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April 5, 2012

Another Adventure to the Lenape World

An excerpt of email sent by Bob: April 4, 8:15 AM

Woke up completely out of it this morning. Spent a portion of my night away from home. Did you notice anything? I was back by the creek, upstream, watching the white bird ceremony. The group of guys covering themselves in the mud and something else, not sure what. The old joints were participants, but not in the active manner as the others, more just chanting and shaking rattles occasionally. I sat back in the woods with Nuttah, Mom wolf and the pups. Just watched. The ceremony ended, the men that were covering themselves in stuff went into the water and washed, the bird just sort of hovered around, clearly not afraid. The old joints walked back to us. They started their stuff about being prepared and said what your Mom said to me about needing to survive to take care of you in the event things start to fall apart. I must be more like I was when I was younger, more like I was here (I believe that is a reference to being there and being Nuttah’s father). Be aware of what is around you, you should not be alone. He will find you. ??? I said “who and why”. No response. Thanks. All I got from the old joints from my questions was something I remember from before, they repeated it 3 times, I can still hear it as I write “alewi ki kuwatu” , almost sure I have that right because I hear it, may be off by a letter or two. I know what they were saying when I am there, it becomes somewhat more vague as I remember it, but I will see if you can find anything, I think it has something to do with me knowing the answers. Nuttah said to me “kaski lesiv” or something to that effect, not so sure on that one, but she also repeated it 3 times, she held my hand and squeezed it tighter each time she said it, not sure if it meant anything or if it was her just becoming more urgent. And then it was over and I woke standing in the bathroom. I’m starting to think they have a stake in my survival that goes beyond just caring, maybe not Nuttah, but the old joints. The one old joint travels to the creek for these ceremonies and for the “meetings”, he is not part of their clan/group/village whatever you want to call it. I have forgotten a lot of what I used to know when I was going to see them on a more regular basis!

Excerpt of my response: April 4, 8:50 AM

I found myself for some reason on a post of 4/5/11 and it was about the first white merganser sighting you had: 2 regular mergansers and the one all-white one. The first “alewi ki kuwati” reference in the blog happened on 4/1/10, and that post was about when you found out how she lost you. “Alewi ki kuwatu” is “you know more“. (I have that in the heading of the blog too). I’ll look up Nuttah’s phrase. The other thing I noticed was the buzz pretty strong last night, and then the night before, she had moved her character back to your bedside table. “Kaski” means “You can”. The other word I’m not finding. Any context? An English word I can search on? There does not appear to be a “V” in their language, I could be wrong, but maybe it’s like the Gaelic, which uses a “bh” for “V”, or another combo? The ceremony last year happened on May 26, 2011, that one by the creek where they were smeared with mud. Interesting night though! It’s been a long time. I didn’t notice anything overnight, except I had some pretty vivid dreams.

Then I spent some time trying to look up the translation of Nuttah’s Lenape phrase, and found only this:
How about this for a translation:
kàski në laihòsin.
“You can do that”
Closest word I could find to “lesiv”

Curiously, I am re-reading this and posting it several months since it happened. Reading the part about that mud ceremony in the creek, it reminded me of the first time I’d written about it over a year ago. And I wondered if this ceremony had a special significance for them, so for the first time, I actually did an internet search for “Lenape Mud Ceremony”. It turns out that there is something related to mud, and it is part of their “creation story”. I found this site that describes it quite well. So for the 2nd year, Bob was taken there to be part of this ceremony. The only odd thing is that they occurred on different days of the year: May 26, 2011 the first time, and April 4, 2012 the second. So maybe it has more to do with moon cycles, planetary alignment, seasonal events, than an actual fixed “date”.

January 22, 2012

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Except for the constant drumming in our ears and all the other unexplained odd noise in the house, as far as things moving around there has not been much activity since early January. But this morning we were treated to a blast from the past — it was the DUCKS again. When is the last time I even mentioned the ducks? I just checked. The last activity concerning ducks was July of 2011. They were left over in our old bedroom in a part of the house we rarely even go to anymore. Kind of sad, but we’ve more or less abandoned it, not only do we not really need the space since it is just the two of us now, but our insurance company has completely stalled on the matter, and we’ve not done anything to start fixing up from the Irene flood damage. So shut the door and forget it. Joe finally found us over here, and now lives on this side of the house with us.

The papa and little duck appear on the couch in the office

So what might have sparked “Duck” activity after all this time? Bob did tell me that he was out with the pups early this morning, and he mentioned scaring some ducks out of the creek. We actually haven’t even seen many ducks out back in the water this year, not really sure why. So when I entered the office for the first time today, I exclaimed to Bob, “Did you move these over here?” Bob hadn’t. What I consider to be the “Father” duck, and one of the “child” ducks, are seated on the part of the couch where Bob usually sits. This must have happened overnight or sometime that morning. Perhaps when Bob was out and saw ducks in the creek. The only thing that I was aware of, was when I awakened, I heard the drums. It’s not all that usual in the morning, not like it is at night — but this morning they were there. Bob mentioned hearing a “serious bass drum” when he awoke. And I just learned something today, listening to a previous Coast-2-Coast program on my new iPod. I’ve downloaded pod-casts, and I’m trying to keep up with the programming. I learned that people in Costa Rica and other parts of the world are hearing an unexplained “hum”. This was described by some as sounding like a “diesel engine some distance away”. I know at one point when I first started hearing “the hum/buzz”, that’s what I thought it sounded like. Or an airplane way overhead. Or a motor – once I even thought as I walked away from my car that I had somehow left the motor running, until I realized I was hearing the “hum” in the driveway. I’m wondering if the people in these other areas are hearing a motor-hum, or… are they hearing the same kind of hum I hear, and for the same reasons? Only time will tell.

July 19, 2011

Event #236: Tuesday evening, July 19, 2011

Until tonight, it has been awhile since there has been any “activity”. I’m in the process of filling in the “holes” in late May and early June, so if you are a regular visitor to the blog, please make sure to scroll back and check up on those updates, as they will be dated the days that they occurred (and might not appear at the ‘top of the blog’ if you know what I mean). There were a number of events that Bob had to cogitate on before I could post them. But then tonight, I spoke to Bob on the phone from work, and he told me that he’d been sitting outside having a beer with our friend and neighbor, Dan. He related that while they sat, there was a “fly-through”.
“Did Dan notice it?” I wondered.
“Well, I wasn’t sure, I purposely didn’t say anything to see if he would notice, and I guess he didn’t.” Bob said.
“Huh.” I said. “And what else, did anything else happen?” I wondered.
Bob said that was it. But as I’m driving home, I thought maybe — just maybe — there might be a change somewhere in the ‘objects’. And I was right. I went upstairs to change, and I noticed that on the dresser, there were now 2 hearts pointing at Nuttah’s and my own character. The thing about these hearts though, is that they were downstairs in my office, in kind of a messy pile of paper clips, matches, odds and ends and such… and she filtered them out and brought them upstairs. Another heart from downstairs is on the back of the Father duck, which still sits on the floor because I never put them back on the closet. And then lastly, Bob’s stone, which has been on his clock radio since the last change, now is on the back of the turtle. So, a number of curious changes. Dan will have to let us know if he did in fact sense something. And I will add a picture to this entry tomorrow night to illustrate these movements. I always have to wonder what ‘sparks’ these changes.

Here are the pictures from last night:

The changes on the dresser with the characters and the turtles and hearts

Turns out the heart was on the back of the mother duck, not the father duck

June 27, 2011

Update: Monday, June 27, 2011

The 3 regular ducks show up right in the middle of the bed; we were out all evening and came home to this

Wow, how the month of June has flown. I truly do not know what happens to “time”; as soon as a month starts, I turn around and it’s the end of the month already. Does this happen to anyone else? I have a feeling of acceleration, that as we age, time just speeds up, and every day is a second or more shorter. This should be good news to Bob — summer will be over before you know it! (Bob is not a fan of summer, to say the least).

There is much to report. That is another thing — I have run out of time to work on it. I am behind by about 5 posts — 3 of them are events that happened specifically to Bob at the end of May/early June, and I still need his permission to post. One happened after those last 3 flower sprigs appeared, the yellow ones that I did write up. There were then another 3 of a different flower, and although I have the pictures, I haven’t had time to write it all up. And then lastly, we came home Saturday night (6/25) to a change in the bedroom — and this was a ‘first’: the ducks were ON THE BED! I do have a picture to add, which is to the left here, and even though things are out of order, I’ll just take some liberties, and do it now.

The first vegetable from the garden, planted 5/13: a Pea pod

And there is one other thing I would like to add, before I work on updating some of these other posts. This weekend, we actually produced our first vegetable from the garden. This was an exciting moment and we discovered it almost by accident. Considering I am weeding in the vegetable garden daily, you would think I would have noticed this. Saturday, Bob added some twine attached to sticks at each end of the garden to give the peas some support. I went in and wound the pea plants up through the twine so they’d have something to grab onto. The plants themselves are at least about 12-15″ tall, and they are starting to flop over. In this process, I discovered that we actually had pea-pods growing! Okay, maybe this sounds hokey, but it was our first produce from the garden and we were both really excited. I immediately picked it, split it in half and before you could say ‘pea-pod’, we ate it. Then, we found more, but have to let them mature a bit, for a few days.

The cover of the Paper Doll book: Woodlands Indian Girl

And then one last thing. I finally found some new paper dolls. I ordered some cheap ‘Dover publications’ Indian doll books. My plan is to replace the dolls we’ve been using, as it seems that she has more or less abandoned them (and Bob’s character is still missing since January). Every once in awhile, there is a change with my character here in the office, but it’s been pretty rare. So this is something I hope to launch this weekend. The plan is that there will be a Lenape version of each of us, and the current-day version of us, perhaps on the reverse. If I have time, I’ll give her other ‘diorama’ objects to work with. It is always interesting to see how these things get used. I’ll be working the rest of this week on getting the blog current.

June 14, 2011

Something about THREE: Monday, June 13, 2011

What is the significance of Three?
There are Three of us: Bob, me, Nuttah.
There were 3 ducks on the closet that she used to signify “us”.
There are 3 charms in front of the ducks.
There were 3 ducks the day we sat at the creek and marveled at the wild ducks that swam at our feet.
There are 3 rocks on my lamp-base.
There are 3 turtles on the dresser.
That happened on June 13th, a day with a 3 in it.
The same turtle first happened last year on June 3rd.

Three stones appear on my bedside table lamp-base

These are two pictures of the new “threes”. Bob saw the stones  on  my lamp-base on the night of the 14th when he got home from work. We are presuming this to have happened sometime the evening of the 13th. When Bob saw the stone on the left, he commented to me that it is clearly one of “their tools”. The way I would describe this stone, the one on the left, is that it is sort of like a wedge. Imagine an orange segment, but with a harder edge. It’s actually more like the size of a tangerine segment. The other two stones are shaped like hearts, and the one on the right has been used and re-used multiple times throughout the room. The one in the middle I am not sure was even in the room, but it could have been.

Three charms (I've circled in Yellow) in front of the Three Ducks on the floor

“They used wedge-shaped stones just like that for cleaning skins”, Bob said. “I saw that when I went there and I walked through the village with her. This particular stone is not sharp; it’s old and worn, but it’s exactly the shape of what they used, only theirs were sharper. They held two of them in one hand to clean hides. I don’t know how they did that, it was fairly dexterous of them, and they were very fast.”
“Is this something that I did?” I wondered.
“I would assume so, since that’s something that all the women did.” Bob replied.
“So do you think this is an object from HER time?” I wondered, like Bob’s stone that appeared about this time last year also.
“No way of knowing – it could be, I guess.” was Bob’s reply.

I looked it up in the “Time Travel” category, and found that Bob’s visit to the village last year took place on July 26, 2010. We’re coming up on that now. I don’t know the significance of this latest series of events. (or any of it really). I just know that it’s something new, and something else to muse on and try to interpret. But the “three” thing appears to be a pattern of a sort. Has this pattern been present for longer than I have noticed?? “She does nothing that is without meaning”, as Bob has reiterated over the last year.

June 13, 2011

Event #228: Monday, June 13, 2011

An excerpt from an email that I wrote this morning to Bob, after I’d had a pretty difficult night of sleep: “I finally fell back to sleep and then shortly before 7, was rudely awakened by something that sounded like pounding on the door. The house door by the driveway. It must have been multiple times because it did finally wake me up and then it dawned on me what I’d been hearing, so I jumped up, tried to look outside and couldn’t see anything, so threw on some clothes and went down but I didn’t see anyone. Went back to sleep but not right away, and now I feel completely wrung out. I thought later it might have been Stupe [one of the dogs] pushing on the basement doors, but it was too rhythmic and regular for that. Just like the sound of someone pounding (pretty hard) on a door, to get your attention. Perhaps it was someone else trying to get my attention. Who knows. I had been trying to reach her earlier.”

I got up later and looked around at all the doors, and found nothing at all amiss. However, when Bob and I spoke later tonight while I was at work, he reported that he’d been coming out of the basement, and clearly felt the presence of both Nuttah and ‘the Whoosh’ kind of sail across the deck, getting the dogs attention as well. Nothing more than just passing by though. But then he said that back in the basement, putting the dogs to bed, he heard footsteps above him walking across the first floor. Very clearly, he reported, it was footsteps, and Bob went upstairs to see if I was home. I reminded Bob of the banging I’d heard that morning, and we thought there might be some connection. It’s kind of curious that these events are not really frightening, although they kind of sound like they would be. If it had been dark when I heard that door pounding, it might have been different. But… here is the kicker. I got home tonight about an hour ago. I always go upstairs to change. And tonight, there are some pretty significant changes in the bedroom. The main one is that we have a turtle again! I wish I could go up right now and take a picture. It is the same turtle, basically, that she made about this time a year ago. In fact, I should look at that, it might have actually been THIS DAY a year ago. And… it is back on the bureau, made out of exactly the same jewelry that she used the first time she made the turtle. And there is something else… the 3 silver charms that were lined up in front of the ducks from last week… now there is one charm in front of each duck. And lastly, there are 3 unusual rocks on my lamp-base. One is roughly heart-shaped, and sits between two other chunky rocks that were not anywhere in the room. In the morning, as it is late and I need to go to bed, I will take pictures of these 3 things. And perhaps Bob will shed some light on any other things that might have happened besides ‘just stuff moving around.’ There are some pretty significant events that I need Bob’s agreement to report that happened roughly between May 26 and June 4.

June 7, 2011

Event #226a: June 7, 2011

Then, the next morning I received this email from Bob:

Bob, Tuesday, June 7th, 8 am:

I have been thinking about Nuttah and the visit last night. About the connection between you and the white duck, quack. About you doing what you have always done. The ceremony honoring her father. The men that performed the ceremony, I don’t believe they were aware of me watching, so they couldn’t see me or sense me or our idiot dogs. I am going to try to ask to “speak” with the elders (“whoosh”) if possible again. If I can focus, which is not as easy as you think. I want to see if I can get some understanding or clarification, I doubt it, but I want to try. Anyway, that’s my plan and I’m sticking to it.

Me, June 7th: You know it’s funny, that book I’m kinda reading, off and on, about karma and reincarnation… I think since my life as a Lenape woman was cut short, here I am back to finishing out my mission or something. “You doing what you have always done”. There do appear to be connections between lives, and you do have an all-out purpose. It’s up to us to find out what that is.

June 3, 2011

Event #225: Friday, June 3, 2011

3 of my silver charms appear in a column in front of the ducks: A turtle - a fish - and a turtle - the labeling, of course is mine

This either happened the night of June 2 or sometime Friday the 3rd. As we know, the last event was the moving of three of the ducks from the top of my closet to the floor. This happened earlier in the week, the night of the power failure. Then Friday morning, I was up in the bedroom moving around doing this and that. A pile of clothing that I was relocating toppled over and fell in front of the ducks, which still sit where she left them to the left of my closet. It was then that I noticed something else besides the ducks on the floor in front of them.

A close-up of the 3 charms lined up in front of the ducks: Turtle-Fish-Turtle

These things were not there when the ducks originally appeared on the floor, which I know because of the picture that I took earlier. And here, to the right is a picture of what is there now. In front of the 3 ducks are 3 of my silver charms, lined up in a column: a turtle, then a fish-charm, then another turtle. I’m just as confounded by the appearance and meaning of these 3 charms as I am by the 3 ducks.

May 31, 2011

Event #224: Tuesday night, May 31, 2011

Tuesday, it got R E A L L Y, really hot. Bob had just arrived home from a hard day at work, and BOOM, the power went out. He called me from his cell in the car, cause his cell phone doesn’t work here at the house. Most cell phones don’t, being in a valley surrounded by hills, and no cell towers. (We kind of like it like that). Anyway, he was thinking of heading out to a place with air conditioning, but the electric company recording was “projecting” that it would be restored around midnight. Wishful thinking. I got home at 11 or so and the power was still off. More than half of our neighbors along our road still had power. I called to see what the current projection was and now they were saying 2 in the morning.

And here are 3 of the ducks, now moved to the floor below the closet.

There was nothing to do but lay in a hot bed using my battery-operated book light to try to read with the still, hot, humid air descending on us like a wet blanket. Bob snored softly beside me, and I marveled that he slept at all. I was pretty sure I was not going to get to sleep in this oppressive heat, so to try and relax I did some puzzles and a little light reading.  At one point I got up to use the bathroom, and using my book light to illuminate the way, I noticed something new in my pathway back to the bed. It was the ducks! No longer on TOP of the closet, the core family of three ducks has been moved to the floor! I almost tripped over them. I don’t know when this happened, and I could have missed it earlier, obviously with no lights in the room. But there they were, on the floor next to the closet. I’m left to wonder what is the meaning.

May 26, 2011

Event #223: Thursday, May 26, 2011

I’m having to re-number the “events”, as this in fact is #223, but since I skipped over it back in May (that was Bob’s request), things are now out of order. So I’m dating this event the actual day that it occurred, which was May 26. This might be confusing, but please bear with me as I get caught up and current, then hopefully it will make sense, as much as any of this can make sense.

On May 26, at about 7 pm, Bob wrote me this email:

Well, Dukey, Waffles and I went on a journey tonight. Sitting outside with a brew and puppies and sweating my ass off, suddenly Whoosh and Nuttah arrive in an almost wind and then I am there, at their place. It caught me so completely off guard that I, for a moment couldn’t breathe. Duke and Waffles unphased. The wolf puppies are there. We head immediately upstream to a bend in the creek, it is a still, deep pool. On the edge of the pool/creek  there are 6 men facing the water, nude and covering themselves in mud from the creek and in the middle of some sort of chant. I can see past them and the white merganser is floating in the pool, completely unphased by their presence. Just like the mallards and Ima were with us; oblivious. I don’t know what they were saying and Nuttah got a little irritated when I kept looking around and trying to ask what was going on, I felt EXACTLY like I did as a kid in church when my parents would “shoosh” me. The puppies, all four, went and sat by the men and faced the creek, completely obedient and respectful. I was the clueless one. The men chanted and rubbed creek mud on themselves for a long time, at least 20 minutes, I think. There were 4 older men and 2 younger. I kept feeling Whoosh behind me, Nuttah was holding my arm and rubbing my forearm, but focused on the water. I put my hand on hers and I could tell she was happy I did. I turned to try and see Whoosh because it was a constant presence.  Finally I saw Whoosh. It is the 2 elder gents. They both put their hands on my face when I turned, as if saying, don’t worry, focus on the ceremony. But I can’t understand what the men are saying. I do know we won’t be able to show the merganser to anyone else, nor the mallards we saw. As quickly as it happened we are back, with one BIG exception. Waffles, Duke and I are on the other side of the bridge, about 20 feet from the road. That freaked me out a bit. Made our way back and trying to sort things out. Your thing with ducks has meaning. Meaning beyond this life. Not sure I want this published.  I love you Wup An’na, so does your daughter, Nuttah. She cried when I got the connection between you and the white merganser.

Hearts point at me and our characters

Bob and I talked on the phone after I read this email, and neither of us knew what to make of his “relocation”. That was the first time that happened. It was as if he left from the deck, and he and the pups were returned somewhere else, like there was a slight flaw in the process. Slight. Bob was freaked. “What if she put me back inside a wall, or something?”, he wondered. Or I wondered, “Yeah, how about on a highway, and you don’t have time to move?” The ramifications were pretty perturbing.
Then that night when I came home there was a new arrangement on my desk of Nuttah’s and my character. I took a picture, and have included it here.