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August 24, 2011

Event #243 & 244: August 22 – 24, 2011

Monday August 22, Bob writes me this email:
Did you happen to hear the LOUD electrical crackle followed by 3 sharp, loud knocks at 3:32 this morning? Early morning fly through.

Mine back to Bob: No, I didn’t hear any of that. Luckily it was at that hour and not earlier, for you. I went to bed super tired though, must have been sleeping pretty soundly, although I do remember hearing you pull out. What happens in an early morning fly-through? Just that?

The arrangement from 8/17 is slightly different tonight

Then on Tuesday, August 23, I write Bob this email:
She was there last night, the bureau arrangement is different, did you have any sense of that? It was before I got home, so I guess she could have visited during the day. Also, the stone is back on your radio.

So, taking note of the picture to the left, in this arrangement, Bob’s stone was taken out and moved to his clock-radio, the hearts are in a different position, and the green necklace wolf-head-shape is slightly different. Below, I’ve included the picture from 8/17 to see the changes.

Characters on the Bureau

Hearts, a wolf head, claws, and 2 new flower sprigs with the characters of Kate, Nuttah & myself

Then Bob writes on August 24: I think we should give Nuttah and her husband something for their wedding. I don’t know what. I was trying to think of something, flowers is all that comes to mind, maybe a toaster.

And mine to Bob: Yes, I was having the same thought about a wedding present, don’t know what to give either. I could collect some flowers, how about one of our squashes or home-grown veggies?

After this email conversation, I tried to do a little research into both Lenape wedding ceremonies and Native American wedding ceremonies. I was pretty unsuccessful. I could find nothing that proved a connection between the ragweed in her hair and a wedding ceremony, except for that part I already posted about ragweed being part of a family of plants that are related somehow to immortality. In my research, the only possible wedding present that I could come up with is perhaps a gift of maize (corn), which come with wishes for fertility. I think I’ll just collect some wildflowers from the yard and we’ll present that.  Our corn crop this year was pretty dismal. We had success with tomatoes, squash, peas and beans, but the corn was a dismal failure. Good thing we were not depending on that.

August 18, 2011

Event #241: Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Characters on the Bureau

Hearts, a wolf head, claws, and 2 new flower sprigs with the characters of Kate, Nuttah & myself

So many events, so little time. I confess, today is August 22, and here I am writing up the event of August 17th. Okay, only 5 days have passed, perhaps I should not be so hard on myself. Also, I was SO intrigued by this event that I did write it up immediately — and my post got deleted before I could publish it due to some server maintenance thing that WordPress had going on. And here it is 5 days later before I can get back to it again, but that’s life. I will relate this event with the emails that Bob and I exchanged about it the following day, which was 8/18:

Bob’s to me:  Only have a minute. Rough night of sleep. Had an interesting “dream” last night. I believe we may have had a visit from our daughter last night. I may have an explanation for the wolf portrayals with the necklace and a reason why Nuttah has been scarce. That is, of course, if what I had was not a typical dream. Did you notice anything?

Mine to Bob:  Yes, we had a visit. There was a pretty involved set-up on the dresser. I guess this must have happened after we hung up. There was another batch of flowers, which I put in water, and one of them is reviving enough for me to attempt an ID. I don’t know off-hand what they are. Kate’s character is part of this one, could be just because I put her on the dresser when I cleaned up the jewelry drawer. Nuttah leans against me, as she has done in the past. I’ll take a picture, as it’s a pretty detailed one. The green necklace (which was still down here in the office) was used as a ‘wolf-head’ portrayal again. I didn’t write it up last night because I needed the picture to go with it. I’ll go take one now. I’m curious about your ‘dream’ that went with this.

Bob’s “dream” was actually a vision of a significant event which I will write up in the next post.

July 28, 2011

Event #238a: July 28, 2011 (2nd Post)

Tiny claws & half a bird eggshell found perched on the wall

Wow, this is so kind of weird that I had to post it. I went back in previous posts to see what day it was that the crawfish claws first appeared, because I knew it was last summer. And to the left is the picture I used when I first mentioned them in a post. And in the post I just made on July 28 of this year, the crawfish claws were used again, and the date they appeared last year? July 28, 2010. Below is the picture again.

Tiny crawfish claws shaped like a "heart"

This may be a bit of a stretch, but there might be some significance to them on this particular date, since it has now happened twice. The claws have to do with a constellation, as Bob has told me. So there must be a connection to the summer sky on that date. I think I need to correct myself and call them Crayfish, not crawfish. I apologize for not knowing the difference.

July 28, 2011

Event #238: Thursday evening, July 28, 2011

The necklace always used to make a 'turtle' shape, has now been put in use as a wolf-head. Three small turtle charms sit inside it.

When Bob & I talked while I was still at work, he mentioned that Joe was “out of sorts”; a little more than usual. The thing is though, that he has said this a number of times in the past couple of weeks, and I’ve come home to nothing different. So tonight, I did not know what to expect, although I have to admit, I’ve been a little concerned about her absence. I think it has something to do with the time of year — Bob & I can both relate to this as our attention is pulled outdoors to take care of the plants, the garden, the vegetables, the house… and for them, it is a matter of survival. You don’t harvest enough crop in her time, you don’t live through the winter. Anyway, I walked in around 10:30 and Joe met me at the downstairs door, which does not often happen. Going up the steps, I knew immediately as I glanced at the bureau that we’d had a visitor.

Nuttah and "I" have been moved to my bedside table, 2 hearts point at us

My character was missing, as was hers. And instead, on the bureau, was a shape formed by the green ‘turtle’ necklace, that clearly looked like the shape of a wolf’s head. And inside it were three (THREE AGAIN!) small turtle charms. Bob’s stone was not there, so I looked on his bedside table, and there it was on the radio. And the 2 missing characters? On my bedside table, with the 2 hearts  pointing at them. One other small new change was present on the bureau: the crawfish claws, which are still there, were shaped into a heart pointing at the bed:

Tiny crawfish claws shaped like a "heart"

June 14, 2011

Event #227: Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We seem to be experiencing an odd array of ‘noises’ in the house of late. From my perspective, it is a good thing they don’t occur in the dark when I’m alone in the house. For so far, they’ve only just alarmed me, not scared me out of my wits. I think I have Nuttah’s assistance in this not happening. Although it is pretty unnerving to be awakened the way I was at 6:50 Monday morning, when it sounded like someone was pounding on the door of the house. And then here is an excerpt of the email that Bob sent me this morning:

“I came down this morning to restart my [boiled] water, as always, but it wouldn’t start until I switched the timer, which is unusual, and as I was doing that I heard someone behind me in the kitchen. Scared me enough to get adrenaline flowing. Seems to be something about that time of morning. Obviously I didn’t see anyone, checked all through the house. It is just so strange, it is so clear and evident, even more than last night, kind of unnerving at times. Whatever is going on it doesn’t appear to be a threat. I wonder if we have the same affect on them?”

By “them”, I am assuming that what Bob means is the other people living in a different time-frame in our house. We seem to overlap sometimes, and I’ve mentioned this on previous occasions.  If you don’t live in an old house, perhaps you have never experienced this. Then again, this might be related to all of our “other events”. No way of knowing, although Bob usually has a pretty good sense of when “they” are involved.

Anyway, I got distracted here, what I really meant to post tonight, since I promised it last night, is the re-emergence of our TURTLE! And without further ado, below is the new “jewelry-turtle” on the dresser. I’m inserting this picture full-size for the full impact. Now, you have to realize, what you are looking at is actually three turtles. First, there is a tiny silver turtle charm. Then there is the wooden turtle that we’ve seen before, that has a lid that lifts up. And then, surrounding those two, notice the shape formed by the green beaded necklace, the 4 earrings, the daisy-bracelet, and lastly, the crab-claws as a tiny tail. The very first time that this ‘jewelry-turtle’ appeared was June 3, 2010, and now it re-emerges on June 13, 2011:

Two turtles within a turtle, a new formation Monday night on the dresser

And here, in the picture to the left, I have done a little Photoshop work on the Turtle shapes, a filter called “Find Edges”. It might be a little clearer looking at them this way. I’m curious about the use of three of them. Because there were three events the night of the 13th: Three turtles, three charms in front of the three ducks, and three rocks on my lamp-base. But the next set of pictures will be in the next post.

The turtles-within-a-turtle and how they relate to other stuff on the bureau

September 29, 2010

Event #109: Wed., Sept. 29, 2010

I got home from work late Wednesday night, after purchasing several very large tarps for potential flooding Thursday. We do hope that we won’t have to use them, but it never hurts to be prepared. Bob and I had talked earlier, and we’d commented on whether Nuttah may come around tonight because of the threat of the creek flooding. We wondered if she might pick up on that. Bob was also telling me that 3 times he had to come up to the bedroom for this and that after he got home , and each time, Joe was being very verbal. This usually indicates “something”. So, when I got home, I went upstairs first, and found a change on the bureau with our characters (will insert a picture in the morning), and sent this email to Bob:

We had a visitor last night before I got home, so maybe that is what Joe was all out of sorts about. It’s the bureau arrangement that is different, with her and us, the stone and the claws. I just realized I haven’t seen the egg in awhile. Anyway, there is a change, so she has been around. Did you have any travel experiences last night?

(On a side note here, after I looked at this picture, I realized that she has a couple of times before put her objects in that arrangement or something very similar. Specifically, I’m talking about her rock, sitting in front of her, then the heart, then the claws, usually arranged just like that, the way Stewie found them on the wall awhile back. Bob says this arrangement has some significance, but he doesn’t know what it is. Something cosmic, he thinks.)

A slight twist with our characters and Nuttah's "Cosmo-gram". The egg disintegrated over time.

September 15, 2010

Event #104: Wed., September 15, 2010

Our emails back and forth today:

My email to Bob: I think Nuttah kept me up last night, that’s why I’m hitting the computer so late. I was up well past one. Nothing specific to report; I just thought she was there. Lots of a new color swirl in the vision. (Kind of an aqua). There might have been one brief vision, a view of looking over the top of a tiny world. Like from outer space. Although it also could have been a bald head. No way of knowing. Also something kept moving at the bottom of the bed, and I couldn’t prove that it was or was not your feet. Wasn’t mine, and Joe wasn’t on the bed.

And Bob’s response: I did not wake up at all last night so I don’t know if we had any visits. Nuttah seems to be more focused on you at the moment, but I have this sense of foreboding lately, your snake head/bird vision only adds to what my fears are, I do not like what I am thinking and sensing. I am afraid something is expected of me/”him”, I don’t know about him, but I don’t feel up to the task. Enough on that, I am not going to obsess about it.

Later, same day:

A new arrangement on the dresser; note the "Cosmo-gram" of the egg shell with the claws

Tonight, I came home pretty late, and when I went upstairs I noticed right away a change on the dresser. Tomorrow morning, I will take a picture and put it in here. It’s becoming increasingly more rare that any changes happen at all, and I don’t know whether to be concerned or not. Bob is definitely concerned, and I’m not sure what he bases it on, but he definitely knows more than I do at any given point. But today, there was a change. The cosmo-gram items have been rearranged, as have our characters, and also the flower that I left a photo of. That is all. I did not notice anything else. I had a sense of her last night though, which I outlined above. Sometimes, I really think that “this is it”, “this is the night”, “I’m going tonight”. But I always just fall asleep. Our emails back and forth this morning, Sept. 16:

Bob’s to me: I don’t know for sure, which is troublesome, but I think Nuttah stopped by our place. I had an extremely surrealistic moment, as if being sucked down a drain or through a door is the best I can do to characterize it.

And mine in return: Yes, Nuttah was there last night. She re-arranged the dresser again, it is subtle, but rearranged nevertheless. A different configuration for the constellation, and we are all moved a bit more toward the bed, not much, but the angle is different which I noticed from the door. We’re all looking toward the bed.

August 2, 2010

Event #90: Monday, August 2, 2010

Bob called me at work tonight, and immediately, I had to ask,
“What’s wrong?”
“Well… she’s here”, he said. “And she’s not alone…”
“The wolves again”, I asked?
“I think so…” replied Bob.
“I came out of the shower, and she was here”, he said. “But she hadn’t been here when I first went in the shower”.

Then, completely out of the blue, Bob asks,
“What is the symbol for my astrology sign??” An odd question, coming from Bob, as he pays no attention ever to astrology. Poo-poohs it, in fact. So I could not imagine why he was asking.
“You mean Capricorn?” I asked. “It’s a goat.” I said.
“Why?” I wondered.
“I’m not sure… there is some connection… but with Cosmology – not Astrology – and it’s not the right sign, I thought it might be the crab… because there is something to those crab legs.” Bob responded.
“Oh – so you mean she did put them on the wall?”
“Yeah – and tonight she has moved stuff.” Bob continued.
“Moved stuff where?” I wondered.
“On the dresser.”
“And she has company?” I asked.
“I’m pretty sure the wolfeys are with her.” was his answer.
“What was moved on the dresser?” I wondered.
“The crab legs are arranged in the shape of a heart on the edge of the bureau. And the blue eggshell, I apparently ‘should have gotten’ before – I should have understood it… because it’s blue. It’s related to the meteor – the blue comet.” Bob explained.
“What about the white bird, does that have any meaning?” I wondered.
“Yes, it’s a symbol, and it has to do with you. The other things – the crab legs and the eggshell, they are connected to the bird somehow.” Bob explained.
“Do you know what it means?” I asked.
“No.” Bob said.
“Can you ask her? Sort of give a mental image of the white bird with a question mark?” I wondered.
“She won’t know what a question mark is.” was Bob’s response.
“I know – but maybe you can just go up at the end, like a question… white bird???” I suggested.
“Not here I can’t – when I’m there I can.”
“So, what else moved?” I wondered.

All the characters on the dresser turned to look at Bob

“All of the characters on the dresser – I’ve got an audience. And Joe was freaked. He’s okay now, he’s at the side of the bed… looking down… looking at them. He just put his paw out at one of them – it’s like he’s putting it on them. He knows something is there. There is a very intense feeling in the room right now, more intense than when it is just her. She’s REALLY pushing… Joey is just sitting there, and he keeps pawing. Right now, he’s not freaked at all. This is just so weird. He just walked off the edge of the bed, and he’s hanging at the bottom of it and now it looks like he’s rubbing up against something.” Bob explained.
I commented about how Joey would probably bolt without question if I was to suddenly walk through the doorway with even a life-size STUFFED wolf, and here, something was going on where he is only just intrigued by them; paws them, and rubs against them. Again, it must be what Nuttah does to calm things.

Bob continued: “My heart is beating a mile a minute.”
“Is she only with the wolves?” I asked.
“Yeah… yeah… ” and he heaved a big sigh.

Nuttah arranges the claws into a heart shape, with the egg on the corner of the dresser -- also pointing at Bob

“I’ve got to figure out what the blue meteor is… it has some real significance in the whole picture. Can you look that up sometime?” Bob requested.

I had already done that on at least one occasion. And I had found something about a blue meteor/comet in Hopi culture that had to do with world destruction. I told Bob this, and I will try to find what I had read, and copy it into here too. That doesn’t mean that it is the same as the Lenape prophecy, or the same as the blue meteor that is related to Nuttah’s father…

“Keep in mind her main focus is to protect us – she will at least try to tell us.” and Bob let out another big sigh.
“Can you reach out and touch the wolves?” I asked.
“No – there I can, yes. But not here – this is different.” he explained.
“Did you hear her enter this time?” I asked.
“No, but I think it was while I was moving around the room, wrapping up my shower and stuff.”
And then I had a thought: “If the stuff moved on the bureau while you were there, don’t you think you would have seen it moving?”
And Bob’s response: “Yeah – but I didn’t. I can’t really figure out why, because it had to have happened just now while I was laying here.”

I think Bob was suddenly realizing this, that the relocation of the objects on the bureau had literally just happened, and he would have witnessed it had he been looking to the left.

“But you’d think I would have to have seen it in my peripheral vision”, he said. “But I didn’t see or hear anything.”
“I know, that is so weird.” was my response.
“It does seem like it’s sort of blipped in & out.”
“What do you mean blipped?” I asked.
“I guess sort of like the things are envisioned by Nuttah where she wants them, and then they just appear there. So the movement could probably go undetected, especially if I wasn’t looking right at it. I would have noticed motion out of my peripheral vision.” Bob realized. “I have two wolves and a woman in my room” Bob mused.
“It’s just too weird.” I agreed.
“Oh… man, this is weird. Nuttah I’m used to at this point, but… I mean this happened right at this moment. And now I have Joe back – he’s back up on the bed. His heart is pounding too – like I’ve never felt it.”
“They are certainly well-behaved wolves.” I noticed.
“They are always well-behaved.” commented Bob.
“Does the arrangement on the dresser have some meaning?” I wondered.
“I think it is something cosmological – something having to do with the crab constellation. But who knows what they called their constellations, not what we call ours.” Bob responded.
“So why did you ask me about goats?” I wondered.
“I didn’t.” responded Bob, “I asked you about Capricorn…”
“Oh yeah, that’s right.” I remembered.
“I may not be here when you get home… ” Mark lamented.
“Well, you better come back!” I exclaimed.

So when I came home, I immediately went upstairs. Laying in the pathway on the way to the bedroom downstairs is the book “Joe & Me”, again, placed directly in the path as you make your way to our bedroom upstairs. And on the dresser, the crawfish “crab” legs are sure enough in a heart-shape on the corner of the dresser, where the heart-charm often was placed; the 1/2 of the blue egg shell is directly behind it, as in the picture above. Remember, that eggshell is only about as big as a dime. Nuttah, Bob & myself are all turned to face the bed, and there is a readjustment of the other objects such as Nuttah’s stone, the other heart-charms and the little turtle. Like he said, Bob has an audience; the 3 of us pointed toward the bed, Nuttah has the stone heart in front of her with a small turtle charm perched on it… I have a smaller stone “heart” in front of me, and the other objects are lined up next to Bob.

July 28, 2010

Event #88: Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I was outside this morning with the dogs; I think it was when I was bringing the littlest dog “Wobbles” back from our walk. Yeah, it must have been, cause Stewey wasn’t up when I had left. Stewey was in the yard playing with Duke, and I was doing… something… I think cleaning up the poop. And something on the wall caught my eye. I walked over and saw something in a beautiful shade of blue: an eggshell. Half of a little bird-egg, not a robin’s egg, but blue nevertheless; a shell (SHELL!) laying on the wall. Sideways, I think, or maybe the open side down. I picked it up and showed it to Stewey; he was as fascinated as I was, especially since there was kind of a breeze that had kicked up. How did something like that stay on the wall? It’s so light; a light breath could blow it off the wall. I took a picture of these items that we have found now on the wall, all of which qualify at this point as shells (and Bob was shown the shells they work with during his last “visit”). The scale of this picture is such that the eggshell would roughly cover a dime. So those little claws are tiny too – no bigger than a nickel, and they stayed on the wall for some time without blowing off.

Tiny claws & half a bird eggshell found perched on the wall

Below are excerpts from a couple of email exchanges back and forth about it:

From Bob, earlier on Wed:

Stewey just texted me that he found an egg shell in the same location he found the claws.

Then my answer back:
Yes, he did, and tonight, there is a change on the dresser: Nuttah is turned to face the 2 of us, and the silver heart is facing you, and 2 hearts are piled up to face me with the turtle-charm on top of the pile. I guess you had a visit… did you go anywhere?? Nothing at all happened to the miniature legs and the egg. I thought I heard voices as I pulled into our driveway tonight. Maybe it was just wobs barking. I think you should put them away when you go to bed… then I will let all out when I get home, and say a final goodnight. He barks too long too late.

And below I have placed a picture of the bureau arrangement that I described above:

Nuttah and all the hearts are turned to face us