Channeling Uri Geller or Mommy Cat?

The morning of December 30th, Bob sent this email:
“Had an interesting occurrence this morning coming into my office. It was so odd that I didn’t know how to process it while it was happening. I came in the main door to office and then was getting ready to put the key for my office door into the lock, as I started to go towards the lock with key in hand …it started a Uri Geller event. It just started to bend as I was holding it. It bent about 15-20 degrees, while I was holding it. I just stared at it, not knowing quite what to make of what was happening. I had to bend it back and straighten it up to get into lock, still has the kink where it bent. Odd. No idea what that is about. Just channel mommy cat and move on.”

Bob’s reference here to “Mommy Cat” requires a short explanation: We always marveled at how Joe-the-Cat’s mother “Mommy Cat” could have what we considered to be grand-mal seizures in her later years, and then, when it was over, get up and continue as if nothing at all had happened. Basically, just shook her head and soldiered on. I frequently use the Mommy-Cat reference, when feeling really ill; I tell myself to “Put on your “Mommy-Cat” face and move on” … it comes in handy, channeling “Mommy Cat”.

My response to Bob: Weird incident with key, what could that possibly be about? How it was even usable is interesting. Such weird stuff going on…

Neither of us have any idea what this could be about, although, we have known Nuttah and other related characters to visit Bob at work:

This is not Bob's actual bent key, but what I pictured him describing

This is not Bob’s actual bent key, but what I pictured him describing


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