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January 8, 2017

Why was my hanging laundry laid on the bed?

My laundry on the bed.

My laundry on the bed. Sometimes I wish I had a video-cam rolling full time in our house.

I came home to this on Friday, January 6, 2017. It was on the bed in our bedroom. All this stuff had been hanging to dry on my closet rod, which is also in the bedroom. It was dry for awhile, but I hadn’t yet put the stuff away. It was mostly what I call my “white-wash”; all the light and white things that can go in the wash together. And when we got home Friday night, after having met after work for a bite out, I go to the bedroom and see it all laid out on the bed. I didn’t immediately recognize the “pattern”. I went down to Bob, who hadn’t come upstairs yet, and asked him if he put my hanging laundry on the bed. Now I knew what the answer was before I asked him. There is no reason Bob would ever do this. He’d never done anything like it, and I knew he hadn’t this time either. Why would he move it? And especially onto the bed from my closet? He just looked at me funny, “Did I do what?”

“Did you lay my laundry with the hangars out on the bed?”, I asked, still feeling like I had to absolutely confirm that he hadn’t, before I jumped to the only other conclusion.

Again, a funny look. I knew the answer without asking: he didn’t do it.

“Have you been in the bedroom yet tonight?” Bob gets home before me, and then we meet out later. I meet him right from work because I finish later. Bob always comes home first to let out the dogs, get the fire going, stuff like that, and then we agree on a meeting-out place. He couldn’t remember, but thinking about it, said “No, I probably did not go into the bedroom”. There really wouldn’t have been a reason for him to, his closet is in the guest bedroom, and it’s where he always dresses or changes clothes. “So you didn’t see what’s on the bed?” I asked.

“No, I guess not. Why, what’s on it?”

I showed him a picture I’d taken on my phone. Bob went up to see it, and it was then he noticed the pattern, that the clothing had been arranged around a ‘center-point’ and 4 items or piles were in the intermediate ‘cardinal’ locations. It roughly looked like the Native American “Medicine Wheel”. Below are some examples of medicine wheels I pulled from the internet for illustration. I also did some ‘photoshopping’ of the clothing on the bed, to make it look more flat, and to bring out the pattern it resembles, because I was unable to get high enough over it, holding the camera over the bed. Am I totally off base here, in terms of the similarity? And if it was Nuttah, what is she trying to say? The meaning is open to interpretation. I mean, there must be SOME reason it was done, and some reason it was arranged in this particular fashion. And why did she choose only white shirts? If she’d wanted to illustrate something with color, because the medicine wheel colors are red, black, yellow and white, I certainly have clothes of those colors IN the closet… so what is the message here?

The rotated and manipulated (more or less flattened) picture of the laundry arranged on the bed

The rotated and manipulated picture of the laundry arranged on the bed. 

ANd a child's drawing of a "Medicine Wheel"

And a child’s drawing of a “Medicine Wheel”. Similar?

A "Mohican Nation" sample of a Medicine Wheel

A “Mohican Nation” sample of a Medicine Wheel


And another interpretation

January 1, 2017

Daughter Kate has an Experience with the “Other Dimension”

This actually happened about 2 years ago, the Christmas Kate refers to in her write-up was Christmas of 2014.

Kate writes [and I edit somewhat]:

Twas the Monday before Christmas, and all through the house, SOMETHING was stirring, and it wasn’t a mouse….


A collection of Sam Adams bottles similar to those in Nate’s collection; But he has a lot more

December 22, 2014: I came home to an empty house, as [boyfriend] “Nate” was at his work Christmas party, at [a nearby restaurant]. The minute I walked into the house, I had a feeling of eeriness; something I’ve never had at this house (used to happen all the time at our old house) but never here. [The feeling was] enough that I checked every room and closet before I started baking my Blondie’s (delicious Christmas dessert). Several times before I even began baking, I was startled by either a thump or some other noise and actually kept rechecking everywhere.

Finally I started shelling pistachios for the Blondie’s, standing in the kitchen facing our corner winding cabinet. [By this Kate means one of those cabinets in a kitchen counter corner that spins around on a cylinder]. [Then] I heard a glass clink from outside, in the garage, and I assumed Nate had arrived home and was throwing an empty beer bottle in the recycling bins in the garage. I stood there shelling, awaiting his entry for a few minutes. When he didn’t come in, I went to investigate what he was doing out there for so long. As I entered the doorway from the kitchen to the hallway to the garage, I hear [a deafening crash from behind the basement door. Nate has a huge collection of probably 100 Sam Adams beer bottles: almost every Sam Adams bottle ever issued, no two alike]. broken_bottleI hear all of them crash down and go cascading down the basement steps. It was an unbelievable, literally ‘painful to the ears’ noise to listen to. I stood frozen for what felt like forever. I finally gathered the courage somehow to open the door. [And when I did, I was shocked by what I saw, which was exactly the opposite of my expectation]: Every single bottle was in its place, perfectly lined up, not a thing out of place. I closed the basement door and locked it, and waited for Nate to come home….

This is someone's collection of 'Sam' bottles, not Nate's, but when Kate opened the basement door, the bottles were intact on the shelves.

This is someone’s collection of ‘Sam’ bottles, not Nate’s, but when Kate opened the basement door, the bottles were intact on the shelves. You can just imagine the noise as they were falling and breaking.

Now this is me narrating:
What happened here? I listened, captivated by Kate’s story. I said at the end, “Well, I have a simple answer”, and for some reason it just seemed so obvious to me, having been drawn into the story, and knowing that what Kate was saying was not in the least made up.

“Well, what then?”, asks Kate.

“You did hear the bottles break, the shelves DID collapse, and the whole collection DID come crashing down and fall and break on the basement stairs. It happened. It just happened in a different time-line. You experienced the parallel dimension for just that one brief moment, and then stepped back into this one. You see, that’s what I mean by the ‘veil’ is growing thin, that separation between the dimensions is ‘thinning’, and sometimes we can experience what goes on in another one. That’s what I think happened there.”, I replied with an emphatic tone. I was pretty sure this was the answer, because I could think of no other. I certainly did not disbelieve what Kate had related.

Which brings me to something that I heard recently on a Coast to Coast episode, and which is what brought me to unearth this story now. (Although I had intended to when it happened, just never got around to that and a lot of other things…)

But listening in December 2016 to a show from October called “Paranormal Hotspots” made me think of this story again. The show aired Oct. 7, 2016, and the guest is Brandon Callahan, with host George Noory.

George: Let’s go to the phones, Will is in NYC, east of the Rockies. Hey, Will, good morning, go ahead.

Caller, Will: How you doin? Look here, when you first mentioned the “Trail of Tears”, right?

George: MmHm

Will: On my Mother’s side, a great-great-Grandmother was taken away on a freight train, and involved in the “Trail of Tears”. Um, she was full-blooded Cherokee, and the kids weren’t, they were mixed, so they weren’t taken. And one of the neighbors came and told them that they had taken the mother away. But here’s what I want to tell you: if you’re investigating haunted places, I come from a place near Savannah, Georgia where the storm is right now [Hurricane Matthew in the Fall of 2016] called Yamacraw. Right? And between River Street, where the storm is coming in, and Bay Street, that little section right there, is called Yamacraw. That is one of THE most, strangest, haunted places you will ever find.

George: What happened there, Will?

Will, chuckling: What didn’t happen?

George: Really?

Laurel Grove Cemetery in Savannah, that Will talked about as haunted

Laurel Grove Cemetery in Savannah, that Will talked about

Will: I mean, that’s where Africans, Indians and Irish came together, and there was people there from all over ‘cause it was a shipping port and the longshoremens, you know,  came there, and they stayed, some of them. But in Laurel Grove Cemetery where we have a plot is apparently one of the most haunted places in the world, I’ve heard.

Here’s what I want to say: My particular incident is that, we were coming to New York in ’64, I was 11 years old. My mother came down to get us, me and my two sisters and my brother. And my Grandfather told her to take us, bring us North because the area was changing, alright? New people was coming in. In any case, I came in late, and she was fixing me some food, and we were talking about leaving.  SOMETHING hit that kitchen wall. It was like a 18-Wheeler hit that wall; we actually saw the wall give, right? And we ran out of the kitchen after being knocked out of the chairs, ran down this long hallway to our dining, I mean living room.

My grandmother and my sisters and brother had no… they didn’t hear anything. This thing was like a bomb going off, we talk about it all the time. The next morning we went out there, there was nothing. The fence wasn’t moved, nothing was disturbed. And by all rights, the force of that thing would of knocked the house off the cinder blocks – ‘cause all of the houses were up on cinder blocks ’cause the place floods, you know? And to this day, we cannot explain what that was. My Mother is 83 right now, we talk about it all the time. We have no explanation for it, nobody else heard it ‘cept us two. And a woman told me, said that happened on another plane. She said somehow we crossed sumpin’ when we went into that kitchen. And that whole area down there, man, there’s stories that would curl your hair. I grew up hearing them, right? And uh, I left my number with your screener, if you want to, you know, hear more about it. But Yamacraw, from West Boundary Street up to West Broad, and from Bay Street to River Street, that area right there. Right?

I found a map online of "Yamacraw Village" between exactly the streets "Will" mentioned in his "Coast" call

I found a map online of “Yamacraw Village” between exactly the streets “Will” mentioned in his “Coast” call

George: Interesting, there. Okay, thanks, Will. Appreciate that. Why do certain areas that are contained like that, Brandon, why do they get haunted… or visited?

Brandon: You know, I think a lot of it has to do with history. I think a lot of it has to do with the past. Like I said, I’m a big believer in the fact that our collective energies can combine to create these sorts of things. Kind of like the theory of poltergeists. You know, that something that can manifest with high emotions and that’s another reason I feel like when we tap into a certain part of our brains we are capable of manifesting these sorts of things and when you see a lot of tragedy and evil, things of that nature, I feel like it can in fact ‘scar’ a location. And I think that can boost, or it can really kind of, I guess, so to speak ‘thin the veil’, between you know, the light and the dark. And it’s funny, you know as Will was telling that story, Savannah’s one of my favorite cities in the whole world.

George: Lots of activity there, huh?

Can you imagine the sound of THIS happening? And then finding out it was in a different timeline - parallel dimension, or "OTHER"?

Can you imagine the sound of THIS happening? And then finding out it was in a different timeline – parallel dimension, or “OTHER”?

Brandon: Oh, I adore that city and I would love to investigate down there. But you know, the story about what he was describing sounds exactly like this energy burst that actually happened to the brothers on that property down in Tahlequah* – IN the KITCHEN, on Christmas day. That was actually one of the last things that occurred in the house before they completely abandoned it. And they described it as just this, almost like a bomb went off. It was like, they said it felt like it was a giant glass jar full of glass that just had gotten dropped right in the middle of the kitchen. And it was just this explosion. And, so as Will’s telling that story, it really just kind of threw me right back into one of the first stories those brothers had told me when we went down there, and it’s, that’s pretty surreal.

George: When you hear stories like Will just mentioned, do you find that this country is full of stories like that?

Brandon: Absolutely, and that’s what kind of takes me out and do what I do, because there’s so many stories that will never get told, you know, to the masses that I feel like can be historically relevant.  It can also just give us the saying of “Truth is stranger than fiction”, and the thing is, is oftentimes when you really dig in deep and you really connect with a place, you can find that couldn’t be more true. And so, yeah, absolutely, I think people all over the world experience unexplainable phenomena, whether it’s quote/unquote paranormal or ghostly or anything like that, it’s just unexplainable. And that’s why I feel like ‘like minds’ and really intelligent people need to really just kind of come together and by all theories and methods, do our best to figure out why, why these things happen and whether they’re preventable or how you interact with it. It happens everywhere.

Now me just narrating: The reference to Tahlequah is to a place in Oklahoma, and I’m quoting here from the Coast website: “He discussed an area in Oklahoma of one of the largest clusters of ley lines in North America, where the Native American death marches, known as the Trail of Tears, ended and is now a location of heightened paranormal activity.”

And from Wikipedia:

*Tahlequah is a city in Cherokee County, OklahomaUnited States located at the foothills of the Ozark Mountains. It is part of the Green Country region of Oklahoma and was established as a capital of the 19th-century Cherokee Nation in 1839, as part of the new settlement in Indian Territory after the Cherokee Native Americans were forced west from the American Southeast on the Trail of Tears.

Again, me just narrating: I think these stories share a certain similarity, and it is what I have come to call the “bleed-over” from the other dimensions where things are taking place that are different from our current time-line experience. There are many instances of this in the blog. Also, it is kind of to lay the groundwork for a future post where I will talk about an actual parallel life that I apparently am experiencing that Bob is keeping me updated on because he is in it too.