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November 26, 2016

Some Kind of “Strange Energy” (and it can turn on lights)

Okay, so we all know by now about the “faces in the fish tank“. Still really creeped out by that and no closer to knowing what caused it. My only possible explanation is that it is a reflection from a ghost-like presence in the room. Some have offered their theories: that the larger face, to the left, is a reflection of the man’s face to the right. Plausible because the reflections occur in a corner of the tank, and I can see that the fish also reflect on 2 panels of the tank. I will reenact at some point where they (he) would have to have been in the room to be ‘reflected’ there. Of course, another theory, is that because of who he might be, he is capable of just showing his face anywhere he wants.

2016-11-08-lucy-is-spookedBut there was something that happened a few days later. This might have been maybe Nov. 8 or so. I wish I’d logged the date. It’s possible I have it scrawled somewhere on a sticky. Anyway, Bob reported that he’d been in the bathroom getting ready for bed. Our bathroom is right off the bedroom, and he had the door open into the bedroom, and our little Yorkie Lucy was up there with him. From his stance at the mirror, Bob could see in his peripheral vision that the room behind him was dark, and Lucy had gone in there to wait for him on the bed. All of a sudden, from where he is standing, Bob sees that the lights have come on in the bedroom behind him, and Lucy makes a mad scramble; off the bed, careening into the bathroom out of control so she hits the shower door which forces a turn to the left, still out of control, she slides into and bounces off the toilet, scrambling to get a grip with her feet on the cold, hard, slippery bathroom floor tile. She’s still on the move and careens against the the bathroom wall, ejects to the left as she gets a paw-grip under her, heading to the other bathroom door, which is open into the guest room. She then makes a beeline to get under the bed, cowering and shaking.

Bob goes in the bedroom to see what spooked her; he could not see or feel anything unusual except for the fact that all 3 lights were turned on. 2016-11-08-lucy-is-spooked-cartoon-2Two of these are our individual bedside table lamps, that have those kind of straight on/off switches, and one is a sconce on the wall that is turned on with a ‘wheel’ switch on the cord. How did they all turn on at once? What did Lucy see or perceive? What caused her to freak and go tearing out of there? I don’t think it was just the lights going on, after all, Lucy frequently goes in a room ahead of us and then we’ll turn on a light maybe from a wall switch, or a table lamp. She never blinks an eye at that. She’s currently sitting on the other side of my monitor here, and I guarantee, that if I got up to switch on (or off) a light, she wouldn’t budge. So it wasn’t the lights going on; it was whatever energy did that that spooked her. But WHAT WAS IT??

Bob said he did go around the house and investigate for anything amiss. Of course, as usual, there was nothing. Or at least so we think.

March 26, 2010

March 26, 2010

A notable event, even though I can’t remember the date now: My truck broke down on the way to work. It just died, and I felt it happening, so fortunately I had pulled off into a parking lot.  First call was to the mechanic that had just inspected the truck, and we’d paid a lot of money for it to pass. And as I’m talking to the mechanic, someone is trying to call me. I ignored it because I figured I could retrieve whoever it was when I finished talking, which I needed to do because of breaking down. Next, I was going to call AAA, but I checked to see who had called me first. It had been Bob. So I called him to see what was up. He rarely, if ever, calls me in the morning, so I was a little concerned. After I told him what was going on with the truck, I wondered, “what made you call me?” And the answer was a surprise: “I had this odd feeling that something was wrong.”

February 28, 2010

Event #31-32: Sunday, Feb. 28, 2010

I woke up during the night and had to use the bathroom. When I got in there, I heard the little vibrating motor noise again: Bob’s razor on the shower stall. I switched it off and went back to bed.

Bob later got up around 6:30 to use the bathroom. He said not only was the razor on again, vibrating away, but that the 2 bathroom rugs were in complete disarray, all bunched up and in little piles, and Joe’s water bowl was moved entirely across the room over by the bathroom sink.

Later in the day, I went to get in the shower, and the razor on its tray was leaning precariously over the side of the shower stall. I wonder if it vibrated there until the battery wore out? Anyway, when I shut the stall door, it pitched off onto the floor, and the whole thing broke apart and the battery spewed out. I couldn’t get it back together properly, and neither could Bob when he tried later, so that was that. No more vibrating razor.

Still Sunday, February 28, 2010: Bob has been telling me that since the night in January when our entity climbed into bed with him that he has had at least 4 different experiences of simply knowing that “it” was in the room with him. He told me and our dinner friend last night that it was as obvious and clear as the 2 of us sitting there at the table. He is also getting a sense of a name from it. He says it is not in English, and it is multi-syllabic. Here is a quote from an email he wrote me on Feb. 23:
“Actually I am getting a sense of a name, not English either. Multisyllabic. This is very strange coming from me.”

He says he is also getting the sense that it is from another century, before the house or the wall ever existed. Maybe even hundreds of years ago. I should mention that ever since it was revealed what it might “be”, I’m no longer sleeping with the lights on and lighting the exterior of the house like an airport at night. The neighbors even commented on that – how lit up it was – well come on, what would anybody do?

February 27, 2010

Event #30: Sat., Feb. 27, 2010

We’d gone out to dinner with a friend of ours, who I’d emailed earlier in the day the entire PDF of events above up to #30. We spent quite a bit of our dinner time discussing the events. When we got home, I went up to the bedroom and heard a weird motor noise. Also, Joe seemed to be a little disturbed and out of sorts. I couldn’t initially tell where the noise was coming from, so followed it into the bathroom. It seemed to be coming from above. I thought the vent fan in the bathroom had maybe been left on and was going bad – because it was a pretty weak noise. Then I realized it was not the fan – but coming from slightly further on; Bob has a razor that he keeps on top of the shower stall, and it has a little switch on it that makes it vibrate when he shaves. It was turned on and sitting in it’s little storage tray vibrating away. I told Bob about this when he came upstairs, and he thought maybe he’d left the switch on by mistake. However, I remember being up there when we were getting ready to go out, and I think I would have heard it running. But I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt – until later…

February 1, 2010

February 1, 2010

I responded Feb. 1 with this email back to Dan:
Thanks for doing this, Dan! I’m starting to think that Bob might be right, in that the activity may have ended when the wall was filled in. However, they do still have to backfill, and bring back the big excavator, and make a lot of noise, so… you never know. It’s just that weekends were usually a pretty active time for our “entity”, and I’m kind of surprised that nothing happened this weekend. Well, nothing really significant. I’ll email Matt directly. Thanks, Dan.
See you next weekend.

And then Dan back to me:
Sounds good – let’s hope for the best with everything. If you are going to put the camera thing on hold then just let Matt know not to bother to find the IR lights he mentioned. I’m sure we’ll talk before the weekend about SuperBowl logistics, etc.

I then write to Matt, to follow up from Dan:
Hi Matt,
Thanks for considering doing this. It’s a situation that is beyond bizarre as far as we’re concerned, however, my husband, Bob, had this theory that it was going to end when the wall work was finished. They finished the cement pouring part of the wall last week; they are not finished working, but since then, the “activity” seems to have died down. We had nothing significant this weekend at all, and it was ongoing since early January. The way I think I will leave this for now, is if anything happens in the next couple of days, I will take you up on the offer — but if it is in fact “over”, I don’t want to infringe on you for the time. I’m not as sure as Bob is about it ending, but we shall see. I would be just as happy if it is — we could save a little on the electric bill. Thanks again. Lois

And then I sent that email to Dan & Elaine as well:
Hey guys,
Here’s the email I sent Matt. I really appreciate you putting us all together. It would certainly be intriguing, if we could, to find out what is going on, but I do kind of feel that I have to confirm that something still IS going on before I ask someone to spend all this time (and equipment) doing this. So we’ll see what happens, if anything, in the next couple of days. It might be that excavator’s motor that gets it all going (and it’s on its way back here this week)…
Thanks again. Lois

January 30, 2010

Event #24: Saturday, January 30, 2010

When Bob got up this morning, he noticed that his clock radio was blinking and that it had lost power sometime overnight. It was the only thing in the room that this applied to. Then when I came down to write up that incident on the computer, my computer had been rebooted. Like it had momentarily lost power as well. Bob said he woke up at 2:35 and his clock was not blinking, but at 3 something, it was blinking the way it does when the power goes off momentarily. When I brought the computer back up by logging on, I did not get one of those reboot messages that usually say “your computer has recently been updated”. (I basically leave it on all the time), which means that my computer simply spontaneously rebooted, and his clock-radio spontaneously shut itself off.

January 28, 2010

Event #22: Thurs., January 28, 2010

Today, when I woke up, I noticed that the ceiling fan was no longer rotating. I emailed Bob to ask him if he’d turned if off, as it’s been turning on the lowest setting since the end of the summer. Just rotating slowly to keep an air current moving in the bedroom. And I look at it every night, when I pull up the covers and peer nervously out into the room to see if anything has changed (or is in the process of changing…). It’s the only thing that is moving (that I’m aware of) and I know it was on the night before. And now? Stopped. I pulled the chain, and I realized that the next setting up from slow is faster – so the chain would literally have to have been pulled 3 times to shut it off and Bob said that he did not do it.

January 20, 2010

Event #18: Wed., January 20, 2010

I wrote this email below to Bob, after I discovered his remote on my table when I came home Tuesday evening. First, I’d asked him where he’d put his remote when he went to bed, and he said the usual spot, which is on his OWN bedside table.

And my email:
“Ok, well that’s another incident then that happened while you were sleeping — when I came up at about 11:30 or so, both remotes were on MY table, and mine had been turned around to face the wall, the same way yours was. (That’s not how I leave it) Also — and this is almost weirder — I had to get up later to FIND my remote when I wanted to switch off the TV — it was no longer on top of the comforter where I’d laid it, it was IN the bed with me, under the cover. I didn’t do that. I did talk to Jim about the pump, he said they meant to leave it on.”
The comment there about the pump is because I was wrapping it up in the bathroom and heard this odd noise coming from what was seemingly right outside the window. It totally freaked me out – I was too scared to lift up the blind and take a look, even with the light off in the bathroom. After I just stood there listening for awhile and couldn’t figure out what was making the noise, I woke up Bob. He had heard it too, and told me the crew had set up a pump in the creek in the last area where they’ll be working; he just wasn’t sure if they’d meant to leave it running, so we left it alone. To the left is the picture of where I found both remotes, and Bob had placed his on his own table when he went to bed. You like my silly mouse (against the wall)?

There was nothing amiss Wed. night when I came home. Just an odd print on the blanket, but I decided later it was probably Bob’s hand prints from looking outside. But last night, when I talked to Bob from work, he said Joe the cat was really freaky when he came up to go to bed. I told him that is usually (now) a good indicator that we’ve had some “activity”. So when I got home Thursday night (Jan. 21), I took a careful look around. I couldn’t see anything really obvious, except an unusual print in a yellow blanket that sits atop a tiny child’s stool. I know Joe can’t sit on the stool, but something has made a depression in that blanket. I will photograph it later, along with the VERY subtle thing I discovered after that. It’s my little sitting angel – she sits between the cow and the chicken, and now she is turned around too, facing the same direction they are. The only thing in that little row that has not been turned is the sheep. We shall see. Did I mention that I removed the ceramic pitchers that sat on the shelf above our bed? I just didn’t want them tipped over falling on us while we sleep. I forgot to take a picture of the angel, and Friday evening, Bob turned all the figurines back the right way.

January 15, 2010

Event #15-16: Friday, Jan. 15, 2010

Tonight, I arrived home from work before Bob, but I didn’t check upstairs until after Bob was home. Even though we are on event no. 14 by now, I still feel chills creeping up the back of my neck when I see something new has happened. As soon as I walked up the stairs, I could tell by the behavior of Joe the cat that something had happened. It’s now pretty obvious. He’s nervous, and pacing, and just not himself. Meows a bit more too, in a plaintive, pleading way, as if he wants his food bowl filled, but it is. I found 2 things, both pretty subtle, and the 2nd one, I almost didn’t even notice. I have certain things I now “check”, and the ducks are one of them. And here they were, see picture; the last 2 moved yet further away. I left them like that, as I’d left them the way they’d been moved the previous time. And then looking around, I found something else. It was my little farm animal figurines on my dresser. Two of the four things were turned around, alternating ones; see picture below.The cow and the chicken were turned toward the rear. Now in case the reader has been thinking all along that someone was home during all of these events, even though it was often different people, this time NO ONE was home. Not one of us, all day. And then below that is a picture of the bureau from the night I took the one of the remotes that were put on it, and I’ve put the green circle around the 2 things (the cow and the sheep) that at that time were facing forward. (The little sitting angel in the picture above was added by me later – I thought she would help, so much for that). But you can see the cow facing forward, and the chicken looks like it was just swung around reversed. A PATTERN! Ducks, cow, chicken: turned to face the other way – what’s that about?? I may be on to something here. I also photographed the dust marks on the closet top where the ducks were moved from to record just “how” they were moved. This is kind of interesting; there is a lot “disturbed” in the dust, like they were dragged around, not just picked up and moved. (Yes, sorry, it’s embarrassingly dusty up there, what can I say… ). So there amongst the dust and the cobwebs on top of the closet, I’ve circled in green in this photo the marks that were made as the ducks “dragged” through and around in the dust. I don’t know what this tells me, but it says something. It’s almost like the ducks and the farm animals are busy having their own little “party” when we’re gone. Oh, and I forgot to mention one other thing. My radio was on again.

January 11, 2010

Event #10: Early on Monday, January 11, 2010

Three incidents are questionable, but bear writing – one is I think I found my radio on Saturday morning, the morning of the 9th described above when I first went up there and found my remote taken out of Bob’s drawer. I thought I had turned it off, but can’t be entirely sure. Then yesterday – Sunday, the 10th – Bob went upstairs and found our cat, Joe, completely unsettled and slinking about the room, very freaked out, hiding under furniture and not wanting to come out. Earlier he’d found him just curled up on the bed.
I went up later, and he was still that way; he was yowling at me and restless. And then this morning – the 11th – Here is the email I sent to Bob:
“The only thing is that I got up and did my usual cursory glance around — the 3 main things I check now are the 2 remotes, and the purple blanket. The crew is what woke me up, so they are here. Everything seemed fine. Then I looked over again at the window, and the purple blanket now had 3 little prints on it. As if you were to take 3 fingers and press them in. But I can’t 100% swear they weren’t there when I first looked and I just didn’t see them. This will be a questionable one — nothing else seemed amiss.