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March 4, 2017

Did a “Portal” Open to Cause all This Sound of Glass Breaking?

So there was that post a little while back that I did on January 1, 2017 called, “Daughter Kate has an Experience with the “Other Dimension”. ” In that post, I described an experience Kate had hearing boyfriend (now fiance) Nate arrive home. She awaits his certain entrance, and when it doesn’t happen, she goes to investigate. It is then that she hears the entirety of his Sam Adams Beer Bottle collection go crashing to the ground, falling off the shelves and tumbling and shattering down the steps of the basement stairwell. As she stood there with hands over ears, hardly believing what she has heard, she wonders, “How do I tell Nate?”, and gradually summons the courage to slowly open the door and peer in. And to her extreme surprise, the bottles are still on the shelves. Shelves intact, bottles intact. What had she heard? It happened, it just happened in a different dimension, and then she stepped right back into her present one.

As I am beginning to understand through my various readings and radio-show listenings, this is not as uncommon as one might think. First, there were the 2 episodes that I included in that post where people had reported incidents of breaking glass, and also, the sound, feel and vibration of something seeming like a truck hitting the house. I bring this all up again, because since that post of that first day of 2017, Bob has experienced this at least 4 separate times. He told me he was lying in bed, and heard a crash come from downstairs that sounded like a giant mirror falling off the wall and breaking. We do in fact, have one of these giant mirrors, it’s in a fairly heavy frame, and it would definitely be heard (and maybe even felt) throughout the house if it fell. Pictured here is the mirror in question, it is a large, white-framed mirror that hangs in a small hallway, reflected in it is a lamp and a picture of a barn on the opposite wall, and then the opening to the kitchen.

Our Mirror on the Wall. It would have made quite the crash had it fallen; Bob heard it, but it did not fall.

Our Mirror on the Wall. It would have made quite the crash had it fallen; Bob heard it, but it did not fall.

When Bob heard this, he immediately got up out of bed and went to investigate. The mirror was the first stop – but it was still hanging, unbroken. He checked the rest of the house – nothing. He even went down into the basement. Nothing again. So what was it? Bob had no answer, so went back to bed. That was a weeknight in, my guess is maybe late January. I did not log the date. Then, that weekend, Bob was home alone and it happened again; a loud crash and sound of breaking glass that sounded like the giant, big-framed mirror falling off the wall. He went down again to investigate and found nothing. I believe this was the Saturday following the first incident. Since I wasn’t home, I think it might have been the Saturday I accompanied Kate to a bridal store to pick out her dress for her upcoming wedding (September of 2017). So this would have been January 28th.

Shattered Glass

Minus the blood, this is what I perceive Bob to have seen in his car; and as quick as it registered, it disappeared

Then on Feb. 7th, while I’m at work, I got this text at 3 PM (Bob is also still at work, but just leaving):

“Wow, just walked out to car, opened door and saw broken glass and blood everywhere in car and backed away. As quick as I did that it was gone. Little unnerving.”

I texted Bob back that I hoped it was not an omen.

Right after that, maybe even that night, he had a dream where both of his parents (who have passed away) came to him in the dream to tell him something. I think it had something to do with the magnitude of “what we don’t know”. That our measly human brains, as much as we think we can grasp stuff, are only scratching the surface. Certainly, these experiences have opened up my eyes to the possibility that reality is not as it seems, and that there is way more to it than we can possibly even know. I sometimes feel so limited in my ability to comprehend.

Now it is the weekend of Feb. 11-12. Yesterday, 2/11, I was out doing something with Kate and my future step-granddaughter, I’ll call Casey. At 11:37 AM, I got this text from Bob:

“Geez, upstairs cleaning… Massive Boom downstairs, Lu [little dog Lucy] freaked and pissed at top of steps. Nothing found. Freaked Lu and me out.”

When I got home, I asked Bob to describe this further. He said it sounded like a massive truck had hit the house. He expected to see major damage, and as far as he could tell there was nothing. Obviously Lucy hears these things too. I have yet to experience any of them. I pointed this out to Bob, and he agreed; “Yes, I think it’s only when I’m in the house alone, possibly for a reason”. I asked Bob if he thought it indicated the return of “his buddy”? Was “buddy” trying to re-assert himself, indicating his presence in these violent ways? Bob did not know. But we both hope not.

Then on Friday morning, Feb. 24, I wrote this in an email to Bob:
“I just heard one of the thuds in the house. Actually sounded like wood may have fallen over, but it didn’t. I haven’t been in the basement. Dups [the dogs, who were outside, out back] seem unperturbed. Loud enough to hear here at the computer, where you can’t really hear anything. I don’t think it was as loud as the ones you’ve been hearing, but it did get me up out of my seat to go look around.”

somethimes-things-are-not-what-they-appear-to-be1Now me just narrating: I am a little concerned that I may have somehow opened an additional “portal”. As if we didn’t have enough weird stuff going on already, perhaps the mental thought and research and writing up of those glass-breaking, inter-dimensional episodes, the “FOCUS” on them, brought it home here. Anything is possible, I suppose. Appearances & evidence of Nuttah being around are few and far between, yet we continue to experience some pretty bizarre and paranormal stuff. In some later posts, I intend to include some stories of callers into C2C who experience this “interdimensional” kind of stuff themselves, hopefully, lending credibility to our experiences.