Niko thwarts a Home Invasion?? (or worse?)

In the very early morning hours of July 11, Niko may have possibly completely redeemed himself. At any rate, what he may have done made me realize how important he is to have here with us. He may have actually thwarted a home invasion while I was home sleeping alone.  Read on…

As Bob was leaving for work in the dark, early morning hours, he saw a car in his rear-view mirror turn the corner toward our house. It did not catch up to him, as he expected it would. He thought maybe they lived on the street, and that was why it did not continue, but that was very unusual, as there is almost never any traffic on our road at that hour, except Bob. He actually considered coming back to the house to check, and regretted later that he hadn’t. Because when he got to work, the Lao woman approached him with a vision she had seen. Through translation, she described Niko, and she described our foyer as you would look in from the porch door. Described it as best she could, considering she did not know what all the objects were. She said someone had come to the door in the dark and Niko had been sitting there on the foyer rug. He looked up at the figure in the door and bared his teeth and growled. He scared off whoever it was.

Later that afternoon while I’m at work, I got a text from Bob:

A picture from the internet of a possible home invasion

A picture from the internet of a possible home invasion

July 11, 1:12 pm, Bob: “Lao woman just told me I have to take care of ‘the animal’, he takes care of your wife.”

July 11, 1:40 pm, Bob: “She just described our foyer and someone at the door after I left.”

July 11, 1:47 pm, Bob: “I just showed her a picture of Niko, she smiled and said ‘Take care of him.”

July 11, 2:02 pm, Me: “After u left today?”

July 11, 2:03 pm, Bob: “Not certain, I think…”

July 11, 4:19 pm, Bob: “Kind of freaks me out, all of it, every aspect of it.”

My question about this whole incident was, did this really happen today, after Bob left, or was it just a vision? What did it mean? The Lao woman’s visions have always in the past been pretty accurate, at least as far as what Bob was experiencing. I guess this was a way for us to begin to re-appreciate what Niko was here for, and what he was capable of doing, should there be an issue. I was just glad to have him and glad he’d been there where he needed to be, if in fact it had happened. Prior to this, we had not always had him upstairs with us when we slept, but now we always sleep with Niko in the bedroom with us. I’ve always thought the best thing to have in a situation like that would be a dog. A dog like Niko actually. Even better than a gun, because you might hesitate to use it, but I’m certain Niko would not hesitate to protect us for even a second. I feel better here now alone in those dark morning hours. I have Niko.

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