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January 6, 2016

Flowers and a visit in January!

This morning, January 5th, 2016, I wrote this email to Bob:
“Did you have any sense of anything last night? We had a visit. I came up to take the dogs out and Niko was on my side of the bed on the floor, and Nuttah was on my radio with some clover. I put the clover in some water, but I will take a picture of what the arrangement was this morning. I do not know where she is getting the clover from, especially now. We’ve had a number of nights under freezing.” (although I really did not have to tell Bob that.)

Niko seemed to be looking at me with a look that said, “You just missed her.”

Drat. How close. The night of January 4th-5th, was the coldest night we’d had yet this season. It dipped into single digits overnight. Of course she must have harvested the clover before that happened but… over the weekend we’d had at least a couple of nights under freezing temps. Here is the picture that I took the next morning when the light was better:

Clover on Radio

The coldest night of the winter season so far, January 4, I found this arrangement on my clock radio. Where on earth is the clover coming from?

And below is another picture, closer. I just want to emphasize the fact that this is clover that is often in full bloom in mid SUMMMER. It’s January 5th today!

Clearly pink clover

Clearly pink clover

However, there is just one other thing I would like to add. I was cleaning up dog-poo in the yard with a pooper scooper and came across this (below) the morning of January 5th also. It is a dandelion, in an apparently randomly protected area of our yard. So I guess this can happen, although I’ve yet to see any pink clover growing anywhere. You would think it was spring, with that green grass and yellow flower. Yesterday on the way to work I saw trees in pink blossom. Don’t know what’s going to happen to them this spring when they try to bud again.

Dandelion January 5

A dandelion bud has somehow held on after a night of single-digit temps. Click to see it larger

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November 29, 2015

Flowers Again in November

I’m always so excited to get flowers from Nuttah. I am never sure if they are coming from ‘her’ world, or if she picks them somewhere around here (our world). I still think of these realms that way; ‘her’ vs ‘our’ world, but maybe they are not so specific, just all ‘one’ world. Someday I hope to understand this, but I am not there yet.

So the night of November 16th, when I came home from work, I went up to the bedroom when the dogs heard me. At that point, which is usually around 10, Bob is upstairs sleeping with 3 of the dogs. When I first get home, I tiptoe around quietly downstairs, so as not to alert them. I try to get in some time to relax until I am ‘on duty’ again with them; they always have to be taken out when they hear me. Also, they cause a racket and wake up Bob. The newest one, “Little Lu”, who I have not introduced in here yet, starts her shrill, small-dog barking as soon as she hears me downstairs, and I drop everything and run up as fast as I can to get them all out, so Bob can go back to sleep. Anyway, this time when that inevitably happened, while up there I turned on the air conditioner fan to its loudest setting to drown out our noise. We use the AC all year to cause a ‘whitewash’ of sound so we can all sleep better, including the dogs. As I went over to where it is to turn it on, I noticed something on my radio. I have included a picture below.

This is a large branch of late fall Asters. There are some protected areas, such as below our wall where they survived our first frost, which was much earlier in November.

This is a large branch of late fall Asters. There are some protected areas, such as below our wall where they survived our first frost, which was much earlier in November.

At the bottom of the picture you can just make out the top of Nuttah’s character’s head. This is on my clock radio, right on my bedside table. And also below here, I have included a more inclusive version of the same scene; you can see in this one not only the flowers, but Nuttah, Bob’s stone, some leaves with a chestnut, and a heart that was in my jewelry closet. (I had brought the leaves and chestnuts as sort of an ‘offering’ to Nuttah).

A more inclusive scene, showing Nuttah below with numerous objects.

A more inclusive scene, showing Nuttah with numerous objects.

I had taken the flowers in the bathroom the next morning and placed them in water because they were starting to wilt. They sprung right back to life, and I’ve added another photo to get a better feel for the actual size of this ‘branch’:

The whole branch. The green vessel is roughly the size of a shot-glass

The whole branch. The green vessel is roughly the size of a shot-glass


February 21, 2014

Nuttah drops in and… where is she?

The night of Feb. 18th, I was on the phone with Bob during our usual nightly phone call. I’m at work, Bob is calling me from bed, where he’s about to go to sleep for the evening. Suddenly, while we’re talking, Bob comments, “Whoa, what was that?”

“What?”, I asked, “What happened?”

“Something just ‘breezed’ through here”, Bob exclaimed.

“Was it Nuttah?” I wondered. (I have missed her. She has not been around of late – we don’t have the sense of her being ‘gone’, just not around much. At least not in our dimension)

“Not sure… “, Bob said. “But I don’t think so. It felt like more of a male presence.”

Apparently, Niko noticed it too; he picked up on something in the room and was alert, looking around the room.

“Look at my bedside table.” I said to Bob. “Nuttah (her character) was on my radio. Is she still there?”

Bob tried, but couldn’t see with his bad vision and with the dim TV light of the room. My answer would have to wait until I got home. So the first thing I did was to go up to the bedroom and check my bedside table. And she was gone. Where did she go? And more importantly, why? Did it happen when Bob felt the ‘breeze-through’? Or was that not her? Bob is pretty good at picking up what type of presence is in his midst, so I assumed that what he felt that time was not Nuttah. But who was it, and when did Nuttah move ‘herself’? And where did she go? I looked in all the usual places – elsewhere in the bedroom and then down in my office space where she would often appear on my desk. She was not in any of the usual places. I started to look in some of the unusual places. Not there either. By the next morning, I was stumped, but I didn’t have time to look around as I had to be at an appointment early. I  just got dressed, took care of all the pets and left.

I find her in the closet with the pewter turtle and Bob's stone

I find her in the closet with the pewter turtle and Bob’s stone

By the morning of Feb. 20th, I had not found her and wrote this to Bob:
Where (and why) do you think Nuttah has disappeared again? I was getting some comfort out of her being there on my radio every night.

Bob wrote back to me: I don’t necessarily think she has left, I don’t have that sense. Just somewhere we haven’t seen. Look around, I think she is there.

Shortly after this, while I was getting dressed this morning, I opened the curtains of my closet. (Which I hadn’t done the prior morning when I was in a hurry) I emailed Bob:
I will send you a pic. She is on the floor of my closet with the stone and a turtle. What is the message of her being in my closet??

I couldn’t think of one. But pictured here is what I found on my closet floor. Bob wrote back to me: “On the floor of your closet!!? Only time that happened was when she was on the floor in front of the rug in our old bedroom, showing approval of the rug. Yes, I think it is a message, that is funny.”

Here, below, is the picture that Bob refers to, when Nuttah put herself on a rug we placed that day in our bedroom, after it had been in another part of the house. This picture makes me nostalgic for the many times she left me flowers and hearts. It’s been so long. Of course, it is winter…

Nuttah's little angel character seated on the "new" rug with the asters and a heart; showing her "approval"

Nuttah’s little angel character seated on the “new” rug with the asters and a heart; showing her “approval”

November 27, 2013

Nuttah drops in the day before Thanksgiving

Nuttah and her papoose, Bob's stone, a turtle and a sprig of asters are positioned above my keyboard.

Nuttah and her papoose, Bob’s stone, a turtle and a sprig of asters are positioned above my keyboard.

The next day, on November 27, 2013 at 7:14 AM, Bob wrote this email:

When I  came in from taking out the pups early this morning, I had a “sense” of something and both Niko and Red went to the office door and danced and whined in front of it to get in. I didn’t let them, instead sent them upstairs and put them back to bed and then went in to check out the office, but by then had no sense of anything. Didn’t look around because I don’t know how anything was to begin with, but didn’t sense anything. By the way, I had that same dream again last night. Woke at same point. Pretty cool.

My email back to Bob at 9:16 AM: I wonder what Niko and Red would have found, had you let them in the office, because we had a visit! I look at her character’s position every day when I walk in the office, and immediately coming in here I knew there had been a change. She now sits facing me from behind my keyboard, the turtle and her papoose are in front of her, your stone and a sprig of the now-wasted purple asters are literally on the keyboard, such that if I was to try to use those keys, I’d have to move the stuff. I will take and send a picture later, and of course write up a new blog entry. I wonder what this was about, since you didn’t sense anything. They were quiet when you brought them back up, they just settled right down and went to sleep.

Bob at 9:38 AM: Cool, so it must have been going on when I had  a “sense” of something, guess I should have gone in the office then. Just glad she is still with us. Kind of weirded out when I think about that dream of the scared wolf pup, I would like to see what it is that it is running from, just can tell it is something big and dark. Not pleasant I am sure.

So, to what do we owe this visit? The last time I was certain that she “dropped in” was October 25, which I wrote up in the post called “Oh no, Where did the Pups Go?” So it’s been almost exactly a month. I believe there might be a self-imposed limit on the contact, but we don’t know the reasons for that. I am still thinking that, when I have some time, I will create a whole new set of characters, even all 4 of the pups just to see where things stand now. I think she needs some new inspiration to work with. I guess for now, that no news is good news.

November 26, 2013

Bob keeps having the same dream

Bob wrote me this email on November 26, 2013, 5:54 AM: I took a quick nap yesterday before leaving work, something I try to do everyday so I don’t fall asleep driving. Had a weird dream that I didn’t think anything of, just a weird dream, but then I had the same dream last night. Each time I startle awake at the crucial point, which I am glad about.

A Lenape hut that might fit the description in Bob's dream

A Lenape hut that might fit the description in Bob’s dream

It goes something like this, I am in some sort of makeshift shelter, thatch and branches type thing. It is dusk and I am working on windings of an arrow (fastening arrowhead to shaft) by a small fire just outside of shelter, I am in doorway. All of a sudden there is a major commotion and I look up and see an apparently young wolf pup, pretty much grown but obviously fairly young, running at me, but it is immediately clear that he is not attacking but that he is scared, confused and tuned up. I jump up and try to see what is going on, I see something BIG a fair way back crashing through the woods, after the pup. I can’t see what it is, but it is big and very dark. The wolf-pup runs by me and right into the shelter. I start getting ready for an encounter and as it comes crashing out of nowhere I wake up. Adrenalin pumping, but no idea what it is about. Fairly unnerving. I already have enough trouble staying asleep, don’t need that.

A Lenape arrow, perhaps made of jasper, showing the binding to the shaft

A Lenape arrow, perhaps made of jasper, showing the binding to the shaft

Me, 8:32 PM: That dream, especially twice, is definitely something. Saturday, I had brought Nuttah flowers back from my walk (there were still some purple asters in isolated spots), and usually that sparks something, but not this time. I’m concerned. Your dream makes me more concerned.

Does the dream mean something, I wonder? It would most certainly seem so, given the topic and also that he’s now had it at least 4 or 5 times. It is always the same scene, and always ends at exactly the same point when he wakes up. I’m not exactly sure that I want to know what this one means, or to see the outcome. Maybe it is just a warning.

October 18, 2013

More Flowers, and Bob Dreams his History

Nuttah brings flowers, October 15: White Asters

Nuttah brings flowers, October 15: White Asters

On the evening of Tuesday, October 15, 2013, I came in from work and went into my office to deposit my things from the day. Much to my surprise, there is a little display to the left of my keyboard! It is Nuttah, her papoose and FLOWERS!! To the right is one of the pictures that I took that evening. I did put the flowers in water, they are tiny white asters. There has not been a freeze yet, so it makes sense that we’d still have some flowers blooming outside. After all, LAST year, I got flowers in December. Curiously, they were the same exact flowers then, and almost in the same condition. Which means we must have had a pretty warm fall for them to be still around in December. Here is the link to that episode, in December of 2012.

Of note, the papoose (wish I had his name!) is going to be a 1-yr.-old soon. November 17 is his birthday. What a world Papoose was born into that November a year ago – with Nuttah and what remained of her tribe on the run for the entire winter, living in caves and in hiding, scrounging food and not being able to start a fire for fear of discovery. It was a miracle that any of them survived.

I grabbed this picture from the internet. It is not exactly the "era" that Bob dreamed, but you get the idea of the "War Dog"

I grabbed this picture from the internet. It is not exactly the “era” that Bob dreamed, but you get the idea of the “War Dog”

Then, a couple of days later, on Friday, October 18, Bob sent this email at 6:30 AM:
Had a weird dream. I was involved in some sort of battle that took place in Europe, time was somewhere around the 10-11th century, I think. I seemed to know what everything was meant for, including the design of the building I was in, which I was trying to defend. It was, I think the home/fortress of a wealthy landowner; I was employed as a mercenary. I had a BIG war dog as my companion. It was kind of a hopeless situation, and the landowner was an asshole. Pretty rude situation. It went on, but I don’t have the time to go into now. Not that it matters, if it is a dream, I will forget it by tonight anyway.

Later, Bob sends me this: I forgot to mention, my name in the dream was Robert Bock, or Bauch, but I think, Bock and it was a tudor-style building, so it must have been 15th century. But it is a dream, so I can be when and who I want!

I wrote back to Bob at 8:53 AM:
Interesting dream. Did you have the sense of a “re-living” dream or a regular dream? I guess what I am asking, is did it somehow feel different, or seem different than a usual dream? Maybe only in that you remembered so much detail, but was there anything else? Really interesting. My dream remembering technique hasn’t worked at all since I made that post about it. I know I am dreaming, but I am not remembering at all. You should really read those books I read recently about the middle ages. The first book took place in 12th c. England, the 2nd was in the 14th. But not much changed in how people lived in 200 yrs. then, big massive changes didn’t seem to come until these past 2 centuries, and now it changes radically in only decades. You would enjoy them, good winter reading by the stove, very engrossing. I suggest because there were characters in them living like your Robert Bock seemed to have lived, in same position, and of course the wealthy landowner also, and peasantry. You might find some things that spark a memory.

Now me just narrating: I am talking about the Ken Follett Books: Pillars of the Earth and World Without End. (hope the links work). Excellent reading, made much more interesting to find out that one of Bob’s lives was seemingly in that era!

Can you imagine dreaming your past lives? In some ways I think this is the coolest thing, and I am envious, in other ways, I wonder if it’s something you really want to know. I think I do (want to know), but what if the information is really disturbing? Bob has “been shown” at least 3 of his past lives, some have been incredibly violent, as most lives probably were prior to our current history. I don’t know the meaning of these dreams/revelations, it is just something to note that is happening, kind of in the realm of all the other stuff that is happening. Will have to try to interpret as time and events move on.

August 7, 2013

She brings flowers again – all is forgiven, I presume

Bob's stone, atop a heart (and a wolf-pup in the background) appear on my clock radio.

Bob’s stone, atop a heart (and a wolf-pup in the background) appear on my clock radio.

I know, or at least felt, based on her actions, that Nuttah now approved of what was going on. Interesting how she expresses disapproval, and why. I still don’t feel as if I have to defend anything we did in July related to Kate’s injury and Niko’s behavior. Luckily, after 3 weeks, things were healing really well with Kate, the stitches had come out, and she was barely showing a scar, unless you looked at it in strong sunlight. Kate actually thought, “it gives my face some character”. So we escaped possible disaster with Niko, and Bob was committed, through Nuttah’s instruction, to work with him. And hopefully Red would help. It had been a rough month. A couple of things happened in the next week. One night, July 30, I came home to find a heart and Bob’s stone on my clock radio. A thumbnail of that picture is included here.

And then about a week later, on the evening of Tuesday, August 6, I came home to Nuttah’s character on my desk with a spray of flowers in front of her. I took a picture the next morning, shown below. This is directly to the right of my computer keyboard. It appears to be that yellow clover that I also got last year from her. I have to check the date of that, it could have been right around this time. I found it, the last time these appeared was June 7 of last year:

I come home to Nuttah sitting on my desk with yellow flowers laid across a heart

I come home to Nuttah sitting on my desk with yellow flowers laid across a heart

June 2, 2013

Flowers are missing, and people come a-knocking

Bleeding Heart Blooms

I added Bleeding Heart blooms to a small vase next to Nuttah’s latest arrangement

A close-up of a "Bleeding Heart" flower when mature. It literally looks like a tiny "heart" with a drop coming out of it.

A close-up of a “Bleeding Heart” flower when mature. It literally looks like a tiny “heart” with a drop coming out of it.

By the end of May, the 26th to be exact,  I brought the last remaining bleeding heart flowers in, and put them in a vase draped near Nuttah. See the picture above. Bleeding hearts are a gorgeous spring flower on a perennial plant that starts coming up mid-April and blooms for most of May.  The flower is a pink “heart-shape”, that dangles with a drop seeming like it is squeezing out of it below, hence “bleeding heart”. As the bud matures, it produces two little “wings” that shoot off to the side, as in the close-up I took of our plant to the right.

Then the night of May 30th, Bob reported Niko being very “needy”. Niko was also focused on the office outside, sniffing around like he had been the night of a possible “visitor”. After what Bob told me, I expected to find some kind of change when I got home from work, which was later than usual because of food shopping (almost 11 PM). I went in to examine any changes in my “inside office”.

The only thing is that the flowers that I left her a day or two ago are GONE. They were the very last of the bleeding hearts, and I kind of draped them around her. They are not anywhere else in the house that I can find. Hopefully, she took them to enjoy them!

Then on Saturday night, June 1 into Sunday morning, Bob reports hearing knocking and footsteps between midnight and 2 AM, at least 8-10 times. The knocking is on the door into our bedroom from the hallway. He said he fully expected someone to walk in. However, the pups were sleeping downstairs, and there was not a peep from them, so did they just not hear it, or was it for Bob’s ears only? The noises he heard did not wake me up, but I was probably sleeping pretty soundly. I am glad I didn’t hear it, I would have been pretty alarmed.

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May 20, 2013

Bob finds the flowering tree

The Paulownia Tree was at the Plant!

The Paulownia Tree was at the Plant!

On May 20 at 9:17 AM, Bob wrote me this email:
“Walked out on dock this morning looking for truck, looked around and saw this!!!!!  It is the tree with the “flowers” on it.

My response, 9:48 AM: WOW!!! It’s a Paulownia Tree. Right there. Do you think she is trying to tell you something? Interesting that it is still in bloom, that branch was at least a week ago, wasn’t it? Can you try to get a better picture of it? I can barely make out what it is, had to zoom in for a closeup

Bob, 10:35 AM: It is the tree with the “flowers” on it.  Will have to wait until tomorrow for a better picture.

And here, to the right is the picture Bob sent, this is literally right outside the plant, growing up against one of the walls. This is, unfortunately, a fairly dark cellphone picture that I was not able to do much with. I tried to lighten things up as much as I could to emphasize the purple flowers, and I’m pretty sure that can be seen pretty well. I’ve cropped them out separately, and below is a close-up of the flowering part of the tree. I think by leaving this plant on my keyboard on my desk at home, Nuttah was trying to tell us that she is in both places, or is at least, capable of sending representatives to both home and work. What, however, is the significance of this tree? Another mystery…

Close up of the flowering part of the tree at Bob's plant: Paulownia

Close up of the flowering part of the tree at Bob’s plant: Paulownia

May 11, 2013

A Gift of a Rare and Unusual Flowering Branch?

I came in the night of May 10, and was astounded to see something new in front of the latest arrangement from May 9th. Here it is:

What was this flowering branch left on my desk and WHERE did it come from??

What was this flowering branch left on my desk and WHERE did it come from??

I had no idea what this flower was. I’d never seen anything like it before. It is spring, and there are other flowering trees around, but nothing like this. On all my travels walking area roads with our dogs, I’d never seen this blossom either on a tree, or on the ground. I was stumped. As you can see, it is a light lavender, very tubular, trumpet-shaped flower, and fairly large; the blossoms were nearly 2 – 3″ long, and this branch itself was almost a foot long. The flowers also had a sepal that looked and felt like soft brown suede. So unusual. It was unlike anything I’d ever seen flower-wise. I was intrigued. I really wanted to find out what this was, and if it even grew in Pennsylvania. I did an internet search, using “trumpet-shaped purple flower”, and it was not long before I came up with a positive ID — The Paulownia or “Princess” Tree:

PurpleTrumpetFlowerSH05-06-07_2To the left is a picture of it that I found in that web search. It is an ornamental tree native to China, but was later introduced to this country. It’s extremely fast growing, and is often grown as a plantation tree for harvesting.

I don’t know why I have nearly a foot tall branch of it on my desk, but it is fascinating. Below is a picture I took of it after I put it in a glass of water overnight. I wanted to see if it would soak up some water and look a little less wilted, and it worked; it actually lasted like that for about a week, until all the flowers started to drop one by one:

The Paulownia tree flowers after I soaked them overnight in water.

The Paulownia tree flowers after I soaked them overnight in water.