When Stewie visits, so does his character

Whenever Stewie visits, so does his character

Whenever Stewie visits, so does his character

The four days that included Thanksgiving and after, we had lots of visitors coming in and out of the house. On Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, Stewie and his lovely girlfriend came out for an overnight. They arrived about mid-day. Later in the evening, as we were readying to go somewhere, Bob called me over to look at something near my office computer. It was Stewie’s character; he was on the windowsill behind my monitor. I took a picture of it, which I’ve included here. It is so interesting, and also without fail, that whenever Stewie arrives, so does his character. He can pop up in somewhat random odd places, but sure enough, when Stewie visits, his character, from wherever it has been hiding since his last visit, will always come out. Even by Saturday night, after they had left, he still stood there on the windowsill. But then this morning, Sunday morning the 1st of December, he is gone. Where he goes, I do not know, I’ve never come across the character when Stewie is no longer here. All I can say is, Nuttah keeps track of him.


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