“Red” Gets Formally Introduced

As I keep mentioning, I have for the last year been in “catch-up mode” with these posts, and I am always posting about 3 – 5 months after the event actually happened. The last one about the arrival of “Red” was no exception; the actual date I write is October 18, 2013. (Only 3 months behind now!) The reason that I mention that here, is because I think the 3-month perspective is interesting to note: it is very clear to me now that I re-read and write up what happened on a day in July, that Red came to us so instantly for a reason. I did not put it all together then, but I do now, and it was Bob’s “dream” about needing a smaller female as part of Niko’s “therapy” that was the major clue. (Course that was no less a major clue then in July, but other things have also transpired to “clinch” it, so to speak).

2013-07-27Bob wrote this email on July 19, 5:54 AM: When I got up this morning, I got worried because I couldn’t find Niko anywhere. I looked through all the rooms, no sign of him anywhere, started to go down the basement and he appeared behind me, as far as I can tell, literally. Was very worried he was gone. I don’t think he liked being supplanted. Also, something else happened, and not that we have to call Red by this name, but, her name is Nady/Nadie or Numeys/Numees. Not sure of the spelling, giving a couple options for each. That is what she is called by Nuttah, Tëme and the elders. I am not positive she is part of an ongoing historical relationship like Tëme/Dukey/Niko, but she is here for a reason. I find it interesting that Niko doesn’t do the herding thing in the morning when I get them out, he just heads out, does his thing and then waits until everyone is ready to go back in, walks along side her, doesn’t bark or herd. Probably half asleep.

I took a picture of her shadow one morning as I was walking her. You'd think this was the shadow of a wolf

I took a picture of her shadow one morning as I was walking her. You’d think this was the shadow of a wolf

A couple of days later, Bob texted me this while I was walking Red on the towpath:

6:54 PM: “Well, I know what Red is at least partly mixed with.”

Text back from me: 6:55 pm, Me: How do u know and what? Wolf?

Bob, 6:57 PM: Yes. I was ‘shown’, 3 generations back, female, small shepherd, was mated to a red wolf.

Me, 7 pm: Huh. Thought so. She looks so wolf-like.

And I wondered “What is her role in this?” That is still not completely clear, but apparently she is part of the ceremonial therapy that will “repair” what is ailing with Niko. Or at least hopefully.  I’m always a little cautious with these new shelter dogs, especially not knowing their past background. Unfortunately, though, whenever I walk her, if we pass people, especially people with other dogs, it is very difficult for me to contain her. And she can quickly resort to growling and snarling. I always make sure I have her under good control with a very secure leash. So, it would appear that the last link in the chain to repair Niko’s damaged psyche has been thrust into our midst, so to speak. Lets hope it works.

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