Bob’s Recurring Dream is Realized

Okay, we have a new Pup. This new one makes 5 – yes, count them, FIVE dogs in our house. You might think it is totally nuts, and after my sleepless night of laying awake listening to new-pup’s excessive barking, I might say it’s crazy too. But how could we deny this one a home? Read on…

It started with a picture text I got from Bob while I was still at work and Bob was home. It was pretty hard to see, my phone displays pictures about as big as a postage stamp. It came in on 12/2 at 4:56 PM, with the message: “Dream issue has been resolved.”

I stared at this tiny picture on my phone, trying to glean what had happened, how had it been resolved? The pups in the picture looked like Niko, Red, and the new foundling, Sprite. Nothing new there.

At 4:57, I texted to Bob: “HOW was it resolved?”

Bob, 5:15 pm: “We have a new pup. That was the wolf pup (from the dream). He was being beaten by two dark men, jumped the fence when I stopped the car and ran to me with them in pursuit.”

6:25 pm: “Oh, so he’s ours now?”

(The time delay was because I was still at work and couldn’t do anything on my phone for a time.)

Finally, at about 8 PM or so, I was able to talk to Bob about what had happened. As Bob was leaving work on Monday, from the “not-too-nice area” where the plant is, he was pulling up to a stop sign with a couple of cars in front of him. Adjacent to him are several fenced-in vacant lots, some being used by residents for summer gardening, now abandoned and everything left has died and is just dry stalks, brush, gardening stakes, mixed with some bare straggly trees. In the midst of this, he saw two large black men pummeling a dog, like they were trying to kill it. Several things went through Bob’s mind about how he was going to intervene (it wasn’t “if” he was going to, it was “how”) but then, as he’s getting somewhat closer, the dog – a German Shepherd – locks eyes with him. As soon as the eyes locked, the shepherd had a resurgence of energy, despite the beating and the strength of these 2 brutes, and he somehow broke free. He scaled the fence in a deer-like leap, with a purple leash still attached and trailing behind him, thankfully not tripping him up on the fence-stakes. Bob, immediately realizing the metaphoric parallel to the dream he’s now had about 5 times, pushed open his passenger side door, the disgusting brutes in pursuit as nebulous dark shapes, and the dog makes a bee-line through the traffic and just hurls himself into Bob’s car, shaking and panting and totally freaked out. Bob reaches over, shuts and locks the door, and zooms off, with obscenities and gesticulations being hurled after him in his wake.

And that is why we now have 5 dogs, and why we feel a special connection to this new one also, especially because of Bob’s prophetic dream. It was interesting the way he immediately knew that “this was what it meant”, this was “the event” that he’d been dreaming. Metaphors, yes, but the “wolf-pup” dream nevertheless.

Another odd thing that happened, was that when Bob got him home to our house and first had him out in the yard with the other pups, (this introduction went surprisingly well), Bob looked back toward the house and all of a sudden, simultaneously, ALL the lights went on in the apartment. I asked Bob if he thought this was to indicate “approval”, and he agreed, that’s probably what it was. He had to go into the apartment, and turn off literally every light that is there, even the ceiling fan was turning. All had been off and dark when he’d gone outside.

That first night, however, with this new pup home was torture for me. He began in the basement; our other two shepherds sleep upstairs in the bedroom with us. The new addition started howling at about 3 AM or so. Then, after Bob left for work, he howled and barked non-stop. At about 4:30 AM, I finally went down and retrieved him from the basement. He was so freaked out still, he wouldn’t let me get near him. He was so shy, and so down-trodden, and so submissive, it was hard to get near him. I let him out in the yard, and I had visions of him leaping the fence again, I knew it would be an easy jump for a dog this big. He’s actually taller than Niko, but he’s so malnourished his ribs show. He is probably about 25 lbs. underweight. When I saw how completely scared and skittery he is, I was shocked that he just jumped into Bob’s car, like he knew him. Maybe in some strange way he did know him. After I brought him back in, I thought he’d be better upstairs with the other pups, so I brought him up to the bedroom. He ended up sleeping the next couple of hours on the bed, and that night, I got all but about 4 hours of decent sleep. It was an awful Tuesday as a result.

Tuesday morning, my first day with him, as I had them all out in the yard to “do their business”, I started calling him “Frank”, and Bob is calling him that too. Here is the skinny picture of “Frank”; sometimes to me, he looks more like a greyhound because he is so underweight, but I don’t think it will be too hard to bring him back. I just keep thinking of what his awful fate might have been if Bob had not appeared at that exact moment, but maybe in some way it was all “scripted”, and “meant to happen”. Obviously there is something at work here.

The new pup, "Frank". This was the pup from Bob's recurring dream.

The new pup, “Frank”. This was the pup from Bob’s recurring dream.


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