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October 25, 2013

Oh no, where did the PUPS GO?

The evening of October 23, Bob comes home and texts me at work at 5:35 PM:

“Came home like usual, got changed, went out to get the pups and then exercise, couldn’t find Niko or Red! Started to panic. Then I heard one of them bark and (doggy) footsteps upstairs. Ran up and found them locked in office/TV room?! Did you put them there for some reason that I can’t imagine????”

(on my phone this came through as 3 separate texts. Long ones get divided up because my phone can’t handle it).

I responded to Bob at 5:40 PM:
“Good Grief. Absolutely not and I left that door closed 2. Maybe they took a little excursion and were put back in wrong place”. (remembering Bob on a previous excursion. Then there was also this one, where he was “placed” back in the wrong spot, upon “re-entry”).

“Or Nuttah doesn’t like them caged”.

Then I start thinking. We have a brand new couch and loveseat in the office/TV room. In fact, since we got it (in late September), I always specifically leave that door tightly closed, just in case one (or all) of the pups might “bust” out of the basement, into the upstairs. I send Bob this text next:

5:41 PM: “Did they mess up the couch?”

Bob, 5:47 pm: “No, doesn’t look like they went on either. Door was closed, they couldn’t leave office”.

Me to Bob at 5:48 PM: “Well u know I would not have done that. I left them like I always do. Pretty weird”.

Bob, 5:50 pm:
“I assumed you didn’t, just had to check. Yea, weird, this is a first”.

Me to Bob, 5:52 PM:
“I’d B curious 2 look around when I get home 4 any other changes. Was Stupe still in crate and was Sprite outside?”

Above, I am inquiring about our other two dogs; Stupe and Sprite.

Bob, 5:53 pm: “Yes, Stupe in crate, Sprite outside”.

The arrangement when I came home, the day Bob finds the Pups closed up in the office.

The arrangement when I came home, the day Bob finds the Pups closed up in the office.

That night, I thought about this all the way home, and I just knew there would be some change when I got in. I looked at my desk; Nuttah and papoose were no longer on it, so I knew she’d been here and moved things around (not just the pups). I then found her in front of the TV. I’ve included the picture I took here. Bob happened to still be awake when I went upstairs, probably sleepless because of the events of the early evening. I mentioned the moving of Nuttah’s character. Then I asked,

“Any more insight into what might have happened earlier?”

“None, whatsoever”, was the reply.

“Maybe ‘Lao woman’ will know something”, I mused. This is what I always think now, automatically. If Bob doesn’t get info on what’s going on, she usually seems to. Very tuned in to the Lenape Indian wavelength, this Lao woman is. Makes sense, due to the similarities of the cultures.

Then sure enough, the next day, October 24, I got this text from Bob at 11:44 AM:

“From Lao woman: 2 friends up, young girl family need them stop trouble, big one very good friend, never leave. Don’t forget them ever”.

My response to Bob at 11:55 AM: “What was the trouble?”

Bob, 11:57 AM: “I think roaming band of marauders, not positive.”

Niko in front, "Red" the new female shepherd behind him, shot through the kitchen window.

Niko in front, “Red” the new female shepherd behind him, shot through the kitchen window.

Me, 12:03 PM: “What does ‘2 friends up’ mean?”

Bob, 12:04 PM: “I think that means the Pups up in office”

So, what was this about? Something happened in “their time”, and Nuttah put the pups (well, at least Niko and Red) into emergency use? Okay. And they were brought back to a different room altogether! That minor fact hardly seems relevant in the overall scheme of what happened that day; imagine the tale the pups could tell if we could find out what adventure they were participating in. It disturbs me that they were still needed for something along these lines. I thought we were done with that, but I guess in Lenape terms, you just never know when these problems could re-emerge. Luckily there were “helpers” available, but I’m also glad they were returned in one piece, albeit to a different spot.

And with this, I am within ONE POST of being caught up to November 2013!

October 18, 2013

More Flowers, and Bob Dreams his History

Nuttah brings flowers, October 15: White Asters

Nuttah brings flowers, October 15: White Asters

On the evening of Tuesday, October 15, 2013, I came in from work and went into my office to deposit my things from the day. Much to my surprise, there is a little display to the left of my keyboard! It is Nuttah, her papoose and FLOWERS!! To the right is one of the pictures that I took that evening. I did put the flowers in water, they are tiny white asters. There has not been a freeze yet, so it makes sense that we’d still have some flowers blooming outside. After all, LAST year, I got flowers in December. Curiously, they were the same exact flowers then, and almost in the same condition. Which means we must have had a pretty warm fall for them to be still around in December. Here is the link to that episode, in December of 2012.

Of note, the papoose (wish I had his name!) is going to be a 1-yr.-old soon. November 17 is his birthday. What a world Papoose was born into that November a year ago – with Nuttah and what remained of her tribe on the run for the entire winter, living in caves and in hiding, scrounging food and not being able to start a fire for fear of discovery. It was a miracle that any of them survived.

I grabbed this picture from the internet. It is not exactly the "era" that Bob dreamed, but you get the idea of the "War Dog"

I grabbed this picture from the internet. It is not exactly the “era” that Bob dreamed, but you get the idea of the “War Dog”

Then, a couple of days later, on Friday, October 18, Bob sent this email at 6:30 AM:
Had a weird dream. I was involved in some sort of battle that took place in Europe, time was somewhere around the 10-11th century, I think. I seemed to know what everything was meant for, including the design of the building I was in, which I was trying to defend. It was, I think the home/fortress of a wealthy landowner; I was employed as a mercenary. I had a BIG war dog as my companion. It was kind of a hopeless situation, and the landowner was an asshole. Pretty rude situation. It went on, but I don’t have the time to go into now. Not that it matters, if it is a dream, I will forget it by tonight anyway.

Later, Bob sends me this: I forgot to mention, my name in the dream was Robert Bock, or Bauch, but I think, Bock and it was a tudor-style building, so it must have been 15th century. But it is a dream, so I can be when and who I want!

I wrote back to Bob at 8:53 AM:
Interesting dream. Did you have the sense of a “re-living” dream or a regular dream? I guess what I am asking, is did it somehow feel different, or seem different than a usual dream? Maybe only in that you remembered so much detail, but was there anything else? Really interesting. My dream remembering technique hasn’t worked at all since I made that post about it. I know I am dreaming, but I am not remembering at all. You should really read those books I read recently about the middle ages. The first book took place in 12th c. England, the 2nd was in the 14th. But not much changed in how people lived in 200 yrs. then, big massive changes didn’t seem to come until these past 2 centuries, and now it changes radically in only decades. You would enjoy them, good winter reading by the stove, very engrossing. I suggest because there were characters in them living like your Robert Bock seemed to have lived, in same position, and of course the wealthy landowner also, and peasantry. You might find some things that spark a memory.

Now me just narrating: I am talking about the Ken Follett Books: Pillars of the Earth and World Without End. (hope the links work). Excellent reading, made much more interesting to find out that one of Bob’s lives was seemingly in that era!

Can you imagine dreaming your past lives? In some ways I think this is the coolest thing, and I am envious, in other ways, I wonder if it’s something you really want to know. I think I do (want to know), but what if the information is really disturbing? Bob has “been shown” at least 3 of his past lives, some have been incredibly violent, as most lives probably were prior to our current history. I don’t know the meaning of these dreams/revelations, it is just something to note that is happening, kind of in the realm of all the other stuff that is happening. Will have to try to interpret as time and events move on.

October 14, 2013

Another (the 3rd?) ceremony to honor Niko

Lenape-Turtle-LogoBob wrote this email Saturday morning, 10/13, 8:19 AM:
Had a dream last night. The honoring Niko dream again, only this time Niko/Teme/dukey was at the north cardinal point, covered in some sort of white robe. An emblem on a banner that looked like a white bird, very stylized was held over him by a young boy. Nuttah at the east in red predominant adornment,  she had her baby with her. Old man in yellowish adornments to south and a big joint to the west in primarily blackened clothing. My vantage point was in the middle. All directions offering obeisance,  I think that is right, to the north. Very serious, solemn affair. Remember feeling awe. Nuttah looked healthy, her baby is looking strong and healthy. Lot of pledges to always honor from directional points. Pretty interesting dream. Woke with Niko staring at me around 3:20.

A graphic from the website:, the United Eastern Lenape Nation

A graphic from the website:, the United Eastern Lenape Nation

Email from Bob the next morning on October 14, 2013:
I have an increasingly different view of Niko after each incident, may just be delusional, but I see glimpses of things with him that are much deeper than the obvious bond. It is very humbling at moments of recognition. Can’t really explain it, I just know that what we “know” is not all there is, not even a terribly important part of what is.

Me, 10:14 AM: Curious what’s going on with Niko. As I was typing up and posting the stuff that happened in July, I was getting a feeling of something much deeper and significant, but it was eluding me. Maybe it will all become apparent as time goes on.

Walking Red in the local woods

Walking Red in the local woods

Now me just narrating: I do hope that this work honoring Niko has an effect on his behavior. This has been about the 3rd “ceremony” to honor him. I am guessing that there will be four, due to the directional points. There has not been any incident since July, thankfully, and we are now halfway through October. Of course, there is also the fact that we are limiting his contact with virtually anyone, due to the potential of an issue. He seems to be better with the addition of “Red”, the other shepherd. She is the one we are convinced was “brought” to us, possibly to help Niko. There is also yet another dog in our midst now, plenty of pups for the shepherds to herd. Four dogs, two cats, do you think it’s getting out of hand? Dog #4 was a flea-bitten stray that looked on the verge of death when Bob found him curled up in a ball on our property. We kept an eye out for signs in case anyone had lost him or was looking for him, but the way he appeared, his fur about an inch think in flea “dirt”, we really did not think anyone was taking care of him or was much interested in his welfare. He was also completely deaf, so it was a relative mystery how he’d survived. Maybe he was just “meant to be here” as well. We named him “Sprite”. All 4 dogs get along, and we just keep the cats separated and everything is fine.