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February 21, 2016

Dreams, Vibrations, and Bob hears Drums

Nuttah looks out the window

Nuttah & a heart; facing out the window toward the creek behind the house

Thursday night, February 18, coming home from work, I got out of my car in the driveway and immediately noticed the ‘hum/buzz’. I have not heard it in a LONG time, months really; a couple of times since fall, at best. I wondered momentarily what this was about now, as it kind of ‘followed’ me into the house. This was, at one time a couple years ago, a pretty daily event, but not so much now. Not sure what to attribute this to… maybe the ‘travel’ is hard on her as well. O r with her boy, now 3, she doesn’t ‘get out as much’. Or is this what the ‘buzz’ is even about? I often equated it to drumming or music from ‘their time’ bleeding over into ours. I mentioned to Bob that I’d heard it Thursday, I think this was Friday when I said this, and he told me then that he’d been hearing drums and music for almost 2 weeks. He hadn’t said anything til now so I was surprised. At about that time, I’d gone upstairs to our bedroom and I found that Nuttah was now on the air conditioner facing out the window, looking toward the creek in the back. There was a heart in front of her, pointed outward also and the picture is included here.

Dups arranged on table

The Niko-Duke-Teme-Teme combo that inhabits Niko, is again arranged with Bob’s stone on his bedside table.

Then on Saturday, we were doing stuff around the house, here and there; our usual Saturday chores and what-not. Bob had taken a clock-radio he found in the basement up to try out the radio on his side of the bed. He can’t get reception on his side well enough to hear Coast to Coast at night and sometimes he wishes he could, but this radio was no better. I went up a bit later and I noticed the dog-cutouts were again all arranged like they are in this picture. Bob said when he was testing the radio, they’d all been just laying around the table, knocked over since my last post about it Feb. 10.

The only other thing to mention is that in the early hours of dawn Saturday morning, I had an odd dream about a cat. It was not one of our cats (we still have two) but a similar one in black and white. What was notable about this dream is that it was apparent to me that the cat teleported somehow. Like it was in one world, and then suddenly it was in another, and the ‘other’ is the one I was seeing it in. I’m not sure how this was obvious, but again, it’s a dream, and that’s how dreams are. I’ve gotten much better at remembering them lately, but I’m making a specific effort about doing this every night, and then recording them when I can remember. It seems to get easier as you do.

Bob mentioned today that last night, he had one of his ‘travel through history’ dreams. He was flying over the places he ‘was shown’, and able to look from current times back through millenia into history. I wish he would write this up while fresh in his mind

February 14, 2016

A drop-in visit and a glimpse of a ceremony

A couple of days later, on the morning of Feb. 10, Bob wrote me this email:


An impressionist internet picture I found of a ‘ritual fire ceremony’ to possibly illustrate what Bob was getting glimpses of.

“Drums and rattles were back in full force last night, loud. The sound machine did not even effect the clarity, it is like the two don’t exist on same plane of reality. Kept getting flashes of scenes of ritual dancing around large fire. Nuttah was involved as the high priestess or medicine woman or whatever they designate her as, never was able to get clear long vision , just glimpses. Quite a few people, looked like more than just the one village. ”

The ‘sound machine’ is a new device I just recently bought to drown out noises. Here is a link to it on amazon: It’s called the LectroFan White Noise Machine. It works. I can now turn off the air conditioner (have been running fan only) in the middle of a cold winter. Bob gets up early, before dawn, in the dark, and as a HUGE favor to me, he gets all the dups out to do their business so they don’t wake me up to do this an hour after he leaves, which they inevitably would. Hence, the need for the noise-drown-out machine, plus, our corner can get noisy in the morning with school buses, plows, landscape trucks with trailers bouncing over the bridge, garbage trucks that actually have this technique of backing up a street to a house to pick up the trash. You know… beep-beep-beep, etc. Only in the country could they do that.  Anyway, that is the reference in Bob’s email to the ‘sound machine’.

Feb. 11, my morning email to Bob included this:

“You know your dups are rearranged on your bedside table again? All standing up. Were you aware of anything?”

He was not. But it had just been the night before, that Bob had heard the drums and rattles and glimpses of a ceremony, that I mentioned above. Below is the picture of Bob’s table scene. Not much different from the prior posting, but nevertheless, it was new and in a different spot:

February 14, 2014

More Drums and Rattles in Apartment

Early February, 2014:

There has not been a lot to report. Some minor things have occurred, but there is nothing major. For instance, from late January, there was this:

Bob feels as if he's entered into a room full of people

Bob feels as if he’s entered into a room full of people

Sunday, January 26: I heard the “drum-vibration” this morning in the bathroom, where it was quiet, and Bob reported two incidents that weekend of “a group” in the apartment. Bob has been going out there multiple times daily to check on heating issues. We’ve had quite a winter of problems thus far due to single-digit temps. Everything ranging from frozen pipes, to baseboard heater leakages (results in water all over the floors/carpets) to major oil burner repairs. I guess we can’t complain since we haven’t used the oil burner since 2009. It will also be the first winter since ’09 that we will be forced to buy oil to supplement our wood heat. Not heating in certain parts of the house has proved costly in other ways this winter. Live and learn, but at least now we have our back-up source of heat. Oh, and by the way, ever since we put the light out there and left it on, there hasn’t been anymore random turning on of lights. So that is apparently all they wanted – a constant source of light.

She was frozen by the corner of the office, growling

She was frozen by the corner of the office, growling

Sunday night, Bob had an incident involving none other than our dog “Stupe”, who almost never gets caught up in events. Well, never, not almost never. Bob had taken all the dogs out to the yard to relieve themselves. All dutifully followed him back in but Stupe. After 10 or so minutes, Bob, who was already inside and had taken his shoes off, went out to call her from the door. “STUPE!”, he yelled loudly out the back door toward the yard. “STUPE!” No Stupe came back, nothing but an echo from a neighbor across the creek yelling “STUPE!” back. Finally, Bob suited up and put his shoes back on, and headed toward the yard. And there was Stupe, in a frozen stance by the corner of the “office” out-building, staring at the corner and growling a deep, low, guttural growl. It was right about at this moment that Bob immediately regretted not taking Niko out with him. He had to go over in the snow and physically pull Stupe away from the building corner as she growled. He came in with her and told me what had “held her up”. We don’t know what it was about, but Stupe is usually completely oblivious to anything going on.

Aside from that, the only thing we’ve really noticed is the drumming/vibration, fairly regularly, and fairly pronounced over the last couple of days:

Bob, in an email, Monday morning, Jan. 27: Heard some serious drums and rattles when I checked the apartment this morning.

And then Tuesday morning, Jan. 28, email from Bob: Very LOUD drums and rattles in the apartment this morning, to the point of distraction, as soon as I open the door into apartment it is RIGHT THERE.

My email back to Bob, Jan. 28: Interesting what’s going on in the apartment. I’ve been hearing the “vibration” for a couple of days now, but I never hear anything out there. Last night, it was apparent when I pulled in the driveway.

And then on Feb. 4, I emailed to Bob:  I meant to mention that there was “movement” in our room last night – Nuttah is now on my bedside table and not on the TV table. This was last night when I came up to bed. Anything?

(Meaning did Bob pick up any presence the night this move happened.)

Bob to me: Not that I am aware of. Glad she is still about. Worry about her.

When I was getting ready to post this update, I put the term “Lenape Drumming” into an image search engine, to try to find something to add to the post. I have copied the picture of the result, because I think it is funny:

And this was on a different computer too; I was not on the desktop that I do this work on

And this was on a different computer too; I was not on the desktop that I do this work on

January 21, 2014

Lights on and some rather insistent drumming

 As we are readying the apartment for the as-yet-not-moved-in tenant (February?), I moved some lamps over there that had been in the basement for months. Since the apartment painting project, I would guess. These lamps have to be either “always-on” or plugged into a wall-switch-operated-outlet to be turned on because the chain-pulls on them have permanently come out. So I made one of the lamps, pictured against the far wall here an “always on” downstairs night light more or less. After that, we  no longer found the lights turned on in the apartment, as had been going on all fall. Bob probably had been going out there daily to shut the light off in the stairwell. Maybe that is ALL it was ever about – having some kind of night light? Do the “night-lights” ward off evil and that’s why it kept being turned on? Perhaps I should put one in the office!
Lights on in the apartment have stopped the daily trek to turn them off

Lights on in the apartment have stopped the daily trek to turn them off

Nuttah "moved" herself to the dresser sometime Saturday, 1/18. Today is 1/21, and she still sits there in front of the TV

Nuttah “moved” herself to the dresser sometime Saturday, 1/18. Today is 1/21, and she still sits there in front of the TV

All weekend (January 18-19) Bob and I were hearing serious drums. There was also a minor movement of Nuttah’s character in our bedroom. This happened Saturday night while we were out. We came back, and instead of on my bedside table where she had been, she is now in front of the TV, right where we’d see her if we’re lying in bed staring at the TV (which both of us spend some time doing every night).Is there something to that? She seems to be purposely putting herself in our line of site.
Getting back to the drumming we’d been hearing: Bob hears the drums themselves, I hear a pretty solid-sounding vibration with some degree of variant tone, always in my left ear. We heard it Saturday night, loud, and we still heard it Sunday morning from downstairs as we sat in the stove room. It was loud and “insistent” enough to prompt me to go up to the bedroom and see if anything else had moved around. As Bob assured me it wouldn’t have, it hadn’t. Then Sunday night, I was hearing it again. I guess I should say “them”, not “it”. To me, a vibration sound is an “it”. I hear “it”. But Sunday morning I started asking Bob what it was he heard, since I don’t hear “drums”, just a vibration.”How many do you think it is?”, I wondered.”Four or five” Bob answered. “Four, I guess… one for each of the cardinal points. I think there is a tie-in with that, especially with these we’re hearing now. I only hear the drums this time, no rattles, no flutes”.
Could we construct this? (From the site:

Could we construct this? (From the site:

I think the Lenape used the sounds to invoke something.

“What do you think it might be about?”, I wondered.

“No idea.” Bob replied.

Last night, which was Monday night, January 20, I got home around 9 PM. I got out of the car in the driveway, and heard an intense buzz/vibration. It followed me to the mailbox and back to the house. It disappears for awhile in the busier, noisier parts of the house, but as soon as I get upstairs into our bathroom, I hear it loudly vibrating in my left ear again.

Some day I want to make one of these (see picture of hut above) and see where it leads. We would bring a couple of drums in with us, or even just trash cans to bang on with a wooden spoon. I think we might be surprised by what might happen. I feel there is something I am missing by being so caught up in our industrial/technical world. Something we are all missing. Provided nothing happens in the next day or two, my next post is going to be a quote from a Coast episode that I listened to on my Podcast on the way home last night. It was about a ceremony that took place on the Winter Solstice in December. Very thought-provoking for those of us consumed by what has become our distracted way of life.

January 12, 2014

Is There Evil in the “Office” Again?

Bob and I exchanged a couple emails on Friday, January 10:
Bob: Forgot to check apartment this morning, could you check this morning please? I heard some fairly pronounced drums this morning, so did Niko and Red, or at least they were alert to something while waiting for me in the guest room. They were both standing alert when I came into room as opposed to the normal way they are, which is passed out.
Me to Bob: Last two nights I’ve been hearing major hums/buzzes. More last night I think. Always expect to see something but not this time.

As usual, again when Stew visits, his character makes its appearance also

As usual, again when Stew visits, his character makes its appearance also

Then that same night in the evening, the lights were on in the apartment again. Also, Stewie (and his girlfriend, Minsi) were visiting and would be staying overnight. I wondered when Stew’s character would make a showing, as he inevitably seems to do.  By the time we came back from dinner, Stew’s character had made its appearance. He was on the bureau in our bedroom where we have our (ancient) TV. He was placed right in front, in fact, when we went to use our respective remotes that night, neither of them worked because Stew’s character was apparently in the way. The next day, Saturday, January 11, Stew and Minsi left shortly after noon. I wondered how long it would be before his character was also gone. Nuttah seems to be uniquely attuned to the comings and goings of Stewie.

Later on Saturday, about mid-afternoon, Bob and I were readying to go out for the rest of the day. Bob was getting the pups out one last time and I was upstairs. Bob came in from that outing completely shaken and shaking. What he described happening outside has not happened here for a long time. In fact, I can’t even remember the last time it did, but it seems like it was more than a year ago.

As Bob related it, “Niko came to the end of the deck, and instead of doing his normal thing, going to the yard, he charges the office door. He somehow manages to jump up and get it open, and at that point some force comes flying out. I can ‘feel’ it, and Niko tangles with it”.

“What do you mean, is it dog size?”, I wonder.

A picture that I think illustrates Niko's lunge.

A picture that I think illustrates Niko’s lunge.

“No, it was bigger than me”, Bob continued, holding his arm to about the height he thought it might be, which was above his head.”Niko was completely engaged with it, teeth-baring, jumping, at one point he was literally airborne and he was suspended in the air grabbing onto something I couldn’t see and holding on with his teeth. ”

“I felt such an evil force with this ‘thing’, whatever it was… there was a lot of fear generated from it. My adrenalin is rushing, my heart is still pounding.”

Bob does not scare easily with any of these events, as we know. But he was afraid this time, which concerns me. What could it have been? What have we been hearing (and why?) for the past week? What did Niko engage with just now? And was it scared off? And just how bad could it be if Stewie’s character showed up like normal that night when he and Minsi were visiting?

Later, right before we left, I insisted on taking all 4 of the pups out again, even though we really didn’t need to. It was not that I doubted Bob’s incident (I didn’t) I just wanted to see what Niko would “remember”, if anything, and how he would react to that memory. So as the pups and I are coming out of the basement, Niko was super-aggressive towards Red as they charged out. He then went to the end of the deck and stood there and barked, something that he would not normally do, at least not there. It was then that I noticed that his hair was up on his back, a big “poof” of raised hair between his shoulder blades – fear or anxiety; one or the other. I opened the office door to see what he would do. It was still daylight, I doubt I would have done this in the dark. Niko went in, not hesitatingly, but somewhat cautiously, and went to the left around the back side of the door, sniffing. I sensed and felt nothing except the anxiety I felt coming off of Niko and a slight adrenalin rush knowing this was the location of many supernatural – and not necessarily nice – events. That was it. His hair did not go down as he perused the yard, and we wrapped it up and went back to the basement. Bob asked me how he was, and I told him all of the above, that he was definitely different. Bob stayed unnerved by his encounter with this “evil force” for a good hour or so.

The track of Ivan hit the US 3 separate times, A long, and long-lived hurricane, it was

The track of Ivan hit the US 3 separate times, A long, and long-lived hurricane, it was

I must say, this kind of “evil” event has not happened in awhile. When evil did make an appearance here, it always seemed to be centered in the office outside. There was this post, from February, 2013: “Niko Senses Something in the Office“. This “office” is a small, separate building from our house that used to be a basic garden shed. It actually has not been used as an “office” since it was flooded in the Hurricane Ivan flood of 2004, so we’re talking almost 10 years. But we did have it finished to be a home office, and for awhile there, it was quite nice. Now I sit high and dry in my makeshift “office” in the house, where a flood won’t reach me, at least a flood like Ivan won’t. The line of this “Ivan” graphic belies the fact that in southeastern PA where we are, we had 9 inches of rain in about a 3 hour period with Ivan. We were so caught up in flood stuff (and subsequent loss of power, inability to live in our home for a bit) that I was unaware that Ivan swung back down South and hit the US two more times before fizzling out near Texas. Amazing and destructive hurricane.

Later, Saturday, Stew was NOT on the dresser

Later, Saturday, Stew was NOT on the dresser

But we are now left to wonder if this “evil force” ties in somehow with the events of January, 2013, and also with the hums/buzzes I’ve been hearing, and the drums that Bob’s been hearing all week, including last night as Bob reports. By Saturday evening, when we came home, Stew’s character was gone. There were no more “evil” encounters that Bob reported either, and Niko seemed back to normal.

January 8, 2014

A Weekend of Events

Tonight it is Wednesday, January 8, 2014 and I came home to loud buzzing in the driveway. It followed me to the mailbox, and it followed me into the house and upstairs, and now I hear it dimly in the office as I sit here typing. I’ve already checked for changes upstairs, and things are still the way they were placed this weekend. Bob had reported Niko being distracted and unsettled earlier, last night it was that way too. But I get ahead of myself… going back to the weekend:

The bark hut was left by itself where it was propped in front of the TV

The bark hut was left by itself where it was propped in front of the TV

It was the first weekend of January, 2014. First, Bob went out to the apartment on Friday night, Jan. 3rd and heard lots of drumming and rattles. Then, we went out the night of Saturday, January 4th, and when we came home, there was a change in the display of objects upstairs in the bedroom. All but the bark-hut had been moved to be repositioned on my bedside table. I will add a picture of that change. And then Sunday the 5th, again in the apartment, Bob had to turn off lights that we did not leave on. It occurred to me as we were talking about these latest,  but relatively minor events, that maybe the drums and rattles that Bob heard over there Friday night were part of a ceremony. Because it was exactly one year ago Friday that I posted this one:

Jan. 3, 2013 – The Day it Happened

It might be hard to see but a ruler registered 7.5" of snow Friday, Jan. 3

It might be hard to see but a ruler registered 7.5″ of snow Friday, Jan. 3

And remember, the “Day it Happened” was the day Bob’s “buddy” was finally annihilated. Knowing that the Lenape are very much conscious of the ceremonial aspects of life in the form of “events”, I was pretty sure that there was something going on Friday to commemorate it. Why wasn’t Bob part of it? Were the pups? Niko? We had been home all day: it snowed heavily Friday. Bob had a rare planned day off, I ended up calling out because of the weather. Yeah, pretty lame, but I also knew it was going to be a really slow day. I don’t do that often, but with Bob being home, it made sense. This would have been the day that something would happen regarding a “ceremony”. And maybe it did, and maybe it just didn’t work out that Bob or Niko could be involved. Remember, we have been made aware that Bob can only “go” a limited number of times.

I still have not made my new characters. I had lots of time off, but I also had lots of things to do. Maybe this weekend. Here is the picture I promised of the way things had changed on my bedside table:

December 11, 2013

Not AT ALL what I expected

A cut off scene  - Holiday work party at a chic country club

A cut off scene – Holiday work party at a chic country club on December 11

On Wed. December 11, in the early evening, while still at work, I received a 3-part text from Bob. I always know these “3-parters” are something of extreme interest, because not only is Bob sending me something rather lengthy, but he’s sending it as a text rather than an email, meaning he wants me to see it right away. I guess I have to explain here that I have not entered the world of “Smart phones”, and my phone is rather dumb. Dumb doesn’t even begin to describe it, but that is another story. People laugh at my phone, I, on the other hand, am quite proud of it. It works, which is more than I can say for the people around me whining about their so-called “smart” phones. This particular text that was coming through, because of its length, I expected to be the fall-out from what had gone on the prior day with Frank.

Red and Frank. Quite a handsome dog he was. I wish it had turned out differently.

Red and Frank. Quite a handsome dog he was. I wish it had turned out differently.

So “part one” came in at 5:23 PM. (I’ve combined the 3 parts here for readability): “Niko just had a white bird encounter coupled with lights in the apartment, and as I am writing this, drums and rattles just started. Going to go take care of lights now. Drums are right above us. We are in stove room. Bird is huge. Landed on rock in creek. Niko sat and put his head down and listened. Drums are right above us in the bedroom, rattles all around. Really weird. Niko and Red keep looking up. Niko whining. Have fun at party.”

Here, Bob is talking about our office holiday party, which was being held this night, Wed., Dec. 11. I am winding up my work-night early, getting ready to drive to the party venue, which starts at 6:30 PM.

Me, back to Bob, at 5:31 PM: “Wow, what do u think it all means?”

I don’t hear back from Bob right away, so at 5:38 PM, I text back to him: “Any more happening?”

Bob, 5:46 PM: “How much more would you like?!! If you were here you would think that enough. Just finished turning lights off, as I walked downstairs, loud drum beats, lights back on.”

(This was in the apartment, as he was going downstairs and leaving, the lights came back on again, while he was there. Not the first time for this.)

By now it was time for me to get going to the company “Holiday” party. When I arrived at this chic country club that was all “decked out” for Christmas, I ducked first into the restroom, and texted this to Bob at 6:26 PM: “Do u sense unhappiness? Were they looking for Frank do you think?”

Bob 6:27 PM: “No, I think it is about Niko.”

Niko in the yard, charging after Frank. I was trying to be "detached and casual" just shooting pictures. Almost lost my camera in the process.

Niko in the yard, charging after Frank. I was trying to be “detached and casual” just shooting pictures. Almost lost my camera in the process.

But by now I had to enter “party mode”, and more or less forget this whole crazy thing going on at the house, but it was in the back of my mind all night. What was going on? What was the message? Were they concerned about Frank? Mad at me? Concerned for Niko? I could only hope that the concern was for Niko, because for sure, the day before, I had felt terrible for what Niko had had to go through. Bob says he never witnessed that behavior between Frank and Niko;  I think it was just escalating, and I think also that Frank had some kind of issue with me as well, otherwise, why would he have turned on me like he had? Niko was trying to protect me, it seems, and was taking a beating for doing so.

I excitedly drove home from the party hoping that somehow, something was revealed. I was not to be disappointed. I will describe (and have a picture of) what I found in the next post.

November 24, 2013

Hums and Drums and things that go Bump in the night

In early November, I started hearing more hums, buzzes and vibrations pretty regularly. It would start with getting out of the car in the driveway when I came in at night. Then I’d hear it again in the bathroom. Recently, I heard a “Coast to Coast” show, where the guest verified that bathrooms in houses can often be a place where conductivity is enhanced. They attribute that to the running water and to hard surfaces; tile, glass, all the things that most bathrooms have.

My email to Bob, the morning of Nov. 14:  I was hearing buzzing all night. Last night lying in bed it was really strong, and it was like the old days when it seemed to be multi-tonal, and have a rhythm to it. You hear music, I hear what seems to be the “under-beat” or just the rhythm and the vibration. Maybe it’s how deaf people can ‘hear’ music.

Later that evening, I hear the sounds again. A loud buzzing/vibration in bed as I lay my head on the pillow. No dreams that I remember though. Bob emails me the following morning that he woke at 5:30 AM to music: the sounds of drums and rattles.

The exterior of the apartment rental where all this weird stuff is occurring

The exterior of the apartment rental where all this weird stuff is occurring

Then on Saturday, November 16th, we finally got a tenant for the apartment we’ve been trying to rent. Or I should say, we have a signed lease; it will be about a month before anyone is living in it. I had written about the apartment in September when we expressed concern that perhaps that potential tenant was “scared away” because of activity in the room. Bob had been picking up multiple presences on a couple of occasions while out there. We had no idea what it was that changed that person’s mind, but all his stuff disappeared one day after he’d moved quite a bit in. So now, we actually had a signed lease, and they were due to start the lease in January of 2014. We had offered a key, but he didn’t want to take it until the move-in date was official. Twice, the week after this, B0b asked me if I’d been out to the apartment and left the bathroom light on. I told him “no” each time. (I really don’t like to go out there anymore and I don’t go). Bob said he’d come home, see the light on, and would go up and turn it off.

Then the night of November 22, on the way home from work, I received this text from Bob: “Heat in apartment on full tilt. Lights on throughout. Doors locked.”

I texted back to Bob: “Wow, that’s creepy.”

Bob: “I don’t take it as creepy, hot, yes.”

Bump-in-the-NightBob went out and turned all the lights off, and turned the heat off. When I got home, I immediately looked into the lower floor of the apartment, which my car faces as I pull in. Then, as I’m going into our house, I glanced up at the upper floor window. All was dark. I reported that to Bob when I came in. Shortly, we were leaving again to go out and get a bite. I glanced up at the apartment window, and the bathroom light was now ON again! Bob had to go back in and turn it off. When we got home later, he went back there before we went to bed, and while out there, the light in the bathroom flashed on and off. Then, while standing in the downstairs room in the dark (Bob is much braver than I am), he heard 3 distinct “thumps”, as if someone was stamping hard on the floor above him. He went up to check things out (also in the dark) checking through all the closets, but he found nothing.

I am worried. This man who is to become our future tenant has only been here twice now. He only spent about 20 minutes back there with the realtor. His wife has not even seen it yet, and both will only be here part-time as they officially “live” in Florida. I asked Bob what he makes of all this, but he says he does not believe that whatever is causing what’s going on is “malevolent”. Is it Nuttah?, I wondered. Is it more like a welcoming, lights on, heat on? This only remains to be seen, and I can only hope that Bob is right. We sure don’t want any issues back there once someone is living there. But how can we just dismiss the fact that in the bedroom of what is now our rental apartment, is where it all started!

February 28, 2013

Bob’s special stone returns

On February 21, when I was talking from work to Bob at home, he told me that one of my “arrangements” had disappeared. What I’d done, was bring out the bark-hut, Bob’s and my character, Nuttah, a wolf, and a couple turtles, and placed them on a ledge near our bedroom window. I do this at times to try to “spark” some activity when there is a protracted lull. It worked. Bob reported that it was gone. I believe it had been there for only about a day, and I made the mistake of not taking a picture of it. I didn’t want to send him on a mission to find it, because #1, there was a chance that he wouldn’t,  and #2, he was on his way to bed. So I suffered the anticipation until I got home. I went in the office, sat down at my computer and wrote Bob this email just after midnight:

Bob's stone reappears after having been missing for a month

Bob’s stone reappears after having been missing for a month

2/22, 12:04 AM: I found the arrangement!!! It was next to my keyboard in the office. The way you, me, the wolf, the bark-hut and Nuttah are arranged is EXACTLY like I put them near our window. (how does she DO that?) The turtles as well. The variations added by Nuttah are that she pointed 2 of the hearts at you and me, and she stacked up 2 hearts in front of her, and lastly, added YOUR STONE!!! to the arrangement. How ’bout that?? It lives. I’m happy you have it back. Not sure where it was in the interim, but here it is.

Bob replied to me at 6 AM, 2/22: My stoney is back?! That is pretty wild. Well, I hope it is her that did it, just to know she is okay and because I am not sure I want it to be something/someone else.

Also, how was Niko last night? I noticed something that I haven’t seen with any of our other dogs or any other dogs period. I have been observing it for awhile and realize, I think, that it started after he changed that one night on the sofa when he went nuts with affection, or that is how I perceived it anyway. I was watching a documentary on a wolf pack.

I think this is what Bob meant by the wolf behavior - one looks vicious, but it is clearly just being affectionate.

I think this is what Bob meant by the wolf behavior – one looks vicious, but it is clearly just being affectionate, look how the other one tolerates it.

Watching their interaction between each other I noticed that when they are affectionate (again my perception) with each other, it is often not just the licking but when they are very excited to see another member they bare their teeth and lick with much more vigor. Niko does that with me, if I were unaware of his nature I would be threatened by it, but I know it is not a threat but a more emotional response. The narrator ascribed the behavior to be that of increased affection for a mate or sibling in the pack. Anyway, just an observation.

[I think it just means Niko has accepted Bob as part of his pack!]

My reply, 9:11 AM: Niko seemed okay last night, but just generally lately he’s been a bit unsettled. I heard loud drums in bed last 2 nights too. Do you not hear them at all? I heard walking around at about midnight, I wanted to ask you if it was you and I’m glad you said it was, because I heard distinct footsteps, I wasn’t sure if it was more of what you’d heard earlier. I slept pretty well again. More dreams and stuff, but nothing all that interesting. I think I’ve seen that behavior you describe with the wolves. Not in Niko yet, but it sounds familiar.

2/28, my email to Bob: Thought I might have some interesting dreams, or you might have some experience last night; when I laid down, I heard the drums/vibrations louder than I’ve heard yet in bed. But I had nothing. You? I keep wondering what’s going on.

And that, on 2/28, wraps up the entire month of February. The highlights were lots of drums and rattles, weird dreams, a sinister force in the office that Niko reacted to, and the reappearance of Bob’s special stone after about a month long disappearance. Bob was happy to have the stone reappear. I think he thought it was just one more thing to signify it was “over”, but now maybe not.

[on a personal note, I’m just happy to be finished writing up those 2 wintry months: January & February, 2013. Some of the weirdest stuff so far happened then, and it was so hard to figure out how to write about it and reconstruct it all. I got stuck on a lot of those posts, sometimes for 2 weeks or more at at time. The actual date TODAY is JUNE 14TH!!! Now I’m only 3 months behind. I anticipate Mar-Apr-May write-ups going much faster.]

February 20, 2013

A dream of significance? Or not?

The remaining month of February was pretty quiet; not much activity at all. I was kind of welcoming that, not just because of the scariness of the events since the turn of the year, but because I was (am) so pathetically behind in posting our events. I always harbor the hope that I can devote a slew of time to this and catch up, but life and other duties intervene, and I do it whenever I can. The slowness of February was a welcome reprieve.

I had a dream the night of February 20, and at 8:50 AM, I wrote this email to Bob:

alice_through_the_looking_glassI just had this dream: In it, I had put on an item of clothing, something sort of weird for me, it was a tight fitting, very colorful, striped vest, something I would never wear, but a circus clown might.

The vest looked sort of like this

The vest looked sort of like this

When I got it on, I stood in front of this mirror, and in two other nearby reflective surfaces, like a window, I could see the vest on me, but not in the mirror that I was looking at. But in the exact moment that it dawned on me that “something was weird”, I felt a movement backward and I knew I was “going there”.  It was the same feeling I had in that “dream” once before. (this links to my post of April 24, 2010; the first time I thought she tried to “take me there”) This time, though, I did consciously try to sort of “go with it”, but instead, I fell backward into a closet door, sort of like the red bedroom closet in our house.  I hit my head and landed on the floor like I’d fainted backward. I was laying there sort of stunned and couldn’t get up. Then Kate (our daughter) came in with you, only she was much younger.

Kate picked up a beautiful marble that somehow appeared on the floor

Kate picked up a beautiful marble that somehow appeared on the floor

You both found me still laying there disoriented, but I made some dumb excuse for her sake (can’t imagine what it was!)  and she then leaned down and picked up something from the floor near me. This item had not been there before; it was a glass marble, in shades of white, pink, and red. She handed it to me, and I examined it, and put it aside on a dresser, confused by what it was, or what it meant.

There was much more to this dream: the 2nd scene was us relocating just about every planted item and fence in our yard to another spot. My sister and her husband and my Dad were all here helping, even another sister and husband were here.  Our son Stewie was too.  The stuff wasn’t being relocated to another property, just somewhere else ON the property.

Then, I’m getting a “tour” of my old high school, similar to the first day I was there. Then I was trying to call this retired detective, whose experience about something had been written up later in a non-fiction book, and I thought if he was still alive and we could talk to him, he might shed some light on what was going on. There was also something I can’t remember clearly now where I was carrying around a blind cat.

Was all this somehow symbolism for Nuttah’s world? I don’t know why, I have this weird feeling that she was somehow involved in this, at least the first part. I do still hear drums/vibration, I don’t mean right now, but regularly at night.

Later at 10:50 AM, Bob responded: Well the reflective stuff and the falling sure sounds familiar… the colors could be your interpretation of the colors you see “enroute” which are pretty vibrant and streaming by pretty fast. I have had the thing with rearranging stuff on the property, although it was more for “hunkering down” and consolidating, sort of like what we seem to be doing anyway only on a much more primitive level.

Me later, to Bob, 11 AM: I am convinced now that last night’s dream, with a lot of symbolism, was a trip to her world. The cat – her baby, the mirror – “through the looking glass”, the vest with the bright vertical colors — the “slide” to that world. In the dream, I put this vest on top of 2 other things I was already wearing, and it barely fit over them. That’s why it was so tight-fitting. The replanting and relocating of all the stuff – Nuttah’s tribe relocating since the assault? And what about the marble?? What was the marble? Your stone? The colors were like that of Valentine’s day – red, white, pink. A symbol for a heart? Why not just a heart then?

I was clearly trying to read a lot into this dream. It could just be random things, like many dreams are, it could also have contained the symbolism that I suspected. I’ll go with the latter. It is rare that I remember a dream anymore in such detail, don’t know why. I filled up 2 notebooks with dreams before all this started. Then I stopped dreaming, or at least remembering them. Perhaps my mind was preoccupied with all this other stuff going on. Anyway, I’m getting better at remembering now, because I implemented some “dream recall” techniques I learned on Coast to Coast. I’ll get into that later, and share the techniques, because it has really worked. Even I was surprised.