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January 4, 2013

Jan. 3, 2013 – The Day it Happened

Every night after that last post from December 26 was tense. We regularly checked Niko, making sure he was alive and breathing. Bob didn’t know how things were going to happen, but it was a pretty good certainty that it would, soon. I was nervous. When? We weren’t picking up much of anything in the house, or during the night – no visits, no hums, buzzes, vibrations or drumming. It was nerve-wracking. The new year approached, and we hadn’t had any contact; no updates, no dreams, no visions. Then, finally, on the night of January 3, 2013 the strategy they had planned went down. I knew this by the email that Bob sent the next morning. He has asked me not to relay his word-for-word, blow-by-blow accounting of it in the blog, and I will honor that. It has taken me weeks to figure out how to properly portray this scene, because it was easily the most significant, most terrifying and most life-changing of anything that has happened thus far, and that is saying a lot. Suffice it to say, Niko is alive and still with us. Bob returned unscathed as well, thankfully, as it was not lost on me that if Niko might not survive the venture, it was possible Bob might not either. But they are both back. There were only two minor injuries amongst the strategizers, neither was Bob or Niko, it was the two other braves/warriors that were helping them. The “buddy”, the “evil one”, the leader of the Central American marauders was “taken out” as it were. Here is Bob’s email description of Niko the morning after when he checked him:

1/3/13, 6:27 AM: It seems the situation is changed. I checked Niko as soon as I woke up. He seemed fine. A little out of sorts and a little aggressive, not towards me, but just edgy.

1/3, 9 AM, Me: I wasn’t sure what was up, I could hear the “buzz”, more so than drums, but it was something, mostly upstairs, when I came up, or when it was quiet down here. It’s been a couple of nights that I haven’t heard anything. When you say “My guy”, are you like Niko in this scenario, you are part of it? How are you seeing it in the first person? And what did you see, what was done, who did it and what did you do? How many of “Them” are left alive? How was it done, how did “you” achieve what you did? Are you sure it won’t energize them (the bad ones), and they will seek revenge? I hope this means that it is over, I don’t know how Nuttah and a baby can be surviving in this cold without being able to make a fire. Tell me more about what happened last night and your part in it. Thank God it went that way. What do you think will happen now? Anything from the Lao woman?

Bob replied: The Lao woman dreamed she was with ” the girl” (meaning Nuttah) and that she was scared but also thought that this night could be the end of all the madness. She knew something was happening, but she didn’t know what.

So was it over? Was this what Nuttah had contacted Bob originally to achieve? We didn’t know for sure. Time would tell. But the “evil one” that was haunting and taunting Bob all summer, that decimated Nuttah’s tribe; killing, ransacking, stealing and rampaging, is removed, thanks to a successful strategy and to Tëme/Dukey/Keme/Niko for helping to carry it out. Two of those animals live, two are spirits. I think the energy/spirit of all 4 was required to pull this off.

And now, what about the followers of the “evil one”, when they awake in the morning and find their leader gone? Will they retaliate? Or will they vacate? One can only hope the latter…

December 20, 2012

Soup for A’na

On December 18, Bob texted me with a comment that I no longer have saved, but the gist of it was this: “The Lao woman wants me to make sure I bring home some soup she made for A’na”.

She used the name “A’na”. How did she know that? It came in a dream, apparently; not only does she see the scenes similar to what Bob sees, she knows our Lenape names, and knows who they relate to. Or maybe she just thinks my name is “A’na”. In case this requires explanation, which it probably does, A’na is my Lenape name from my incarnation during Nuttah’s time. I died though in that world, while giving birth to Nuttah. A’na was the wife of “Kitchi” (which is Bob’s Lenape nickname), who also died saving Nuttah from drowning in the creek. Nuttah was about 7 or 8 when that happened, and in her “current-day” age, she is about 16. A 16 year old widow with a newborn. Don’t ask me to explain all the paradoxes created by this, I can’t, anymore than I can explain what is happening. I am the “scribe”; I write up the events, but have so far been unable to interpret them in any effective way.

A rendition of a delicious Laotian Soup

A rendition of a delicious Laotian Soup

Bob did bring the homemade soup, and it was delicious. Does Nuttah somehow find a way to “work through” this woman??

My email to Bob: Please tell the Lao woman “Thank You” for me! Was there any other news, and how is her month old baby?

Remember, the Lao woman had her baby the same day as Nuttah on November 17, 2012.
11-17-12 – Any meaning to that number?? It seems like a day of such import.

The next day, December 19th, Bob wrote:
I had no contact last night. That is not a comforting feeling. I wish there had been something. Nothing more with the Lao woman either, at least nothing that she communicated to my crew. I don’t want to think about it anymore than I have to. I keep thinking there might be something I can do beyond being so passive and waiting to hear from her or someone. I just don’t know what, this still seems so foreign. I still keep having thoughts that nothing is happening, it is all a dream. Maybe just trying to convince myself so that I don’t worry or concern myself that I am not doing anything. It is a very disconcerting way to be. I don’t have much more to say.

I responded to Bob, that I heard something, just to try to assure him that I thought there had been “contact”:  The buzz/vibration started up last night, it was not here when I first got home, but I came up later and noticed it in the bathroom, for what that is worth, not sure if anything. I know, it is frustrating beyond belief not to be able to DO anything. Hope all is okay.

The cave where they are in hiding

The cave where they are in hiding

It probably would be a good idea to recap where things stand at the moment, so this all makes more sense. What remains of the tribe after the September massacre is in deep hiding in a cave some ways away. Nuttah is alive, but not doing very well as she has her month-old newborn to care for as well. They hide from the anticipated return of the marauding Central-American (Mayan?) tribe that was responsible for the near annihilation of Nuttah’s tribe. It is not clear how they know they will return, but it seems pretty certain that they will. There has been pretty minimal contact since all this happened, and we attribute this to them being on the run and to Nuttah’s preoccupation with both that and her newborn. It can’t be easy. Bob is very concerned because the overriding feeling is one of deep foreboding.

I’m adding this comment later, as I suppose that some people won’t see it. It was a comment to the blog from a reader. Lends some clarification to things I don’t know about the above:

Zotz Ah Puch is from Central America, most of the followers were gathered enroute, I believe mostly from what is now the Ohio River Valley where cultures that were influenced by Central American and Mexican cultures were flourishing and then more along the way including Lenape.

November 30, 2012

After the Baby – an Update

 A reminder about the circumstances under which Nuttah had her baby. The remaining tribe members, a small band of about 6, are still in hiding and on the run since July. She basically spent the majority of her pregnancy in hiding and running from the evil ones – the ones that massacred the remainder of the tribe and then continued north. I believe, from things Bob has reported, that they are being assisted by some “Wolf Tribe” members that survived because they had more advance notice of the marauders. I am not sure how they know this, but they fear that this marauding band is going to return. Why they would return for more, I have no idea. Isn’t the death and destruction rendered already enough? Bob feels the same as they do; that they will return. Are they after Nuttah because of her extraordinary ability and powers? Don’t know. Let us just hope, now that she has had the baby, that they can stay hidden. What this means though, is living a more basic life than even they are used to. They cannot have a fire — the smoke would give them away. Their food stores were taken, or burned. It is late November – it is cold, with no fire for warmth or protection. And a baby is born into this madness – no wonder Nuttah looks gaunt. And yet she is still able to communicate with us on occasion. We don’t know where they are, we’re just pretty sure they’re not here where they were before… 2012-11-27-Nuttah-with-pups-and-hearts
On November 27, 2013, I wrote Bob this email that morning:  Thought you might have had some contact last night, I noticed a new arrangement on my table, and also, there was a pretty loud hum going on.The new arrangement that I noticed is pictured at right: The pups are no longer in this picture, the turtle has been moved up to be with Nuttah on top of my clock-radio, and there is a dried clover top now on the 2 pile-up hearts. That was probably in a corner of the room somewhere. (See the next picture below for where the pups ended up…)On November 30, I came home to this report from Bob about Niko:

Bob had taken our pups out to “do their business” when he got home from work. He was in the back yard, and his attention was diverted as Niko started going crazy, barking at something. Bob looked at Niko to see where he was focused… and it was across the creek. Bob looks over and guess who it is – his “Buddy”. Yes, the “Evil One”. He’s back and not only that, he’s HERE. Geez, why is he HERE??

All those sightings last summer, and it was never here, it was always down in the city, or at the plant. I took some comfort in the fact that he was never HERE. But maybe that was why we were “told” to “go get Niko, bring him here.”  Bob says, and I don’t know how he knows this, that somehow he (the Evil One) “knows” that he can’t come on our property. Niko goes absolutely crazy over this, which means that he can see him too. By the way, if you see a shepherd when they are in that mode, it is pretty intimidating. I wouldn’t come on the property either. I’ve added a “mean-face picture of Niko below, getting into it with our other dog “Stupe”. Pictured to the right, are the 3 pups hidden behind Bob’s clock-radio. I wonder if there is some significance to them “hiding”. If so, what and why? It is Duke, Tëme, and one of the wolf-pups. That is Bob’s special stone on top of the radio.Who is this evil guy, and why has he returned, and why is he here? This is such a bad omen, Nuttah’s baby is barely a week old, there is such a small number of them remaining, their only defense is to stay hidden and to hope that the evil band moves on. Will it happen?


It just occurred to me I need to add a paper character for Niko too.

Niko with his "Mean Face"

Niko with his “Mean Face”


September 15, 2012


Saturday morning, September 15, 2012, 7:30 AM:
Bob got up well ahead of me and had a chance to write this email before I got up. Fortunately, he has an update as to how things stand now:

The remaining wolf-pup is grown now, and greets Bob when he goes "there".

The remaining wolf-pup is grown now, and greets Bob when he goes “there”.

I had a fairly eventful night. Woke, or returned around 4:30am. The Wolf tribe survived because they were warned by one of their hunting parties in time to abandon their settlement and they took most of their stored foods. I sat in a council meeting with people I had not seen before to discuss strategy. The elders want to essentially do nothing. Wait and live in fear in hopes the yahoos (invaders) won’t return. I said, “That is nuts”.  I had a bit more credibility because I coincidentally arrived at their encampment not just with Nuttah but with son-o-Tëme striding beside me! I wasn’t even aware of him until everyone started exclaiming.

I advised attack on our terms and our territory. Fight in conditions that will negate the weaponry superiority [of the invaders]. They were not really amenable to looking for trouble, even though they already have it. They lost their settlement, they are living in the woods in makeshift huts, they are always on the look out. They are heading into winter living little better than wild game. I know they are far outnumbered, but they have the ability to defeat these yahoos if they properly plan.  I can help with that. I guess reading all the books on the strategies of Alexander might help in a weird way. I also believe I know who the yahoo leader is from descriptions of some of the eye witnesses. It is my “buddy”.

When I got up a little later, Bob and I sat outside having coffee after I read his dream email. I asked Bob how he is received there, he had to remind me that he is not “Bob” there; he is someone else. He’s not sure who, but he has some credibility. The part about the Evil One being the head honcho of the attacking marauders did not in the least surprise me. It kind of explains the whole summer’s interaction with this evil inter-dimensional being wreaking havoc in Bob’s life. Perhaps the Evil One thinks somehow that Bob can have some influence on the events. How? Just more to worry about.

Something needs to be figured out, and I’m not sure, besides the internet and a lot of timely research, how to do it. Obviously, I barely have time to keep up with the blog. There is a connection here with the Mound People, the Central Americans, and the Lenape. It is ancient history, yet it appears to have happened. Or it “is” happening. I feel I really need to delve into what this connection was (is).  I have tried to look into that a bit, and just using search engines and the internet, I don’t seem to get very far. I wonder if there are existing Lenape today that know anything about it. There is, somewhere near here, an Indian History Museum. I wonder if a trip there would be revealing?

September 13, 2012

The Focus is on Survival

As a reminder, I will try to give an update of where things are. The way I am posting, I am talking about events that at this point are several months in the past. I’m still writing up events of September, 2012 and it is now January 2013 in actuality.

After many weird incidents over the summer involving an inter-dimensional being that Bob referred to sarcastically as “his buddy”, and I referred to as “The Evil One”, Nuttah’s presence then disappeared for more than a month. This started in July of last summer, and she did not reappear until Sept. 2, 2012. This was her longest absence since these odd events all began in December 2009. When she did reappear, we found out where she was and why she was gone. It was at this point that much of what had been going on for these nearly 3 years was beginning to add up to something – an event. The event was a raid on their encampment, which is here on our property but it is in the 1500’s or earlier. The time period, as Bob keeps trying to remind me is irrelevant, because he says that it is current day for them. It is for them as present as today is for us. This is where things get confusing. But this is an overlap or a parallel world, or something that just cannot be explained with anything that we know about.

Nuttah is 5 to 6 months pregnant. She married young, a Wolf tribe member, who was killed in the raid along with about 90% of the others. Their camps are very small, and this raiding war-tribe from South or Central America numbered in the 200’s. They are gone — for the moment. Nuttah’s remaining little group of about 6 are in hiding, trying to stay out of sight and stay alive. They are aware that there are survivors of some of the other camps that got raided, and the goal is to try to join forces at least to help with survival and hunt together, as all crops and supplies and shelter were burned in the raid. We worry about them, but there is not a lot that we can do.

So to continue with the emails:
September 13, 2012 Bob wrote me this email:
I heard from the Lao woman upstairs this morning. She had a dream last night of just pure terror. It was in the dark woods, but with a bright moon and stars, like nothing she has ever seen. I know what she means, it is incredible. But she was terrified for the future. I think she was feeling the trepidation of Nuttah and the remaining people. She apparently knew something happened to everyone else, but she doesn’t know the full story, and it is just as well. Pretty brutal what I saw, she couldn’t handle that very well I don’t think. She was scared about things here, I told her everything is all right, she said she saw “that guy” (my buddy) around the plant, in her dream. I have no sense of that.

My response to Bob: Is this the first dream the Lao woman upstairs has reported to you in awhile? Do you think it’s a present-tense dream or is she seeing what happened that you saw? Does she have a sense of who they are, what it is? When is the last time that you had a sense of your “buddy”?

I don’t have any recorded response of Bob to my questions. I think we both just got busy that day, or he just didn’t have any answers. But then on Friday, September 14, 2012, while I’m driving home from work, I got this text from Bob:

“Stupe (our one remaining dog) is in the yard playing with someone. Wearing herself out.”

Me: “Who?”

Bob: “I haven’t a clue. She is romping and jumping with someone. Panting and drooling.”

The "Duke-Tëme" pair appear on our bed after this incident in the yard with our dog Stupe - romping with an "invisible" playmate

The “Duke-Tëme” pair appear on our bed after this incident in the yard with our dog Stupe – romping with an “invisible” playmate

It was then that I realized Bob could not SEE who Stupe was playing with, only that she was playing and interacting with some unseen being, probably one of the wolf puppies from “their” time.

When I got home that  night, I went up to the bedroom and found the Duke/Tëme pair staged on the bed, as shown in this picture. The only thing that I can figure, is that Duke/Tëme were visiting and romping with Stupe. She remembers Duke, I’m sure, it’s only been a year.

One interesting thing that I should also mention about Stupe, is that morning, I had been walking her. On the way back, I happened to spot a little patch of late summer Goldenrod growing and I took a short detour off the road to investigate. I might have been thinking about picking some, I’m not really sure at this point. I think I was just surprised to see them growing where they were. Then later, in addition to the dog “characters” on the bed, I found a sprig of Goldenrod placed on my bedside table and I’ve included a picture below. I think this is her way of telling me she was with me that morning, looking at the flowers:


A fairly large sprig of Goldenrod is on my bedside table

September 6, 2012

Post Massacre

I’m desperately trying to get caught up to January, so I can start posting things as they are happening, which they still are. One of the many things that is so weird about all of this, is that every time that we think that it can’t possibly get stranger, it DOES. When I get caught up, you will see. But back to September, when Nuttah reappears and we find out where she is and why:

On Thursday, Sept. 6, 2012 Bob wrote me this email:
I have been having trouble sleeping due to anxiety caused by the event on Sunday. It is haunting me. It is going on right now and I can do nothing. I know they are better able to deal with everyday survival than we would be, but they have to get together with others to prepare for winter, if possible. All crops may be destroyed by the marauders. What a nice group. If they can coordinate I know the Lenape can overcome the weaponry superiority of the Maya with other tactics.

And my response: I’ve been thinking about her (and all of them) too. Then last night, I was looking for a piece of paper I may have scrawled notes on while I was on the phone with you about your incident with the shaman-person at the chiropractor. That’s the next post. I didn’t find that, but did stumble across one that I will read to you tonight, because I need the context, and I didn’t date it, unfortunately. I think this was a “dream” that you had. In the first part, you are observing the Lenape “me” outside the longhouse weaving, and you are watching from somewhere. Then, you mention scenes that involve the existence of an “interloper”, and they are watching from behind the trees (don’t know if that refers to the Lenape or to the “others”), but then you say “it does not bode well for the turtle tribe“. “Most of it was in the woods just watching” — Does that refer to you?

Then you mention mound builders: “Lenape were scared to death of them”. There is some connection to the Oaxacan rabbit. Do you remember this dream? I wish my notes were more thorough.

Bob replied:  I know, I was thinking about that dream too, Nuttah has been afraid of this for awhile. The mound builders definitely had connection with Mexico/Central America, even in our time line. I think that is what all the issues of Nuttah being afraid were about.

Nikola Tesla: born 1856

Nikola Tesla: born 1856

Speaking of time, did you hear any of the show on Coast to Coast about Tesla? One story about him was when he (Tesla) was commenting on an experiment that went wrong and it enveloped him in some sort of electro-magnetic field, he said he was outside time and space and could see that there is no such thing as linear time: past, present, future are all happening right now. He said it was overwhelming, even for him. But this is the same thing I have been trying to convey, everything is present and always, there is no past, present, future.

Me: sigh.