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February 25, 2018

Is This an Angel on the Dresser?


Two of my beaded necklaces were arranged like this on the bureau

For probably several weeks, Nuttah’s character ‘angel’ sat on my bedside table. I’m not sure when, but one night I came home and found her there. And there she sat until recently I noticed she was gone. This might have occurred a week or two ago. I think I might have mentioned it to Bob in an email. I will try to find it. Here we go. I mentioned this at the end of an email to Bob on Feb. 16:

“Nuttah has been on my bedstand for about a month or more, she disappeared as of yesterday.”

So since today is Feb. 25, it’s been a little more than a week. But then something happened today. We were basically home all day (it’s Sunday) but I left the bedroom around 8-something, and did not go back up until evening. It was then that I found this arrangement on my bureau. Two necklaces from my jewelry “closet” had been placed in a fashion to resemble what I think looks like an ‘angel’. Bob was as surprised by this as I was, when I brought him up to show him. What happened to Nuttah’s character? Where did she go? I’ve looked in all the obvious spots. Maybe she was taken. Maybe this necklace arrangement is her way of saying, “I’m still here”. I hope so. Also… coincidentally, yesterday I bought beads at Michaels. Could she have noticed?

January 24, 2016

The “dups” are rearranged with their wolf alter-egos

Remember, in our household, “Dups” = Dogs

Bob and I exchanged these emails on the morning of January 21, referring to the night before:
Bob: “Did wake to a visit, well the dups woke me with severe whining, all three whining in unison. Seemed very brief, but Nuttah was there with Teme. Don’t know what it was about, seemed brief, actually, I don’t know that, it was brief while I was awake. Lu has the silliest of whines, she needs to work on that. Niko and Red have proper whines.”

I wrote Bob back, same morning:
“Yes I knew there was a visit, there is a new arrangement on the TV dresser. What time did that happen? It seems to be all the dups and wolves piled up; she used the bark hut behind it all and she’s in the front with a heart on top of your stone facing the bed. What does it all mean? How is Teme doing, does he have hip issues still? Or you don’t know.”

I am really not sure what the nature of this visit was. Only the dogs (dups) know and they’re not talking. I asked Lucy later, she just looked at me and cocked her head funny. She seems to understand when I talk to her, understand  a lot more than we probably give her credit for. Here are pictures of what was on the bureau (and still is as I write this on 1/23:

A new arrangement with all the Niko, Red and Lucy characters that I provided.

A new arrangement with all the Niko, Red and Lucy characters that I provided.

Then I noticed that little Lu was pared with a wolf-pup! So is she just like Niko/Duke/Teme, and has an alter-ego that is a wolf?

Then I noticed that little Lu was pared with a wolf-pup! So is she just like Niko/Duke/Teme, and has an alter-ego that is a wolf?

If you click on the picture on the right, the one I have the pink circle around, you can see that Lucy has behind her (combined with her) one of the wolf-pups. Is this her wolf alter-ego? According to Bob, Niko now contains the essence of Duke and also the Teme (wolf) from their time. In fact, if something were to happen to Niko, it would also happen to the wolf (and vice versa) That much we do know. Both Niko and Teme had hip problems that started at the same time. With Teme, he got hurled against something by a bear, Bob thinks, and Niko started having serious problems with his hips/back legs then. We started taking him to a vet and having laser-treatments and acupuncture to bring him around. It really seemed to work too, at least for a year. This all started in late fall of 2014, and he did okay until recently. Now he is suffering again, and I’m afraid we may have to revisit getting some kind of ‘cart’ for Niko. He needs something like this:

If Niko had one of these, we could walk him and he could move around better. This even looks like him.

If Niko had one of these, we could walk him and he could move around better. This even looks like him. If Niko would tolerate being hooked into this thing, I think he’d really benefit from the action.

There was one other ‘event’ in January that bears writing about, and it took place on January 9th. Our kids were taking Bob out for his 60th birthday celebration. We were to meet them out at a venue in NJ, and then Stewie was going to spend the night here with us, although Bob didn’t know this until the day of the celebration. We had a great time out and then, as planned, Stewie came to spend the night. In the morning, after having more or less forgotten about his usual, timely ‘character’ arrival, I checked in the places it would normally show up and there was no sign of Stew. I chalked this up to Nuttah not picking up from Bob that Stewie was coming to spend the night, since the whole thing had developed as a surprise.

However, I mentioned this to Bob, and I guess he went and had a look around, and brought me out to the foyer to show me this:

There he was, his character showing up as he always does when Stew visits in person. We then went out to say goodbye when Stew was leaving, and by the time we came in the character was already gone.

There he was, his character showing up as he always does when Stew visits in person. We then went out to say goodbye when Stew was leaving, and by the time we came in, his character was already gone.

January 3, 2016

How to ‘spark’ activity

So I had a little time off between Christmas and New Year’s this year. It ends tomorrow (1/4/16) but I had a nice 11-day stretch of vacation time, which I spent at home. It’s always nice to just sort of hang out at home and not have to work; I could get used to this in no time. I did do a lot of chores and cleaning/organizing, a fair amount of visiting, and things that I normally can’t do because about 12 hours of my work days are occupied with either getting ready for work, driving to or from work, or actually being at work. So that leaves little else. One of the little ‘projects’ that I’ve put off for a long time and have thought about doing, I actually did. I made paper cut-outs of the newer dogs in our house. It has been that long; all the dogs we have now were not ours when all this started. I know that probably sounds like a small thing, but when everything else is so pressing, doing this was no small feat. And with this, I’d also like to introduce a new face in our dog-household, and that is little “Lu”. “Lu” is Lucy, the Yorkie. A Yorkie! you might think, amongst our German Shepherd and wolf-hybrid. Yes, it’s Lucy; Yorkie rescue, and she holds her own with Niko and Red, and another dog we adopted last February that we call “Fred”, short for Winifred.

3 of the dogs. Red on the left, Niko on the right, and (not to scale), Lucy the Yorkie in the middle

3 of the dogs: Red on the left, Niko on the right, and (not to scale), Lucy the Yorkie in the middle

I made cutouts of Niko, Red and Lucy. All 3 have at one time or other been part of “events”. Fred has not, so I didn’t make a cutout for Fred. The 3 of them are pictured here to the left, and the caption tells who they are. This was on the 29th and I set them up that same day on the bureau in our bedroom with Nuttah.


Pictures of the dog/wolf arrangement

And here is how I placed them on the bureau. I added the original cutouts I still had of the wolves, and then there is also Duke in this picture, just to the left of Nuttah. And a blue Oaxacan (Mexican) rabbit, but that object ‘lives’ on the bureau – it’s always there

We were out for a bit on Thursday, 12/31, which is New Year’s Eve, but it was early, we didn’t want to be out late. We were having an early dinner at a local pub, because we wanted to get home and in before any New Year’s Eve madness started. Bob at one point during dinner said to me, “Nuttah is visiting right now.”

“What?, How do you know?”, I asked.

“I just see her by the creek with her boy”, Bob replied.

“What is she doing?”, I asked.

“Nothing really, I just had a very clear image of her there, and she somehow communicated that to me.”

So you can imagine that when we got home, I made a beeline to the bedroom to check the bureau to see if any changes. And voila! Yes, there was, see picture below. So what has changed, is that all the dogs were pulled in tighter to Nuttah. She is down now at their level, and she piled a heart on top of Bob’s stone. But the most interesting thing, that Bob had to point out to me, because I didn’t see it right away, was that the paper character of Duke (the shepherd we had prior to Niko that passed away) was SHARING Niko’s support stand. Duke had been inserted into the stand as if he and Niko shared the same – well, body, I guess. That is what Bob has been saying all along, that Duke lives still inside of Niko, as well as the Teme wolf that lives in Nuttah’s world. The 3 are all part of one. I don’t know how this works, but this is what Nuttah is illustrating by combining the 2 shepherds. In the picture below, you can kind of see Duke’s ears behind Niko’s head.

Changes on the Bureau

The changes to the arrangement. Disregard the owl to the right of the arrangement, I had placed that there too, but it really doesn’t figure into anything, except for the fact that Nuttah didn’t disturb it.

And then in this picture below, I came in closer to try to better illustrate the little scene. What both of us missed, because the cutout is smaller than the other two, is that BEHIND Niko and Duke, one of the wolf cutouts was also sharing the stand. So she HAD combined the 3 all in one. Bob seems to know, when he is visiting ‘there’, that the wolf/dog he interacts with is Niko/Duke/Teme – the 3 of them all inhabiting the one. And now Nuttah has substantiated this with the cutouts. I still plan to work with more cutouts/diorama objects, because it seems like the best way for her to communicate ideas and relationships. And I do like to ‘spark’ some activity.

The changes on the dresser

A closer up version of the combined Niko/Duke



December 29, 2013

When Stewie leaves, his character follows

The arrangement found on my bedside table when I got home from holiday party

The arrangement found on my bedside table when I got home from holiday party

Stewie and his girlfriend (I’ll call her “Minsi” – a Lenape word, hope she doesn’t object) left to go to work the morning after Christmas Day, but Stewie decided to come out again that evening to spend the night. I wondered if his character would disappear or stay; does Nuttah “know” when he’s returning? She seemed to, because even while Stew was gone all day Thursday (12/26) at work, his character remained where Bob had seen it “come in” on my bedside table. We went out to dinner Thursday evening (Yes, even with all that leftover turkey!), and then Stew showed us how to stream movies on our TV. Sad how we can never figure this out for ourselves. After Stew’s visit overnight, he left Friday afternoon. I kept an eye on the arrangement upstairs as I could, and by the time I got up Saturday morning, he was gone.

The arrangement is now on the TV dresser (a very old TV)

The arrangement is now on the TV dresser (a very old TV)

Bob and I had much to do Saturday, and when we returned from dinner late Saturday night, there was a change from the arrangement on my bedside table:  Stew was still gone, but also the entire arrangement had been moved! It was now on our bedroom TV table; a dresser in the corner. It was basically in the same configuration as before, but now right in front of the TV. I’ve included a picture here, and compare it to the thumbnail in the paragraph above. The only real difference is that Bob’s special stone remains on my bedside table and is not part of this arrangement.

Bob had no explanation of this new change, and said he did not feel the presence of Nuttah, nor had he throughout the day. There had only been that very brief encounter when she breezed through to place Stewie’s character on Christmas Day. We’re left to try to interpret. I know it’s where our eyes are always directed, she is literally in front of the TV controls and I have to use the remote, otherwise I would upset this arrangement. Trying to get our attention? I don’t know, but I do know that she has it.

November 2, 2011

Update: November 2, 2011

After a freak October 29 snowstorm that laid heavy snow on still-leafy tree branches, we (and most of our town/neighbors) have been without power due to the severe storm damage. I am sneaking on my account at work to give an update. We are projected to have power by possibly Sunday, Nov. 6 – woo hoo. No sign of Nuttah, at least her physical character – I continue to check every day, but she has not reappeared, and there were no changes on the dresser in the old bedroom. Today I moved all the remaining characters to the front bedroom, just to see if that would spark any activity. Something that has returned is the “buzz/hum”. I haven’t heard that in awhile, and I was surprised by it when it popped back in. The other night, returning from work in complete darkness, I opened the car door, and at first thought that Bob had gotten us a generator, and maybe it was set up around the other side of the house. But upon listening more closely as I exited the car, I realized it was the return of the hum in my ear. I’m still not really sure what that means, but I continue to hope that it means her presence. I only hear the hum at certain times of the year, and I believe I first began to be aware of it about this time last year. The power outage, going into day 5 now, has been interesting. I’m not as perturbed by it as I might have thought – the darkness is a little unnerving, but it’s caused me to think a lot about how our Lenape residents dealt (deal) with life on a daily basis. And of course we have the wood stove for heat, so we are not freezing, just have no lights, running water (except for the creek of course) and no refrigeration. We’re both making it to work as usual, and just dealing with it as best we can. A hot shower is the biggest thing that I miss. The area is like a war-zone. The amount of trees and branches and debris that came down was impressive. There is a massive amount of work to do in the area, and it’s going to be days before they can get it done. Well, I’ve snuck enough time, hope to give another update soon. Signing off ’til power restored…

October 25, 2011

Events #262-263: Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bob is now in the scene, along with the Bark-hut. Compare to Event #259

Sometime on Saturday, the 22nd, there was another change on the dresser. This time, Bob’s character was brought out of the drawer and placed next to Duke/Tëme. His outstretched hand is touching the back of Duke. Nuttah turns herself to look at all of us. The last thing that was added in the rear was the bark-hut, which can’t really be seen, just the lower right edge of it behind “Bob”. Now tonight, I just came home, and my first stop is usually to head over there to check on Joe because he will need to be fed. And of course I always check around the room for any changes, the bureau first. Tonight, the change was immediately obvious. Nuttah’s character is missing. I could not find her anywhere in the room, including the drawer, so my first check was our “new” bedside tables in the bedroom in the front of the house. She’s not there. Not in the bathroom either. The office was my last stop, and she is not in here either. Where is Nuttah? I probably won’t know until tomorrow morning, or until we just stumble upon her wherever she may have placed herself.

October 16, 2011

Event #259: Sunday, October 16, 2011

Duke/Tëme, Nuttah and "I?" love the Turtle tribe?

This event only comes in the form of a dresser arrangement. I came up to this sometime on Sunday — this is still in our “old” bedroom, even though we have moved to the front of the house. There is a sprig of purple asters in this picture behind Duke/Tëme. I picked those while walking with Wobbles on Saturday, and put a bunch of them in a small glass by “Nuttah”. She has also brought “me” (my character) out of the mess in the drawer, and inserted me behind Duke/Tëme.  I asked Bob what he thought this new arrangement meant, but I also have my own thought, based on Bob’s assessment of the last arrangement, which I’ve also included a picture of again. I think it just simply means:  Duke/Tëme, Nuttah and “I” love the Turtle tribe.

The merged Tëme/Duke, and a heart in line with the pewter turtle

October 11, 2011

Event #257: Tuesday, October 11, 2011

On October 8th, we were having my Dad overnight, and he was going to be staying in the back bedroom. In advance of his visit, I cleared the dresser of all the cut-outs, and anything else that might raise a question. It certainly did cross my mind that something might happen while he was there. I had asked Bob to take over a comforter and fix up the bed for him, and I went up later to see if the room was in shape for my Dad as a guest. For the most part it was, but on the bed were the 2 Ma & Pa ducks from the top of the closet – the Pa on Bob’s side of the bed, and the Ma on mine. I placed them on the bedside table and went down to ask Bob if he’d put them on the bed. He hadn’t.

Then, the next morning after my Dad had spent the night in the room, something else happened. Sunday morning, he took a long time to get up. At almost 11:00, we were starting to get worried a bit, so I quietly crept over to that part of the house. I didn’t hear a thing. I took the liberty of knocking lightly at the bottom of the stairs to the bedroom, and he answered right away. He was already up. But he asked me to come upstairs and check something out; “something happened with a plant you have in the bathroom”. I couldn’t imagine what, so I climbed the stairs, and sure enough, a giant plant in a stand had crashed down onto the floor and broken apart, inexplicably. There was potting soil all over the floor. This was going to be quite a clean-up, but I tried to minimize that part of it. Dad, though, was not able to say what happened, I think just because he didn’t know. Was it Joe? I don’t think so. Did Dad bump into it? I don’t think so either, he would have said he knocked it over. So what was it? I still don’t know. I just cleaned everything up, and the plant survived. Dad did not report anything odd, with the exception of the plant that ended up on the floor. So I didn’t think much of it, until a couple of days later, I was getting some things out of the closet in the back bedroom. We’re slowly in the process of moving everything from back there to the front bedroom where we now reside. I took a load of things out of a closet and put my hand on something that was unfamiliar. It was a rabbit. The Oaxacan rabbit carving from atop the mirror cabinet was in the back of the closet behind all the pillowcases. Hmmmmm… had it been “hidden” there? And when? How long had it been missing?

The merged Tëme/Duke, and a heart in line with the pewter turtle

Here is the email I wrote Bob about it: “I was cleaning out a shelf in our old bathroom closet of some pillow cases, and found the rabbit behind them against the back wall of the closet – the one that had sat up on our mirror cabinet. Don’t know if I’d ever have found it if I hadn’t discovered those cases needed washing due to smelling like mold.”

Bob wrote back: “The rabbit thing is strange. Are you sure about it? Not something you accidentally moved?”

And me: “No, I don’t think  that I accidentally took the rabbit and hid it in the back of a closet behind a bunch of pillow cases! ;-}”

Then, on October 11th, there was a new arrangement on the dresser. (see picture to the left) All of the cut-outs had still been hidden in the drawer where I put them the day my Dad had been staying. But Tuesday morning, I came over to some of them sitting out on the dresser top. I wrote Bob an email about what I’d found:  “I’ll send the pic of the new arrangement separately. See if you can decipher for me, since my brain is sludge today.”

Bob replied with this: “My first thought and impression is “Dukey/Tëme love and miss their tribe.”

I think Bob is right, with the message. It seems obvious now that I look at it, but the message is really very simple:

“Dukey/Tëme love and miss their Turtle tribe.”

October 7, 2011

Event #256: October 3-6, 2011

One thing needs to be explained before I can continue with posting all the new pictures. Bob and I moved out of the back of the house and into the front. This, I believe, was on October 1st. It’s something we had planned to do, because we only want to burn one wood stove this winter to heat the house rather than two. Stewie has moved out, and it is just the 2 of us. So, for the first time in our 10 years here, we are now in one of the pretty small but very cozy bedrooms of the old, original, 2-bedroom cape-cod part of the house. Our old bedroom and the flooded, damaged, muddy, living room below it stand empty. Empty of people, anyway, and Joe has not figured out yet how to find us. That being Joe’s entire “Universe”, it is possible that he never will find us. I did wonder how this might look to Nuttah, and how we might explain to her why we were doing it. I didn’t want her to feel like we were abandoning her, or were leaving for any other reason other than economics. (and not wanting to walk through the flooded room all the time).

Above then, is a picture of what I found on the dresser on Oct. 3rd; Tëme/Duke is standing between Bob & I, Nuttah sits next to me and there are hearts and a flower sprig in front of all. And the morning of October 4th, I write Bob this email:  I meant to tell you that there is a new re-arrangement on the dresser with us and the pups again. She visited over there. I think you have to let her know why we moved. (meaning moved our bedroom to the front of the house)

Every night, after our move, I stop in the back of the house and the old bedroom to both check on Joe, and see what he needs, and to see if there have been any changes on the dresser with the characters. Here are a couple of photos of how things appeared on October 6th. This appears to be the “Girl” side of the dresser, as it is ‘me’, Nuttah, the “mother wolf” emerging from the bark-hut, and the wolf pups, I presume. Plus a couple of hearts and a turtle. The round pendant-heart that is red in a yellow circle plays into the scene for the first time. The pendant was a gift from Bob last Valentine’s Day, and had hung in my jewelry closet:

The left, "Girl" side of the dresser

Then the “guy” side of the dresser looked like this picture below. In this one, we have Bob with the merged version of Tëme and Duke, Bob’s stone, some dried flower sprigs, and a heart.

The right "Guy" side of the dresser: Bob and the male pups

My email about it to Bob: The changes on the dresser are fascinating. I can’t interpret really, except for the obvious parts, like you with Duke and Tëme, your stone with you and a heart. For the first time, the Valentine heart you gave me has been brought out into use. I will send you a picture, I took some last night. I don’t know what it all means. I had a dream last night about one of the wolf-pair pups. In a compound sort of like where homeless people or even a tribe would live inside a city, like the poor in Santa Fe or some place like that.

Now me just narrating: I do hope that Nuttah is not perturbed by our move. I know that she has been on this side of the house before, as there have often been changes in my office. So, we wait to see if she finds us or visits, or moves anything around over here. I don’t want to bring the characters over just yet, she seems to be doing interesting things with them over there. But I would like it if Bob could somehow convey the reason for our move.

September 26, 2011

Event #253: Monday, Sept. 26, 2011

Bob sent me this email this morning, and below it is my reply:

I meant to ask you, was there any activity last night? There was serious walking around upstairs when I came down this morning, enough for me to go search all around. Obviously nothing found. I also don’t think it was coincidence that Dukey kept showing up on my screensaver here last Thursday. My friend was saying good bye.

Me: I didn’t hear anything last night, or see anything moved or changed. I’ve been getting a lot of images of turtles though. All different ways, but turtles nevertheless. Always the same kind of turtle – the type from here.

Bob’s last comment in his email requires a little explanation. Bob has some pictures that randomly show on his work computer as a screensaver. He says that over time, he will see one of the 4 he has of Duke only occasionally – once a week at the most. And Thursday, the fateful day at the vet, all 4 pictures of Duke kept showing up on his screensaver repeatedly. Enough times to both get Bob’s attention and to cause agony each time he saw him.

Bob and I then talked later while I was at work, and I asked him about what he heard. “Just walking around, really obvious walking on the floors above me”.

Kind of spooky, but not exactly the first time that’s occurred in the front of the house. I sit here almost every night, doing this or something else at my desk, and I never hear anything, or almost never. Certainly not clear footsteps, cause I think that would get me out of here pretty quick. So I asked Bob if he noticed any changes in our room, and in particular with all the characters I left on the dresser.
“No.” was the reply.
“How ’bout the bedside tables?” I wondered.
“Nope.”, said Bob.
I was a little disappointed, I must say. I thought, since that event on Saturday when I placed all the dogs on the dresser, that it was about time for another one. I needed something. Something to understand what went on with Dukey and the Teme, the male wolf. We are so distraught; we want something, some kind of explanation. Not so much for Duke; we understand that. We aren’t dealing with it well, but we understand medical things and irreversible health issues. But why did Teme have to die too? He was healthy dog – a relatively young dog. That’s the big unanswerable question that has us hurting even more. So when I came home, I anxiously went up and peered at the dresser. It wasn’t obvious at first, there are so many dogs on the dresser — but then in the dim light cast only by the TV, I spotted it. Duke and Teme are merged. This time they are not reversed like the last time when they appeared like ghostly white “blanks” in the field of dogs. They are facing forward, but they are completely merged as if one dog. I guess they were one dog. This is what I am coming to understand. They are one and the same. Duke was the Teme male. But how is that possible? They occupied different time-frames, and different looking bodies — but the spirit in each dog was the same. This is just too much, but the death of Duke, and the simultaneous death of the male wolf is a huge clue as to how this whole thing works together. And now they are one, I think that is the message tonight from Nuttah. There are some other changes as well; a heart points at Bob, sitting on top of one of the little stabilizing stones.  When I studied the changes the next morning, in better light, what I realized that Nuttah had done was to simply remove Duke from his stand, and place him in the same stand as his wolf counterpart. I feel only a tiny bit better, the world is still not right without Duke: