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September 30, 2013

A kitten named Buju has joined our menagerie

It was the night of the Musikfest that I became aware of a new animal in our midst. This was the night of August 8th, as we all stood in the driveway upon our return. Bob was in bed, and we didn’t want to wake him up, so we were outside talking. Something kept running from under one car to another, and I was catching glimpses of something black and white. Matt, one of our visitors, said it was a kitten. I suddenly realized that Bob and I (and of course the pups) had been getting brief glimpses of this kitten for the past couple weeks. Sometimes, I would let the pups out at night, and Niko especially would go charging into the yard, and seem to chase something away; once we both caught a glimpse of something white tearing out of the yard as the pups advanced. And here it was, a kitten, about 6 weeks old or so, as best I could determine. The kitten would not let anyone get near it. I was pretty sure the mother was a semi-wild stray that I often caught eating our outdoor cat’s food. That outdoor cat is OIN!, and he is fixed, so it can’t be his. Over the weeks after this, the kitten became progressively more friendly because we were feeding him. I tried to get him to come close to me by enticing him with moving objects, but when he would get just to where I thought I could touch him, he would prance away. Then one time, he let me touch him, and then another, he let me pick him up, and that was it, he was tame. Once he realized we were friendly, he let us pick him up after that all the time. He was always underfoot. Bob was afraid he was going to crush him. I was afraid for him as we’re so close to the street, but being wild, he seemed to have some good sense about that. And after all, his mother and OIN! had lived outside successfully all this time. It’s not an option to bring him in anyway, not with the pups. Funny thing was, he was an exact match to a little stuffed toy-kitten we have in the house. I’m convinced that at times, this stuffed toy-kitten has been moved about the rooms, reappearing here and there in odd places, sort of like other objects like our characters, but I was just not very well focused on it, so can’t be sure. I’m not really writing this up as an “event” per se, just finding it interesting that they are such a close match, and he kind of arrived so randomly. First kitten in my life that has just appeared, and then stayed on our property. Here is a picture of the two, the stuffed toy, and the new kitten, now probably about 3 months old. We call him BUJU. (It was the name on the box of food we were giving him):

Buju and the stuffed-toy kitten. They are clones

Buju and the stuffed-toy kitten. They are clones

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September 28, 2013

When Stewie visits, so does his character

Where Stewie is "stored" when he is not here, is a mystery. But without fail, when he visits, so does his character.

Where Stewie is “stored” when he is not here, is a mystery. But without fail, when he visits, so does his character.

On September 28, Stewie came out for a long-awaited visit, only the 2nd time since he’d moved back to the area from Virginia in April. He and Bob sat down to watch some college football and I took Red out on this nice fall day for a walk. I went to get my running shoes, and much to my surprise, I find Stewie’s character in my running shoe! I shot a picture before I put my shoes on, and it’s included to the right. To use the shoes, I put Stewie on the buffet chest in our foyer. Stewie was only staying for the day, and left early that evening. In the morning, Bob asked me,
“Did you sense anything last night?”
“No, did you?”, I wondered.
Bob answered that he had just had an impression of “something passing through”, like a “whoosh”.

“Maybe Stewie’s character is gone”, I wondered. I’m not really sure why I instantly thought that, it was just that since Stewie had left, maybe she saw fit to stop in and take him out again. So I went to go check. And sure enough, he’s gone. To wherever he goes when Stewie is not here. Sure enough, he will be out again the next time he visits. Who knows, maybe Stewie’s character follows Stew around. Perhaps he should look around his place, he might be there.

The last time Stew had come out to visit had been Mother’s Day in May. I didn’t post this then because I was still so desperately behind and had so many other posts to catch up on, but it bears inserting now. His character showed up on my desk that day too in an arrangement with Nuttah and a wolf. And of course, right after Stewie left, his character was removed too:

Back on Mother's Day in May, Stew had also been brought out for that visit

Back on Mother’s Day in May, Stew had also been brought out for that visit

September 25, 2013

Bob Experiences another Ceremony to Honor Niko

The night of September 23rd, we both had a perfectly lousy night of sleep. The dogs all had gotten a new batch of fleas, and although we’d treated them, it had not yet taken effect. It was a miserable night of scratching for them, and sleep interruption for us. How long does it take these flea meds to work! Then, to compound that problem, some strange animal was making noise right outside our window. It would get very close, somewhere in the yard, then move away. It was making the oddest, saddest sound, but didn’t sound like it was being harmed or attacked. I have no idea what this strange creature was. Then, Bob had a dream: another ceremonial dream honoring Niko.

Bob’s email to me the next morning:
“Rough night of sleep, starting with the dogs scratching then the ceremonial dream, then the dogs scratching, then the noise outside, then the dogs scratching. Tell me what to get and I will do it on way home. I will make vet appointment too. They have to be miserable.  Then the dogs scratching….and whining.”

Later, Bob was to elaborate on the ceremonial dream he had:

“The ceremony was interesting because now they have incorporated a little bit of the stuff from the spring celebration and honoring of the guys that got rid of my “buddy”.  Also the merging of the wolf/turtle tribes. Teme/Dukey/Niko and my avatar were put at the north point with a collar of white feathers on each. There was a woman in yellow dried flowers directly across facing us. To the right or west was another old woman covered in some brackish tar like substance and some blue feathers and other stone of blue holding a deer skull with antlers. Then there was Nuttah in red face paint with a snake skin necklace and turtle shell pendant and wolf skin. All surrounded by the tribe with drums rattles and something else I couldn’t see but sounded flute-like. Lots of words said and bowing and offering to sky. It ended with a solemn walk away from the cross to another large fire at the end of the village. Then they broke into a feast…  I, of course, didn’t get to stay for that. Anyway, hope you slept well.”

And my email back to Bob, 9:04 AM: I don’t know what that animal or bird is, I heard it one time before, it was across the creek one night when I had the pups out late. It freaked me out. As loud as it was in bedroom, you should hear it outside, when you’re not expecting it. Gave me chills and hurried me right in. I tried to spot something with flashlight, but couldn’t. Last night it sounded like it was up high, and the sound also moved around, which would mean it’s not necessarily a “distress” sound, unless it was being hauled away. Guess it could have been something caught by a night bird.

Great ceremony! I was trying to tie in what you described with the arrangement left on my desk: I brought the four clover points in on Sunday, and arranged them in a cross. Nuttah then elaborated on it, as pictured below. She now sits at the point closest me, opposite her is the paper heart, the other 2 points have the pewter turtle with a stone heart atop, and also a wolf pup, and opposite that point is your stone. I will send you a picture. I tried to interpret it last night to no avail. Wish you could have stayed for feast, wonder what that would have been like to taste that food. You never have, have you, tasted the food?

Here is a picture of the arrangement that I found on my desk after Bob’s description of the ceremony. I can only hope that these ceremonial events will somehow help Niko (and the others he carries with him) to recover:

Nuttah's illustration of the Ceremony to Honor Niko

Nuttah’s illustration of the Ceremony to Honor Niko

September 21, 2013

Did “The Crowd” send away our tenant?

Around the 15th of September, after Bob’s experience with the “Crowd in the Room”, Jim, the future tenant, started moving in bins and boxes. We never saw him, he came when we were at work, but each day, Bob would go out there to empty the dehumidifier, and find more bins of things, even a piece of furniture. So Jim was serious and Jim was moving in. I think at this point, the official move-in date had already been changed from 9/1 to 9/15, but by now, it had again been readjusted to October 1st. This slow move-in process had been going on all week, and on Sept. 21st, while I was walking “Red” in a local preserve, I received this text from Bob:

“We had a minor visit, on other side… literally and … I guess literally”.

Bob feels as if he's entered into a room full of people

Bob feels as if he’s entered into a room full of people

When I got home, he said it was the same group that had been in the apartment the last time, only this time they were all downstairs. Bob said it was Nuttah and a group of men. I went over by myself to retrieve some stuff, and did not pick up on anything, although Bob said they were all still there. At first he said he thought that the apartment sits on their land where they are right now, but later he changed that to thinking they were actually in the room. When I came into my office, as if to emphasize this and that she’d been “here”, Nuttah’s character was moved off the shelf  to my right and relocated to my desk next to my keyboard. I thought I had taken a picture of this, but I can’t find it.

Later that week, I was to get a text from Bob at work:

Bob,5:02 PM: Looks like we don’t have a tenant.

Me, 5:05 pm: Why, what happened? All his stuff gone?

Bob, 5:05 pm: Yup

The downstairs of the apartment with some of the bins and boxes. Later that week, they were gone.

The downstairs of the apartment with some of the bins and boxes. Later that week, they were gone.

And that was it. Just like that, after stuff had been piling up all week, suddenly gone. What had changed his mind? He left no note, had not called and contacted Bob. We had no idea what sent him away. Bob did text him something to find out what happened, and a day later he responded that “unfortunately I will have to stay living where I am now”. There was no real explanation, just that he wouldn’t be moving in. I wonder if we’d have heard from him if Bob hadn’t contacted him to ask. Probably not. It’s going to be a process trying to rent this place to someone. Guess you have to roll with whatever comes along with it.

I of course am wondering if there was maybe more to it. Bob had twice described a “crowd in the room”, and that was just those times, what if they were there all the time? Could Jim have picked something up and just couldn’t deal with the “hauntings”? Not that it’s haunted, but someone might perceive it that way… Or did they chase him out? Is it going to be hard to get anyone in there because of this? And what if they do move in, then what? What if we get reports of “odd events”, “things going on”… WE are kind of used to it, but a newcomer? All just things to consider with this rental. Could be interesting.

September 14, 2013

Bob enters a “crowded” room

Early September, 2013: So with the return of the missing key, our potential tenant (I’ll call him “Jim”) also resurfaced. We had given up on Jim because there had been no contact for a month or more. Not that we had people lining up to rent it, but we were considering at this point restarting the search for a new tenant. Jim said that he’d been trying to get a hold of Bob, which was semi-believable because Bob had had to switch to a new cell phone and  he lost calls, messages and information in the transfer. Typical cell phone upgrade, from what I can determine.  Jim said he still wanted to rent the place (surprise-surprise) and would begin moving things in soon.

On Friday, September 13,  Bob was home before me, and went to the apartment to empty the dehumidifier and see what else might need to be done before our tenant was to move in. Jim had said he might be moving in some stuff this weekend. Bob went upstairs to what had been our old bedroom.

When I came home, Bob told me this:

The mostly empty upstairs apartment, was filled with a crowd as Bob entered

The mostly empty upstairs apartment, was filled with a crowd as Bob entered

“I went up to our old bedroom to see what else we still had to do, and I ran into a “crowd” in the room.”

“What?”, I asked. “Who was there?”

Bob said it felt like he had entered a meeting space and he was the last one to arrive. He said it felt like he was pushing through people, and he should say “Excuse me, sorry I’m late”  as he was finding his way through the crowd. He thinks there were 8 – 9 people and Nuttah was one, all the rest were male. Don’t know how he can tell that, they are all invisible, but that’s what he “saw”. They were still there when he left the room.

Bob feels as if he's entered into a room full of people

Bob feels as if he’s entered into a room full of people

What were they doing there? Who were they all? I asked Bob how he could tell that he was moving around people? Remember, the room is basically empty of furniture, so sound is a little echo-y.

“Well, you know how you can just tell when you’re passing people? The sounds change, you can just ‘feel’ something, even if you had your eyes closed, in a crowded room you would know if someone was right next to you.” True.

Bob and both shepherds could see the Lenape men through the windows of the apartment's lower floor

Bob and both shepherds could see the Lenape men through the windows of the apartment’s lower floor

Then later that night, when we got home from dinner, Bob took the pups out, as usual. On the way back to the deck, he described how the two shepherds rocketed around to the window of the downstairs apartment; Bob followed right behind them and came around the corner to see what they were looking at. Inside the downstairs part of the apartment, he saw the silhouettes of two native american men. Bob immediately ran in to get me to come see them, but I was upstairs out of hearing range, and it was too late (I sort of doubt that I could see them anyway, if I had made it out in time). We did go out later, and the pups seemed strangely focused on the two windows on that side, checking them out, and even looking up to the upstairs windows, which they never do. Pups are just not really trained to “look up”.

So what was going on? Were they “having a meeting”? Looking the place over? Or was it that Bob was just entering “their space, their time”, and he was “overlapping” with them? I don’t know. Bob doesn’t really try to speculate anymore. So, who knows. But I suspect that there might be some issues with a relative stranger coming into this space, from their standpoint (maybe they don’t want it). If it does happen, what is the tenant going to experience? Are they going to be “run out of here”? I suppose anything is possible.

September 1, 2013

Nuttah breezes through and a key has gone missing

2013-08-31-Desk-arrangement-in-officeSunday, September 1, Bob had gone up to take a shower, and when he came out he asked me, “Did you sense something while I was in the shower?”

I replied that I had not, but Bob said he felt something “breeze through” while he was up there. Later, I was in our bedroom, and I noticed Nuttah was no longer on my bedside table. Where was she?

I looked around the bedroom, she was nowhere. So the next place I usually check is the office, and there she was, on a shelf to the right of my desk with a fairly elaborate new arrangement that included wolves, dogs, both me and Bob and Bob’s stone, the bark-hut, turtles, a heart and her “papoose”. See the picture to the left. So she cruised through, and Bob sensed her, and there was a new arrangement to mark the occasion. However, what it all may mean is another story.

A sneak-peak at the downstairs, furnished room of the apartment rental.

A sneak-peak at the downstairs, furnished room of the apartment rental.

There was something else that was going on at this time too. We were soon to have a tenant moving into an apartment space we had created in a separate part of our house. This was the part where all this stuff that has been happening had started in late 2009; the bedroom that included all those episodes with Joe the Cat, and the ducks, and the furniture and all else. It had been flooded in Hurricane Irene (August 2011) and when we fixed it up, we decided we were done with the space for ourselves (I think I mentioned awhile ago how we moved our bedroom into the front part of our house, since Kate and Stewie were now off on their own). Anyway, after all this time, it was finally ready to rent, and since the summer humidity had wreaked havoc, Bob and I were cleaning up back there whenever we had time. The subject of a key to the door had come up, and Bob didn’t think we had one. I spent some time looking around, and miraculously, produced what appeared to be the ONLY key to the apartment. We put it inside a cabinet in the apartment’s kitchen, very deliberately, so that both of us knew where it was. Bob announced, “Here, in this cabinet, above the sink, is where I am putting the only key that we have.” The next time we were out there cleaning, Bob went to check on the key… and it was gone. Of course he asked me if I took it and of course I hadn’t. We looked all over the place and the key was gone. Drat, because it had been the only key, and we had not yet made any copies. We were going to have to figure that out later. We had until mid-September to produce a key, because that was when our potential tenant was supposed to move in. The weird thing was, we kind of started to interpret this as a message: Did Nuttah somehow not want our tenant? Any tenant, or just THIS tenant? The key was gone, and neither Bob nor I had anything to do with its disappearance. We somehow convinced ourselves that Nuttah didn’t want this tenant. And the other weird thing was that we hadn’t heard from said tenant since he’d agreed to take the place and move in. It had been several weeks and move-in time was upon us. So… we thought maybe Nuttah had something to do with the key disappearance, and had also somehow influenced his thoughts and he was NOT going to move in. At this point, when we thought it wasn’t happening, the key somehow miraculously reappeared. So we thought we were tenant-less, but at least we had the key. I think it was the next day, we went out and immediately had 3 copies made. Phew.