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November 13, 2010

Event #135: Saturday, Nov. 13, 2010

Last night, I went to bed hearing the hum in my ear, and then woke up with it as well. There hasn’t been any movement of anything in the room, but I can report some visions. Bob says she only moves the stuff around to either “get our attention”, or “she’s just playing”, and since she has our attention now, she doesn’t have to move things. I can usually spark new activity though if I move something, and she wants to do it differently. Or like when Bob put a different rug in the room.

My visions consisted of many random things, like they usually do; once I thought I was clearly looking at a tightly coiled metal (silver) spring. This is at least the 2nd time a vision has included something metal, and something like a metal part. Then, at least a few times last night, the vision I got was what I would interpret as the exhaust from a rocket taking off. White, hot, firing all in the same direction, as if I’m watching the tail end of the shuttle being lifted out of Kennedy. But I had a second thought about that vision – could it be just a meteor by itself, and not a rocket going off? Well, yes, it could. It would look like that too, and probably be the whitish, moving, mass that I see in the vision. Since I’m only seeing that, and not a rocket ship attached to it, I am probably being shown the meteor that seems to be part of this ongoing theme, that we are slowly trying to piece together, and slowly interpret – ever so slowly with our dull, dense brain matter, that somehow has to be jiggled awake for us 50-somethings to realize that there is something else out there.

August 16, 2010

Event #95: Monday, August 16, 2010

This morning I made a slight change on the dresser, and that brought about another change by Nuttah tonight. Or I guess it could have been sometime today. I forget exactly how I left things, but I do know roughly how I left things, and there is a definite change. For instance, she changed a heart from pointing at her so there is one pointing at Bob and one at me. In the picture I have included below, the little silver charm is pointed at me, and then the bigger floral heart is pointed at Bob. (Nuttah sits on a leaf-picture I took that I printed out; the leaf is shaped like a heart)

In front of Bob, she lined up the blue egg (representing the comet, we think) and then his stone is in front of that, and on top of the stone, she arranged the crab legs, which is no easy task given the tininess of each thing. The wolves are arranged next to Bob. Then lastly, the silver turtle-charm is facing the whole group. I used a large picture here, so all the elements could be seen.

A number of changes: Bob is aligned with "his stone", the claws and the egg (meteor), and a heart points at each of us

August 2, 2010

Event #90: Monday, August 2, 2010

Bob called me at work tonight, and immediately, I had to ask,
“What’s wrong?”
“Well… she’s here”, he said. “And she’s not alone…”
“The wolves again”, I asked?
“I think so…” replied Bob.
“I came out of the shower, and she was here”, he said. “But she hadn’t been here when I first went in the shower”.

Then, completely out of the blue, Bob asks,
“What is the symbol for my astrology sign??” An odd question, coming from Bob, as he pays no attention ever to astrology. Poo-poohs it, in fact. So I could not imagine why he was asking.
“You mean Capricorn?” I asked. “It’s a goat.” I said.
“Why?” I wondered.
“I’m not sure… there is some connection… but with Cosmology – not Astrology – and it’s not the right sign, I thought it might be the crab… because there is something to those crab legs.” Bob responded.
“Oh – so you mean she did put them on the wall?”
“Yeah – and tonight she has moved stuff.” Bob continued.
“Moved stuff where?” I wondered.
“On the dresser.”
“And she has company?” I asked.
“I’m pretty sure the wolfeys are with her.” was his answer.
“What was moved on the dresser?” I wondered.
“The crab legs are arranged in the shape of a heart on the edge of the bureau. And the blue eggshell, I apparently ‘should have gotten’ before – I should have understood it… because it’s blue. It’s related to the meteor – the blue comet.” Bob explained.
“What about the white bird, does that have any meaning?” I wondered.
“Yes, it’s a symbol, and it has to do with you. The other things – the crab legs and the eggshell, they are connected to the bird somehow.” Bob explained.
“Do you know what it means?” I asked.
“No.” Bob said.
“Can you ask her? Sort of give a mental image of the white bird with a question mark?” I wondered.
“She won’t know what a question mark is.” was Bob’s response.
“I know – but maybe you can just go up at the end, like a question… white bird???” I suggested.
“Not here I can’t – when I’m there I can.”
“So, what else moved?” I wondered.

All the characters on the dresser turned to look at Bob

“All of the characters on the dresser – I’ve got an audience. And Joe was freaked. He’s okay now, he’s at the side of the bed… looking down… looking at them. He just put his paw out at one of them – it’s like he’s putting it on them. He knows something is there. There is a very intense feeling in the room right now, more intense than when it is just her. She’s REALLY pushing… Joey is just sitting there, and he keeps pawing. Right now, he’s not freaked at all. This is just so weird. He just walked off the edge of the bed, and he’s hanging at the bottom of it and now it looks like he’s rubbing up against something.” Bob explained.
I commented about how Joey would probably bolt without question if I was to suddenly walk through the doorway with even a life-size STUFFED wolf, and here, something was going on where he is only just intrigued by them; paws them, and rubs against them. Again, it must be what Nuttah does to calm things.

Bob continued: “My heart is beating a mile a minute.”
“Is she only with the wolves?” I asked.
“Yeah… yeah… ” and he heaved a big sigh.

Nuttah arranges the claws into a heart shape, with the egg on the corner of the dresser -- also pointing at Bob

“I’ve got to figure out what the blue meteor is… it has some real significance in the whole picture. Can you look that up sometime?” Bob requested.

I had already done that on at least one occasion. And I had found something about a blue meteor/comet in Hopi culture that had to do with world destruction. I told Bob this, and I will try to find what I had read, and copy it into here too. That doesn’t mean that it is the same as the Lenape prophecy, or the same as the blue meteor that is related to Nuttah’s father…

“Keep in mind her main focus is to protect us – she will at least try to tell us.” and Bob let out another big sigh.
“Can you reach out and touch the wolves?” I asked.
“No – there I can, yes. But not here – this is different.” he explained.
“Did you hear her enter this time?” I asked.
“No, but I think it was while I was moving around the room, wrapping up my shower and stuff.”
And then I had a thought: “If the stuff moved on the bureau while you were there, don’t you think you would have seen it moving?”
And Bob’s response: “Yeah – but I didn’t. I can’t really figure out why, because it had to have happened just now while I was laying here.”

I think Bob was suddenly realizing this, that the relocation of the objects on the bureau had literally just happened, and he would have witnessed it had he been looking to the left.

“But you’d think I would have to have seen it in my peripheral vision”, he said. “But I didn’t see or hear anything.”
“I know, that is so weird.” was my response.
“It does seem like it’s sort of blipped in & out.”
“What do you mean blipped?” I asked.
“I guess sort of like the things are envisioned by Nuttah where she wants them, and then they just appear there. So the movement could probably go undetected, especially if I wasn’t looking right at it. I would have noticed motion out of my peripheral vision.” Bob realized. “I have two wolves and a woman in my room” Bob mused.
“It’s just too weird.” I agreed.
“Oh… man, this is weird. Nuttah I’m used to at this point, but… I mean this happened right at this moment. And now I have Joe back – he’s back up on the bed. His heart is pounding too – like I’ve never felt it.”
“They are certainly well-behaved wolves.” I noticed.
“They are always well-behaved.” commented Bob.
“Does the arrangement on the dresser have some meaning?” I wondered.
“I think it is something cosmological – something having to do with the crab constellation. But who knows what they called their constellations, not what we call ours.” Bob responded.
“So why did you ask me about goats?” I wondered.
“I didn’t.” responded Bob, “I asked you about Capricorn…”
“Oh yeah, that’s right.” I remembered.
“I may not be here when you get home… ” Mark lamented.
“Well, you better come back!” I exclaimed.

So when I came home, I immediately went upstairs. Laying in the pathway on the way to the bedroom downstairs is the book “Joe & Me”, again, placed directly in the path as you make your way to our bedroom upstairs. And on the dresser, the crawfish “crab” legs are sure enough in a heart-shape on the corner of the dresser, where the heart-charm often was placed; the 1/2 of the blue egg shell is directly behind it, as in the picture above. Remember, that eggshell is only about as big as a dime. Nuttah, Bob & myself are all turned to face the bed, and there is a readjustment of the other objects such as Nuttah’s stone, the other heart-charms and the little turtle. Like he said, Bob has an audience; the 3 of us pointed toward the bed, Nuttah has the stone heart in front of her with a small turtle charm perched on it… I have a smaller stone “heart” in front of me, and the other objects are lined up next to Bob.

June 8, 2010

Event #70: Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A couple emails back and forth:
The room was nice and cool last night, slept well. I wish that was summer! Were the cutouts different than how you arranged them? She was in the room last night, but only briefly as far as I could discern. She did convey “history” and “ancestors” to me. That does not bode well.

And mine to Bob:
The cutouts were different. I had left us like this: We (you and me) were flanking the group, like in the original picture. So you were moved all the way to the left, next to me, the wolves next to you, and then her stone is moved to sit right in front of you. I guess you couldn’t see that last night. She is moved to where you saw her in front of me, and she is looking toward you. After I take a picture I’ll put everyone in yet a new grouping and shoot that before I leave. History and ancestors? Oh boy. What time was she there?

More Lenape language words in the notebook

Now me narrating: This morning, when I left, I set our family of paper dolls up again, and photographed the way I left them. But this time she did not touch them. I will learn from Bob tomorrow what actually happened tonight, because for the first time in a long time, there were again words in the notebook. The only two that I have been able to translate are one I think I have seen or heard before: “ilaonetu”, which is “comet or meteor”, and we have come across that before. Then a phrase that I can’t find any meaning or reference for:
Kikayuyemeuaninhakhe. Bob strung it all out as one word, but when I put it in the search engine, a suggested alternative was: kikay uyem euan in kah ke. The search results for the latter are mostly in gibberish, or reference downloadable play-lists or something that I won’t touch because I’m afraid of computer infections. Hopefully tomorrow Bob will shed some light on it, because I was unsuccessful in translating using the internet. Usually, he can at least provide a context or a guess based on the “conversation”.
And then “Lapi Newelch” which actually turns out to be spelled “lapi knewelch”, but the “k” cannot be heard. It means “I will see you again”. Here it is from the Talk-Lenape site:
Lenape: lapi knewëlch
English: I will see you again

I looked around for the stone, because it seemed to be missing and I was worried that it was gone. But it was on Bob’s bedside table; I had missed it in my excitement at seeing writing again for the first time in awhile.

May 21, 2010

Event #65: Friday, May 21, 2010

And then in the morning, this was Bob’s email to me:
I took a mini-vacation last night. As is always the case, nothing Nuttah does or shows me is without significance. We sat by the creek last night, just her, teme and me, although I could see and hear the others behind us, it seemed to be for some time, but I know time is relative to the circumstance, so perception is, in this case, irrelevant. She motioned and spoke to me about her happiness that I was there and then brought up the meteor again. This time she showed me a stone she carved depicting the event. But it was not my event, at least, not this most recent event. It was one she and her father had together that had an apparently profound impact and significance to him personally and the clan as a whole. The stone was of emotional significance to both her and her father. Very strong emotions were imparted when I saw it. It was just a little stupey gold stone with very crude scratched lines depicting the meteor and lines indicating herself and her father. I didn’t get the full significance of the event, not because I couldn’t but because she determined not to tell all, yet. Another very interesting development is that I noticed last night, I am understanding what she says when she speaks, but now, like a dream, I don’t remember the words AT ALL when I return. No idea whether it is me or her doing something, I suspect both. I’ll write or tell more later, have manual labor to do. See you tonight.

And then my email back to Bob:
You’re not going to believe this, but she left the stone on the dresser. I came up and noticed the hearts moved, pointing at you, but on closer inspection, the one I thought was a heart, was not; it was a stone, just like you described. I don’t know if you saw me turn on the light at the bureau to see it better. I did not interpret the one scratch as a meteor, but one roughly looked like an “N”. I thought it was her initial. There is something on the back as well. I’ll take a picture and send it to you, but I guess you don’t really need it; you’ve already seen it. I thought that was a new twist: her objects being left in the room. Now I know what that was about. Was it clear that your meteor sighting was an “event”?

A special carved stone from "HER" time!

And Bob sent this to me:
Send a picture, don’t lose the stone! That would be unbelievable! Yes, it is an event beyond doubt. What you perceived as an “N” is two stick figures joined. The taller stick being her father, the smaller her, hands holding between.

And again, I will insert this amazing picture of a stone she brought forth to our century in 2010 from when… 1615 AD?

May 20, 2010

Event #64: Thursday, May 20, 2010

WOW!, This is a first! Just like in the early parts of this blog of events, at some point there is a first time we are experiencing something. Like the first time something (the TV remote) moved. The first time Bob sensed the presence of a “being”. The first time he went “there”. The first history lesson. And now – another first. This “first” is that she brought something forth from her period and left it with us! We have one of her objects – well, she brought it for Bob, I should say. I came up Thursday night to get ready for bed. And, as I always do now, I looked toward the bureau; the corner where the little angel sits, and where the heart-charms sit in front of her. On numerous occasions, I have described the moving of the angel and the hearts, all of course pointing to or sitting next to Bob on his bedside table.

A special carved stone from "HER" time!

This time though, I couldn’t figure out what I was looking at. The silver heart charm was pretty clear; that sat on the corner, pointed at Bob, and it had been flipped to it’s “up” side – the side with a pattern on it. But behind it was something new, something I didn’t recognize. I peered at it in the dark. I couldn’t make it out. I picked it up and took it near the TV. Still couldn’t make it out. I turned on the light on the dresser. It was obviously a little stone, only about 1” x 1.5”, goldish, with some crudely carved lines in it. Deep scratches, but sharp and clear, like they’d never had time to get worn or smoothed over.  One was a deep-cut long “V”, the other looked like a sort of crude “N” or “H”. I flipped it over and on the back was what looked to me like an arrow, or maybe a star. Included here is the picture; the heart and the stone.

The Stone's reverse side

May 10, 2010

Event #60: Monday, May 10, 2010

Bob sent me this email this morning:
Almost forgot to mention on the way in to work this morning [at an intersection about 25 miles south of us] I saw what I assume was a large meteor going over the intersection heading east. Brilliant blue “head” followed by a tapering wider blue into white tail. Moving slowly a couple hundred feet high at most. See if you find any reports of it hitting any houses. It was quite a sight, very beautiful, moving surprisingly slow.

Then mine to him:
Meteor sounds cool, I don’t listen to anything local, but I can check the news online tomorrow. By the way, I woke up this morning to one of your slippers landing on the floor loudly enough to wake me up next to your side of the bed. Any explanation for that?

And Bob’s reply to me:  ZERO explanation for slipper! They were put away awhile ago. I was just thinking yesterday I might need them still.