An Almost System Crash (or: “Wow, that was close”)

I’m working with an old Dell XP computer that I got for my 50th birthday. That was 10 years ago. About 2 years ago, Microsoft abandoned support for Windows XP machines, though I’m sure I am not the only person using one. I’ve kind of been expecting a crash along the way somewhere, and with each passing day, I expect more or less that crash to be the final one. Last night I thought it happened. And it was doubly unfortunate because I’ve recently started to organize my pictures and thoughts about catching up on the blog, which is going to take quite a bit of doing… I was mentally in the frame of mind to ‘dig in’, and that was the plan. But crash-eroo, and staring at that black and white screen and the message it was giving me was pretty disturbing. I’ve been here before with other machines. It does not usually end in success.

But the next morning, which is today, I came down not really to look at it, because I was resigned to the loss of my 10 yr. old machine, but to unplug my charging cell phone. In the process, I noticed my screen saver was running on the computer. Now how could that be? The system had crashed. I had not bothered with any attempts to recover, I don’t HAVE the original Setup CD. So I wiggled the mouse to wake it up and found this blue and white screen. It had a much more positive message than the one the previous evening:
System-Recover“The system has recovered from a serious error.” Well, no kidding. But hey, I was back in business and could not have been more thrilled. All those pics I had just downloaded from two cameras would now have a chance to back up (thought I’d lost them). My programs, such as that expensive Adobe Photoshop functioning again. Wow, was I thrilled. I’m typing on it now, I’ve used Photoshop already, and verified most things are back in order. I’ve no idea what happened, or how the computer recovered from it, but there was one other thing on my desk that I noticed this morning, just to the right of the computer: Nuttah’s character sits with 2 hearts piled in front of her and to the right of that is a plastic diorama character that she has started to use to represent ‘me’. In her little set-ups, I am always ‘fanning the flames’. Keep that fire burning, I guess. And I think she kept the computer going, somehow?? Is that a stretch? Or just coincidence she showed up the same morning? There will be more to come soon as I try to figure out how to organize the massive amount of material to catch up on. I feel like this was my ‘warning’ and now I have to hurry up before system crashes for good.


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