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March 4, 2016

How to “Spark” Activity, Part II

2016-02-29-Diorama-Characters-3So for awhile now I have been hunting here and there for Native American diorama ‘characters’  in order to add to our ‘scenes’. Or, more specifically, to add to the material that Nuttah could work with, since I was so lame and slow in getting my paper doll characters together. I was looking in the realm of “hobby stores” that might sell ‘diorama’ kits and supplies. I found things, but just didn’t find anything specific enough that would work or that was affordable. All this action occurred on the internet of course, because the traditional brick & mortar hobby stores of my past have left us. However, I go to Michaels Arts & Crafts a lot because I am a knitter and I guess they have evolved into the new kind of hobby store. All that being said, I was in Michaels the other night, and I saw these funny tubes of characters as I breezed by the end of an aisle. They looked like this picture here of one of the tubes; this one containing dragons. I noticed there were several different themed tubes (or TOOBS, as the brand called them) and I hunted for a possible native american one. Bingo: A Western theme, with the following characters:


2016-02-20-112pm-Nuttah-2So there you have it, new diorama characters. I think I bought these on a Thursday, and I set them up on the dresser, just as a random group Friday morning. I didn’t use the things that were specifically ‘western’ such as the Tepee, the buffalo, the wagon or the cowboy. I picked out the 2 native men, the woman with the child, and the white woman. My purpose, of course, was to see if Nuttah would find them interesting enough to work with. They sat there for 3 days with nothing happening. I came in every day, and Nuttah’s ‘angel’ character still sat on the air conditioner staring out the window, and my new diorama characters sat unmoving on the bureau. Until Monday night, when I came home from work. I wrote the following email the next morning to Bob:

March 1, 9:11 AM: “We had a visit last night. I don’t know if you noticed the little diorama characters I had added. They are Plains Indians, but I thought they’d work for the purpose. Another thing I picked up at Michaels along with an egg cooker. Anyway, Nuttah figured them into one of her classic scenes, it is actually quite adorable. I will photograph this morning, but probably not have time to download. The entire scene is on the TV bureau. I can’t imagine who besides me is this stuff selling to. They have a whole series of these characters, in all kinds of themes, not just indians. I guess Michaels is the new Hobby store.”

That is just me speculating on who is buying these TOOBS; they must trot them out to some audience. Must be kids’ toys, I have no other ideas. Anyway, it worked. See the pictures with the captions below for explanation:


This is the overall scene, and how she figured her original character into the whole thing, along with the 2 hearts. She used the kneeling woman with a fire and a ‘papoose’ in front of her on top of one of the hearts.

This one shows closer where she placed the Indian woman with a child in front of 'her' on one of the hearts.

This one shows closer where she placed the Indian woman with a child in front of ‘her’ on one of the hearts.

And here, I think she used this warrior character to indicate Bob, in front of the Teme/wolf/Niko/Duke characters (who are essentially all one being) and the way this warrior stands on Bob’s special stone is a big clue.2016-02-29-Diorama-arrangement-4

Here is a better closeup of how Bob, the warrior chief figures into the scene, and how she perceives, I think, her father as he was.2016-02-29-Diorama-arrangement-5
And then, after all that, as I was researching the “Toobs” on the Michaels site to find the pictures for the ‘intro’, I found that I had somehow missed that they did in fact have Eastern Indians, the Powhatens! How did I miss that? Perhaps the store I was in didn’t have it, but here are the characters below that are in that Toob. I will buying it as soon as I see it. THAT should ‘spark’ some new activity. My next post is going to be about dreams and parallel lives, due to a recurring dream I keep having, so stay tuned.2016-02-29-Diorama-Characters-2

February 21, 2016

Dreams, Vibrations, and Bob hears Drums

Nuttah looks out the window

Nuttah & a heart; facing out the window toward the creek behind the house

Thursday night, February 18, coming home from work, I got out of my car in the driveway and immediately noticed the ‘hum/buzz’. I have not heard it in a LONG time, months really; a couple of times since fall, at best. I wondered momentarily what this was about now, as it kind of ‘followed’ me into the house. This was, at one time a couple years ago, a pretty daily event, but not so much now. Not sure what to attribute this to… maybe the ‘travel’ is hard on her as well. O r with her boy, now 3, she doesn’t ‘get out as much’. Or is this what the ‘buzz’ is even about? I often equated it to drumming or music from ‘their time’ bleeding over into ours. I mentioned to Bob that I’d heard it Thursday, I think this was Friday when I said this, and he told me then that he’d been hearing drums and music for almost 2 weeks. He hadn’t said anything til now so I was surprised. At about that time, I’d gone upstairs to our bedroom and I found that Nuttah was now on the air conditioner facing out the window, looking toward the creek in the back. There was a heart in front of her, pointed outward also and the picture is included here.

Dups arranged on table

The Niko-Duke-Teme-Teme combo that inhabits Niko, is again arranged with Bob’s stone on his bedside table.

Then on Saturday, we were doing stuff around the house, here and there; our usual Saturday chores and what-not. Bob had taken a clock-radio he found in the basement up to try out the radio on his side of the bed. He can’t get reception on his side well enough to hear Coast to Coast at night and sometimes he wishes he could, but this radio was no better. I went up a bit later and I noticed the dog-cutouts were again all arranged like they are in this picture. Bob said when he was testing the radio, they’d all been just laying around the table, knocked over since my last post about it Feb. 10.

The only other thing to mention is that in the early hours of dawn Saturday morning, I had an odd dream about a cat. It was not one of our cats (we still have two) but a similar one in black and white. What was notable about this dream is that it was apparent to me that the cat teleported somehow. Like it was in one world, and then suddenly it was in another, and the ‘other’ is the one I was seeing it in. I’m not sure how this was obvious, but again, it’s a dream, and that’s how dreams are. I’ve gotten much better at remembering them lately, but I’m making a specific effort about doing this every night, and then recording them when I can remember. It seems to get easier as you do.

Bob mentioned today that last night, he had one of his ‘travel through history’ dreams. He was flying over the places he ‘was shown’, and able to look from current times back through millenia into history. I wish he would write this up while fresh in his mind

February 14, 2016

She visits and leaves an arrangement

We came home Friday night, Feb. 5th to a change in the arrangement. Four of the dog-characters: Niko, Duke and two wolves were combined into one character on Bob’s bedside table, along with Bob’s special stone. Which reminds me… I was watching a program on perhaps one of the history channels where a guy who is a geologist or paleontologist? can analyze the age of carvings in stones. For instance, petroglyphs would lend themselves to this, as in Nuttah’s stone petroglyph. I wish I could remember his name because I would look him up, however, I doubt that I’d let the stone leave here and mail it to him for analysis so I guess remembering who he was really doesn’t matter. Although I am really curious about that stone.

Here is the arrangement of Bob’s side of bed:

Here is another version of the same scene (flash didn’t go off, so it’s pretty orange). I spread out the paper characters, so it’s more obvious how they are piled up:


2016-02-05-Nuttah-on-tableOn my side of the bed was another arrangement. I have pictured it here to the left. No flash on this one either, so it appears more ‘orange”. On my side was Nuttah’s character with a heart in front and 2 little tins of my moisturizer behind, looking in this picture for all the world like a set of wings. I asked Bob if, when he came home earlier, he’d had any sense of her presence or if the dogs had acted any differently at all. “No, not a thing”, he said.

So we were left to wonder what this unexpected visit was about. Ha – unexpected… as if any of them are “expected”. Unusual and always fascinating, so I continue to just log things as they happen.


January 6, 2016

Flowers and a visit in January!

This morning, January 5th, 2016, I wrote this email to Bob:
“Did you have any sense of anything last night? We had a visit. I came up to take the dogs out and Niko was on my side of the bed on the floor, and Nuttah was on my radio with some clover. I put the clover in some water, but I will take a picture of what the arrangement was this morning. I do not know where she is getting the clover from, especially now. We’ve had a number of nights under freezing.” (although I really did not have to tell Bob that.)

Niko seemed to be looking at me with a look that said, “You just missed her.”

Drat. How close. The night of January 4th-5th, was the coldest night we’d had yet this season. It dipped into single digits overnight. Of course she must have harvested the clover before that happened but… over the weekend we’d had at least a couple of nights under freezing temps. Here is the picture that I took the next morning when the light was better:

Clover on Radio

The coldest night of the winter season so far, January 4, I found this arrangement on my clock radio. Where on earth is the clover coming from?

And below is another picture, closer. I just want to emphasize the fact that this is clover that is often in full bloom in mid SUMMMER. It’s January 5th today!

Clearly pink clover

Clearly pink clover

However, there is just one other thing I would like to add. I was cleaning up dog-poo in the yard with a pooper scooper and came across this (below) the morning of January 5th also. It is a dandelion, in an apparently randomly protected area of our yard. So I guess this can happen, although I’ve yet to see any pink clover growing anywhere. You would think it was spring, with that green grass and yellow flower. Yesterday on the way to work I saw trees in pink blossom. Don’t know what’s going to happen to them this spring when they try to bud again.

Dandelion January 5

A dandelion bud has somehow held on after a night of single-digit temps. Click to see it larger

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November 29, 2015

Flowers Again in November

I’m always so excited to get flowers from Nuttah. I am never sure if they are coming from ‘her’ world, or if she picks them somewhere around here (our world). I still think of these realms that way; ‘her’ vs ‘our’ world, but maybe they are not so specific, just all ‘one’ world. Someday I hope to understand this, but I am not there yet.

So the night of November 16th, when I came home from work, I went up to the bedroom when the dogs heard me. At that point, which is usually around 10, Bob is upstairs sleeping with 3 of the dogs. When I first get home, I tiptoe around quietly downstairs, so as not to alert them. I try to get in some time to relax until I am ‘on duty’ again with them; they always have to be taken out when they hear me. Also, they cause a racket and wake up Bob. The newest one, “Little Lu”, who I have not introduced in here yet, starts her shrill, small-dog barking as soon as she hears me downstairs, and I drop everything and run up as fast as I can to get them all out, so Bob can go back to sleep. Anyway, this time when that inevitably happened, while up there I turned on the air conditioner fan to its loudest setting to drown out our noise. We use the AC all year to cause a ‘whitewash’ of sound so we can all sleep better, including the dogs. As I went over to where it is to turn it on, I noticed something on my radio. I have included a picture below.

This is a large branch of late fall Asters. There are some protected areas, such as below our wall where they survived our first frost, which was much earlier in November.

This is a large branch of late fall Asters. There are some protected areas, such as below our wall where they survived our first frost, which was much earlier in November.

At the bottom of the picture you can just make out the top of Nuttah’s character’s head. This is on my clock radio, right on my bedside table. And also below here, I have included a more inclusive version of the same scene; you can see in this one not only the flowers, but Nuttah, Bob’s stone, some leaves with a chestnut, and a heart that was in my jewelry closet. (I had brought the leaves and chestnuts as sort of an ‘offering’ to Nuttah).

A more inclusive scene, showing Nuttah below with numerous objects.

A more inclusive scene, showing Nuttah with numerous objects.

I had taken the flowers in the bathroom the next morning and placed them in water because they were starting to wilt. They sprung right back to life, and I’ve added another photo to get a better feel for the actual size of this ‘branch’:

The whole branch. The green vessel is roughly the size of a shot-glass

The whole branch. The green vessel is roughly the size of a shot-glass


February 21, 2014

Nuttah drops in and… where is she?

The night of Feb. 18th, I was on the phone with Bob during our usual nightly phone call. I’m at work, Bob is calling me from bed, where he’s about to go to sleep for the evening. Suddenly, while we’re talking, Bob comments, “Whoa, what was that?”

“What?”, I asked, “What happened?”

“Something just ‘breezed’ through here”, Bob exclaimed.

“Was it Nuttah?” I wondered. (I have missed her. She has not been around of late – we don’t have the sense of her being ‘gone’, just not around much. At least not in our dimension)

“Not sure… “, Bob said. “But I don’t think so. It felt like more of a male presence.”

Apparently, Niko noticed it too; he picked up on something in the room and was alert, looking around the room.

“Look at my bedside table.” I said to Bob. “Nuttah (her character) was on my radio. Is she still there?”

Bob tried, but couldn’t see with his bad vision and with the dim TV light of the room. My answer would have to wait until I got home. So the first thing I did was to go up to the bedroom and check my bedside table. And she was gone. Where did she go? And more importantly, why? Did it happen when Bob felt the ‘breeze-through’? Or was that not her? Bob is pretty good at picking up what type of presence is in his midst, so I assumed that what he felt that time was not Nuttah. But who was it, and when did Nuttah move ‘herself’? And where did she go? I looked in all the usual places – elsewhere in the bedroom and then down in my office space where she would often appear on my desk. She was not in any of the usual places. I started to look in some of the unusual places. Not there either. By the next morning, I was stumped, but I didn’t have time to look around as I had to be at an appointment early. I  just got dressed, took care of all the pets and left.

I find her in the closet with the pewter turtle and Bob's stone

I find her in the closet with the pewter turtle and Bob’s stone

By the morning of Feb. 20th, I had not found her and wrote this to Bob:
Where (and why) do you think Nuttah has disappeared again? I was getting some comfort out of her being there on my radio every night.

Bob wrote back to me: I don’t necessarily think she has left, I don’t have that sense. Just somewhere we haven’t seen. Look around, I think she is there.

Shortly after this, while I was getting dressed this morning, I opened the curtains of my closet. (Which I hadn’t done the prior morning when I was in a hurry) I emailed Bob:
I will send you a pic. She is on the floor of my closet with the stone and a turtle. What is the message of her being in my closet??

I couldn’t think of one. But pictured here is what I found on my closet floor. Bob wrote back to me: “On the floor of your closet!!? Only time that happened was when she was on the floor in front of the rug in our old bedroom, showing approval of the rug. Yes, I think it is a message, that is funny.”

Here, below, is the picture that Bob refers to, when Nuttah put herself on a rug we placed that day in our bedroom, after it had been in another part of the house. This picture makes me nostalgic for the many times she left me flowers and hearts. It’s been so long. Of course, it is winter…

Nuttah's little angel character seated on the "new" rug with the asters and a heart; showing her "approval"

Nuttah’s little angel character seated on the “new” rug with the asters and a heart; showing her “approval”

September 1, 2013

Nuttah breezes through and a key has gone missing

2013-08-31-Desk-arrangement-in-officeSunday, September 1, Bob had gone up to take a shower, and when he came out he asked me, “Did you sense something while I was in the shower?”

I replied that I had not, but Bob said he felt something “breeze through” while he was up there. Later, I was in our bedroom, and I noticed Nuttah was no longer on my bedside table. Where was she?

I looked around the bedroom, she was nowhere. So the next place I usually check is the office, and there she was, on a shelf to the right of my desk with a fairly elaborate new arrangement that included wolves, dogs, both me and Bob and Bob’s stone, the bark-hut, turtles, a heart and her “papoose”. See the picture to the left. So she cruised through, and Bob sensed her, and there was a new arrangement to mark the occasion. However, what it all may mean is another story.

A sneak-peak at the downstairs, furnished room of the apartment rental.

A sneak-peak at the downstairs, furnished room of the apartment rental.

There was something else that was going on at this time too. We were soon to have a tenant moving into an apartment space we had created in a separate part of our house. This was the part where all this stuff that has been happening had started in late 2009; the bedroom that included all those episodes with Joe the Cat, and the ducks, and the furniture and all else. It had been flooded in Hurricane Irene (August 2011) and when we fixed it up, we decided we were done with the space for ourselves (I think I mentioned awhile ago how we moved our bedroom into the front part of our house, since Kate and Stewie were now off on their own). Anyway, after all this time, it was finally ready to rent, and since the summer humidity had wreaked havoc, Bob and I were cleaning up back there whenever we had time. The subject of a key to the door had come up, and Bob didn’t think we had one. I spent some time looking around, and miraculously, produced what appeared to be the ONLY key to the apartment. We put it inside a cabinet in the apartment’s kitchen, very deliberately, so that both of us knew where it was. Bob announced, “Here, in this cabinet, above the sink, is where I am putting the only key that we have.” The next time we were out there cleaning, Bob went to check on the key… and it was gone. Of course he asked me if I took it and of course I hadn’t. We looked all over the place and the key was gone. Drat, because it had been the only key, and we had not yet made any copies. We were going to have to figure that out later. We had until mid-September to produce a key, because that was when our potential tenant was supposed to move in. The weird thing was, we kind of started to interpret this as a message: Did Nuttah somehow not want our tenant? Any tenant, or just THIS tenant? The key was gone, and neither Bob nor I had anything to do with its disappearance. We somehow convinced ourselves that Nuttah didn’t want this tenant. And the other weird thing was that we hadn’t heard from said tenant since he’d agreed to take the place and move in. It had been several weeks and move-in time was upon us. So… we thought maybe Nuttah had something to do with the key disappearance, and had also somehow influenced his thoughts and he was NOT going to move in. At this point, when we thought it wasn’t happening, the key somehow miraculously reappeared. So we thought we were tenant-less, but at least we had the key. I think it was the next day, we went out and immediately had 3 copies made. Phew.

August 7, 2013

She brings flowers again – all is forgiven, I presume

Bob's stone, atop a heart (and a wolf-pup in the background) appear on my clock radio.

Bob’s stone, atop a heart (and a wolf-pup in the background) appear on my clock radio.

I know, or at least felt, based on her actions, that Nuttah now approved of what was going on. Interesting how she expresses disapproval, and why. I still don’t feel as if I have to defend anything we did in July related to Kate’s injury and Niko’s behavior. Luckily, after 3 weeks, things were healing really well with Kate, the stitches had come out, and she was barely showing a scar, unless you looked at it in strong sunlight. Kate actually thought, “it gives my face some character”. So we escaped possible disaster with Niko, and Bob was committed, through Nuttah’s instruction, to work with him. And hopefully Red would help. It had been a rough month. A couple of things happened in the next week. One night, July 30, I came home to find a heart and Bob’s stone on my clock radio. A thumbnail of that picture is included here.

And then about a week later, on the evening of Tuesday, August 6, I came home to Nuttah’s character on my desk with a spray of flowers in front of her. I took a picture the next morning, shown below. This is directly to the right of my computer keyboard. It appears to be that yellow clover that I also got last year from her. I have to check the date of that, it could have been right around this time. I found it, the last time these appeared was June 7 of last year:

I come home to Nuttah sitting on my desk with yellow flowers laid across a heart

I come home to Nuttah sitting on my desk with yellow flowers laid across a heart

July 10, 2013

More Niko Fall-out (2)

Later on July 9, Bob expressed surprise that only Nuttah was missing:
Bob asked, “What about the wolves, the hearts??”
I am not sure why he asked about them, but I checked when I got home, where I thought some of this stuff was (it wasn’t ‘out’) and I can’t find them. Also, my hearts are gone – the paper heart copy and the one it is a copy of. More significantly my character is gone from in the drawer where Bob and I were. Only Bob is in there. I am gone. When she was angry with Bob one time in the past, his character disappeared. I thought maybe I fell out of the drawer behind the desk, but I just pulled all the drawers out and found behind it a whole lot of stuff, including the Dukey/and Teme character, but not my character. So Nuttah, the biggest hearts that were ever part of this, and my character. Gone. She is mad at me? I’m a little perturbed by that. I keep reminding myself that I didn’t even punish Niko over this except to reprimand him over Kate’s defacement. Bob’s looking for reasons online for this behavior, I’m just hoping it doesn’t happen again and that Kate’s face heals without a major scar. It doesn’t feel wrong to be perturbed by that, and I’m unapologetic about it – some people would have severely punished a dog that did that, we didn’t, and I don’t know why I have been banished and Bob is undergoing a guilt trip.

The next morning, at 7:46 AM, Bob wrote me this email: If you think about it, look around to see if anything else is removed other than the Nuttah figurine. The impression I got was that they were pretty disturbed and that fetishes would be removed as an expression of their dismay. Hopefully I am wrong. Hopefully at least her figurine returns. Very depressing feeling being in front of them and sensing their unhappiness and disapproval.

If this were the scene, my character on right is missing, Nuttah is missing, hearts, wolves and turtles, all missing. Nowhere to be found in house.

To illustrate what is missing, I’ve re-used this picture from an earlier post. My character on right is missing, Nuttah is missing, hearts, wolves and turtles, all missing. Nowhere to be found in house.

Me, later, 9:01 AM: You were right about the “fetishes” (although last night I dreamt she’d been in the office all along, just didn’t see her). But she’s not here. My figurine is missing from the drawer. You are in there, but not me. I thought maybe stuff fell out behind the desk, and some did, I found Duke and Tëme, but not me. Two hearts are missing also. Oh, and our turtle upstairs. So apparently her dismay is at me, and for both of us, I feel it is unjustified, I did not suggest we part with Niko, nor was he punished, but whatever; there is nothing I can do about it. I’m not sure how she thought we should react, praise him for what he did?

When Bob and I spoke that evening while I’m at work, he said that I should try to find the young wolf-pup characters. He thinks they may be taken also. He says it makes sense that Duke/Tëme were found, and are still here, but the pups would be gone. He was right; they are missing too and Nuttah is still missing.

So, to inventory everything that seems to have been removed: it is Nuttah’s character, my character, the protective empty turtle shell, all of the wolves except Duke/Tëme, and a couple of hearts. As Bob says, as an expression of their dismay. Dismay over what?? Guess it will take some time to find out, but I’m pretty dismayed at this.

June 18, 2013

Our garden is getting started late

On the evening of June 17th (a Tuesday night) I wrote this to Bob:
“How long were you out watering the garden last night? Did you have any sense of anything while you did it? Cause when I came home, Nuttah had placed her character on my window ledge, looking in the direction of the garden, she has her papoose with her, and the silver heart-charm.”

Here is a photograph that I took the next morning in the daylight, of what I’d found on my window-ledge:

Nuttah, her papoose, and the silver-heart-charm are on the ledge of my office window. Nuttah looks out in the direction of the garden.

Nuttah, her papoose, and the silver-heart-charm are on the ledge of my office window. Nuttah looks out in the direction of the garden.

The next morning, when Bob got the email, he responded: 6/18, 7:22 AM:
“I was only out there about ten minutes. Didn’t notice anything. But I was/am kind of surprised we haven’t been getting any pressure to get the garden going”.

I was wondering about this too. We were very late getting the garden going this spring; we were just so busy with everything. Although it did not require anything but a major weeding, we’d been very late planting it. Finally, sometime in mid-June, we bought already-started tomato plants and plunked them in the ground.

Later same day, 6/18/13 at 10:30 AM, I wrote to Bob:
“I just took notice as I was hooking up the garden sprinkler for tonight, that the deer bone is now out there in the garden. I’ll shoot a picture before I leave, and I’ll just leave the bone there where it is, close to the tomatoes, so you’ll see it tonight (if it doesn’t get moved). I didn’t notice it missing from the office last night (where it’s been), but that doesn’t surprise me. Must have moved when she positioned herself looking out at you.

Bob wrote back to me with minutes, 10:35 AM:
“Hmmm, when I read that it suddenly became clear. That bone is a digging tool (usually modified) and a fertility symbol. So that was probably a hint to get started on garden.

Here, below, are the garden pictures referred to. I’d gone out that morning to find that deer pelvic bone that was left for us on the deck about a month earlier, now part of our garden, as Bob surmises, maybe as a tool, or a fertility symbol?

A close-up of the deer bone left in our garden

A close-up of the deer bone left in our garden, placed near a young, newly-planted tomato plant

The overall garden scene. It's mid-June, and we just got our tomatoes in. Perhaps Nuttah thinks we need help with the "fertility" bone?

The overall garden scene. It’s mid-June, and we just got our tomatoes in. Perhaps Nuttah thinks we need help with the “fertility” bone?