Why are there tiny handprints in the shower?

I realize it has been a long time since I’ve posted. I really have no good excuse for this, other than that life has just been really busy. The fact that we are already in the 11th month of the year just astounds me. I don’t know WHERE the time goes, and I don’t think that I’m alone in that. I keep hearing this all around. But that said, I’ve also often had this weird feeling that I’m being “stopped” somehow, or discouraged from writing. But the longer I wait to “catch up”, the harder it is going to be, and since I already have a year and a half to catch up on, there is no solution other than to just start writing posts. I have not yet figured out how I am going to go back and reconstruct the missing time – I do have records and pictures of the “Events”, but I know it will take hours and hours to put it together – so rather than do that, I’ll just start now to try to keep up with the current goings on.

Perhaps you are wondering if things are in fact going on? Well, the short answer to that is that they have never really stopped. The intensity changes, the time between things can go long, but I’d say that over the past year and a half that I stopped being able to keep up with it that at least two to three things a month happened. Sometimes it was as simple as just a movement of Nuttah’s character, or sometimes I got flowers again. Bob definitely attended a ceremony or two and traveled “in time” to her world. I have to catch up with all of that. But for now, I am going to start with something I noticed about a month ago.

I was cleaning our shower stall; it was embarrassingly dirty, and as I scrubbed, I noticed in a rather odd spot on the side-wall that one of the grungy smudges had a certain “pattern” to it. It had the distinct look of two small hand prints. I stood back in the room and observed from further away. Yes, distinctly: 5 digits, 2 hands. HOW did they get there, whose were they, and what were they doing there? They were about a foot up from the floor of the shower. A really awkward spot if you ask me, no matter how I tried to picture it, I couldn’t imagine how they could get there. I knew it was not one of us, I just assumed “other-worldly”. So I finished scrubbing clean all the other grunge, but I left the hand prints. I took some pictures of them and sent one on my phone to Bob, and he came back with, “Yes, that’s pretty distinct”.

So then about a month later, I happen to notice that the prints which I left there have something added to them. There is now another hand above them. I’ve included two of the pictures here. I don’t really have a theory about what I think they are, other than that Nuttah’s baby is now 3, and these look approximately like 3 year old hand size. Also, the fact that they are so low in the stall, almost near the floor, he’d be short, and the only one size-wise that could make prints there. I added a penny to the latest picture for a size comparison. I know this is far-fetched and sounds crazy, but how do you explain tiny hand prints in the shower? We are truly stumped by this one. Pictures included below (I turned them to black & white in photoshop because it emphasized them better, the light in the shower was not great.)

I turned the pictures black and white for better clarity and to emphasize the shapes.

I turned the pictures black and white for better clarity and to emphasize the shapes. This one is very wet also

And in this one, an additional print, above the original 2 can be seen

And in this one, an additional print, above the original 2 can be seen


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