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February 5, 2017

The Annual Ceremony Commemorating the “Big Event”

A sample of a Native American "Medicine Wheel", and its symbology

A sample of a Native American “Medicine Wheel”, and its symbology

It didn’t dawn on me until a couple of days after my latest post about the arrangement of laundry on the bed, that it was probably a ceremonial event. If you have read this blog from the beginning, then you know that most of the first 3 years of it (2010 -2013) were leading up to an event that occurred in January of 2013. And then in subsequent January’s after that event, there was usually some kind of ‘acknowledgement’ of that event, in the form of a celebration or ceremony. I am learning that ceremony was critical and essential to the Native American way of life.
So since we believe that the key event happened on January 3, 2013 or thereabouts, I should not have been surprised that on January 6th of THIS year, 2017, there was a visit from Nuttah and that she left a sign. I think the clothing on the bed the night we came home on Jan. 6 was a symbol; the ‘Healing Circle’, ‘Ceremonial Circle’ or the ‘Medicine Wheel’. Is it too much of a stretch that I think the clothing arrangement has the ring (so to speak) of a Medicine Wheel? I don’t know, maybe so, but I think no coincidence.

The rotated and manipulated (more or less flattened) picture of the laundry arranged on the bed

A 'live" version of a healing circle or medicine wheel. Was the clothing on the bed supposed to indicate one?

A ‘live” version of a healing circle or medicine wheel. Was the clothing on the bed supposed to indicate one?  From the site:

Here is a little bit of the history starting with this post from Christmas Day of 2012:

Then shortly after the strategy post, there was this one called “The Day it Happened”. This was dated 1/3/13:

Here’s an excerpt from that day:

“It has taken me weeks to figure out how to properly portray this scene, because it was easily the most significant, most terrifying and most life-changing of anything that has happened thus far, and that is saying a lot. Suffice it to say, Niko is alive and still with us. Bob returned unscathed as well, thankfully, as it was not lost on me that if Niko might not survive the venture, it was possible Bob might not either. But they are both back. There were only two minor injuries amongst the strategizers; neither was Bob or Niko, it was the two other braves/warriors that were helping them. The one Bob calls the “buddy”, the “evil one”, who is the leader of the Central American marauders was “taken out” as it were.” He is gone. Done. Annihilated.

And here, from January of 2014, a year AFTER the “EVENT”:

And then on January 6th of 2016, 1 year ago:

As a side note, I think the only reason that 2015 is missing, is because that falls in the period of “lost months”, about 18 of them, when I kept track of events, but couldn’t find the time to form them into posts.

Here is a description of the meaning of a Native American “Medicine Wheel”:

2017-01-sacred-number-4“All Medicine Wheels are tools for teaching people about their place in the Universe and their relationship to all things created by the “Sacred Mystery”.
And this quote from” Most of [the] festivals and celebrations had symbolical or direct allusions to the four points of the compass. The ceremony of smoking, without which no treaty could be commenced or ratified, was usually begun by the chief of the tribe exhaling tobacco-smoke toward the four quarters of the earth. Among some tribes other points were also recognized, as, for example, one in the sky and one in the earth. All these points had their symbolical colours, and were presided over by various animal or other divinities. Thus the Apaches took black for the east, white for the south, yellow for the west, and blue for the north, the Cherokees red, white, black, and blue for the same points, and the Navahos white, blue, yellow, and black, with white and black for the lower regions and blue for the upper or ethereal world.

And then this quote from the same site where I got that picture of the stone Medicine Wheel above:

What is a Medicine Wheel?
“Forms of ceremonial circles exist all around the world, from the great stone circles of Europe to Hindu mandalas.  A Medicine Wheel is an ancient form of ceremonial circle used by Native Americans for teaching, meditation, prayer, healing, and celebration.  Just as stained glass windows and mosaics in ancient Christian cathedrals were used to teach Bible stories to people who could not read, so too were Medicine Wheels used to instruct The People.  From stories and oral history associated with the quadrants and individual stones of The Wheel, they learned about their relationship with Nature and the Spirit World, the cycles of life, connection to their past, and the interconnectedness of all things.  They were also used as gathering places for ceremony and celebration and acted as connection points to contact the unseen world of the “Grandfathers” or Spirit Beings.    In that respect, a Medicine Wheel also functions as an altar.  In her book about altars, Beautiful Necessities, author Kay Turner writes, “Altars mark the potential for communication and exchange between different but necessarily connected worlds, the Human and the Divine.  They make visible that which is invisible and bring near that which is far away.”  Wheels were designed to meet the needs and beliefs of those who created them and are still used today.”

And here is an assortment of ‘wheels’ that involve the turtle:

 medicine_wheel_by_my_little_native turtle-medicine-wheel-2  turtle-medicine-wheel-3
 turtle-medicine-wheel-5  turtle_border 2017-01-sacred-number-4
February 21, 2016

Dreams, Vibrations, and Bob hears Drums

Nuttah looks out the window

Nuttah & a heart; facing out the window toward the creek behind the house

Thursday night, February 18, coming home from work, I got out of my car in the driveway and immediately noticed the ‘hum/buzz’. I have not heard it in a LONG time, months really; a couple of times since fall, at best. I wondered momentarily what this was about now, as it kind of ‘followed’ me into the house. This was, at one time a couple years ago, a pretty daily event, but not so much now. Not sure what to attribute this to… maybe the ‘travel’ is hard on her as well. O r with her boy, now 3, she doesn’t ‘get out as much’. Or is this what the ‘buzz’ is even about? I often equated it to drumming or music from ‘their time’ bleeding over into ours. I mentioned to Bob that I’d heard it Thursday, I think this was Friday when I said this, and he told me then that he’d been hearing drums and music for almost 2 weeks. He hadn’t said anything til now so I was surprised. At about that time, I’d gone upstairs to our bedroom and I found that Nuttah was now on the air conditioner facing out the window, looking toward the creek in the back. There was a heart in front of her, pointed outward also and the picture is included here.

Dups arranged on table

The Niko-Duke-Teme-Teme combo that inhabits Niko, is again arranged with Bob’s stone on his bedside table.

Then on Saturday, we were doing stuff around the house, here and there; our usual Saturday chores and what-not. Bob had taken a clock-radio he found in the basement up to try out the radio on his side of the bed. He can’t get reception on his side well enough to hear Coast to Coast at night and sometimes he wishes he could, but this radio was no better. I went up a bit later and I noticed the dog-cutouts were again all arranged like they are in this picture. Bob said when he was testing the radio, they’d all been just laying around the table, knocked over since my last post about it Feb. 10.

The only other thing to mention is that in the early hours of dawn Saturday morning, I had an odd dream about a cat. It was not one of our cats (we still have two) but a similar one in black and white. What was notable about this dream is that it was apparent to me that the cat teleported somehow. Like it was in one world, and then suddenly it was in another, and the ‘other’ is the one I was seeing it in. I’m not sure how this was obvious, but again, it’s a dream, and that’s how dreams are. I’ve gotten much better at remembering them lately, but I’m making a specific effort about doing this every night, and then recording them when I can remember. It seems to get easier as you do.

Bob mentioned today that last night, he had one of his ‘travel through history’ dreams. He was flying over the places he ‘was shown’, and able to look from current times back through millenia into history. I wish he would write this up while fresh in his mind

December 10, 2012

Not Easy Roughing it

On December 7, 2012, Bob wrote this email: Fortunately I woke a few minutes early because of a “dream” so I had a few minutes extra. Things are not easy for Nuttah, I have been worried, don’t like to talk about it, just adds to my worry. The group has had to move twice, I think, since last I heard. It is cold, much colder than we are experiencing. They are ok, but it is a constant concern. They have heard that two of the small groups were discovered, don’t need to tell you what happened to them. They have an advantage of earlier warning because of the pups. They have killed several deer and small game so they are ok food wise. But it is dangerous to start a fire. Nuttah looks tired and thin. Wonder if all this is just a dream. Also, I woke about 11:00 pm, and thought I heard puppy toenails on the floor downstairs. Was that my imagination?

Me: I am so sorry to hear about Nuttah and the other tribes; I worry about them too, especially right now. Did you see my post last night? I got home around 11 or so, I think I was in bed just after midnight, my usual time. You didn’t hear our puppy toenails, I didn’t bring them in, could have been “other” pups though.

On December 9, 2012, we went to a small Christmas “Craft show”. This may seem insignificant, but something happened there that was significant. I Christmas shop every year at this little show, held in a Latvian Church over in another township. Bob, to pass the time, picks up a book being sold at the show about the local area and opens it to a page. Then he comes seeking me out to show me.

“This is where they are!”, he exclaimed. “Right here, this cave.”

I peered closely at the picture, and below, I have included a picture from the book, which is called, “Our Lost Tohickon Valley that Bob opened it up to.  A very short description of this book, and what it is about:  There was a creek, the Tohickon Creek, that flowed through Upper Bucks County. But then in the early 1960’s, it was decided to create a large reservoir using this creek and creating a dam, but in the process, filling in an entire valley of homes and homesteads, farms, stores, schools, and churches. I heard it took quite a few years just to get it filled. It is now called Lake Nockamixon, which in Lenape means, “place of soft soil”. The book commemorates all that was lost in the process of filling in the valley. The authors are two women who lived in the Tohickon Valley before the lake was formed, and it is filled with photos of the pre-lake era. Including, a photo of a cave that was buried under the water all those years ago. They call it “The Indian Cave”, as you can see by the caption, and Bob had been shown in a dream that this was the cave used by Nuttah and her remaining tribe-members while they were in hiding from the marauders. Later, it was explored, and Henry Mercer recovered Indian artifacts, and evidence of it’s use by the Lenape. Could it really have been evidence of it’s use by Nuttah and her clan?? Bob was dumbstruck. I was, as well. Here it was, pictured in a book, all these years later, and yet as we stared at the picture, they were in there, hiding, in their time.


September 4, 2012

What Happened to Nuttah’s clan

It has taken me awhile to come to terms with posting this next one. I struggled with the idea of not posting at all, and that was for a couple of reasons. First, the information is disturbing. Second, there is still a part of me (probably that will not go away) that tends to think that writing it up, focusing on it, and especially posting it, gives it a life.  All this stuff that has been going on for the past 3 years is so odd, and so “out there”, that thinking this way does not seem so far fetched. Heck, nothing is far fetched when you get right down to it. And so… because posting the other events of  late summer and fall won’t make a lot of sense without posting this first, I put it out there. This is a continuation of the previous post: “We found out what happened”.

What happened is that a marauding, invading foreign group had come through their encampment. They burned everything, destroyed all their crops, and brutally massacred most of Nuttah’s tribe. Bob was, unfortunately, shown this graphically. Nuttah, with her amazing skills and cunning, had somehow managed to escape and survive. Remember, she is about 5 months pregnant. She is okay, the baby is okay. She survived along with only 5 others and one was severely injured, and they were trying to keep him with them and alive. It is the first time they returned to what had been their village. The two wise, trusty elders that I referred to so many times in prior posts? Gone, massacred. Nuttah’s new young husband? Brutally massacred. My Mother?? Gone. Only 6 of the tribe members, including Nuttah, survived this brutality rampaging through their tiny village. Crops were burned, supplies, shelter, all burned or taken. And by who?, you might wonder. They were Central American warriors, possibly Mayan, but definitely Central American, reports Bob, based on the weapons that were left behind. They were things that the Lenape and North American Native Americans never used or had. Brutal, sophisticated, utterly destructive and effective weapons to decimate a small tribe of Northern Woodland Indians completely unprepared for this. And why? Where were they going, what were they doing here? And when WAS this, I wondered? As far as we know, this did not happen historically, but Bob thinks, “how could we know”? They came through, they pillaged, they continued, they came back, they left. Or what? A different time-line perhaps than the one we are on?

“How did Nuttah survive?”, I asked Bob, knowing she is halfway through her pregnancy.

“Because of who she is”, was Bob’s reply. I’m not really sure what that means. They didn’t “spare” her, so it means she was able to get away using her extraordinary powers. She is lucky she is not left alone, that there are others, albeit few, that survived. But here is the kicker. When Nuttah visited, she pleaded with Bob to come be with them and help them. Help defend the remaining few from the enemy, because although they have temporarily moved off for more conquests in a northerly direction , the fear is that they will return. And she adds, that if he does come to help, he will have to give up his life here. She thinks that Bob can help them, and fight off  the enemy if they were to return. It is more like when they return. Bob had to say no, his life here with me and our children is too important. I asked if Nuttah could come here? No, he said. Can they ALL come here? No, Bob said. Can we do something for them, give them something; food, supplies, anything? What can we do? He thinks nothing. He is very depressed about it. We both are. We both had trouble even going to sleep that night, thinking about the utter horror of this event: Nuttah and her small band of survivors huddling hidden in the woods, not even able to build a fire because the smoke might give them away. And now, going into what will soon be fall and winter, with no saved crops, no supplies and only a handful of people. How are they going to do it? How is she going to do it pregnant? Isn’t there some way we can help them?

I’m editing this post for publication on what is now Christmas Day, December 25, 2012 so it is quite a few months since this happened. We’ve had time to reflect about it, learn more, certainly worry a lot about how they are surviving. And will the enemy return? Bob thinks yes. I’m not sure why. He says it is a rogue war party, numbering about 200, and they’ve been on the move from Central America, basically annihilating everything in their path that they encounter, and taking the supplies and food. These small Lenape encampments have no defense against an army so strong. They are headed north, up towards what would become New Jersey, New York and then on into Canada. So was this the connection with the Mayan inter-dimensional being that was wreaking havoc in Bob’s life all summer? The message had been to “kill Bob in all of his lives”. I do not understand any of this. It seems so unreal, but there is this being, the interloper, there is Nuttah, and her presence and existence are certain — what does it all mean?? Sometimes I just want to scream about it, and it’s even more frustrating, our inability to help in any way. We just have to pray for them and hope for the best. It is so sad. I hope that we hear more promising news soon. I hope that we hear from her and that she is okay. I hope the injured one lives.

April 5, 2012

Another Adventure to the Lenape World

An excerpt of email sent by Bob: April 4, 8:15 AM

Woke up completely out of it this morning. Spent a portion of my night away from home. Did you notice anything? I was back by the creek, upstream, watching the white bird ceremony. The group of guys covering themselves in the mud and something else, not sure what. The old joints were participants, but not in the active manner as the others, more just chanting and shaking rattles occasionally. I sat back in the woods with Nuttah, Mom wolf and the pups. Just watched. The ceremony ended, the men that were covering themselves in stuff went into the water and washed, the bird just sort of hovered around, clearly not afraid. The old joints walked back to us. They started their stuff about being prepared and said what your Mom said to me about needing to survive to take care of you in the event things start to fall apart. I must be more like I was when I was younger, more like I was here (I believe that is a reference to being there and being Nuttah’s father). Be aware of what is around you, you should not be alone. He will find you. ??? I said “who and why”. No response. Thanks. All I got from the old joints from my questions was something I remember from before, they repeated it 3 times, I can still hear it as I write “alewi ki kuwatu” , almost sure I have that right because I hear it, may be off by a letter or two. I know what they were saying when I am there, it becomes somewhat more vague as I remember it, but I will see if you can find anything, I think it has something to do with me knowing the answers. Nuttah said to me “kaski lesiv” or something to that effect, not so sure on that one, but she also repeated it 3 times, she held my hand and squeezed it tighter each time she said it, not sure if it meant anything or if it was her just becoming more urgent. And then it was over and I woke standing in the bathroom. I’m starting to think they have a stake in my survival that goes beyond just caring, maybe not Nuttah, but the old joints. The one old joint travels to the creek for these ceremonies and for the “meetings”, he is not part of their clan/group/village whatever you want to call it. I have forgotten a lot of what I used to know when I was going to see them on a more regular basis!

Excerpt of my response: April 4, 8:50 AM

I found myself for some reason on a post of 4/5/11 and it was about the first white merganser sighting you had: 2 regular mergansers and the one all-white one. The first “alewi ki kuwati” reference in the blog happened on 4/1/10, and that post was about when you found out how she lost you. “Alewi ki kuwatu” is “you know more“. (I have that in the heading of the blog too). I’ll look up Nuttah’s phrase. The other thing I noticed was the buzz pretty strong last night, and then the night before, she had moved her character back to your bedside table. “Kaski” means “You can”. The other word I’m not finding. Any context? An English word I can search on? There does not appear to be a “V” in their language, I could be wrong, but maybe it’s like the Gaelic, which uses a “bh” for “V”, or another combo? The ceremony last year happened on May 26, 2011, that one by the creek where they were smeared with mud. Interesting night though! It’s been a long time. I didn’t notice anything overnight, except I had some pretty vivid dreams.

Then I spent some time trying to look up the translation of Nuttah’s Lenape phrase, and found only this:
How about this for a translation:
kàski në laihòsin.
“You can do that”
Closest word I could find to “lesiv”

Curiously, I am re-reading this and posting it several months since it happened. Reading the part about that mud ceremony in the creek, it reminded me of the first time I’d written about it over a year ago. And I wondered if this ceremony had a special significance for them, so for the first time, I actually did an internet search for “Lenape Mud Ceremony”. It turns out that there is something related to mud, and it is part of their “creation story”. I found this site that describes it quite well. So for the 2nd year, Bob was taken there to be part of this ceremony. The only odd thing is that they occurred on different days of the year: May 26, 2011 the first time, and April 4, 2012 the second. So maybe it has more to do with moon cycles, planetary alignment, seasonal events, than an actual fixed “date”.

January 29, 2012

Sunday morning, January 29, 2012

Bob related an event to me that happened overnight involving Nuttah and the two elders. He was given some information through mental imagery about something that has been uncovered. He’s been given this information before, and shortly after that original message, we had both gone looking for it. At that time, we thought we were looking for some kind of artifact, and we had no idea what, where, or how big. It felt like looking for a needle in a haystack, and it more or less was like that, and I must confess, we gave up pretty easily. This originally happened shortly after Hurrican Irene in early September of 2011 that caused flooding here as well as many places elsewhere. Due to some erosion/undercutting of the creek bank from the flooding, something had been exposed, and we have not found it yet. As Bob was to find out last night though, this artifact is not Lenape, and is not even a remnant of their culture. It is a structure, and it was there before the Lenape came. It is, apparently STILL here. I want to find this thing in the worst way, but we don’t know where to look. Can you imagine uncovering something that pre-dates the Lenape here? What culture was it? And when? It is a structure made of stone. Bob sat and drew this picture that came to him in the image that was projected to him. I have included it here (below), cleaned up as much as I could because he drew it on a patterned napkin. What we are looking at in this picture is the eroded creek-bank. And amongst all the random stones that are just part of the bank and all the soil around here, if you can imagine the cross-section created by erosion is something that jumps out as a pattern. Like a fabricated stone wall amidst all the obviously random stones. Bob knows through the messages he has received, that this “side of a wall” that he has been able to see, is the side of a building. Only this one side is exposed, and he doesn’t know if any other parts of it are intact. Bob took some time Sunday morning to take a hike upstream wherever creek access was possible and see if he could find it, but he couldn’t. The information that is obviously missing from these communications, is where the site is. But another question needs to be asked, and that is, “What would we do if we found it?” Would we alert someone? Get people in here to examine it, excavate it, do an archaeological dig? I doubt it. But it would also depend who it was, and what their intent was. From a historical perspective, this certainly has fascinating implications. Below Bob’s drawing, I’ve also included one of the pictures we took of the undercut bank last September, when we first went looking. You can see in that picture what we are up against.

The drawing shows the creek at the bottom, then the eroded bank, trees at the top. The darker section of longer stones in the center would be how this building will appear

Generally, how the banks of the creek look everywhere

September 27, 2011

Event #254: Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My first email from Bob this morning:
I didn’t want to get up this morning, I spent the entire night in puppy dreams. They seemed so real, left the house very depressed and in a fog, literally and figuratively. Fog ALL the way in. The dreams were in some ways typical but in other ways not at all.  I started out just dreaming of Dukey and having normal activities with him on the deck and in the yard, but, this is where it seemed like typical dream stuff, I would be playing with him and he would suddenly be Tëme and then back to Duke just as quickly. Then dreams of Tëme along the creek, here and there would turn into Duke and then back again. Nuttah and the old joints “appeared” in some dreams, mostly Nuttah, she didn’t say much, just:

“He is happy (referring to Duke/Tëme, whoever was there at the moment) you are happy, then so am I. He found his friend his way, I found you my way, be thankful” .

It was overwhelming when she said it to me, being overcome with the enormity of what is inferred still. I don’t know if it is just a dream or another psychotic episode or both, but I have never before had a continuous dream throughout an entire night, especially having woken several times and reentered the dream. I don’t know what to think, the dreams had some episodes at their place that I don’t have any recollection of in my current history, almost like it was events Tëme and Nuttah’s father experienced together before he died. But if it is just dreams, it is meaningless. I would like to believe otherwise, if they are other than dreams, Nuttah’s father was quite a guy. There are some things that I haven’t written, maybe, as I have time and remember, I will.

Duke & Tëme on the dresser merged as one dog

And mine back to Bob:
I would assume that they are NOT dreams; that it was a real picture in some way. I wish I could get that too. What I did get though, gives me some measure of comfort, as I see visually on the dresser, what I think she was saying to you in the dream. But I don’t understand it, I can’t begin to understand it.

And then on the morning of September 28, Bob wrote this email:
I know this is complete silliness. but somewhere on my computer (somewhere that is not in my “pictures” file) I have a picture of Dukey looking directly at me while I am sitting on the deck with them. Since Thursday, that picture has shown up in my screensaver images everyday at least once when I walk in my office.  Pictures of him popping up before that were extremely rare. And I can’t find where the picture is on the computer.

Now just me narrating: This reminds me of the songs (mostly that Bob reports) that interrupt the middle of a radio talk show; songs that have meaning to Bob or the listener, just ‘appearing’ on the airwaves. And there have been other random images and weird coincidences that happen. For instance, something started happening involving my mother (who is deceased) that make me wonder if it is coincidence or something driven somehow? I will write that up in the next post.

June 20, 2011

Event #229: Approximately June 20, 2011

Not sure the date of this, so I am estimating about June 20. It was sometime after the “ceremony” that Bob witnessed, on May 26. This is in the form of a phone conversation we had about it.

Bob began with,  “You know that book, ‘The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe’? Where the girl is hiding in the wardrobe and pushing aside all the firs hanging there, and then all of a sudden, she finds herself outside in the woods in the snow?”

“Yeah.” I replied. I’ve actually re-read that book kind of recently for about the 3rd time.

“Well, that’s how this experience was – I was walking up the steps from the basement to the deck, letting out the pups when I first got home, and before I even got to the top step, off I went to another land. All of a sudden, I was at the creek, by the long-house lodge with Duke & Wobbles. And the elders wanted to speak to me, to ask me something.

“And what was it?” I wondered.

“It was about the history, what’s going on, essentially asking if I can handle it? I don’t know… I don’t know what that means, but that’s all they ask. So I said ‘Yes’.”

“And then what?” I wondered.

“Nothing, that was pretty much it. Nuttah was there, Duke, Wobbles, the teme and the elders. And that was it, except for one main thing…” Bob continued.

“This was the second time I didn’t come back to where I left from. I arrive back ‘here’ and I find myself talking to our neighbors. They’re up on the bridge taking the kids for a walk, and I’m down at the creek yelling up to them. And I have no idea where in the conversation it is, what I’ve even said to them at this point. Or IF I’ve even said anything to them, and what on earth we are talking about. It was so disorienting.  But they just kept talking like nothing was wrong, we were apparently talking about that get-together we’ve been thinking about having. She said she’d bring some kind of appetizer.”

“Wow, how do you think you pulled that off? Do you think they noticed anything was amiss?” I wondered.

“Well, wait, it gets better. As I’m standing there, the white merganser comes coasting down the creek, and I watched as it sailed by, and they didn’t even notice it. I’m sure that it means they can’t see it, because it’s such an unusual bird, they would definitely have said something. It just wasn’t there to them.

“So, you’re not being ‘moved’ there by Nuttah, you’re moving yourself there, while you’re not really mentally ‘here’? Cause you don’t remember moving from the basement to the bridge and you ‘return’ finding yourself in conversation with them? Is it as disorienting as it sounds?” I asked.

“Yeah!” Bob replied.

“Well, what about the pups, have you stopped to unconsciously leash them, or are they loose with you?”

“They’re loose, but they’re behaving, they’re staying right with me, not like they would normally do.” Bob replied.

“Was there any message that came through as the merganser coasted by?” I wondered.

“Nope, it was just cruising by, and nobody comments on it”, was Bob’s answer.

This, for Bob, was even odder than the time he just popped back into the woods after the ceremony ‘trip’. Here he found himself in conversation with people, which means that the local version of himself, for lack of any better term, is just continuing to do what he was doing, as if on auto-pilot.

June 7, 2011

Event #226a: June 7, 2011

Then, the next morning I received this email from Bob:

Bob, Tuesday, June 7th, 8 am:

I have been thinking about Nuttah and the visit last night. About the connection between you and the white duck, quack. About you doing what you have always done. The ceremony honoring her father. The men that performed the ceremony, I don’t believe they were aware of me watching, so they couldn’t see me or sense me or our idiot dogs. I am going to try to ask to “speak” with the elders (“whoosh”) if possible again. If I can focus, which is not as easy as you think. I want to see if I can get some understanding or clarification, I doubt it, but I want to try. Anyway, that’s my plan and I’m sticking to it.

Me, June 7th: You know it’s funny, that book I’m kinda reading, off and on, about karma and reincarnation… I think since my life as a Lenape woman was cut short, here I am back to finishing out my mission or something. “You doing what you have always done”. There do appear to be connections between lives, and you do have an all-out purpose. It’s up to us to find out what that is.

June 6, 2011

Event #226: Monday, June 6, 2011

About a week or so after his previous visit, on May 26th, Bob was treated to sort of an explanation, after much wondering and speculation on our part. Was it a ceremony? Something that had to do with him? Bob didn’t know what to make of it, and he was there. And what about the disconcerting return of Bob and our pups in a different spot?

Written by Bob, Monday, June 6th, sent 7:35 pm:

The ceremony was in honor of the anniversary of the death of her father. The white merganser is there every year at the anniversary, it is believed to be her Mother, An’na.  Her father was given the honorific name kitchi, post mortem for his courage throughout his life and in his death saving his daughter. His death was a major loss to the community/tribe. He was an excellent hunter and provider.

She is trying to atone for what she believes is her fault and responsibility in the loss by being a great shaman/medicine woman to her tribe. I told her it is not her fault, that she knows any parent would have done the same as her Father did.

She approves of YOUR garden, it makes her happy to see it and gives her comfort for our well being. An’na is doing what she has always done, once again. Thank you. Wanishi. All 5 pups sitting quietly. I did not put you in the wrong place, I returned you to where you were. You moved yourself.