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This blog is called “Whose Time is it?”
This link will take you to the first entry, because it is important to read it in order. First, a short introduction: What follows will be a series of “events” that have been happening in our house (mostly in our bedroom) since the end of December 2009. The wall that acts as a divider between our house and a creek was being torn down and replaced. The reason that I mention that is that we think that the renovation is what, at least initially, sparked the “activity”. And so here begins the narrative of a series of “events” that occurred while this project was going on… and continues to this day.  Use the link at the top to go to the first entry. After that, each post has a link to the next one at the top of it.
Below is something I posted on December 9, 2011 that more or less sums it up. This was after 2 years of “events”, and makes it more clear about why we call the blog, “Whose time is it”?

Sometimes I try to wax philosophical about the events going on. At least in my mind I do, I rarely get a chance to write it. I sit for over an hour in the car every day on the way to work, and that is when my mind seems the most productive about it. However, I have yet to come up with something concrete, or even something that makes sense. We are coming up on 2 years since all this started, with the “simple” relocation of a remote control in our bedroom to that high shelf above the bed, where neither Bob nor I would ever have dreamed of putting it. Look what has happened since then.

There are a couple of “givens” that I think we just have to accept with a certain amount of “blind faith”. Such as her time-line as present. That one is difficult at best, as I think we, as humans living in the 21st century, have a certain amount of arrogance that this is it. This, the time period in which we currently live, in what we think of as “the present”, is THE time line. Well, is it? And have you ever even considered that it is not? That this might just be one of a possibly infinite number of timelines? I certainly didn’t consider that, before all this started. I thought of time as past, present, and future. We know of certain historical events occurring along a certain timeline, some of it within written history. The Lenape are a documented part of that timeline long before, and long after the Europeans arrived. So how can her time, as we seem to think we know it historically, still exist?

I believed at first that Nuttah, as we came to know her over time, was a ghostly presence. Bob informed me that she is not. Here is how I think he phrased it way back then, when he was first becoming aware of her as a being, not just a mischievous entity. “She is as alive in her time as we are in ours.” That has enormous implications, not all of which I can grasp. In fact, very little of which I can grasp. I know that in the physics world, there is at least a theory that differing timelines can, and do, coexist. Perhaps all of them? Why not all of them, really, if one of them can, then can’t they all coexist?

For instance, I wonder about the Battle of Gettysburg. The reason that event comes to mind, is that I’ve heard over the years of people that have gone there to the battlefield, and witnessed a ghostly “overlay” for lack of a better word, of the battle still in action. Is the emotion, the energy of that particular timeline so strong that it can “bleed” through? Or are they all just ghosts? And what, really IS a ghost? Maybe it is really just someone living their timeline and sometimes the timelines overlap or bleed together, or the curtains that separate them become “thin”, and somehow can be “seen”. The author of the ghostly books about our area that I have read made that statement after witnessing many an event in buildings and places around here: “Perhaps, rather than ghosts, it is just people living out their lives in a different timeline.” There are enough documented episodes of people that have witnessed something that defies explanation. Driving along in a remote area and seeing a western ghost-town. Getting to the nearest town and being given blank looks when they ask about it. Was it a “bleed-through” of that “other” timeline? Seeing someone in a spot and then they are not there, the next time you look. Truckers seeing phantom hitchhikers. And we cannot exclude Bob’s experiences with the non-Nuttah entities that we are now aware of in our house, the crossover of the other family or families that lived here at one time. He’ll be sitting in our “stove room”, relaxing, hear a noise of someone entering the house or walking down a hallway, a shadow will move past him, even creating air movement, and go on its way upstairs. Bob, alarmed, will go check this out, and there will be no evidence of anyone there. This is what most people would consider a “ghost”. However, rather than ghosts, we have come to think of these events as a “bleed-through” of that other, different timeline. They live here too in their own timeline. They must sometimes wonder what we’re doing here.

It was emotion that brought Nuttah to us. We would never have known about her, would never have known what brought us here, why we picked this house, why here, why the 2 of us together? Had someone told me, I would not have believed it. It was living the last 2 years that has convinced me. We were brought here. It was almost something we would not have been able to control. The wall was built for us, and she helped to influence that as well, we are sure of that now. And she continues to exert her influence on us, daily, perhaps with a goal in mind — and what is that goal? Bob is closer to understanding that than I am. He gets it more clearly than I ever do, so I don’t always know how to proceed. Basically, we still function in as uninterrupted a way as we can – still going to work, working hard at our jobs, stashing away as much money as we possibly can so we don’t have to work like this into our 70’s. Might have to anyway. But there is always this strange undercurrent, defined by 2 years worth of these odd events that we’ve been exposed to that just makes our everyday life so incredibly different.

Bob has been offered the chance to go there to stay — how does she do that? Can we just accept on blind faith that she has enabled him to time-travel to her world in her timeline? Through what, and by what means? A worm-hole? If you ask Bob, that was his experience the first time it happened, he was pretty sure that “this was it”, he was going somewhere and he was not coming back. It could have been death, or a stroke, but he was pretty certain it meant, “the end”. I had a brief, incomplete foray with that as well. Terrifying does not begin to describe it. And when he goes, where does he go? This is where things get really fuzzy for me. The Lenape are still here. Bob goes “there”, but it is here. It is here the way it was 400+ years ago. And that timeline still exists, and things look the way they did then. Bob can pick out certain key indicators that are anchor points; things in both timelines, such as the creek. But the creek then, and the land around it are very different than they are today. Years of development and industrialization have caused this creek to be a mere trickle compared to what it was then; a free-flowing, voluminous water-way flowing into the Delaware River and a major source of food and vitality for the Lenape people that made this area their home. Their encampment was (is) right here. Nuttah lived (lives) on the same ground, the same land, next to the same creek that we do. I have to ask somebody to explain this to me. I now accept that it is possible, albeit through “blind faith”, as there is no real way to prove or to disprove it. The same way, I also accept the idea that she can travel here to be with us, but I don’t know how, and I would really like to know. I’m not sure that there is anyone alive in our time that can shed any light on it, perhaps only Nuttah, and I have asked.


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