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December 30, 2013

Channeling Uri Geller or Mommy Cat?

The morning of December 30th, Bob sent this email:
“Had an interesting occurrence this morning coming into my office. It was so odd that I didn’t know how to process it while it was happening. I came in the main door to office and then was getting ready to put the key for my office door into the lock, as I started to go towards the lock with key in hand …it started a Uri Geller event. It just started to bend as I was holding it. It bent about 15-20 degrees, while I was holding it. I just stared at it, not knowing quite what to make of what was happening. I had to bend it back and straighten it up to get into lock, still has the kink where it bent. Odd. No idea what that is about. Just channel mommy cat and move on.”

Bob’s reference here to “Mommy Cat” requires a short explanation: We always marveled at how Joe-the-Cat’s mother “Mommy Cat” could have what we considered to be grand-mal seizures in her later years, and then, when it was over, get up and continue as if nothing at all had happened. Basically, just shook her head and soldiered on. I frequently use the Mommy-Cat reference, when feeling really ill; I tell myself to “Put on your “Mommy-Cat” face and move on” … it comes in handy, channeling “Mommy Cat”.

My response to Bob: Weird incident with key, what could that possibly be about? How it was even usable is interesting. Such weird stuff going on…

Neither of us have any idea what this could be about, although, we have known Nuttah and other related characters to visit Bob at work:

This is not Bob's actual bent key, but what I pictured him describing

This is not Bob’s actual bent key, but what I pictured him describing

December 29, 2013

When Stewie leaves, his character follows

The arrangement found on my bedside table when I got home from holiday party

The arrangement found on my bedside table when I got home from holiday party

Stewie and his girlfriend (I’ll call her “Minsi” – a Lenape word, hope she doesn’t object) left to go to work the morning after Christmas Day, but Stewie decided to come out again that evening to spend the night. I wondered if his character would disappear or stay; does Nuttah “know” when he’s returning? She seemed to, because even while Stew was gone all day Thursday (12/26) at work, his character remained where Bob had seen it “come in” on my bedside table. We went out to dinner Thursday evening (Yes, even with all that leftover turkey!), and then Stew showed us how to stream movies on our TV. Sad how we can never figure this out for ourselves. After Stew’s visit overnight, he left Friday afternoon. I kept an eye on the arrangement upstairs as I could, and by the time I got up Saturday morning, he was gone.

The arrangement is now on the TV dresser (a very old TV)

The arrangement is now on the TV dresser (a very old TV)

Bob and I had much to do Saturday, and when we returned from dinner late Saturday night, there was a change from the arrangement on my bedside table:  Stew was still gone, but also the entire arrangement had been moved! It was now on our bedroom TV table; a dresser in the corner. It was basically in the same configuration as before, but now right in front of the TV. I’ve included a picture here, and compare it to the thumbnail in the paragraph above. The only real difference is that Bob’s special stone remains on my bedside table and is not part of this arrangement.

Bob had no explanation of this new change, and said he did not feel the presence of Nuttah, nor had he throughout the day. There had only been that very brief encounter when she breezed through to place Stewie’s character on Christmas Day. We’re left to try to interpret. I know it’s where our eyes are always directed, she is literally in front of the TV controls and I have to use the remote, otherwise I would upset this arrangement. Trying to get our attention? I don’t know, but I do know that she has it.

December 26, 2013

Stewie arrives, his character follows, and Bob is a witness!

Yesterday was Christmas, and again, we had a good time with our family all coming out for dinner and gift-exchanges. With other obligations for most of the morning, everyone arrived in the mid to late afternoon; Stewie first with his girlfriend, and Kate and boyfriend a bit later. When Stewie arrived, I commented that it would probably not be long before his “character” also showed up. A couple of times, during the festivities, I went to investigate the usual spots where he “appears”; out in the foyer, or once or twice he was on my desk near my monitor or the window. No Stewie-character. Bob went up to bed a little earlier than everyone else (8-ish) because unlike me, he had to work today and get up at 3 AM. So Bob says goodnight to all, and shortly, he’s calling me to come upstairs.

“This just happened, better late than never, I guess, but this time I got to see it”, Bob said excitedly as I came into the bedroom. I see that he is looking toward the arrangement that is still on my bedside table, the one that appeared in the post of December 12: “What I found when I got home.

Camera-shy Niko, getting ready to bolt from my picture-taking

Camera-shy Niko, getting ready to bolt from my picture-taking

“Niko reacted first”, Bob continued, “He was on the bed when I came in, and something over there got his attention. He started crawling toward it (the bedside table), and I was looking at the arrangement to see what Niko is looking at, and that’s when I saw Stewie just ‘materialize’. It was so weird, he just kind of popped in.”

Wow, this was the first time (in four years!) that Bob got to witness an object being “placed”. He said he also felt Nuttah’s presence ‘breeze through’.

This morning, Bob emailed me about it again: “Last night was kind of comforting with Stewie’s character showing up. Hadn’t really had any contact with Nuttah for quite awhile, it was nice to feel the warm presence of her, even if so briefly. Niko was ahead of the curve on it, was aware before me, which allowed me to focus on where he was focused. Which is why I saw Stewie materialize, it was dark, except for bathroom light, and I wasn’t wearing any glasses, but I clearly saw it happening. Pretty wild.”

Yeah, pretty wild alright. It is good to know that Nuttah is okay, and can still focus on (and herald) the arrival of Stewie every time he comes to visit. It’s a pretty solid inevitability, I would surely worry were his character not to appear when he visits. This is far, far different than the last Christmas, 2012, when Bob got that cryptic Christmas Day phone call from the Lao woman with a terrible vision of what was going down in “their world”. As we know from the subsequent January of 2013 posts, things worked out in their favor, with the help of Bob and Niko. We keep being reminded of how special these dogs are to us.

2013-12-08-RedYesterday, on Christmas, Red seemed to have a pretty severe seizure; we were very concerned, and at one point thought we’d be spending Christmas Day at the 24/7 Veterinary Hospital. Luckily, she seemed to snap out of it. I am hoping it was just some random event, but it’s still a mystery what caused it. I couldn’t face losing any of these guys, and Red, up till now, has been the youngest and healthiest of all of them. The rescue club she came from estimated her age at about 4, but I guess it’s really impossible to know for sure. For the moment, Red is back to her normal self. And Stewie still on my table as of this morning. Below is the picture I took after Bob witnessed Stewie materialize. Like I said, new characters are in order. It might help us to understand what is now going on, and the relationship of us to them, pups to us, pups to them… the world is just so complicated. Time to get reading about holograms and “The Matrix”. Copied from the site,
“This is a powerful set of movies that has much more to the layers of extreme special effects, it is about philosophy, about the human condition and explores if we can alter the way we are traveling at the moment.” (or as in our case, it might be altered for you)

A little late this time, but it allows Bob to witness the "Stewie-character" arrival!

A little late this time, but it allows Bob to witness the “Stewie-character” arrival!

December 23, 2013

Too much (holiday) time to think?

I’m so happy because I am off tomorrow. Not just tomorrow, but Christmas Day, then the 2 days after, then the weekend, then I have to go in Monday, and then 2 more days off! Days off excite me, I love time off, and I crave it like a drug. Time is just so valuable, and so limited anymore, that almost the best thing I could get is time. Merry Christmas, I have a day off.

not-enough-time-2Time has taken a whole new meaning for me for a number of reasons. One is that I am now older, and it seems each year, each second really, time just seems to speed up. I hear that often from people in our age group. I can remember being a kid, and the time between Christmas eve and Christmas morning could seem like an eternity, and now, as an ‘older’ adult, it is the blink of an eye. My focus is always on the clock, how much time do I have to do this, how much time is left, how much time… well, you get it, everyone is more or less in the same boat. Everyone over 20, anyway. So then, when I DO get time, I feel a pressure to DO something with it, and I succumb to that pressure. I can’t say I get a whole lot done, but I do feel the pressure. Did I mention that time off is great? I just wish that Bob could sometimes get the same time off, or ANY time off for that matter.

The other “Time factor” in my life of course, is the meaning of the blog, “Whose TIME is it?” These last four years have given me a lot to think about just in terms of ‘time‘, and what it means and whether or not we are only living “this” time. Or are all times occurring concurrently? That is the big question that physicists seem certain of the answer to (yes), but how does one grapple with that concept?

I don’t purport to be any kind of great thinker. The blog, and my limited ability to interpret stuff and to wax philosophical pretty much answers that question – I am NOT a great thinker, nor do I pretend to be. Part of me wanted to make this a public blog to invite theory, to invite commentary, to invite others to weigh in on some kind of explanation. I know I get some readers due to the physical “count” the blog provides me, but I get very little commentary (almost none), so Bob and I are basically left with our own thoughts, and I just report what happens. I have not made one bit of this up; it’s happening, and it continues today. Just this morning, Bob reported to me he had to go out to the apartment (yet again) and shut off the lights. This is probably an every-other-day occurrence. Curious that I rarely even write it up or comment on it anymore. It is such a tame occurrence, it’s kind of “ho-hum, lights on again”.  Is it done (by them) just so that they can let us know they are “still here”? I don’t know. I don’t know a lot, and the more things happen, the less I feel I know. That is probably the most obvious lesson of these last 4 years – we know nothing.  Our knowledge of what the world is about and how it works is pitiful. And mine is beneath pitiful. But, hey, I can accept that; my ability to think this out really affects nothing in the overall scheme of things, so I’m content to just be the reporter. Someone else can interpret.

Bob is way better than me about the thinking stuff. I have tried to encourage him to put into writing some of his ideas, but he resists. I think Bob is right about a lot of his theories, and then he has the added advantage of numerous times being “shown” things that explain our physical world to some degree. I would love for Bob to write just one blog entry about some of his insights, because it is difficult for me to even paraphrase his thoughts. He once emailed me a link to what was supposed to be a layman’s article about theoretical physics, I gave up after the first paragraph. My brain can’t be forced easily in that direction, and I’m too old to teach it. I accept that, I don’t beat myself up over it. I think I’m also going senile, so that helps, my inability to think barely even registers in consciousness, so I’m contentedly unconcerned.

hologramFor instance, for the last week I’ve had a tab open on my browser “Is the Universe a Hologram?” It sits there taunting me, begging me to click the tab and read it, but I haven’t yet. Part of that is the aspect of time I describe above (just don’t have enough of it), and part is I’m pretty sure I’m not going to grasp it anyway. Oh well. During this “time off”, perhaps I will make time to research that possibility. In the meantime, you are welcome to click the link and read it yourself, you might be better at understanding this than I am. I believe I found that link through a facebook click posted by physicist Michio Kaku. I’m FB “friends” with him; me and 885,261 others. (that was the number on 12/24/13 anyway…)

Is it all just code? Probably.

Is it all just code? Probably.

Bob has also made more than a few comments that have me (thinking about 😉 pursuing an angle that might be researchable, and might be simple enough for even me to understand. The clues are in “The Matrix”. Yes, the movie, and its sequels. I might set aside some time to look into that this week.

I do have some plans for the rest of this time off. Besides enjoying family and friends and holidays, and some good meals and camaraderie I will be getting things organized in the house, last minute putting up of Christmas decorations (always late with that) and cooking a big Christmas dinner. But there’s a couple of other things I want to do, since I finally have some free days, and there is not much “activity” going on that has consumed my time with the blog. For one, I’ve been wanting to make everybody new, better characters. I know, you’re thinking, “That’s what you’re spending your time off doing?” But I think the newness might inspire Nuttah to make new statements with them. I also have to bring to the mix a character for Niko and for Red. That’s important to understand their role with us, and the whole bigger picture. I may even add one for Frank, just to see if any light could be shed on what happened there.

My time off might even give me a little time to think. Imagine that, time to THINK! (See – with this post, it’s starting already!) The last post, “Beam me up, Scotty” for instance, has given me a lot to think about. Not that the other posts don’t, it’s just it’s the most recent, and its implications are just so… incredible really. Bob and I sat over the weekend and talked about these implications. For one, it is not lost on us that we are not the only people that this, or something similar, might be happening to. And what IF, other cultures, other civilizations, many in fact, have had some kind of visitation, some kind of contact with another dimension? I think that is inevitable, and I believe that there seems to be evidence of this in much of our “history”. I can’t pinpoint all of it, history was never my forte (it IS Bob’s however), but there are some pretty obvious unexplained structures and events over time in human (and prior) history.

crop-circle-2 Some examples: the Pyramids (portals, receptors?), Stonehenge, Easter Island, the Anunnaki, reverse engineering, Roswell, Area 51, crop circles… I could really go on and on, there are so many examples of the unexplained. But what if this inter-dimensional contact happens more than we know? How has it affected history? How can it affect our future? How does and has it impacted life as we know it? Another thing that has not escaped my thoughts: if they can relocate Bob and our pups, what if they don’t reappear back where they are taken from? Both times they’ve replaced the pups in the house, just not in the same room. But what if just one time they get the house wrong? Can you imagine opening your door and you find two shepherds in there you’ve never seen before?? The unexplained – enough research for a life time, just not mine.

The images found on the ceiling beams of a 3000-year old New Kingdom Temple, located several hundred miles south of Cairo and the Giza Plateau

The images found on the ceiling beams of a 3000-year old New Kingdom Temple, located several hundred miles south of Cairo and the Giza Plateau

I hope everybody reading this has a very Merry Christmas and a happy and productive new year, and you can spend your time the way that you want to. Christmas-Cookies
December 21, 2013

“Beam-me-up, Scotty”!

On December 19, 2013 at 6:17 pm, I received this text from Bob. He is home and I’m at work:
“Lot of drumming and rattles. Kind of unnerving. No sense of Nuttah, just a presence of many males.”


We all know what this is. (Don’t we??)

Then immediately after, this text came through at 6:21 PM: “Holy F***, Niko and Red just ended up upstairs! Both seem kind of unnerved. Wow, that was weird.”

Me, 6:24 PM: “What do u mean, where were they? They got relocated?”

6:27 PM: “They were downstairs with me. When I came to, they were locked upstairs.”

Me, 6:54 PM: “Where is everybody now? Things calmed down?”

I didn’t pursue it by text any further, because usually Bob calls me shortly after 7 pm, so I would just wait for his phone call to get further details. What I wanted to inquire about was the “came to” part of his text; did that mean that Bob traveled too, or was he “out” for awhile?

He did call me shortly after that and elaborated somewhat on what happened, which must have occurred between the first 2 texts, between 6:17 and 6:21 PM. Bob said he “came to” sitting in the stove-room chair; the room was warm from the fire, but he was freezing. (very unusual for Bob to even use the word “freezing”; he never gets cold, and even wears shirt-sleeves out in weather in the teens) He told me later on the phone, he was “still trying to warm up”. His body was in deep chill from whatever happened when the pups ended up upstairs. They had been down in the stove-room with Bob and the two other pups, and when Bob “woke up”, they were gone. He got up and went looking for them in other parts of the house, even the basement and outside. Then he heard some noises upstairs and went up to find them locked in the spare bedroom. I do have a theory that perhaps they were (again) needed for some kind of help in “their” world, hence the presence of all the Lenape males right before it happened. I think Bob is not able to ‘go’ anymore unless it proves really urgent. Or maybe Bob did go, but his memory was wiped out about it. Or maybe he was put into a kind of trance while they “borrowed” the pups. And what were they involved in and what did they do? On the phone, Bob described the drumming this time as somewhat “different”. “Ominous” was the word he used. I fully expected to come home again to some kind of change, but there was nothing at all new or rearranged, at least that I noticed.  I did hear a bit of a “hum” when I got out of the car in the driveway, but that was all.

Niko laying down. Once down, he doesn't really want to get up.

Niko laying down. Once down, he doesn’t really want to get up.

Clearly, Niko was perturbed by it into the night. Later, when I was typing here at my computer, he joined me from where he’d been sleeping on the bed upstairs with Bob. He never does that, he’s so comfortable on the bed, that even when I come in, go upstairs, change, and take Red out, Niko never even gets up. Just lifts his head from laying there next to Bob, gives me a little tail wag, and lays back down. He is not interested in getting off the bed. So to have him jump up, and come down, and then keep nudging at me like he was is highly unusual. I finally tried letting him out, but that didn’t seem to be what it was about either. He was just really wound up.

Email this morning from Bob: No continuation from the beginning of the night with the pups; don’t know what that was about, but I am glad that nothing more happened. Niko did go after something across the creek this morning, was barking and jumping on the wall, I assume it was deer.

Red. Such a pretty girl. But she is not answering any questions.

Red. Such a pretty girl. But she is not answering any questions.

My reply to Bob: “Niko seems really unsettled since whatever happened last night. He actually came down in the evening to nudge me, wouldn’t leave me alone, I had him out but that didn’t seem to be what it was about. He never went back up til I went to bed. Then I heard the barking at 3 AM, he was really going nuts over something, guess it was a deer. Gotta love the noise at that hour. Just now, he got me up at 7, had to go out, that’s unusual too. Seems really on edge about something, wonder what’s going on? And of course wonder what happened last night?? I found no changes when I got home, guess that makes sense since it was not Nuttah, as you said, but a roomful of men.”

It’s now a couple of days later. Something clearly happened to Niko that night, both of them really; they are ‘different’ since they ‘returned’, but it’s hard to pin down how. Needier maybe, more affectionate, a little unnerved-seeming, cautious. Like I said, hard to describe. Probably a lot less impact than if it had been a person involved. I asked both of them to ‘tell’ me what happened, even if it was only in pictures, but I’ve yet to get any response, just more or less blank stares. Pups on an adventure.

December 12, 2013

What I found when I got home

It is always an unusual, large, white bird that comes to "talk" to Niko

It is always an unusual, large, white bird that comes to “talk” to Niko

So I mentioned in the last post that I came home to something the night of the “Holiday Party”.  Something had gone on earlier between Bob, Niko, and external forces, and there had obviously been some kind of “visit”. Niko had another encounter with that white bird; that seems to be the way “they” communicate with him. I don’t know what was said, or why, but the visit really seemed to be about him. Much to my surprise, I was not being vilified for asking Bob to get Frank out of the mix of our pups. It just did not seem to be working, although that was a surprise too, since we thought that Frank was more or less “brought” to us as a result of Bob’s dream. But I guess we don’t always read the right message into what’s going on. That is really pretty hard to do sometimes with all this weirdness; to get the message right every time. (I’m open to suggestions!!)

At any rate, of course the first thing I checked coming in the house was my desk. There was nothing new or unusual there, so I went up to check the bedside tables in our bedroom. And it was on mine that I was to find this display. I will put a large version of the picture below, and then continue my commentary below it:

The arrangement found on my bedside table when I got home from holiday party

The arrangement found on my bedside table when I got home from holiday party

It starts with the bark-hut, and in front of that is layered all of the dog/wolf pictures that I’ve made and used to date. Then Nuttah positions her character in front of the dogs/wolves, and lastly, we have the pewter turtle and Bob’s special stone that came from “her” time.  This is arranged to face where I would be if I was in the bed. What does it all mean? I asked Bob the next night to take a look at it, and see if he could “get it”, especially since he’d been part of the communication the night it happened. He had nothing to add. I’m stumped. But I do believe that it means Niko is being celebrated, and miraculously, I am NOT being hung out to dry for Frank not being here anymore. I am guessing that they are accepting of it, thank goodness. Apparently, Niko is our star, and our protector, and maybe they felt he was being threatened. They appeared that night for a reason. The morning after Frank was no longer here, I took all the pups out as usual, and Niko just tore into Red, as if she was now the stand-in for Frank. Niko had just been so wound up by the aggression of Frank that he couldn’t even forget it the next day. Luckily, Red knows how to take all this in stride, and her lack of winding up against him settled things down. (Wish she would behave like that when I’m walking her on a leash) It took a couple of outings for things to calm down to their normal level.

December 11, 2013

Not AT ALL what I expected

A cut off scene  - Holiday work party at a chic country club

A cut off scene – Holiday work party at a chic country club on December 11

On Wed. December 11, in the early evening, while still at work, I received a 3-part text from Bob. I always know these “3-parters” are something of extreme interest, because not only is Bob sending me something rather lengthy, but he’s sending it as a text rather than an email, meaning he wants me to see it right away. I guess I have to explain here that I have not entered the world of “Smart phones”, and my phone is rather dumb. Dumb doesn’t even begin to describe it, but that is another story. People laugh at my phone, I, on the other hand, am quite proud of it. It works, which is more than I can say for the people around me whining about their so-called “smart” phones. This particular text that was coming through, because of its length, I expected to be the fall-out from what had gone on the prior day with Frank.

Red and Frank. Quite a handsome dog he was. I wish it had turned out differently.

Red and Frank. Quite a handsome dog he was. I wish it had turned out differently.

So “part one” came in at 5:23 PM. (I’ve combined the 3 parts here for readability): “Niko just had a white bird encounter coupled with lights in the apartment, and as I am writing this, drums and rattles just started. Going to go take care of lights now. Drums are right above us. We are in stove room. Bird is huge. Landed on rock in creek. Niko sat and put his head down and listened. Drums are right above us in the bedroom, rattles all around. Really weird. Niko and Red keep looking up. Niko whining. Have fun at party.”

Here, Bob is talking about our office holiday party, which was being held this night, Wed., Dec. 11. I am winding up my work-night early, getting ready to drive to the party venue, which starts at 6:30 PM.

Me, back to Bob, at 5:31 PM: “Wow, what do u think it all means?”

I don’t hear back from Bob right away, so at 5:38 PM, I text back to him: “Any more happening?”

Bob, 5:46 PM: “How much more would you like?!! If you were here you would think that enough. Just finished turning lights off, as I walked downstairs, loud drum beats, lights back on.”

(This was in the apartment, as he was going downstairs and leaving, the lights came back on again, while he was there. Not the first time for this.)

By now it was time for me to get going to the company “Holiday” party. When I arrived at this chic country club that was all “decked out” for Christmas, I ducked first into the restroom, and texted this to Bob at 6:26 PM: “Do u sense unhappiness? Were they looking for Frank do you think?”

Bob 6:27 PM: “No, I think it is about Niko.”

Niko in the yard, charging after Frank. I was trying to be "detached and casual" just shooting pictures. Almost lost my camera in the process.

Niko in the yard, charging after Frank. I was trying to be “detached and casual” just shooting pictures. Almost lost my camera in the process.

But by now I had to enter “party mode”, and more or less forget this whole crazy thing going on at the house, but it was in the back of my mind all night. What was going on? What was the message? Were they concerned about Frank? Mad at me? Concerned for Niko? I could only hope that the concern was for Niko, because for sure, the day before, I had felt terrible for what Niko had had to go through. Bob says he never witnessed that behavior between Frank and Niko;  I think it was just escalating, and I think also that Frank had some kind of issue with me as well, otherwise, why would he have turned on me like he had? Niko was trying to protect me, it seems, and was taking a beating for doing so.

I excitedly drove home from the party hoping that somehow, something was revealed. I was not to be disappointed. I will describe (and have a picture of) what I found in the next post.

December 10, 2013

It didn’t work out with Frank

Tuesday, December 10, 2013: I feel a deep sadness tonight, and a strong sense of guilt. It didn’t work out with Frank, the new pup, and I feel terrible. It was a really bad day, and I’ve kind of seen this coming, I just thought it would get better. Dec. 10 was a “snow-day”, and I was home for the day because so many patients had cancelled appointments where I work. I’d been taking Frank out to do his business with all 4 other dogs, and it was getting more and more difficult because he and Niko were very aggressive toward each other. There was a lot of snarling, barking, growling, and head-to-head loud, teeth-baring engagement. So this morning, when the barking and snarling was just too much noise at 7:30 AM, I put Niko inside so Frank could do his business in relative peace. It just didn’t seem possible that they’d ever leave each other alone long enough for anything productive to happen. So I casually walked with Frank back over to the snow-covered yard, and that was when he turned on me. I was turning to walk toward the wall, and look down at the creek, and Frank kept coming at me from behind: he attacked my legs, ripped my clothes, latched on to my arm and tore my jacket. I was wearing a lot of clothing, which was a lucky thing. If I walked away from him, he repeatedly ran at me and bit my legs – hard. If I turned toward him, he lunged at me and held on to my arm. He would not have let up had I not thrown my coffee right into his face. That took him aback long enough for me to get to the gate and shut it on him. This behavior was such a surprise for me, because I had approached the outing like a fun time; we’d play in the snow. Prior to this, Frank and I had been doing some serious bonding; I’d taken him on 2 successful walks over the weekend, even one that involved just me and him going to the towpath in the truck. He had even been sleeping on our bed with us or on the floor of our bedroom. I wrote it up in an email to Bob when I got in the house and calmed down about it:

“I just had a really bad incident with Frank. I had to put Niko back in the house while I had him out because they were carrying on barking too much. Went back out with Red and Frank in yard, had just warmed up my coffee, and was enjoying watching it snow. Frank seemed like he just wanted to play – at first. Seemed to be really into the snow, and was going at Red, seemingly to try to get her to play. But she snarled at him, and then things turned on me. I was trying to go towards the wall, Frank kept coming at me and grabbing my coat with his teeth. I heard it rip, and at this point, I just think he’s being playful, but he quickly got really aggressive, biting at my legs, hard, ripped my pajamas, if I turned to face him he lunged at me and put his teeth around my arm. I was wearing 3 layers, and his teeth are dull, but he gripped me hard. The look on his face was pure aggression. Whenever I turned to go the other way, he bit my thighs hard. I was backing up toward the gate at this point, he would not have stopped so I threw my coffee in his face, which took him aback at first, so I slammed the gate shut. He and Red both eventually got through it, and I had to let him back in the house. He seemed all sheepish and whiney and apologetic, but I can’t trust him. Feel pretty awful right now, he’s got a streak of aggression/craziness, and it was directed at me.”

Bob suggested that I not go out with Frank alone after that: “I suggest that you have Niko there, he will not allow that to happen. Guaranteed. It is why he is there, his choice.”

Well, Bob was right about that, but it cost Niko. Later that day, it was time to take them all out again, and I took all 5 out at once to relieve themselves. I did sense that Frank wanted another piece of me, but Niko wouldn’t let him get near me, and they just tore into each other. It didn’t end outside either, they came in and continued in the kitchen, for me to intervene was dangerous; these are two large adult male shepherds. I somehow got one out and one in, but that was about all I could take. Niko was really distraught by this too, and was limping and shaken when it was over. He was the one outside, and he just laid down on the snow-covered deck, and panted. I couldn’t even get him to get up. It had been building up to this, I now saw. And because of this and the earlier incident that morning with me and Frank, Bob took Frank tonight to the rescue lady that we got Niko from. I made sure he gave her a clear warning of what to expect, and he did. I hope it works out for Frank. But after this morning, where he turned on me, I just couldn’t trust him anymore. I feel sad because there were so many aspects to him that were positive. It’s just impossible to know, given how Bob found him and got him, and what was being done to him then just how it had affected him.

I expect fall-out from “beyond” because of this. I expect to be vilified again, like the month-long “dog-house” I was placed in because of how I supposedly reacted to Niko’s biting of Kate last July. I accepted that there was going to be a price, and I was willing to pay it because I couldn’t deal with the option of keeping Frank. So of course, the question remains, what was Bob’s recurring dream about? Was it just that this pup needed rescue, and we did not necessarily need to keep him? Maybe he and Niko were not meant to be together. Whatever it is, may just come out in the future; we sure don’t know right now.

This was taken 12/8 in our house: Red, Frank, Niko all lined up at the gate to the kitchen:

Three Shepherd faces: Red, Frank, Niko

Three Shepherd faces: Red, Frank, Niko

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December 4, 2013

Bob’s Recurring Dream is Realized

Okay, we have a new Pup. This new one makes 5 – yes, count them, FIVE dogs in our house. You might think it is totally nuts, and after my sleepless night of laying awake listening to new-pup’s excessive barking, I might say it’s crazy too. But how could we deny this one a home? Read on…

It started with a picture text I got from Bob while I was still at work and Bob was home. It was pretty hard to see, my phone displays pictures about as big as a postage stamp. It came in on 12/2 at 4:56 PM, with the message: “Dream issue has been resolved.”

I stared at this tiny picture on my phone, trying to glean what had happened, how had it been resolved? The pups in the picture looked like Niko, Red, and the new foundling, Sprite. Nothing new there.

At 4:57, I texted to Bob: “HOW was it resolved?”

Bob, 5:15 pm: “We have a new pup. That was the wolf pup (from the dream). He was being beaten by two dark men, jumped the fence when I stopped the car and ran to me with them in pursuit.”

6:25 pm: “Oh, so he’s ours now?”

(The time delay was because I was still at work and couldn’t do anything on my phone for a time.)

Finally, at about 8 PM or so, I was able to talk to Bob about what had happened. As Bob was leaving work on Monday, from the “not-too-nice area” where the plant is, he was pulling up to a stop sign with a couple of cars in front of him. Adjacent to him are several fenced-in vacant lots, some being used by residents for summer gardening, now abandoned and everything left has died and is just dry stalks, brush, gardening stakes, mixed with some bare straggly trees. In the midst of this, he saw two large black men pummeling a dog, like they were trying to kill it. Several things went through Bob’s mind about how he was going to intervene (it wasn’t “if” he was going to, it was “how”) but then, as he’s getting somewhat closer, the dog – a German Shepherd – locks eyes with him. As soon as the eyes locked, the shepherd had a resurgence of energy, despite the beating and the strength of these 2 brutes, and he somehow broke free. He scaled the fence in a deer-like leap, with a purple leash still attached and trailing behind him, thankfully not tripping him up on the fence-stakes. Bob, immediately realizing the metaphoric parallel to the dream he’s now had about 5 times, pushed open his passenger side door, the disgusting brutes in pursuit as nebulous dark shapes, and the dog makes a bee-line through the traffic and just hurls himself into Bob’s car, shaking and panting and totally freaked out. Bob reaches over, shuts and locks the door, and zooms off, with obscenities and gesticulations being hurled after him in his wake.

And that is why we now have 5 dogs, and why we feel a special connection to this new one also, especially because of Bob’s prophetic dream. It was interesting the way he immediately knew that “this was what it meant”, this was “the event” that he’d been dreaming. Metaphors, yes, but the “wolf-pup” dream nevertheless.

Another odd thing that happened, was that when Bob got him home to our house and first had him out in the yard with the other pups, (this introduction went surprisingly well), Bob looked back toward the house and all of a sudden, simultaneously, ALL the lights went on in the apartment. I asked Bob if he thought this was to indicate “approval”, and he agreed, that’s probably what it was. He had to go into the apartment, and turn off literally every light that is there, even the ceiling fan was turning. All had been off and dark when he’d gone outside.

That first night, however, with this new pup home was torture for me. He began in the basement; our other two shepherds sleep upstairs in the bedroom with us. The new addition started howling at about 3 AM or so. Then, after Bob left for work, he howled and barked non-stop. At about 4:30 AM, I finally went down and retrieved him from the basement. He was so freaked out still, he wouldn’t let me get near him. He was so shy, and so down-trodden, and so submissive, it was hard to get near him. I let him out in the yard, and I had visions of him leaping the fence again, I knew it would be an easy jump for a dog this big. He’s actually taller than Niko, but he’s so malnourished his ribs show. He is probably about 25 lbs. underweight. When I saw how completely scared and skittery he is, I was shocked that he just jumped into Bob’s car, like he knew him. Maybe in some strange way he did know him. After I brought him back in, I thought he’d be better upstairs with the other pups, so I brought him up to the bedroom. He ended up sleeping the next couple of hours on the bed, and that night, I got all but about 4 hours of decent sleep. It was an awful Tuesday as a result.

Tuesday morning, my first day with him, as I had them all out in the yard to “do their business”, I started calling him “Frank”, and Bob is calling him that too. Here is the skinny picture of “Frank”; sometimes to me, he looks more like a greyhound because he is so underweight, but I don’t think it will be too hard to bring him back. I just keep thinking of what his awful fate might have been if Bob had not appeared at that exact moment, but maybe in some way it was all “scripted”, and “meant to happen”. Obviously there is something at work here.

The new pup, "Frank". This was the pup from Bob's recurring dream.

The new pup, “Frank”. This was the pup from Bob’s recurring dream.

December 1, 2013

When Stewie visits, so does his character

Whenever Stewie visits, so does his character

Whenever Stewie visits, so does his character

The four days that included Thanksgiving and after, we had lots of visitors coming in and out of the house. On Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, Stewie and his lovely girlfriend came out for an overnight. They arrived about mid-day. Later in the evening, as we were readying to go somewhere, Bob called me over to look at something near my office computer. It was Stewie’s character; he was on the windowsill behind my monitor. I took a picture of it, which I’ve included here. It is so interesting, and also without fail, that whenever Stewie arrives, so does his character. He can pop up in somewhat random odd places, but sure enough, when Stewie visits, his character, from wherever it has been hiding since his last visit, will always come out. Even by Saturday night, after they had left, he still stood there on the windowsill. But then this morning, Sunday morning the 1st of December, he is gone. Where he goes, I do not know, I’ve never come across the character when Stewie is no longer here. All I can say is, Nuttah keeps track of him.