Stewie arrives, his character follows, and Bob is a witness!

Yesterday was Christmas, and again, we had a good time with our family all coming out for dinner and gift-exchanges. With other obligations for most of the morning, everyone arrived in the mid to late afternoon; Stewie first with his girlfriend, and Kate and boyfriend a bit later. When Stewie arrived, I commented that it would probably not be long before his “character” also showed up. A couple of times, during the festivities, I went to investigate the usual spots where he “appears”; out in the foyer, or once or twice he was on my desk near my monitor or the window. No Stewie-character. Bob went up to bed a little earlier than everyone else (8-ish) because unlike me, he had to work today and get up at 3 AM. So Bob says goodnight to all, and shortly, he’s calling me to come upstairs.

“This just happened, better late than never, I guess, but this time I got to see it”, Bob said excitedly as I came into the bedroom. I see that he is looking toward the arrangement that is still on my bedside table, the one that appeared in the post of December 12: “What I found when I got home.

Camera-shy Niko, getting ready to bolt from my picture-taking

Camera-shy Niko, getting ready to bolt from my picture-taking

“Niko reacted first”, Bob continued, “He was on the bed when I came in, and something over there got his attention. He started crawling toward it (the bedside table), and I was looking at the arrangement to see what Niko is looking at, and that’s when I saw Stewie just ‘materialize’. It was so weird, he just kind of popped in.”

Wow, this was the first time (in four years!) that Bob got to witness an object being “placed”. He said he also felt Nuttah’s presence ‘breeze through’.

This morning, Bob emailed me about it again: “Last night was kind of comforting with Stewie’s character showing up. Hadn’t really had any contact with Nuttah for quite awhile, it was nice to feel the warm presence of her, even if so briefly. Niko was ahead of the curve on it, was aware before me, which allowed me to focus on where he was focused. Which is why I saw Stewie materialize, it was dark, except for bathroom light, and I wasn’t wearing any glasses, but I clearly saw it happening. Pretty wild.”

Yeah, pretty wild alright. It is good to know that Nuttah is okay, and can still focus on (and herald) the arrival of Stewie every time he comes to visit. It’s a pretty solid inevitability, I would surely worry were his character not to appear when he visits. This is far, far different than the last Christmas, 2012, when Bob got that cryptic Christmas Day phone call from the Lao woman with a terrible vision of what was going down in “their world”. As we know from the subsequent January of 2013 posts, things worked out in their favor, with the help of Bob and Niko. We keep being reminded of how special these dogs are to us.

2013-12-08-RedYesterday, on Christmas, Red seemed to have a pretty severe seizure; we were very concerned, and at one point thought we’d be spending Christmas Day at the 24/7 Veterinary Hospital. Luckily, she seemed to snap out of it. I am hoping it was just some random event, but it’s still a mystery what caused it. I couldn’t face losing any of these guys, and Red, up till now, has been the youngest and healthiest of all of them. The rescue club she came from estimated her age at about 4, but I guess it’s really impossible to know for sure. For the moment, Red is back to her normal self. And Stewie still on my table as of this morning. Below is the picture I took after Bob witnessed Stewie materialize. Like I said, new characters are in order. It might help us to understand what is now going on, and the relationship of us to them, pups to us, pups to them… the world is just so complicated. Time to get reading about holograms and “The Matrix”. Copied from the site,
“This is a powerful set of movies that has much more to the layers of extreme special effects, it is about philosophy, about the human condition and explores if we can alter the way we are traveling at the moment.” (or as in our case, it might be altered for you)

A little late this time, but it allows Bob to witness the "Stewie-character" arrival!

A little late this time, but it allows Bob to witness the “Stewie-character” arrival!


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