Did “The Crowd” send away our tenant?

Around the 15th of September, after Bob’s experience with the “Crowd in the Room”, Jim, the future tenant, started moving in bins and boxes. We never saw him, he came when we were at work, but each day, Bob would go out there to empty the dehumidifier, and find more bins of things, even a piece of furniture. So Jim was serious and Jim was moving in. I think at this point, the official move-in date had already been changed from 9/1 to 9/15, but by now, it had again been readjusted to October 1st. This slow move-in process had been going on all week, and on Sept. 21st, while I was walking “Red” in a local preserve, I received this text from Bob:

“We had a minor visit, on other side… literally and … I guess literally”.

Bob feels as if he's entered into a room full of people

Bob feels as if he’s entered into a room full of people

When I got home, he said it was the same group that had been in the apartment the last time, only this time they were all downstairs. Bob said it was Nuttah and a group of men. I went over by myself to retrieve some stuff, and did not pick up on anything, although Bob said they were all still there. At first he said he thought that the apartment sits on their land where they are right now, but later he changed that to thinking they were actually in the room. When I came into my office, as if to emphasize this and that she’d been “here”, Nuttah’s character was moved off the shelf  to my right and relocated to my desk next to my keyboard. I thought I had taken a picture of this, but I can’t find it.

Later that week, I was to get a text from Bob at work:

Bob,5:02 PM: Looks like we don’t have a tenant.

Me, 5:05 pm: Why, what happened? All his stuff gone?

Bob, 5:05 pm: Yup

The downstairs of the apartment with some of the bins and boxes. Later that week, they were gone.

The downstairs of the apartment with some of the bins and boxes. Later that week, they were gone.

And that was it. Just like that, after stuff had been piling up all week, suddenly gone. What had changed his mind? He left no note, had not called and contacted Bob. We had no idea what sent him away. Bob did text him something to find out what happened, and a day later he responded that “unfortunately I will have to stay living where I am now”. There was no real explanation, just that he wouldn’t be moving in. I wonder if we’d have heard from him if Bob hadn’t contacted him to ask. Probably not. It’s going to be a process trying to rent this place to someone. Guess you have to roll with whatever comes along with it.

I of course am wondering if there was maybe more to it. Bob had twice described a “crowd in the room”, and that was just those times, what if they were there all the time? Could Jim have picked something up and just couldn’t deal with the “hauntings”? Not that it’s haunted, but someone might perceive it that way… Or did they chase him out? Is it going to be hard to get anyone in there because of this? And what if they do move in, then what? What if we get reports of “odd events”, “things going on”… WE are kind of used to it, but a newcomer? All just things to consider with this rental. Could be interesting.


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