Another White Bird Sighting

White-Bird-3At the beginning of November, 2013, I began again to hear the “buzz/vibration” that I’ve become so familiar with as heralding their presence. I am pretty sure that the reason it is not heard the rest of the year is weather-related. I think it has to be cooler, and/or not-so-humid for the sound to get through. Both of these weekend days, November 1 and 2, I hear it in our bathroom, but not the rest of the house. It just kind of “popped” in one night, one second not there, then all of a sudden, there it is, and I know they are “with us”.

A couple of days later, on November 4 at 4:21 PM, Bob texts me: “I’m at that intersection, just saw a  BIG white bird fly over”

Me, 4:22 PM: “How big?”

Bob, 4:28 PM: “Two to 2 ½ times the size of a vulture.

Well, that’s pretty big. What is this white bird? Why does Bob see it there? Does anyone else see it? The sightings are always there, this strange intersection where Bob had his closest “near-death” experience in February of 2012 when literally, his car was physically stopped by an unknown force to avoid being T-boned and most likely killed in what would have been a totally horrific and tragic accident. Bob himself made no attempt to stop his car as he approached a green light, but it was stopped for him so severely, that to this day, there are still skid marks on that stretch of highway, as from the left, a car came careening through the intersection, blowing the red light and bottoming out as it screamed through at probably more than 50 mph. Bob was cruising at highway speed, the bypass is 55 MPH, he was moving. It would have been horrific. How was he stopped, and by who? Who saw it coming?

(You tube version, “White Bird”, by It’s a Beautiful Day”)

The next night, on November 5th, I hear a ‘big’ buzz in the bathroom. Bob was taking the pups out to the yard and when he returned, he reported an incident: About 3 or 4 Indian braves had gone flying past him at top speed, they were on their way somewhere. The pups did notice and reacted, but it was all so fast, and they were “invisible”; pups had no time to do anything but notice. Where were they on their way to?

And with that, without a lot of fanfare or bells and whistles, I have FINALLY caught up to current events. The next item that I post, will be the day that it happens, I promise. I am just so glad to be caught up and done, that I never want to get behind again. I feel like Nuttah was sort of “working with me”, since the events were fairly sparse since August, and that allowed me to ever-so-slowly, get caught up. Oh, and I just realized something that I wish I’d remembered yesterday. November 17th was the first birthday of “Papoose”! (The actual date of my posting of this one is Monday, November 18).


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