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November 26, 2016

Some Kind of “Strange Energy” (and it can turn on lights)

Okay, so we all know by now about the “faces in the fish tank“. Still really creeped out by that and no closer to knowing what caused it. My only possible explanation is that it is a reflection from a ghost-like presence in the room. Some have offered their theories: that the larger face, to the left, is a reflection of the man’s face to the right. Plausible because the reflections occur in a corner of the tank, and I can see that the fish also reflect on 2 panels of the tank. I will reenact at some point where they (he) would have to have been in the room to be ‘reflected’ there. Of course, another theory, is that because of who he might be, he is capable of just showing his face anywhere he wants.

2016-11-08-lucy-is-spookedBut there was something that happened a few days later. This might have been maybe Nov. 8 or so. I wish I’d logged the date. It’s possible I have it scrawled somewhere on a sticky. Anyway, Bob reported that he’d been in the bathroom getting ready for bed. Our bathroom is right off the bedroom, and he had the door open into the bedroom, and our little Yorkie Lucy was up there with him. From his stance at the mirror, Bob could see in his peripheral vision that the room behind him was dark, and Lucy had gone in there to wait for him on the bed. All of a sudden, from where he is standing, Bob sees that the lights have come on in the bedroom behind him, and Lucy makes a mad scramble; off the bed, careening into the bathroom out of control so she hits the shower door which forces a turn to the left, still out of control, she slides into and bounces off the toilet, scrambling to get a grip with her feet on the cold, hard, slippery bathroom floor tile. She’s still on the move and careens against the the bathroom wall, ejects to the left as she gets a paw-grip under her, heading to the other bathroom door, which is open into the guest room. She then makes a beeline to get under the bed, cowering and shaking.

Bob goes in the bedroom to see what spooked her; he could not see or feel anything unusual except for the fact that all 3 lights were turned on. 2016-11-08-lucy-is-spooked-cartoon-2Two of these are our individual bedside table lamps, that have those kind of straight on/off switches, and one is a sconce on the wall that is turned on with a ‘wheel’ switch on the cord. How did they all turn on at once? What did Lucy see or perceive? What caused her to freak and go tearing out of there? I don’t think it was just the lights going on, after all, Lucy frequently goes in a room ahead of us and then we’ll turn on a light maybe from a wall switch, or a table lamp. She never blinks an eye at that. She’s currently sitting on the other side of my monitor here, and I guarantee, that if I got up to switch on (or off) a light, she wouldn’t budge. So it wasn’t the lights going on; it was whatever energy did that that spooked her. But WHAT WAS IT??

Bob said he did go around the house and investigate for anything amiss. Of course, as usual, there was nothing. Or at least so we think.

November 22, 2015

Why are there tiny handprints in the shower?

I realize it has been a long time since I’ve posted. I really have no good excuse for this, other than that life has just been really busy. The fact that we are already in the 11th month of the year just astounds me. I don’t know WHERE the time goes, and I don’t think that I’m alone in that. I keep hearing this all around. But that said, I’ve also often had this weird feeling that I’m being “stopped” somehow, or discouraged from writing. But the longer I wait to “catch up”, the harder it is going to be, and since I already have a year and a half to catch up on, there is no solution other than to just start writing posts. I have not yet figured out how I am going to go back and reconstruct the missing time – I do have records and pictures of the “Events”, but I know it will take hours and hours to put it together – so rather than do that, I’ll just start now to try to keep up with the current goings on.

Perhaps you are wondering if things are in fact going on? Well, the short answer to that is that they have never really stopped. The intensity changes, the time between things can go long, but I’d say that over the past year and a half that I stopped being able to keep up with it that at least two to three things a month happened. Sometimes it was as simple as just a movement of Nuttah’s character, or sometimes I got flowers again. Bob definitely attended a ceremony or two and traveled “in time” to her world. I have to catch up with all of that. But for now, I am going to start with something I noticed about a month ago.

I was cleaning our shower stall; it was embarrassingly dirty, and as I scrubbed, I noticed in a rather odd spot on the side-wall that one of the grungy smudges had a certain “pattern” to it. It had the distinct look of two small hand prints. I stood back in the room and observed from further away. Yes, distinctly: 5 digits, 2 hands. HOW did they get there, whose were they, and what were they doing there? They were about a foot up from the floor of the shower. A really awkward spot if you ask me, no matter how I tried to picture it, I couldn’t imagine how they could get there. I knew it was not one of us, I just assumed “other-worldly”. So I finished scrubbing clean all the other grunge, but I left the hand prints. I took some pictures of them and sent one on my phone to Bob, and he came back with, “Yes, that’s pretty distinct”.

So then about a month later, I happen to notice that the prints which I left there have something added to them. There is now another hand above them. I’ve included two of the pictures here. I don’t really have a theory about what I think they are, other than that Nuttah’s baby is now 3, and these look approximately like 3 year old hand size. Also, the fact that they are so low in the stall, almost near the floor, he’d be short, and the only one size-wise that could make prints there. I added a penny to the latest picture for a size comparison. I know this is far-fetched and sounds crazy, but how do you explain tiny hand prints in the shower? We are truly stumped by this one. Pictures included below (I turned them to black & white in photoshop because it emphasized them better, the light in the shower was not great.)

I turned the pictures black and white for better clarity and to emphasize the shapes.

I turned the pictures black and white for better clarity and to emphasize the shapes. This one is very wet also

And in this one, an additional print, above the original 2 can be seen

And in this one, an additional print, above the original 2 can be seen

March 14, 2014

“Other Witnesses” – Again

There has not been A LOT going on, but I have now accumulated enough things to make a post about it. Not that any one of these ‘events’ did not warrant their own post at the time, but I just decided to lump them together, for both time and interest’s sake. What sparked this impetus to finally “group-post” these events, was a text from Bob on March 14 at 6:10 pm. I’m at work, and I read,

“Dave had an incident.”

A little panic welled up in me because I knew contractor “Dave” had been at our house that day installing a door. With my compromised close-up vision I initially read the text as “Dave had an accident”. “Oh no”, I was thinking, “What happened?” Auto accident or did he do something bad while installing our door (cut off a finger?). But then I re-read the text and understood the right word – “incident”. Not much better really than “accident”, depending what it was. So what was this incident? This could have many implications. It does not escape my thoughts that leaving Dave (or any contractor) alone in our house working could potentially be problematic. What if Nuttah (and company) decided for some reason they did not want the person here? It would not take much to scare most people away, especially if objects started relocating in front of them. I’m pretty sure I would hightail it out of here. (Something else pretty weird just happened – Contractor Dave just called as I’m in the middle of writing this. It was to confirm another project to start tomorrow, but how weird that just as I’m writing this…) Anyway, back to what happened. I text back to Bob, “WHAT????”

He did not answer. I assumed it was too much to get into via text, and I was right. I would have to wait for our nightly phone call. So this was Dave’s “incident”. Bob described how they were both outside in the driveway. We don’t have many trees in our yard, we are surrounded by trees, but there’s only a handful left that are actually “in our yard”. It is, of course, winter, so the trees are bare. We have this one tree that is an ornamental maple; it has a tiny red leaf and I believe they call it a “Japanese Maple”. Beautiful tree, I think it has a spectacular shape and color, but it is small. Fully grown by now, I don’t think it’s even 20 ft. high or wide. Not sure why, but Bob and Dave are both roughly facing this tree. It’s toward the street, so maybe they were looking at something coming down the street. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, Bob sees the Giant White Bird come in and it awkwardly lands in the small Japanese maple. Now you can imagine that a bird nearly the size of a dog, would do something to a tree with branches that small and thin, and weirdly, this was the only part that Dave could see, he could not actually see the Giant White Bird, he could only see the effect it was having on the delicate tree branches.

“What is GOING ON WITH THAT TREE!?”, Dave exclaimed.

From what Dave could see, the branches were swinging wildly up and down, nearly breaking with the weight of the bird.

“What is DOING that!?”, Dave asks with amazement.

This is my rendition of the large white bird, landing on what amounted to a twig. Imagine the result.

This is my rendition of the large white bird, landing on what amounted to a twig. Imagine the result.

Bob, on the other hand, is more focused on the BIRD, not the branches, but realizes immediately that Dave can’t see the actual bird, only the result of the heavy bird landing. And what is it doing there, why did it come in now? Bob glances over at our side door off the driveway where Niko was. Up to this point, Niko had been agitatedly looking out at Bob and Dave and wanting to be outside with them. Now, as the bird lands and locks eyes with Niko, he goes silent and solemn. This is not the first time that Bob has witnessed this ‘communication’ between Niko and the “Giant White Bird”. Something always changes in Niko with these encounters. But Dave can’t see the bird – he can only see the tree branches swinging wildly. Bob’s explanation to Dave?

“Oh, must have been a chunk of ice that fell and hit it”, Bob tries to explain, thinking fast. Well, there is no ice left in any trees, and no ice on any branches, so Dave says, “I don’t think so”. But since for him, he has no explanation whatsoever that makes sense, he just marvels over what just happened, and they go back to their conversation.

Just a reminder, contractor “Dave” is the same one that sat out on our deck with Bob one afternoon, and had another “encounter” of a sort. I am hopeful that he does not remember that one, because if he does, he will begin to think odd thoughts about this property. Here is a link to that blog entry, when Dave bolted from the deck thinking that the unfinished beer he was in the middle of drinking was too strong:

Before this “incident” written about above, there were 2 other things that happened in March. I took pictures of two scenes in early March; one was taken 3/1, the other 3/9. Unfortunately, I don’t have any comments about these two arrangements in any emails, so I’m not really sure if they relate to any specific incident. I do vaguely remember asking Bob on the 2nd one if he “felt any presence”, because I think he’d have either been in the room or in the bathroom when it happened. However, he had not. All I can say about it at this point, is that she was “around” to make her presence known, and that the arrangements must mean something, but we know not what.

This arrangement appeared on my bedside table - Nuttah, papoose, turtle, a couple of wolf-pups, and Bob's special stone

This arrangement appeared on my bedside table – Nuttah, papoose, turtle, a couple of wolf-pups, and Bob’s special stone

A week later, the whole thing was moved to on top of the TV. Her papoose is behind her. She still sits there today, 3/24/14.

A week later, the whole thing was moved to on top of the TV. Her papoose is behind her. She still sits there today, 3/24/14.

December 30, 2013

Channeling Uri Geller or Mommy Cat?

The morning of December 30th, Bob sent this email:
“Had an interesting occurrence this morning coming into my office. It was so odd that I didn’t know how to process it while it was happening. I came in the main door to office and then was getting ready to put the key for my office door into the lock, as I started to go towards the lock with key in hand …it started a Uri Geller event. It just started to bend as I was holding it. It bent about 15-20 degrees, while I was holding it. I just stared at it, not knowing quite what to make of what was happening. I had to bend it back and straighten it up to get into lock, still has the kink where it bent. Odd. No idea what that is about. Just channel mommy cat and move on.”

Bob’s reference here to “Mommy Cat” requires a short explanation: We always marveled at how Joe-the-Cat’s mother “Mommy Cat” could have what we considered to be grand-mal seizures in her later years, and then, when it was over, get up and continue as if nothing at all had happened. Basically, just shook her head and soldiered on. I frequently use the Mommy-Cat reference, when feeling really ill; I tell myself to “Put on your “Mommy-Cat” face and move on” … it comes in handy, channeling “Mommy Cat”.

My response to Bob: Weird incident with key, what could that possibly be about? How it was even usable is interesting. Such weird stuff going on…

Neither of us have any idea what this could be about, although, we have known Nuttah and other related characters to visit Bob at work:

This is not Bob's actual bent key, but what I pictured him describing

This is not Bob’s actual bent key, but what I pictured him describing

September 14, 2013

Bob enters a “crowded” room

Early September, 2013: So with the return of the missing key, our potential tenant (I’ll call him “Jim”) also resurfaced. We had given up on Jim because there had been no contact for a month or more. Not that we had people lining up to rent it, but we were considering at this point restarting the search for a new tenant. Jim said that he’d been trying to get a hold of Bob, which was semi-believable because Bob had had to switch to a new cell phone and  he lost calls, messages and information in the transfer. Typical cell phone upgrade, from what I can determine.  Jim said he still wanted to rent the place (surprise-surprise) and would begin moving things in soon.

On Friday, September 13,  Bob was home before me, and went to the apartment to empty the dehumidifier and see what else might need to be done before our tenant was to move in. Jim had said he might be moving in some stuff this weekend. Bob went upstairs to what had been our old bedroom.

When I came home, Bob told me this:

The mostly empty upstairs apartment, was filled with a crowd as Bob entered

The mostly empty upstairs apartment, was filled with a crowd as Bob entered

“I went up to our old bedroom to see what else we still had to do, and I ran into a “crowd” in the room.”

“What?”, I asked. “Who was there?”

Bob said it felt like he had entered a meeting space and he was the last one to arrive. He said it felt like he was pushing through people, and he should say “Excuse me, sorry I’m late”  as he was finding his way through the crowd. He thinks there were 8 – 9 people and Nuttah was one, all the rest were male. Don’t know how he can tell that, they are all invisible, but that’s what he “saw”. They were still there when he left the room.

Bob feels as if he's entered into a room full of people

Bob feels as if he’s entered into a room full of people

What were they doing there? Who were they all? I asked Bob how he could tell that he was moving around people? Remember, the room is basically empty of furniture, so sound is a little echo-y.

“Well, you know how you can just tell when you’re passing people? The sounds change, you can just ‘feel’ something, even if you had your eyes closed, in a crowded room you would know if someone was right next to you.” True.

Bob and both shepherds could see the Lenape men through the windows of the apartment's lower floor

Bob and both shepherds could see the Lenape men through the windows of the apartment’s lower floor

Then later that night, when we got home from dinner, Bob took the pups out, as usual. On the way back to the deck, he described how the two shepherds rocketed around to the window of the downstairs apartment; Bob followed right behind them and came around the corner to see what they were looking at. Inside the downstairs part of the apartment, he saw the silhouettes of two native american men. Bob immediately ran in to get me to come see them, but I was upstairs out of hearing range, and it was too late (I sort of doubt that I could see them anyway, if I had made it out in time). We did go out later, and the pups seemed strangely focused on the two windows on that side, checking them out, and even looking up to the upstairs windows, which they never do. Pups are just not really trained to “look up”.

So what was going on? Were they “having a meeting”? Looking the place over? Or was it that Bob was just entering “their space, their time”, and he was “overlapping” with them? I don’t know. Bob doesn’t really try to speculate anymore. So, who knows. But I suspect that there might be some issues with a relative stranger coming into this space, from their standpoint (maybe they don’t want it). If it does happen, what is the tenant going to experience? Are they going to be “run out of here”? I suppose anything is possible.

August 9, 2013

Other Witnesses

Often Bob and I look back over these events of the last 3 and a half years with some amount of disbelief. Sometimes we question our own sanity, or look back and think, “Could this really be happening?” We begin to doubt ourselves, and I sometimes page through my blog entries to re-read over past events and I know that I didn’t make it up. It is as “real” to us as anything “real” can be. But there is definitely sometimes doubt clouding our thoughts, and believe me, we do not talk much about this to anyone. I have a small handful of people that I discuss it with, but even some of them have stepped away from it, unable to either process, believe, or take in what is going on. Who knows what they really think of it. That is why, when something happens to someone else here at our house, it validates our experience, and we start thinking, “Okay, it’s not just us… maybe we are not ‘stepping off'”.

What I’m getting to, is an “event” that happened in early August. It was, to be precise, the week of Musikfest… a big annual music festival that takes place nearby in Bethlehem, PA. Kate and I go every year for one evening of the 10-day long “fest”, usually on a week night because of the crowds. This year was no different, but along with me and Kate, her boyfriend, “Nate” and a friend of his, “Matt” also came along. The plan was for them to all spend the night, because Musikfest both allows and encourages drinking, and they were going to do plenty of it. Besides a Lanta bus, I was the designated driver.

When we all got safely back, I set up sleeping arrangements for the guests, and gave them only 2 instructions, as I was going to bed: “Don’t smoke in the house, and don’t be outside when Bob gets up to go to work, because we haven’t introduced “Matt” to the dogs yet, and Bob will be letting them out. They might not react too kindly to strangers in the dark”. They agreed, and I went to bed. Bob got up without incident at about 3-something AM. Kate and I were up well before the 2 guys, and sat out on the deck having coffee. When the guys came out later to join us, I was to learn there had been an overnight “event”. Hmmmmmmmmm…..

I texted this to Bob, August 9th, 10:06 AM: “Nate and Matt had an ‘encounter’ last night.

Bob must have sent a reply text trying to guess what it was, but I don’t seem to have that text anymore.

I wrote back to him, 10:13 AM: “Nope. The ‘shadow family’ or Nuttah paid a visit to them on the deck. Kate and I had gone to bed.”

A figure walks by the lit up kitchen window, witnessed outside by Nate

A figure walks by the lit up kitchen window, witnessed outside by Nate

Here is what ‘Nate’ described. They’d been sitting out on the deck, it was about 2 am.  They were outside, both because they were smoking, and because they didn’t want their talking to wake anyone up. Matt was sitting with his back to the house facing the creek, and Nate sat across from him looking toward the house and the lit up kitchen window. At some point, as they were talking, Nate saw a figure in the kitchen walk by the window toward the door to the deck. He thought it was me or Kate coming out to get them. That’s not a huge distance to cover, and at the point when the ‘person’ should have reached the door, nothing was there, but Nate kept watching, waiting for someone to appear. All of a sudden, Matt, who’d been facing Nate talking, suddenly turns his head quickly to his left as if someone has just walked up to him. There is also nothing there, but he shudders, says to Nate, “what was that?” Nate responds, “I don’t know, but I just saw someone walk by that lit window, and then nobody came out. At least I didn’t think they did.”

They looked at each other, thinking, “What just happened here?”, and decided since it was nearing 2:30 AM, they better wrap it up and go to bed.

The pups relax on the deck on a summer morning

The pups relax on the deck on a summer morning

It was not to end there though. Over several cups of coffee out in the August warmth on the deck the next morning, Matt was to describe a feeling of being followed and watched in the house when he came back in. He felt that he was followed to the bathroom. He felt the presence of ‘something’ as he laid on the makeshift bed I put on the floor of the ‘office’. He felt someone was sitting there, watching him sleep. He woke up a lot and felt the presence each time. He said he was not afraid of it, that it seemed to be female, and that it seemed to be harmless. Even ‘good’ in a way, not evil or with any bad intent. He also reported odd electronic things during the night: a light on and then off, a clock ticking, and then not ticking, a distant muffled conversation that he couldn’t clearly hear, but knew there was a conversation going on. He also admitted, although he had not felt comfortable commenting on it when he first arrived, that just walking into the house the first time, he had picked up on something that he just described as “different”. Some kind of “force” or “feeling”.

There was also the fact that when I finally did introduce Matt to the dogs for the first time, Niko completely accepted him without issue. (This is definitely not the case with everybody – there are some that will never get near him). I thought this was interesting. Another odd thing was that Matt was initially kind of judgmental about us having kept the dog that had bitten our kids in the face. I think he thought we should have given him up, that there was something wrong with keeping him. I’m okay with people thinking that, and I don’t try to defend what we did, I just know that it’s [going to be] necessary for us to have him here. But after Matt met him and interacted with him for awhile, he left here with his mind changed about that. Or at least that’s what it seemed to me.

I quizzed Nate later to get more details on exactly what he saw walk by the kitchen window. How tall? Male or female? What length of hair? He held his hand above the kitchen sink in front of the window at the approximate height of the being that he saw. It appeared that “she” was somewhat shorter than either me or Kate. “She had a lot of long, dark hair. Definitely a girl. I thought it was you or Kate coming out to get us”.

My thoughts? It was Nuttah. Bob has seen her once in our house. She appeared in a mirror behind Bob as he was looking into it. She is here much more than anyone actually sees her, so why show herself now? Or is it some ability in Nate that he was able to get the ‘visual’ part? Matt certainly had a sense of her being there, but did not ‘see’ her. Bob reported picking up on absolutely nothing all night. He was surprised by this interaction. I didn’t pick up anything either, but was sleeping pretty soundly. We are just left to wonder, why reveal yourself now? Did she have something in mind?

July 11, 2013

Niko thwarts a Home Invasion?? (or worse?)

In the very early morning hours of July 11, Niko may have possibly completely redeemed himself. At any rate, what he may have done made me realize how important he is to have here with us. He may have actually thwarted a home invasion while I was home sleeping alone.  Read on…

As Bob was leaving for work in the dark, early morning hours, he saw a car in his rear-view mirror turn the corner toward our house. It did not catch up to him, as he expected it would. He thought maybe they lived on the street, and that was why it did not continue, but that was very unusual, as there is almost never any traffic on our road at that hour, except Bob. He actually considered coming back to the house to check, and regretted later that he hadn’t. Because when he got to work, the Lao woman approached him with a vision she had seen. Through translation, she described Niko, and she described our foyer as you would look in from the porch door. Described it as best she could, considering she did not know what all the objects were. She said someone had come to the door in the dark and Niko had been sitting there on the foyer rug. He looked up at the figure in the door and bared his teeth and growled. He scared off whoever it was.

Later that afternoon while I’m at work, I got a text from Bob:

A picture from the internet of a possible home invasion

A picture from the internet of a possible home invasion

July 11, 1:12 pm, Bob: “Lao woman just told me I have to take care of ‘the animal’, he takes care of your wife.”

July 11, 1:40 pm, Bob: “She just described our foyer and someone at the door after I left.”

July 11, 1:47 pm, Bob: “I just showed her a picture of Niko, she smiled and said ‘Take care of him.”

July 11, 2:02 pm, Me: “After u left today?”

July 11, 2:03 pm, Bob: “Not certain, I think…”

July 11, 4:19 pm, Bob: “Kind of freaks me out, all of it, every aspect of it.”

My question about this whole incident was, did this really happen today, after Bob left, or was it just a vision? What did it mean? The Lao woman’s visions have always in the past been pretty accurate, at least as far as what Bob was experiencing. I guess this was a way for us to begin to re-appreciate what Niko was here for, and what he was capable of doing, should there be an issue. I was just glad to have him and glad he’d been there where he needed to be, if in fact it had happened. Prior to this, we had not always had him upstairs with us when we slept, but now we always sleep with Niko in the bedroom with us. I’ve always thought the best thing to have in a situation like that would be a dog. A dog like Niko actually. Even better than a gun, because you might hesitate to use it, but I’m certain Niko would not hesitate to protect us for even a second. I feel better here now alone in those dark morning hours. I have Niko.

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December 23, 2012

An Apology and Did I Enter a Time Warp?

Mayan-CalendarFirst, I must apologize for not living up to my promise. I said I was going to be caught up with my postings by 12/21. It didn’t happen. As soon as I started collecting the various email excerpts since August that revolved around our events, I knew it was not going to happen, and I should have said something then. There was just way too much material; I had not been all that conscious of that much going on, but I do know that we were both very happy that there was stuff going on, given the event in August that changed everything.  I have yet to get to that event, but will be soon.

And so here we are, it is 12/23/12 and we are all still here and life churns on. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. This is shaping up to be a rather pleasant holiday season all in all. While I’m preparing the post that I really don’t want to talk about (the August event that I keep referring to), I’ll insert something here that happened to me during the fall when I started walking the neighborhood. One morning I wrote to Bob about it:

I had a weird incident on my walk: I turn a corner, and I notice a piece of equipment I never noticed before. This is not today, it’s at least a few walks ago. I exclaim to myself, “How did I not notice that before, it’s huge”. (It’s a big rusted out front-end loader / back-hoe type of thing — yellow with lots of brown rust). I notice its condition, because clearly, it’s been there awhile and it’s the first day I’m really “seeing” it. So I just toss it off to lack of observation and keep going. It did stop me in my tracks though, cause it was so beat up, like it had sat there rusting for a long time. Also, no tracks behind or in front of it, like it had been driven there recently. Next day, same thing, and I marvel again – how did I miss that? I kind of shake my head at how unobservant I had been. (Now this might seem like something you’d never notice, however, there is literally nothing else there, it is just woods and brush.) So today, what is apparent is its ABSENCE. It is gone – and no tracks of it having been moved out of the woods either – I’m going to go check again tomorrow, take more notice of the surroundings, but what the heck? Am I walking through 2 different time overlays there?? Very weird. Okay, maybe I’m making more of this than I should. Below is a picture I took of the scene without the back-hoe in it. It really seemed like one day I would walk by scene – back hoe there, next day, back hoe not there. And yet there was no evidence of it having moved. Not a leaf disturbed, no soil out of place, no sticks broken, nothing trampled, no tracks, no depressions in the ground. And the fall leaves would have fallen “around” it, and left a bare-spot where it sat, no? Clearly, nothing sat here the day before, at least nothing as large as I’m describing:


November 12, 2012

Unfortunately, I was right about Joe

November 8, 2012

Joe leaps from the bed in fright from the "Whoosh"!

Joe leaps from the bed in fright from the “Whoosh”!

And, as it turns out, I was right about Joe. I went down in the morning, because I could avoid it no longer, and Joe the Cat was stiff as a board. Poor Joe. He is outside now waiting to be buried this weekend, when it’s supposed to warm up and I can dig a hole next to his mother – Momee Cat. To the right is one of the pictures I used in the blog months ago, depicting Joe leaping off the bed straight up in the air in fright, as a “whoosh” comes through the bedroom.

Then a few days later, I got an email from my Dad, on November 12:
“Don’t know if you heard via recent contacts that “Number 9” passed away peacefully last week after a 3-4 week gradual decline despite 2 trips to the vet with no specific diagnosis.  She was 15 plus, so “old age” for a cat who kept me company through the day for the last 4 years.  Will be missed.   Love, Dad

I found out later that the date “last week” that Number 9 died was also November 7.

I wrote back to Dad: “So sorry to hear about Number 9. Curiously, our cat of 18 years, “Joe”, died the same day. I buried him this weekend in our yard. Sunday was warm enough to dig a pretty big hole.”

Joe from about a year ago

Joe from about a year ago

Joe arrived to our house in 1995 as a newly born kitten with his mother, who I thought would surely die of malnutrition. Bob had brought the whole “kit and kaboodle” home from the plant where he worked in the city. Momee Cat, the mother, was a stray that got knocked up as all unspayed cats will eventually do there, and since we had young children at home at the time, Bob thought he’d bring them all home. (Little did I know that this would be the first of about 5 litters of cats I would eventually be asked to take care of: de-flea, medicate, sometimes nurse, spay, neuter and place in homes). All told, I think we’ve been responsible for placing nearly 40 cats over the years. Joe was one of 5 kittens; we raised them all, and found homes for all but Joe, a sibling Mo, and the mother, who we called Momee Cat. Mo was eventually given to a family that wanted a cat, actually we gave them Joe and Mo, but Joe freaked out and hid in a closet for a week, so we got him back. Momee Cat, the mother, lived until about 2008 or 9. This past year, I’d been treating Joe for Diabetes for a few months, but he finally succumbed. I felt that we owed it to Joe (treating him for his health problems) not just for his incredible amount of years with us, but for what he’d been through with all these events: he’d Lived it. But something tells me being 18 didn’t help. We officially now only have 1 cat and 1 dog.

The thing about Joe and Number 9 both dying on the same day is just one of many strange coincidences that have occurred, especially with out pets. I thought it was exclusive to the dogs, but maybe the cats are also somehow linked. And then one last thing to mention about the day that I buried Joe in the yard. I was digging and of course had my head down focused on my task. I had just finished placing Joe in the grave I dug, wrapped in an appropriately black and white towel, and was dressing it up with leaves and pine boughs. I thought Bob might want to come over with me and say a few words as we said goodbye to Joe; he was out poking around in the yard cleaning up “Sandy” stuff. At the moment I thought I was finished, Bob called to me to quick look at something. I did as soon as I heard him, but the thing had passed and I missed it. What Bob had been calling to me to look at was his first ever sighting of a UFO streaking across the sky. This is the way he described what he saw:

It was just like a cylinder, it was shiny, reflective metallic. I thought it was the fuselage of a plane, with the sunlight reflecting off of it, it was just going across the sky, just like plane would, I could see it through the branches of the trees. It was the light that caught my eye, the sun reflecting on it, and then just like that, it shot off straight up, a straight line upward, like no plane would ever be able to do. I tried to get your attention, but it was gone in a flash.

Dang. I wish I had seen it. What was the significance of this the day we buried Joe? Anything? Who knows? Are there truly any coincidences?? I think not.

I was curious about this incident because I’ve been hearing on C2C about a site you can go to and report and/or check out UFO sitings. It’s called the UFO Reporting Center: if you ever witness something that you would like to catalog or to check on something you witnessed, here is the place to do it. And yes, there were numerous sitings in PA during that period, nothing specifically HERE where we are, but Bob was pretty sure about what he saw. I wish that he had reported it too, to be logged into the database. I found some pictures on the internet of the cigar-shaped cylinder that Bob saw, and he said this one pretty closely resembled his sighting:

Bob witnesses a cigar-shaped cylindrical UFO go straight up while we bury Joe-the-Cat

Bob witnesses a cigar-shaped cylindrical UFO go straight up while we bury Joe-the-Cat

July 17, 2012

Bob and a Guest Have a Mutual Sighting

I came home the night of July 16, 2012 to a new arrangement on Bob’s side of the bed. It would be morning before I found out if there had also been some communication with Bob.

This is the arrangement I came home to on Bob's bedside table

This is the arrangement I came home to on Bob’s bedside table

Bob wrote me this email the next morning:
Woke at 12:12 briefly last night, then woke at 1:15 AM in a total sweat. My fan was off…..Nuttah had been there earlier in the evening, just visiting. She sat on the bed.  I guess she could have turned it off,  but I dont know why she would. Either way I was drenched, really don’t like summer.

My email to Bob: I figured Nuttah had visited, she left an arrangement on your side of the bed. It’s herself, a heart and the pewter turtle.

A web rendition of what Bob might have seen, glancing across the creek

A web rendition of what Bob might have seen, glancing across the creek

Then later that evening, Bob called me at work, our usual nightly phone call before he goes to bed. What he was to tell me gave me chills every time I thought about it after that. We’d been having some work done on our house for the better part of the summer. This is all still the fix-up work of that hurricane in August of 2011 – Irene, which is the 2nd hurricane that flooded our house. The contractor (name is “Dave”) that was doing the work had stopped over in the early evening to pick up a check to get paid. Bob invited him to sit outside on the deck and have a beer with him. Dave accepted, and they sat out facing the creek and drinking their beers. They were chatting about this and that, both of them like to fish, and that is the usual topic. Bob told me that he was just casually gazing at the woods across the creek, and suddenly, out of nowhere, he spots a line of Lenape braves in the woods, cruising along as they are hunting. He starts, alarmed, stops in mid-sentence, and glances over to see if Dave might have seen them too. Dave is as white as a ghost, and suddenly gets up, saying, “Geez, think I better go get something to eat, this beer is going right to my head.” He departs without saying another word, his beer only half finished. There was no doubt in Bob’s mind that Dave saw the hunters too. I wish there was some way that I could tell Dave that he wasn’t just imagining it, that he is not crazy, that he saw what he saw. But how do you bring that up? I can’t. I simply must stay mum about it, course I pretty much announce it to the world here, but Dave lives on our street and knows a lot of people we know, so it just isn’t possible. I’m sure Dave by now has found a way to rationalize what he no doubt saw.