Oh no, where did the PUPS GO?

The evening of October 23, Bob comes home and texts me at work at 5:35 PM:

“Came home like usual, got changed, went out to get the pups and then exercise, couldn’t find Niko or Red! Started to panic. Then I heard one of them bark and (doggy) footsteps upstairs. Ran up and found them locked in office/TV room?! Did you put them there for some reason that I can’t imagine????”

(on my phone this came through as 3 separate texts. Long ones get divided up because my phone can’t handle it).

I responded to Bob at 5:40 PM:
“Good Grief. Absolutely not and I left that door closed 2. Maybe they took a little excursion and were put back in wrong place”. (remembering Bob on a previous excursion. Then there was also this one, where he was “placed” back in the wrong spot, upon “re-entry”).

“Or Nuttah doesn’t like them caged”.

Then I start thinking. We have a brand new couch and loveseat in the office/TV room. In fact, since we got it (in late September), I always specifically leave that door tightly closed, just in case one (or all) of the pups might “bust” out of the basement, into the upstairs. I send Bob this text next:

5:41 PM: “Did they mess up the couch?”

Bob, 5:47 pm: “No, doesn’t look like they went on either. Door was closed, they couldn’t leave office”.

Me to Bob at 5:48 PM: “Well u know I would not have done that. I left them like I always do. Pretty weird”.

Bob, 5:50 pm:
“I assumed you didn’t, just had to check. Yea, weird, this is a first”.

Me to Bob, 5:52 PM:
“I’d B curious 2 look around when I get home 4 any other changes. Was Stupe still in crate and was Sprite outside?”

Above, I am inquiring about our other two dogs; Stupe and Sprite.

Bob, 5:53 pm: “Yes, Stupe in crate, Sprite outside”.

The arrangement when I came home, the day Bob finds the Pups closed up in the office.

The arrangement when I came home, the day Bob finds the Pups closed up in the office.

That night, I thought about this all the way home, and I just knew there would be some change when I got in. I looked at my desk; Nuttah and papoose were no longer on it, so I knew she’d been here and moved things around (not just the pups). I then found her in front of the TV. I’ve included the picture I took here. Bob happened to still be awake when I went upstairs, probably sleepless because of the events of the early evening. I mentioned the moving of Nuttah’s character. Then I asked,

“Any more insight into what might have happened earlier?”

“None, whatsoever”, was the reply.

“Maybe ‘Lao woman’ will know something”, I mused. This is what I always think now, automatically. If Bob doesn’t get info on what’s going on, she usually seems to. Very tuned in to the Lenape Indian wavelength, this Lao woman is. Makes sense, due to the similarities of the cultures.

Then sure enough, the next day, October 24, I got this text from Bob at 11:44 AM:

“From Lao woman: 2 friends up, young girl family need them stop trouble, big one very good friend, never leave. Don’t forget them ever”.

My response to Bob at 11:55 AM: “What was the trouble?”

Bob, 11:57 AM: “I think roaming band of marauders, not positive.”

Niko in front, "Red" the new female shepherd behind him, shot through the kitchen window.

Niko in front, “Red” the new female shepherd behind him, shot through the kitchen window.

Me, 12:03 PM: “What does ‘2 friends up’ mean?”

Bob, 12:04 PM: “I think that means the Pups up in office”

So, what was this about? Something happened in “their time”, and Nuttah put the pups (well, at least Niko and Red) into emergency use? Okay. And they were brought back to a different room altogether! That minor fact hardly seems relevant in the overall scheme of what happened that day; imagine the tale the pups could tell if we could find out what adventure they were participating in. It disturbs me that they were still needed for something along these lines. I thought we were done with that, but I guess in Lenape terms, you just never know when these problems could re-emerge. Luckily there were “helpers” available, but I’m also glad they were returned in one piece, albeit to a different spot.

And with this, I am within ONE POST of being caught up to November 2013!


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