Flowers and a visit in January!

This morning, January 5th, 2016, I wrote this email to Bob:
“Did you have any sense of anything last night? We had a visit. I came up to take the dogs out and Niko was on my side of the bed on the floor, and Nuttah was on my radio with some clover. I put the clover in some water, but I will take a picture of what the arrangement was this morning. I do not know where she is getting the clover from, especially now. We’ve had a number of nights under freezing.” (although I really did not have to tell Bob that.)

Niko seemed to be looking at me with a look that said, “You just missed her.”

Drat. How close. The night of January 4th-5th, was the coldest night we’d had yet this season. It dipped into single digits overnight. Of course she must have harvested the clover before that happened but… over the weekend we’d had at least a couple of nights under freezing temps. Here is the picture that I took the next morning when the light was better:

Clover on Radio

The coldest night of the winter season so far, January 4, I found this arrangement on my clock radio. Where on earth is the clover coming from?

And below is another picture, closer. I just want to emphasize the fact that this is clover that is often in full bloom in mid SUMMMER. It’s January 5th today!

Clearly pink clover

Clearly pink clover

However, there is just one other thing I would like to add. I was cleaning up dog-poo in the yard with a pooper scooper and came across this (below) the morning of January 5th also. It is a dandelion, in an apparently randomly protected area of our yard. So I guess this can happen, although I’ve yet to see any pink clover growing anywhere. You would think it was spring, with that green grass and yellow flower. Yesterday on the way to work I saw trees in pink blossom. Don’t know what’s going to happen to them this spring when they try to bud again.

Dandelion January 5

A dandelion bud has somehow held on after a night of single-digit temps. Click to see it larger

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