Bob enters a “crowded” room

Early September, 2013: So with the return of the missing key, our potential tenant (I’ll call him “Jim”) also resurfaced. We had given up on Jim because there had been no contact for a month or more. Not that we had people lining up to rent it, but we were considering at this point restarting the search for a new tenant. Jim said that he’d been trying to get a hold of Bob, which was semi-believable because Bob had had to switch to a new cell phone and  he lost calls, messages and information in the transfer. Typical cell phone upgrade, from what I can determine.  Jim said he still wanted to rent the place (surprise-surprise) and would begin moving things in soon.

On Friday, September 13,  Bob was home before me, and went to the apartment to empty the dehumidifier and see what else might need to be done before our tenant was to move in. Jim had said he might be moving in some stuff this weekend. Bob went upstairs to what had been our old bedroom.

When I came home, Bob told me this:

The mostly empty upstairs apartment, was filled with a crowd as Bob entered

The mostly empty upstairs apartment, was filled with a crowd as Bob entered

“I went up to our old bedroom to see what else we still had to do, and I ran into a “crowd” in the room.”

“What?”, I asked. “Who was there?”

Bob said it felt like he had entered a meeting space and he was the last one to arrive. He said it felt like he was pushing through people, and he should say “Excuse me, sorry I’m late”  as he was finding his way through the crowd. He thinks there were 8 – 9 people and Nuttah was one, all the rest were male. Don’t know how he can tell that, they are all invisible, but that’s what he “saw”. They were still there when he left the room.

Bob feels as if he's entered into a room full of people

Bob feels as if he’s entered into a room full of people

What were they doing there? Who were they all? I asked Bob how he could tell that he was moving around people? Remember, the room is basically empty of furniture, so sound is a little echo-y.

“Well, you know how you can just tell when you’re passing people? The sounds change, you can just ‘feel’ something, even if you had your eyes closed, in a crowded room you would know if someone was right next to you.” True.

Bob and both shepherds could see the Lenape men through the windows of the apartment's lower floor

Bob and both shepherds could see the Lenape men through the windows of the apartment’s lower floor

Then later that night, when we got home from dinner, Bob took the pups out, as usual. On the way back to the deck, he described how the two shepherds rocketed around to the window of the downstairs apartment; Bob followed right behind them and came around the corner to see what they were looking at. Inside the downstairs part of the apartment, he saw the silhouettes of two native american men. Bob immediately ran in to get me to come see them, but I was upstairs out of hearing range, and it was too late (I sort of doubt that I could see them anyway, if I had made it out in time). We did go out later, and the pups seemed strangely focused on the two windows on that side, checking them out, and even looking up to the upstairs windows, which they never do. Pups are just not really trained to “look up”.

So what was going on? Were they “having a meeting”? Looking the place over? Or was it that Bob was just entering “their space, their time”, and he was “overlapping” with them? I don’t know. Bob doesn’t really try to speculate anymore. So, who knows. But I suspect that there might be some issues with a relative stranger coming into this space, from their standpoint (maybe they don’t want it). If it does happen, what is the tenant going to experience? Are they going to be “run out of here”? I suppose anything is possible.


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