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January 1, 2015

Update – 2015

Something prevented me from keeping caught up with things this year. I kind of feel like it was the busiest year of my life. For one thing, I had to step up my work hours, our house keeps us busy, as does the yard, the pets, and just the general “busy-ness” of life. So it’s been hard to keep up with the blog. That does not mean that stuff is not happening, though, because it is, and it has. Nothing really earth-shattering, but certainly noteworthy. I guess if I was to come up with an overall “theme” of the year, I would call it “Preparation”. Did we become “preppers”? Well, no, not exactly, although it would probably not be a bad idea.

Stock UP!

Stock UP!

Whatever we prep for though, it’s not going to be to hunker down and try to defend the homestead. I feel that we will be forced to leave, as will everyone else, and so our preparation has been in the form of what I have learned are called “BOB” bags, or Bug-Out-Bags. Ever gone into a dollar store and just gone up and down every single aisle? Well, that’s how it started, and you’d be amazed at how much stuff you can get cheap that way for a Bug-out bag. Start with a good knapsack or backpack and then basically think – survival. And pack it. We’re still working on it, but I get ahead of myself.

Generally, I keep track of our “events” by the emails that Bob and I send back and forth. I just finished going through the last 10 months of all these emails, looking for any references to our unusual goings-on. There were many. It is a painstaking process, but in a way, it is also like reliving the past year. There is an awful lot that we forget. After I did that, I had 25 pages of raw text in a Word document. 25 PAGES! That is before I even add my commentary or pictures or anything else. I then went through that whole document, and sectioned it out into what would be the individual posts, since, during this (hopefully) quiet time of winter, I will have time to get caught up. The result was at least SIXTY different posts since the last time I posted anything which appears to be mid-March of 2014. So…  better get busy. There is lots to come.


September 30, 2013

A kitten named Buju has joined our menagerie

It was the night of the Musikfest that I became aware of a new animal in our midst. This was the night of August 8th, as we all stood in the driveway upon our return. Bob was in bed, and we didn’t want to wake him up, so we were outside talking. Something kept running from under one car to another, and I was catching glimpses of something black and white. Matt, one of our visitors, said it was a kitten. I suddenly realized that Bob and I (and of course the pups) had been getting brief glimpses of this kitten for the past couple weeks. Sometimes, I would let the pups out at night, and Niko especially would go charging into the yard, and seem to chase something away; once we both caught a glimpse of something white tearing out of the yard as the pups advanced. And here it was, a kitten, about 6 weeks old or so, as best I could determine. The kitten would not let anyone get near it. I was pretty sure the mother was a semi-wild stray that I often caught eating our outdoor cat’s food. That outdoor cat is OIN!, and he is fixed, so it can’t be his. Over the weeks after this, the kitten became progressively more friendly because we were feeding him. I tried to get him to come close to me by enticing him with moving objects, but when he would get just to where I thought I could touch him, he would prance away. Then one time, he let me touch him, and then another, he let me pick him up, and that was it, he was tame. Once he realized we were friendly, he let us pick him up after that all the time. He was always underfoot. Bob was afraid he was going to crush him. I was afraid for him as we’re so close to the street, but being wild, he seemed to have some good sense about that. And after all, his mother and OIN! had lived outside successfully all this time. It’s not an option to bring him in anyway, not with the pups. Funny thing was, he was an exact match to a little stuffed toy-kitten we have in the house. I’m convinced that at times, this stuffed toy-kitten has been moved about the rooms, reappearing here and there in odd places, sort of like other objects like our characters, but I was just not very well focused on it, so can’t be sure. I’m not really writing this up as an “event” per se, just finding it interesting that they are such a close match, and he kind of arrived so randomly. First kitten in my life that has just appeared, and then stayed on our property. Here is a picture of the two, the stuffed toy, and the new kitten, now probably about 3 months old. We call him BUJU. (It was the name on the box of food we were giving him):

Buju and the stuffed-toy kitten. They are clones

Buju and the stuffed-toy kitten. They are clones

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July 31, 2011

Sunday, July 31, 2011: Lenape Village Tour

The Village Totem

On a very, VERY hot July day, I urged Bob to accompany me to an outdoor event. It so happens that there is an actual reproduction of a Lenape Village that holds open houses and tours. Not totally authentic, they will fully admit, but a reproduction as best they can do so it will last, and not fall victim (hopefully) to both vandals and the environment. We’ve read about it, but had never been to it before, as it is somewhat of a distance. But the topic today, as they always focus on something specific on their Sunday tour, was “Medicinal Plants”, so I thought it was right up my (or An’na’s) alley. And so off we went. The tour was the first part of it, and they took us around the village to see different aspects of Lenape life. I will introduce this tour in the form of the pictures that I took, because with their captions, it should be more or less self-explanatory. Notice that the totem has a turtle at the top!

At the very least, even though it was a rather cursory intro, Bob and I have both been inspired to attend again. We may go for another topic in the early fall, when things cool down a bit.

[Note: I have inserted a web-coded ‘table’ for the first time into one of these posts, to try to display the pictures better, so I do hope that it works for every browser, otherwise, these pictures are going to spewing all over the place and I apologize in advance if that is the case with your browser]

Sweat Lodge

The sweat lodge would have been made with skins, but they used canvas in this reproduction

Birthing Hut

Village Birthing Hut

small snake

A very small garter snake, 4 days old is the estimate

Girl Grinding Corn

A young volunteer girl demonstrates making corn meal

Chris (Che) Egnoto gave the introduction to the medicinal plants talk, and there were many examples right in the village and surrounding the village of the plants that he spoke of. The instructor mentioned a couple of books to research plants further, which Bob thinks it is a good idea if I pursue. Some of the plants mentioned were those that Nuttah has left for me, such as the Indian Hemp.

Chris Egnoto

Chris (Che) gives an intro to medicinal plants on the tour. Photo is courtesy

inside the Longhouse

A view from inside the Village Longhouse

February 9, 2011

February 9, 2011

Excerpts of our emails of today:

From Bob:
I have been thinking, since Nuttah has abandoned me, about events that led us to where we are. I know we have talked about it in the past, all the coincidences that took place, but I don’t think we mentioned a couple other things.  One, getting associated with the realtor that brought us to this house. The other was me always half joking that I didn’t want much; just privacy, a view and a trout stream in our back yard. Not much to ask. Then lastly, coincidently, we saw and bid on the property before it was even on the market. I know we were looking, but still…

And my email back: Yes, those are interesting “coincidences”. I have thought about them too. I think at some point, I wrote that stuff up, something along the lines of “were we brought here?” I may launch about 5 new updates to the blog tonight, if I can get them all finished. She was here in the office — a heart points at me, the rabbit, and at her. I thought I “heard” her upstairs in the bedroom as well.

October 25, 2010

Event #125: Monday, October 25, 2010

I wrote this email to Bob this morning:
I didn’t sleep well either. Lost a good 3 and a half hours of sleep. I had the sense she was there for a lot of it (like when you got up?), also when I went to bed. But nothing else happened, maybe some weird liquid motion images. At one point during the night, I had what I would call a “vision”, but it was so quick and so instantaneous, that I really have no sense what it was, except again, this one was in motion. Like a moving scene. Sort of like looking at something outside, and there is motion in it, something moving from left to right, but you see it so quickly, you have no idea what it was. And unlike my last “motion” scene, this one was not white-on-grey, it was normal outside colors, like it was a “real” scene. The things in it, immediate as the impression was, looked “real” also, not like representational images as the last one had looked.

Bob verified later that day that she had in fact “been there” during those periods that I had sensed it. I am now getting this hum/vibration in my ear when she is there. I have described this before: it is sort of like an electrical hum – or maybe more like the lowest string on a bass fiddle being dragged over by the bow very softly – and kind of loud/soft, loud/soft: an undulating sound. This sound is how I have come to know that she is “there”. I think this may have become apparent to me, because finally, after a long, hot summer and fall, it has cooled down enough that we can finally retire the air conditioner, and even sometimes sleep with the fans off. Hallelujah. It is quiet. Well, it is quiet because THOSE motors are silenced… and now, I can pick up this vibration sound that may have been there all along!

The Quarantined, potentially rabid, outdoor cat "OIN". He is NOT happy. However, he is not the one getting the rabies shots. This picture is titled, "OIN says Waah"

Tonight, when I came home from a harrowing day (Four freakin’ hours in the ER because of my first day of rabies shots – I think I may have been exposed through the outdoor cat “Oin”)… I went upstairs and there are changes on the dresser and my bedside table. It involves her stone – a heart – a turtle charm – Bob, me & Nuttah on the table, and the big heart charm. Those are the things that I noticed have moved. If I have time tomorrow, I will take some pictures. I must go to bed, my butt hurts like hell from the 4 stinkin’, big-ass syringes, and I’m tired from lack of sleep. It has been a long day. And I have 3 more ER visits for these shots looming in the immediate future. Stupid Oin. He probably doesn’t even have rabies.

September 20, 2010

Monday, Sept. 20, 2010

Excerpts of Monday morning emails, me to Bob: I had this dream about Black Hawk military helicopters flying low in formation, and leaving behind a warning message written in the sky in red, white and blue. Something along the lines of “We better wake up before it’s too late…” But not a literal wake-up, a political wake up.

And his response: As far as the warning goes, I have had this sense that Nuttah is trying to say something for awhile, not sure if it is for our reality or hers, maybe both. But it is something dire. All of the stuff she does has meaning, I just can’t understand it. I think she is working on you, I’m too dense.

Mine back to him: Yeah, maybe it wasn’t political, maybe it was just a warning. You were involved too, now that I think about it, you came running from one of the 2 hawk directions, to point out the message in the sky in case we had not seen it. Interesting that Black Hawks are also birds, maybe the dream does have some meaning. I didn’t even think of it in that context. So don’t think that you are the only DENSE one. I am really “trying” to notice what I see with my eyes shut, and decipher when it is “me” and “not me”. It is very hard. As you know.

And Bob to me: I couldn’t have been running too fast. I didn’t think for a minute the dream was just you, I assumed it was from Nuttah. It is political in the sense that we are deliberately destroying ourselves. But I also think there is something dire coming to her place also. I just can’t figure any of it out.

Me to Bob: I should mention that twice in the past week, I have seen Black Hawk helicopters outside my window at work. This would not normally strike me as unusual, in that there is a military base nearby. However, I cannot cite one other time in 7 years of working there that I’ve witnessed or noticed these particular helicopters, especially flying right over our building above my window. One other thing. This morning, on the way in to work, I was alarmed to see a turtle crossing the road in front of me. In most circumstances, if the situation allowed, I would pull over and rescue a turtle in the road. I straddled him with the truck, as did the car immediately behind me. There was just no stopping, the road is narrow there, there are NO pull-offs anywhere, and it wouldn’t be safe to come to even a slow stop to rescue a turtle crossing the road. I worried about him. He was cute, small, and black. I watched the northbound traffic, gauging the turtle’s relative speed to traffic to see if maybe all the cars could somehow avoid running over the turtle. I did entertain thoughts of finding a place to turn around and going back and rescuing him. But I didn’t. I couldn’t really. And of course on the way home, I remembered again the turtle when I got to that spot, and somehow he made it. That made my night. The turtle crossed the road safely to get to the river. The only reason I am writing up this episode at all, is because of the fact that the turtle made it, and also because of that dead-white-bird-in-the-road incident awhile back, that seems as if it was there just for us. I’m taking a new look at virtually everything we see, even think now.

August 30, 2010

And so begins Part 5

Part V
Monday, August 30, 2010

We were getting worried. We didn’t talk about it every day – but I know it was on both of our minds. Nuttah had not been around since 8/18. It is now the 30th. My theory – because I felt there had to be some reason – was that she was busy with their harvest. It is almost fall, after all, and they do have to prepare for a rough winter… but where is she? No signs? No symbols? No messages? I said to Bob on the phone tonight that I’m pretty sure that things have not “ended”. I don’t know what I have to substantiate that with, but… it’s just a feeling that I have. And sure enough, when I came home, I rushed right up the bedroom, and in the next post is the email I wrote to Bob…

August 29, 2010

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bob got up early Sunday morning to go fishing at the fishing pond. Once he had gone I couldn’t sleep anymore and I felt the strong pull of a good cup of weekend morning coffee, so I got up myself and went to join him. It’s about 5 miles or so away. While Bob was having a pretty successful fishing morning (Crappies & Sunnies for his fish tank), I took some pictures of the Arrowhead plant growing there too, which is the only place I’ve ever seen it – it does need standing water, after all, and there’s nothing more “standing” than the water in that pond. It’s the first time I have really noticed the leaf of it close up live. I’ve included a picture below, and labeled the 2 important elements to distinguish them from all the lily pads. The flower in this picture is very similar to the stem of them that were brought by Nuttah. The leaf, Bob commented, and I agreed with him, looks more like the head of donkey: 2 ears, long face. Maybe they’ve evolved over the last hundred years into this shape.

A good example of the "arrowhead" leaf. This one is growing in the pond. Picture taken 8-29-10

August 26, 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010

What has happened to our girl??, I asked Bob plaintively tonight – she is MIA. The last thing that happened was the flowers, and now?… who knows. I do hope something happens this weekend. I don’t know what to make of the silence. Bob is worried too.