished a dog that did that, we didn’t, and I don’t know why I have been banished and Bob is undergoing a guilt trip.

The next morning, at 7:46 AM, Bob wrote me this email: If you think about it, look around to see if anything else is removed other than the Nuttah figurine. The impression I got was that they were pretty disturbed and that fetishes would be removed as an expression of their dismay. Hopefully I am wrong. Hopefully at least her figurine returns. Very depressing feeling being in front of them and sensing their unhappiness and disapproval.

If this were the scene, my character on right is missing, Nuttah is missing, hearts, wolves and turtles, all missing. Nowhere to be found in house.

To illustrate what is missing, I’ve re-used this picture from an earlier post. My character on right is missing, Nuttah is missing, hearts, wolves and turtles, all missing. Nowhere to be found in house.

Me, later, 9:01 AM: You were right about the “fetishes” (although last night I dreamt she’d been in the office all along, just didn’t see her). But she’s not here. My figurine is missing from the drawer. You are in there, but not me. I thought maybe stuff fell out behind the desk, and some did, I found Duke and Tëme, but not me. Two hearts are missing also. Oh, and our turtle upstairs. So apparently her dismay is at me, and for both of us, I feel it is unjustified, I did not suggest we part with Niko, nor was he punished, but whatever; there is nothing I can do about it. I’m not sure how she thought we should react, praise him for what he did?

When Bob and I spoke that evening while I’m at work, he said that I should try to find the young wolf-pup characters. He thinks they may be taken also. He says it makes sense that Duke/Tëme were found, and are still here, but the pups would be gone. He was right; they are missing too and Nuttah is still missing.

So, to inventory everything that seems to have been removed: it is Nuttah’s character, my character, the protective empty turtle shell, all of the wolves except Duke/Tëme, and a couple of hearts. As Bob says, as an expression of their dismay. Dismay over what?? Guess it will take some time to find out, but I’m pretty dismayed at this.


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