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July 8, 2013

More Niko-fallout

She had been sitting on the window sill, positioned to look out at Bob... and now? Gone.

She had been sitting on the window sill, positioned to look out at Bob… and now? Gone.

July 8, 2013: As if to emphasize her irritation with us (probably more than just irritated) by Monday night, Nuttah’s character had disappeared. She had been sitting on my window ledge since the post of June 17, where she’d positioned herself presumably to look out at the garden where Bob had been working. I wrote Bob this email when I got home:

11:33 PM: Nuttah is missing – her character is not on the window ledge, where she’s been since she was watching you do something out there (planting?). I looked around in all the usual spots where she might “show up”; she is nowhere. I had a weird sense of something on the way home, perhaps 9:45-ish. Difficult to describe, just a sense that I was experiencing something a bit “surreal”, best way I can describe it.

Niko appears to engage in a non-verbal "conversation" with an unusual white bird

Niko appears to engage in a non-verbal “conversation” with an unusual white bird

Bob responded at 5:30 AM the next morning, July 9:
Rough night last night. Really a mess this morning. Completely out of it, forgot my coffee. Remember how I told you Niko changed his behavior completely after the last “white bird” incident in the tree across the creek that morning? Turns out that was when he fully committed, that he would give himself up to protect us and stay with us. That is what the the encounter was about, him voluntarily making the decision.  It doesn’t surprise me that Nuttah (her figure) is missing, I am surprised that is all that is missing. There is quite a bit of disappointment right now. It is not an easy thing to be subjected to, nor explain. I don’t know about redemption, won’t be easy to convince them. Not looking forward to any more encounters. Hope you slept well, I know you have had to have a better night than I had.

Me back to Bob at 9:14 AM: Sorry you are such a mess this morning. The one big question I have about the messages you are getting and Nuttah’s disappearance is, how did you “abandon him”? The way I see it you defended him, and still do. Even Kate is defending him. So what happened that they feel, or you feel that you betrayed a friend? It seems that you/we are being punished for something we are innocent of. Yes, I agree Niko (or whoever it is in him that does that) needs to be worked with… but we’re not putting him out with the bathwater, by any means. Except for a very low-talking admonishment and a look of disapproval, I didn’t do anything to him – he wasn’t yelled at, hit by anyone, banished to the basement, put out in the yard — so it’s hard for me to understand why she’s being so critical of our reaction. Literally, some people would not have the dog at this point. What did we do? Anyway, that is my big question.

Now me just narrating: What could be the possible answer to this? Why is she so upset with how we handled this? I just don’t get it; she’s removed herself, given Bob countless messages about how we’ve betrayed Niko, and yet we really didn’t even punish him, and probably should have. Kate admits some fault in possibly somewhat “provoking” it. But still… It is not the first time that Niko has behaved this way, so Kate, and whatever she did, is not to blame. Maybe what Nuttah picks up on, is not so much actions, but thoughts. Yes, I had negative thoughts about Niko. Yes, I was angry. Yes, I had some thoughts about the sanity, or lack thereof, of keeping a dog capable of this. I admit it, I had all those thoughts. But why were we being treated like villains? It was curious to me, but I was not going to let it override my mood. Kate was doing well, she was healing, and soon after the stitches were removed, she actually looked pretty good. I was pleased with at least that outcome, and so was she. Where was Nuttah in all of this?

June 18, 2013

Our garden is getting started late

On the evening of June 17th (a Tuesday night) I wrote this to Bob:
“How long were you out watering the garden last night? Did you have any sense of anything while you did it? Cause when I came home, Nuttah had placed her character on my window ledge, looking in the direction of the garden, she has her papoose with her, and the silver heart-charm.”

Here is a photograph that I took the next morning in the daylight, of what I’d found on my window-ledge:

Nuttah, her papoose, and the silver-heart-charm are on the ledge of my office window. Nuttah looks out in the direction of the garden.

Nuttah, her papoose, and the silver-heart-charm are on the ledge of my office window. Nuttah looks out in the direction of the garden.

The next morning, when Bob got the email, he responded: 6/18, 7:22 AM:
“I was only out there about ten minutes. Didn’t notice anything. But I was/am kind of surprised we haven’t been getting any pressure to get the garden going”.

I was wondering about this too. We were very late getting the garden going this spring; we were just so busy with everything. Although it did not require anything but a major weeding, we’d been very late planting it. Finally, sometime in mid-June, we bought already-started tomato plants and plunked them in the ground.

Later same day, 6/18/13 at 10:30 AM, I wrote to Bob:
“I just took notice as I was hooking up the garden sprinkler for tonight, that the deer bone is now out there in the garden. I’ll shoot a picture before I leave, and I’ll just leave the bone there where it is, close to the tomatoes, so you’ll see it tonight (if it doesn’t get moved). I didn’t notice it missing from the office last night (where it’s been), but that doesn’t surprise me. Must have moved when she positioned herself looking out at you.

Bob wrote back to me with minutes, 10:35 AM:
“Hmmm, when I read that it suddenly became clear. That bone is a digging tool (usually modified) and a fertility symbol. So that was probably a hint to get started on garden.

Here, below, are the garden pictures referred to. I’d gone out that morning to find that deer pelvic bone that was left for us on the deck about a month earlier, now part of our garden, as Bob surmises, maybe as a tool, or a fertility symbol?

A close-up of the deer bone left in our garden

A close-up of the deer bone left in our garden, placed near a young, newly-planted tomato plant

The overall garden scene. It's mid-June, and we just got our tomatoes in. Perhaps Nuttah thinks we need help with the "fertility" bone?

The overall garden scene. It’s mid-June, and we just got our tomatoes in. Perhaps Nuttah thinks we need help with the “fertility” bone?

September 2, 2012

We Found Out What Happened

There is a part of me that never wanted to post what came next. It is with the same trepidation that I posted the events involving “the Evil One”, and how he impacted Bob’s life throughout the summer. It was almost as if to write about him enhanced his reality. In the same thought that I think that may not be possible, I also think that anything is possible, based on our experiences. The fall was to be a time of great anxiety, and it started with the return of Nuttah, finally, on September 2, 2012, after the 6 weeks of absence which I wrote about at length.
Feather-BarIt had been more than a month since we’d heard from her. Going back in my ongoing log that I’d been keeping, I determined that we’d last heard from Nuttah sometime in July, and that “event” was nothing really major. I kept reminding Bob that they did have harvest to attend to, she was pregnant, lots of reasons why we may not have heard anything. Bob had a feeling of foreboding about her absence that he couldn’t shake, which I mentioned before in a prior post. So on September 2, we were out in our driveway helping pack up “Rue”, who had been visiting for the weekend. I noticed 2 of our homegrown peppers on her car hood, but I thought Bob had put them there for her to take home. He thought the same of me. Rue said thank you for the peppers, and Bob asked me if I picked them at almost the same time I asked him if he did it. Neither of us had. Rue then went inside to get ready to go, and when she was out of earshot, I said to Bob,

“Do you know what that means?”

“Maybe”, Bob said, “Are you sure you didn’t do it?”

“Yeah, I didn’t — you didn’t — Rue didn’t; it’s got to be Nuttah, nobody else would do it, especially that.”

Bob was inclined to agree, but was hesitant to truly believe it, it was almost too good to be true.

We'd been sitting in the creek on a warm day

We’d been sitting in the creek on a warm day

After we got inside, we were waiting for Rue to get ready to go and I jumped on the computer because I was so excited to write up the appearance of the veggies on Rue’s car. Bob came into the house and I had a thought. I was about to go ask him if he’d sensed her at all when we’d been sitting outside in the creek; the 3 of us, Rue, Bob and I. I charged out of the office with this thought, since the appearance of the vegetables had sparked it, and ran right into him. He grabbed me to stop me, saying, “Our daughter is here…” (I knew he didn’t mean Kate, so he could mean no other than… Nuttah).

Bob was very emotional saying this, “She’s HERE!, She’s right here, can you feel her?”
I could not. “Where!?” I asked.
“Right here, she’s hugging us.”

I wish I could feel that. I wish I could sense her, I don’t. We all three stood there at the bottom of the stairs, embracing, me trying to feel the presence that Bob felt.  Rue was upstairs showering, and I was afraid that she’d come out.  Something seemed to be delaying her, which I was thankful for. I hugged Bob hard as he was so emotional with the reappearance of Nuttah after more than a month. It was the longest absence to date in almost 3 years.

tomahawkThen something started happening to Bob. We’d been standing there, apparently all 3 of us holding each other, and all of a sudden, I felt Bob start to go limp. I thought he was going to collapse onto the floor, so I slowly helped to ease him down. I didn’t want him to go limp and fall and hit his head on the banister. There was no doubt in my mind that he was going “there”, because I had witnessed this already a couple of times. And then he started uttering Lenape words and tones, and I knew it was complete, he was “there”. He was kneeling on the floor, and now started to get tense. It lasted a few minutes, maybe less. I was paranoid the whole time about Rue coming out, I knew Bob would not want to explain any part of this to her, and neither did I. She has more or less forgotten anything we told her about it in the past and never brings it up anymore, and we don’t either. I was hoping he’d “come back” before she  finished upstairs, but I really didn’t want to interrupt the process that Bob was going through either. Given what was going on, I doubt that I could have interrupted, I don’t think Nuttah would have allowed it. I kept saying really softly, so as not to interfere, “What’s happening, what’s happening??”; because I could tell that whatever Bob was being shown there was not good. Then soon, his tense, stiffened body seemed to relax, and I could tell he was back with me. The guttural intonations stopped, and his breathing changed. I knew that whatever he’d been seeing was very emotional, disturbing, it reminded me of the time he’d gone back to find out the male wolf had collapsed and died. But sadly, disturbingly, utterly heart-wrenchingly, this was so much worse. I hate to even report what has happened, because if you’ve been following the blog, and if you even remotely believe that Nuttah and her little Lenape tribal group are real, then this will come as a deep shock. Where she had been for 6 weeks was on the run and in hiding. They actually still were, and I’m not sure that where Bob saw them was “here”, where they used to have an encampment. I don’t know how she was able to contact us, or if it put her in any further danger, I hope not. I will put in the next post what apparently happened, but the bottom line is that the disappearance of the “Evil One” from here, meant that he was then “There”, and has been wreaking havoc with Nuttah and her clan. He is truly evil. I wish that there was something we could do. They want Bob to help, and he had to say “no”, his duties are here.

May 23, 2012

Nuttah Welcomes Me Back

A close-up of Peas on the left, Beans on the right

In mid May, I accompanied my father on a short trip to another state for a nephew’s graduation from college. Dad is getting up there in years now, and does not like to travel far alone. I was gone with him for 5 days. While I was gone, Bob continued working on the gardens we had started for the second year in a row now. We were getting a late start. However, we were not so concerned because the growing season goes right up to October, if not later.

While I was gone, the only report I had of Nuttah’s presence was this email from Bob:

5/19: BTW Nuttah visited very early this morning. We all miss An’na.

Did she sit on my chair waiting for me the entire time I was gone?

I missed them too. It was difficult for Nuttah (and all her tribe) to understand me leaving without Bob. It was a difficult separation for us too, even though it was so brief, exacerbated by the all-out bizarreness of what had been going on for the past couple of months. I worried about Bob every day.

I returned Sunday, May 20th, and Monday morning, I wrote this email to Bob:

“I came down to my office last night and looked around for Nuttah, couldn’t find her on the desk anywhere, and I knew she’d been here when I left, started to get concerned or thought maybe I missed her upstairs. Then I went to sit down, and there she was on my office chair. (see picture to the left) Probably sat there the whole time I was gone. Anyway, I am very happy to be back, and I missed you too.”

Then, a couple of days later, on May 23, Bob wrote me this email:

I don’t know whether you heard the drums last night, but I surely did, loud and clear. Nuttah is in some sort of ritual cleansing, several days long. I was shown this by the old joints for a couple reasons, most importantly, to them anyway, my “protection” will be diminished during this period and several other periods going ahead. It has to do with her pregnancy and position (shaman) in the tribe. In so many words I expressed the immortal words of David Hasselhof: “I”ll be fine”. The drumming went on all night. Nuttah was in a small hut with an elderly woman performing the ritual.

Me: No, didn’t hear any drums last night, I did not wake up until after you left though. Had a weird dream about a bunch of rednecks taking over our house. Did you GO there to witness the ritual, or were you shown from here? Have you seen that guy (Evil one) around of late? I haven’t heard about him in awhile. Maybe something about this ritual is available online. I’ll try to find out.
So happy to be back.

Bob responded, “I was shown the ritual, didn’t go thankfully. I see my buddy at least once a day, sometimes twice.

I then asked, “Where does he usually appear?”

And Bob answered, “Always at the gate when I open in the morning and occasionally [one street away] by the train tracks, no lights or houses there. It is funny, when I have my crew with me he always shivers and says ‘oh, scared’ when we go by him or stop at gate.”

I was concerned about the statement: “My protection will be diminished during this period”. What a perfect time for that to happen, when Bob is facing a character that “wants to kill him in all his lives”. We have felt all along as if he has been the recipient of some special kind of protection, there have been so many incidents to substantiate this. It would be frightening to think that he might lose that.

August 24, 2011

Event #243 & 244: August 22 – 24, 2011

Monday August 22, Bob writes me this email:
Did you happen to hear the LOUD electrical crackle followed by 3 sharp, loud knocks at 3:32 this morning? Early morning fly through.

Mine back to Bob: No, I didn’t hear any of that. Luckily it was at that hour and not earlier, for you. I went to bed super tired though, must have been sleeping pretty soundly, although I do remember hearing you pull out. What happens in an early morning fly-through? Just that?

The arrangement from 8/17 is slightly different tonight

Then on Tuesday, August 23, I write Bob this email:
She was there last night, the bureau arrangement is different, did you have any sense of that? It was before I got home, so I guess she could have visited during the day. Also, the stone is back on your radio.

So, taking note of the picture to the left, in this arrangement, Bob’s stone was taken out and moved to his clock-radio, the hearts are in a different position, and the green necklace wolf-head-shape is slightly different. Below, I’ve included the picture from 8/17 to see the changes.

Characters on the Bureau

Hearts, a wolf head, claws, and 2 new flower sprigs with the characters of Kate, Nuttah & myself

Then Bob writes on August 24: I think we should give Nuttah and her husband something for their wedding. I don’t know what. I was trying to think of something, flowers is all that comes to mind, maybe a toaster.

And mine to Bob: Yes, I was having the same thought about a wedding present, don’t know what to give either. I could collect some flowers, how about one of our squashes or home-grown veggies?

After this email conversation, I tried to do a little research into both Lenape wedding ceremonies and Native American wedding ceremonies. I was pretty unsuccessful. I could find nothing that proved a connection between the ragweed in her hair and a wedding ceremony, except for that part I already posted about ragweed being part of a family of plants that are related somehow to immortality. In my research, the only possible wedding present that I could come up with is perhaps a gift of maize (corn), which come with wishes for fertility. I think I’ll just collect some wildflowers from the yard and we’ll present that.  Our corn crop this year was pretty dismal. We had success with tomatoes, squash, peas and beans, but the corn was a dismal failure. Good thing we were not depending on that.

July 6, 2011

Event #234: Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bob wrote this email on July 6th, 7:20 pm:

Their fields are WAY ahead of our stupey garden. Corn is at least 4 maybe 5 feet tall. Beans are wrapped around almost to top of corn. Squash is much larger, all around the plants. DUPS have GROWN. Almost Waffle size! Great noses! Got to play with them again by the field. Got humiliated by “asking to have a puppy”. I guess I should have known this. They are not “pets”, it is insulting to think you can possess them. They are revered, I should feel honored and I (her Father) did feel honored that THEY chose him to befriend. I tried to explain that I do feel that way, I do actually. They don’t understand that our Dups are pets, they see them as having chosen us, not the other way around, the Whoosh brothers explained this.

One of the long houses is being rebuilt, just saw that in passing on way to field, sweat lodge has been redone too. You need to find out more about all the plants that have been left, they MAY be needed. Same with our stupey garden.
I was asked “to stay with us” again, first time in awhile. I said, maybe in time and only if Nuttah can get An’na here too. I got a very frustrated response, but very clear, Nkwhechi or ey, that is phonetic, but it is something like I’m trying or I try, I remember that word, which is unusual, but there was so much passion and emotion in her when she said it, it imprinted on me. She is extremely frustrated. If it ever happens you may not come back. I shouldn’t say that, might make you more resistant, but that is just me thinking that if Nuttah is ever able to get you tuned in she may just, out of desperation, keep you there. Not her thought, mine. History class may start again, we’ll see, that is my call. They are playing on my pride (they don’t know I have none). Geez, I just reread this, something I don’t normally do, do you think I’m fucking nuts?!
That was it, gone in a whoosh. Back in a flash, at least I’m still on the deck.

I later looked up the word that Bob had heard, that he said he was spelling phonetically, but he got it really close. It is “nkwëchi”, and means “I try”. [Hear it].

June 27, 2011

Update: Monday, June 27, 2011

The 3 regular ducks show up right in the middle of the bed; we were out all evening and came home to this

Wow, how the month of June has flown. I truly do not know what happens to “time”; as soon as a month starts, I turn around and it’s the end of the month already. Does this happen to anyone else? I have a feeling of acceleration, that as we age, time just speeds up, and every day is a second or more shorter. This should be good news to Bob — summer will be over before you know it! (Bob is not a fan of summer, to say the least).

There is much to report. That is another thing — I have run out of time to work on it. I am behind by about 5 posts — 3 of them are events that happened specifically to Bob at the end of May/early June, and I still need his permission to post. One happened after those last 3 flower sprigs appeared, the yellow ones that I did write up. There were then another 3 of a different flower, and although I have the pictures, I haven’t had time to write it all up. And then lastly, we came home Saturday night (6/25) to a change in the bedroom — and this was a ‘first’: the ducks were ON THE BED! I do have a picture to add, which is to the left here, and even though things are out of order, I’ll just take some liberties, and do it now.

The first vegetable from the garden, planted 5/13: a Pea pod

And there is one other thing I would like to add, before I work on updating some of these other posts. This weekend, we actually produced our first vegetable from the garden. This was an exciting moment and we discovered it almost by accident. Considering I am weeding in the vegetable garden daily, you would think I would have noticed this. Saturday, Bob added some twine attached to sticks at each end of the garden to give the peas some support. I went in and wound the pea plants up through the twine so they’d have something to grab onto. The plants themselves are at least about 12-15″ tall, and they are starting to flop over. In this process, I discovered that we actually had pea-pods growing! Okay, maybe this sounds hokey, but it was our first produce from the garden and we were both really excited. I immediately picked it, split it in half and before you could say ‘pea-pod’, we ate it. Then, we found more, but have to let them mature a bit, for a few days.

The cover of the Paper Doll book: Woodlands Indian Girl

And then one last thing. I finally found some new paper dolls. I ordered some cheap ‘Dover publications’ Indian doll books. My plan is to replace the dolls we’ve been using, as it seems that she has more or less abandoned them (and Bob’s character is still missing since January). Every once in awhile, there is a change with my character here in the office, but it’s been pretty rare. So this is something I hope to launch this weekend. The plan is that there will be a Lenape version of each of us, and the current-day version of us, perhaps on the reverse. If I have time, I’ll give her other ‘diorama’ objects to work with. It is always interesting to see how these things get used. I’ll be working the rest of this week on getting the blog current.

June 18, 2011

June 18th: Garden Update

The garden is doing so well, that it bears a picture update. The one on the left was taken on May 29th. That is less than 3 weeks prior to the one on the right, taken just this past weekend, on Saturday, June 18th. Notice the tomatoes on the left! We have not yet yielded any produce, but I don’t think we’re far away from that. The other 2 rows of plants are peas and beans. You can’t really see the corn at the far end, but it’s about a foot high.

A close-up of Peas on the left, Beans on the right

The garden on June 18 - the tomatoes are as high as the windows

June 8, 2011

Garden update, Wednesday, June 8

The vegetable garden is progressing amazingly fast, considering that in the picture that I took on May 21st, only tiny pea sprouts were showing. Of course that was the same weekend when the sun came out on Saturday, and literally before noon, another row of sprouts popped up. Here, below, is the most recent picture. This weekend, we are probably going to have to give some support to the peas and the tomatoes, which are seen along the wall of the building. At the hour this picture is taken, which is roughly noon, 1/2 of the garden is in the sunlight, and 1/2 is still in shade. What you see there is peas, tomatoes, beans, squash, celery, and corn (and off to the right, a rose-bush and the irises):

The vegetable garden on June 8, everything planted is now flourishing.

We had some left-over soil and some un-used planters (Earth-Boxes), so finished off the planting in containers with some peppers, leeks, herbs and melons:

Gardening in containers (earth-boxes): peppers, melons, herbs

June 7, 2011

Event #226a: June 7, 2011

Then, the next morning I received this email from Bob:

Bob, Tuesday, June 7th, 8 am:

I have been thinking about Nuttah and the visit last night. About the connection between you and the white duck, quack. About you doing what you have always done. The ceremony honoring her father. The men that performed the ceremony, I don’t believe they were aware of me watching, so they couldn’t see me or sense me or our idiot dogs. I am going to try to ask to “speak” with the elders (“whoosh”) if possible again. If I can focus, which is not as easy as you think. I want to see if I can get some understanding or clarification, I doubt it, but I want to try. Anyway, that’s my plan and I’m sticking to it.

Me, June 7th: You know it’s funny, that book I’m kinda reading, off and on, about karma and reincarnation… I think since my life as a Lenape woman was cut short, here I am back to finishing out my mission or something. “You doing what you have always done”. There do appear to be connections between lives, and you do have an all-out purpose. It’s up to us to find out what that is.