Bob keeps having the same dream

Bob wrote me this email on November 26, 2013, 5:54 AM: I took a quick nap yesterday before leaving work, something I try to do everyday so I don’t fall asleep driving. Had a weird dream that I didn’t think anything of, just a weird dream, but then I had the same dream last night. Each time I startle awake at the crucial point, which I am glad about.

A Lenape hut that might fit the description in Bob's dream

A Lenape hut that might fit the description in Bob’s dream

It goes something like this, I am in some sort of makeshift shelter, thatch and branches type thing. It is dusk and I am working on windings of an arrow (fastening arrowhead to shaft) by a small fire just outside of shelter, I am in doorway. All of a sudden there is a major commotion and I look up and see an apparently young wolf pup, pretty much grown but obviously fairly young, running at me, but it is immediately clear that he is not attacking but that he is scared, confused and tuned up. I jump up and try to see what is going on, I see something BIG a fair way back crashing through the woods, after the pup. I can’t see what it is, but it is big and very dark. The wolf-pup runs by me and right into the shelter. I start getting ready for an encounter and as it comes crashing out of nowhere I wake up. Adrenalin pumping, but no idea what it is about. Fairly unnerving. I already have enough trouble staying asleep, don’t need that.

A Lenape arrow, perhaps made of jasper, showing the binding to the shaft

A Lenape arrow, perhaps made of jasper, showing the binding to the shaft

Me, 8:32 PM: That dream, especially twice, is definitely something. Saturday, I had brought Nuttah flowers back from my walk (there were still some purple asters in isolated spots), and usually that sparks something, but not this time. I’m concerned. Your dream makes me more concerned.

Does the dream mean something, I wonder? It would most certainly seem so, given the topic and also that he’s now had it at least 4 or 5 times. It is always the same scene, and always ends at exactly the same point when he wakes up. I’m not exactly sure that I want to know what this one means, or to see the outcome. Maybe it is just a warning.


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