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November 27, 2013

Nuttah drops in the day before Thanksgiving

Nuttah and her papoose, Bob's stone, a turtle and a sprig of asters are positioned above my keyboard.

Nuttah and her papoose, Bob’s stone, a turtle and a sprig of asters are positioned above my keyboard.

The next day, on November 27, 2013 at 7:14 AM, Bob wrote this email:

When I  came in from taking out the pups early this morning, I had a “sense” of something and both Niko and Red went to the office door and danced and whined in front of it to get in. I didn’t let them, instead sent them upstairs and put them back to bed and then went in to check out the office, but by then had no sense of anything. Didn’t look around because I don’t know how anything was to begin with, but didn’t sense anything. By the way, I had that same dream again last night. Woke at same point. Pretty cool.

My email back to Bob at 9:16 AM: I wonder what Niko and Red would have found, had you let them in the office, because we had a visit! I look at her character’s position every day when I walk in the office, and immediately coming in here I knew there had been a change. She now sits facing me from behind my keyboard, the turtle and her papoose are in front of her, your stone and a sprig of the now-wasted purple asters are literally on the keyboard, such that if I was to try to use those keys, I’d have to move the stuff. I will take and send a picture later, and of course write up a new blog entry. I wonder what this was about, since you didn’t sense anything. They were quiet when you brought them back up, they just settled right down and went to sleep.

Bob at 9:38 AM: Cool, so it must have been going on when I had  a “sense” of something, guess I should have gone in the office then. Just glad she is still with us. Kind of weirded out when I think about that dream of the scared wolf pup, I would like to see what it is that it is running from, just can tell it is something big and dark. Not pleasant I am sure.

So, to what do we owe this visit? The last time I was certain that she “dropped in” was October 25, which I wrote up in the post called “Oh no, Where did the Pups Go?” So it’s been almost exactly a month. I believe there might be a self-imposed limit on the contact, but we don’t know the reasons for that. I am still thinking that, when I have some time, I will create a whole new set of characters, even all 4 of the pups just to see where things stand now. I think she needs some new inspiration to work with. I guess for now, that no news is good news.

November 26, 2013

Bob keeps having the same dream

Bob wrote me this email on November 26, 2013, 5:54 AM: I took a quick nap yesterday before leaving work, something I try to do everyday so I don’t fall asleep driving. Had a weird dream that I didn’t think anything of, just a weird dream, but then I had the same dream last night. Each time I startle awake at the crucial point, which I am glad about.

A Lenape hut that might fit the description in Bob's dream

A Lenape hut that might fit the description in Bob’s dream

It goes something like this, I am in some sort of makeshift shelter, thatch and branches type thing. It is dusk and I am working on windings of an arrow (fastening arrowhead to shaft) by a small fire just outside of shelter, I am in doorway. All of a sudden there is a major commotion and I look up and see an apparently young wolf pup, pretty much grown but obviously fairly young, running at me, but it is immediately clear that he is not attacking but that he is scared, confused and tuned up. I jump up and try to see what is going on, I see something BIG a fair way back crashing through the woods, after the pup. I can’t see what it is, but it is big and very dark. The wolf-pup runs by me and right into the shelter. I start getting ready for an encounter and as it comes crashing out of nowhere I wake up. Adrenalin pumping, but no idea what it is about. Fairly unnerving. I already have enough trouble staying asleep, don’t need that.

A Lenape arrow, perhaps made of jasper, showing the binding to the shaft

A Lenape arrow, perhaps made of jasper, showing the binding to the shaft

Me, 8:32 PM: That dream, especially twice, is definitely something. Saturday, I had brought Nuttah flowers back from my walk (there were still some purple asters in isolated spots), and usually that sparks something, but not this time. I’m concerned. Your dream makes me more concerned.

Does the dream mean something, I wonder? It would most certainly seem so, given the topic and also that he’s now had it at least 4 or 5 times. It is always the same scene, and always ends at exactly the same point when he wakes up. I’m not exactly sure that I want to know what this one means, or to see the outcome. Maybe it is just a warning.

November 24, 2013

Hums and Drums and things that go Bump in the night

In early November, I started hearing more hums, buzzes and vibrations pretty regularly. It would start with getting out of the car in the driveway when I came in at night. Then I’d hear it again in the bathroom. Recently, I heard a “Coast to Coast” show, where the guest verified that bathrooms in houses can often be a place where conductivity is enhanced. They attribute that to the running water and to hard surfaces; tile, glass, all the things that most bathrooms have.

My email to Bob, the morning of Nov. 14:  I was hearing buzzing all night. Last night lying in bed it was really strong, and it was like the old days when it seemed to be multi-tonal, and have a rhythm to it. You hear music, I hear what seems to be the “under-beat” or just the rhythm and the vibration. Maybe it’s how deaf people can ‘hear’ music.

Later that evening, I hear the sounds again. A loud buzzing/vibration in bed as I lay my head on the pillow. No dreams that I remember though. Bob emails me the following morning that he woke at 5:30 AM to music: the sounds of drums and rattles.

The exterior of the apartment rental where all this weird stuff is occurring

The exterior of the apartment rental where all this weird stuff is occurring

Then on Saturday, November 16th, we finally got a tenant for the apartment we’ve been trying to rent. Or I should say, we have a signed lease; it will be about a month before anyone is living in it. I had written about the apartment in September when we expressed concern that perhaps that potential tenant was “scared away” because of activity in the room. Bob had been picking up multiple presences on a couple of occasions while out there. We had no idea what it was that changed that person’s mind, but all his stuff disappeared one day after he’d moved quite a bit in. So now, we actually had a signed lease, and they were due to start the lease in January of 2014. We had offered a key, but he didn’t want to take it until the move-in date was official. Twice, the week after this, B0b asked me if I’d been out to the apartment and left the bathroom light on. I told him “no” each time. (I really don’t like to go out there anymore and I don’t go). Bob said he’d come home, see the light on, and would go up and turn it off.

Then the night of November 22, on the way home from work, I received this text from Bob: “Heat in apartment on full tilt. Lights on throughout. Doors locked.”

I texted back to Bob: “Wow, that’s creepy.”

Bob: “I don’t take it as creepy, hot, yes.”

Bump-in-the-NightBob went out and turned all the lights off, and turned the heat off. When I got home, I immediately looked into the lower floor of the apartment, which my car faces as I pull in. Then, as I’m going into our house, I glanced up at the upper floor window. All was dark. I reported that to Bob when I came in. Shortly, we were leaving again to go out and get a bite. I glanced up at the apartment window, and the bathroom light was now ON again! Bob had to go back in and turn it off. When we got home later, he went back there before we went to bed, and while out there, the light in the bathroom flashed on and off. Then, while standing in the downstairs room in the dark (Bob is much braver than I am), he heard 3 distinct “thumps”, as if someone was stamping hard on the floor above him. He went up to check things out (also in the dark) checking through all the closets, but he found nothing.

I am worried. This man who is to become our future tenant has only been here twice now. He only spent about 20 minutes back there with the realtor. His wife has not even seen it yet, and both will only be here part-time as they officially “live” in Florida. I asked Bob what he makes of all this, but he says he does not believe that whatever is causing what’s going on is “malevolent”. Is it Nuttah?, I wondered. Is it more like a welcoming, lights on, heat on? This only remains to be seen, and I can only hope that Bob is right. We sure don’t want any issues back there once someone is living there. But how can we just dismiss the fact that in the bedroom of what is now our rental apartment, is where it all started!

November 5, 2013

Another White Bird Sighting

White-Bird-3At the beginning of November, 2013, I began again to hear the “buzz/vibration” that I’ve become so familiar with as heralding their presence. I am pretty sure that the reason it is not heard the rest of the year is weather-related. I think it has to be cooler, and/or not-so-humid for the sound to get through. Both of these weekend days, November 1 and 2, I hear it in our bathroom, but not the rest of the house. It just kind of “popped” in one night, one second not there, then all of a sudden, there it is, and I know they are “with us”.

A couple of days later, on November 4 at 4:21 PM, Bob texts me: “I’m at that intersection, just saw a  BIG white bird fly over”

Me, 4:22 PM: “How big?”

Bob, 4:28 PM: “Two to 2 ½ times the size of a vulture.

Well, that’s pretty big. What is this white bird? Why does Bob see it there? Does anyone else see it? The sightings are always there, this strange intersection where Bob had his closest “near-death” experience in February of 2012 when literally, his car was physically stopped by an unknown force to avoid being T-boned and most likely killed in what would have been a totally horrific and tragic accident. Bob himself made no attempt to stop his car as he approached a green light, but it was stopped for him so severely, that to this day, there are still skid marks on that stretch of highway, as from the left, a car came careening through the intersection, blowing the red light and bottoming out as it screamed through at probably more than 50 mph. Bob was cruising at highway speed, the bypass is 55 MPH, he was moving. It would have been horrific. How was he stopped, and by who? Who saw it coming?

(You tube version, “White Bird”, by It’s a Beautiful Day”)

The next night, on November 5th, I hear a ‘big’ buzz in the bathroom. Bob was taking the pups out to the yard and when he returned, he reported an incident: About 3 or 4 Indian braves had gone flying past him at top speed, they were on their way somewhere. The pups did notice and reacted, but it was all so fast, and they were “invisible”; pups had no time to do anything but notice. Where were they on their way to?

And with that, without a lot of fanfare or bells and whistles, I have FINALLY caught up to current events. The next item that I post, will be the day that it happens, I promise. I am just so glad to be caught up and done, that I never want to get behind again. I feel like Nuttah was sort of “working with me”, since the events were fairly sparse since August, and that allowed me to ever-so-slowly, get caught up. Oh, and I just realized something that I wish I’d remembered yesterday. November 17th was the first birthday of “Papoose”! (The actual date of my posting of this one is Monday, November 18).