A kitten named Buju has joined our menagerie

It was the night of the Musikfest that I became aware of a new animal in our midst. This was the night of August 8th, as we all stood in the driveway upon our return. Bob was in bed, and we didn’t want to wake him up, so we were outside talking. Something kept running from under one car to another, and I was catching glimpses of something black and white. Matt, one of our visitors, said it was a kitten. I suddenly realized that Bob and I (and of course the pups) had been getting brief glimpses of this kitten for the past couple weeks. Sometimes, I would let the pups out at night, and Niko especially would go charging into the yard, and seem to chase something away; once we both caught a glimpse of something white tearing out of the yard as the pups advanced. And here it was, a kitten, about 6 weeks old or so, as best I could determine. The kitten would not let anyone get near it. I was pretty sure the mother was a semi-wild stray that I often caught eating our outdoor cat’s food. That outdoor cat is OIN!, and he is fixed, so it can’t be his. Over the weeks after this, the kitten became progressively more friendly because we were feeding him. I tried to get him to come close to me by enticing him with moving objects, but when he would get just to where I thought I could touch him, he would prance away. Then one time, he let me touch him, and then another, he let me pick him up, and that was it, he was tame. Once he realized we were friendly, he let us pick him up after that all the time. He was always underfoot. Bob was afraid he was going to crush him. I was afraid for him as we’re so close to the street, but being wild, he seemed to have some good sense about that. And after all, his mother and OIN! had lived outside successfully all this time. It’s not an option to bring him in anyway, not with the pups. Funny thing was, he was an exact match to a little stuffed toy-kitten we have in the house. I’m convinced that at times, this stuffed toy-kitten has been moved about the rooms, reappearing here and there in odd places, sort of like other objects like our characters, but I was just not very well focused on it, so can’t be sure. I’m not really writing this up as an “event” per se, just finding it interesting that they are such a close match, and he kind of arrived so randomly. First kitten in my life that has just appeared, and then stayed on our property. Here is a picture of the two, the stuffed toy, and the new kitten, now probably about 3 months old. We call him BUJU. (It was the name on the box of food we were giving him):

Buju and the stuffed-toy kitten. They are clones

Buju and the stuffed-toy kitten. They are clones

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One Comment to “A kitten named Buju has joined our menagerie”

  1. Which one is the real Buj!?

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