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October 18, 2013

More Flowers, and Bob Dreams his History

Nuttah brings flowers, October 15: White Asters

Nuttah brings flowers, October 15: White Asters

On the evening of Tuesday, October 15, 2013, I came in from work and went into my office to deposit my things from the day. Much to my surprise, there is a little display to the left of my keyboard! It is Nuttah, her papoose and FLOWERS!! To the right is one of the pictures that I took that evening. I did put the flowers in water, they are tiny white asters. There has not been a freeze yet, so it makes sense that we’d still have some flowers blooming outside. After all, LAST year, I got flowers in December. Curiously, they were the same exact flowers then, and almost in the same condition. Which means we must have had a pretty warm fall for them to be still around in December. Here is the link to that episode, in December of 2012.

Of note, the papoose (wish I had his name!) is going to be a 1-yr.-old soon. November 17 is his birthday. What a world Papoose was born into that November a year ago – with Nuttah and what remained of her tribe on the run for the entire winter, living in caves and in hiding, scrounging food and not being able to start a fire for fear of discovery. It was a miracle that any of them survived.

I grabbed this picture from the internet. It is not exactly the "era" that Bob dreamed, but you get the idea of the "War Dog"

I grabbed this picture from the internet. It is not exactly the “era” that Bob dreamed, but you get the idea of the “War Dog”

Then, a couple of days later, on Friday, October 18, Bob sent this email at 6:30 AM:
Had a weird dream. I was involved in some sort of battle that took place in Europe, time was somewhere around the 10-11th century, I think. I seemed to know what everything was meant for, including the design of the building I was in, which I was trying to defend. It was, I think the home/fortress of a wealthy landowner; I was employed as a mercenary. I had a BIG war dog as my companion. It was kind of a hopeless situation, and the landowner was an asshole. Pretty rude situation. It went on, but I don’t have the time to go into now. Not that it matters, if it is a dream, I will forget it by tonight anyway.

Later, Bob sends me this: I forgot to mention, my name in the dream was Robert Bock, or Bauch, but I think, Bock and it was a tudor-style building, so it must have been 15th century. But it is a dream, so I can be when and who I want!

I wrote back to Bob at 8:53 AM:
Interesting dream. Did you have the sense of a “re-living” dream or a regular dream? I guess what I am asking, is did it somehow feel different, or seem different than a usual dream? Maybe only in that you remembered so much detail, but was there anything else? Really interesting. My dream remembering technique hasn’t worked at all since I made that post about it. I know I am dreaming, but I am not remembering at all. You should really read those books I read recently about the middle ages. The first book took place in 12th c. England, the 2nd was in the 14th. But not much changed in how people lived in 200 yrs. then, big massive changes didn’t seem to come until these past 2 centuries, and now it changes radically in only decades. You would enjoy them, good winter reading by the stove, very engrossing. I suggest because there were characters in them living like your Robert Bock seemed to have lived, in same position, and of course the wealthy landowner also, and peasantry. You might find some things that spark a memory.

Now me just narrating: I am talking about the Ken Follett Books: Pillars of the Earth and World Without End. (hope the links work). Excellent reading, made much more interesting to find out that one of Bob’s lives was seemingly in that era!

Can you imagine dreaming your past lives? In some ways I think this is the coolest thing, and I am envious, in other ways, I wonder if it’s something you really want to know. I think I do (want to know), but what if the information is really disturbing? Bob has “been shown” at least 3 of his past lives, some have been incredibly violent, as most lives probably were prior to our current history. I don’t know the meaning of these dreams/revelations, it is just something to note that is happening, kind of in the realm of all the other stuff that is happening. Will have to try to interpret as time and events move on.

January 9, 2013

Bob gets to visit with dogs of the past

It was the next day, and Bob sent me this email. The reference to “Pink and Dukey” below, is about two of our dogs that have since passed on:

1/9/13, 7:50 AM:  Had some time with Pink and Dukey last night. It is always so natural and so real, I don’t immediately realize how privileged I am, when I do it is overwhelming. It didn’t last long, but at least it happened. All seems to be well with Nuttah and her group, which seems to be a blending of several small groups that were affected by my buddy and his “friendly guys”. They are planning a new ceremony to commemorate the event and to honor those involved. It will be performed every year at this time. I can’t help thinking this is all coming to a close. Very mixed feeling about this.

Me, 9:30 AM: I thought there might be some activity last night, the drums were really loud. Quiet when I first came up, later, louder than I’ve heard yet. I don’t think things will stop, you are a hero to them, why would it? She will not just abandon you now like a tool to dispose of, I don’t know what indication you would have to even think that way, the way the past 3 years have been. Glad you got to see Dukey, Pink last night, how are they doing? Where is the group right now? Are they where they were when all this started? What will the ceremony be and what will it entail? I wonder if current-day Lenape still perform it?

Bob responded with this email: I don’t know that I am a “hero”. It was just part of the big picture.
I don’t know where exactly the encampment is, it is not their camp along our creek, that was completely destroyed, it will be cleansed and rebuilt in the spring. I have no idea what the ceremony will entail, but it will be an honoring ceremony and a ceremony of thanks for saving the people and culture. Dukey and Pink were wonderful. Their coats have a shine, aura like, a radiance that lights the area around them, they are just wonderful to see. Overwhelming to even write about. I so wish I could share this with you, it seems unfair.

Then the night of January 9th, when Bob got home, he told me that Niko had gone berserk in the basement and completely shredded his bed. Something seemed to have spooked him, but what? There were no changes in the house when I got home, but just a mild buzzing.

I think Nuttah wanted to do something nice for Bob after all these events and his key role in making them happen. Giving him an opportunity to visit with Dukey and Pink was the perfect thing. I’m glad he got to do that; don’t know how it happens, but I don’t question anymore anything that Nuttah can do. I don’t know what Niko shredding his bed was about, maybe there were “visitors” during the day. My overall feeling about how things will go from here, is that she will continue to have contact with us. I hope there is nothing else on the horizon for them that is so destructive. But that’s kind of stupid to say, we all know how it went in the years to come. But I disagree with Bob that it will just abruptly end, I don’t think that he was just a “tool”. But some thoughts were formulating in my head at this point that I verbalized to Bob a little later in the month, and regretted it immediately. But there is more to report before that.

January 29, 2012

Sunday morning, January 29, 2012

Bob related an event to me that happened overnight involving Nuttah and the two elders. He was given some information through mental imagery about something that has been uncovered. He’s been given this information before, and shortly after that original message, we had both gone looking for it. At that time, we thought we were looking for some kind of artifact, and we had no idea what, where, or how big. It felt like looking for a needle in a haystack, and it more or less was like that, and I must confess, we gave up pretty easily. This originally happened shortly after Hurrican Irene in early September of 2011 that caused flooding here as well as many places elsewhere. Due to some erosion/undercutting of the creek bank from the flooding, something had been exposed, and we have not found it yet. As Bob was to find out last night though, this artifact is not Lenape, and is not even a remnant of their culture. It is a structure, and it was there before the Lenape came. It is, apparently STILL here. I want to find this thing in the worst way, but we don’t know where to look. Can you imagine uncovering something that pre-dates the Lenape here? What culture was it? And when? It is a structure made of stone. Bob sat and drew this picture that came to him in the image that was projected to him. I have included it here (below), cleaned up as much as I could because he drew it on a patterned napkin. What we are looking at in this picture is the eroded creek-bank. And amongst all the random stones that are just part of the bank and all the soil around here, if you can imagine the cross-section created by erosion is something that jumps out as a pattern. Like a fabricated stone wall amidst all the obviously random stones. Bob knows through the messages he has received, that this “side of a wall” that he has been able to see, is the side of a building. Only this one side is exposed, and he doesn’t know if any other parts of it are intact. Bob took some time Sunday morning to take a hike upstream wherever creek access was possible and see if he could find it, but he couldn’t. The information that is obviously missing from these communications, is where the site is. But another question needs to be asked, and that is, “What would we do if we found it?” Would we alert someone? Get people in here to examine it, excavate it, do an archaeological dig? I doubt it. But it would also depend who it was, and what their intent was. From a historical perspective, this certainly has fascinating implications. Below Bob’s drawing, I’ve also included one of the pictures we took of the undercut bank last September, when we first went looking. You can see in that picture what we are up against.

The drawing shows the creek at the bottom, then the eroded bank, trees at the top. The darker section of longer stones in the center would be how this building will appear

Generally, how the banks of the creek look everywhere

September 27, 2011

Event #254: Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My first email from Bob this morning:
I didn’t want to get up this morning, I spent the entire night in puppy dreams. They seemed so real, left the house very depressed and in a fog, literally and figuratively. Fog ALL the way in. The dreams were in some ways typical but in other ways not at all.  I started out just dreaming of Dukey and having normal activities with him on the deck and in the yard, but, this is where it seemed like typical dream stuff, I would be playing with him and he would suddenly be Tëme and then back to Duke just as quickly. Then dreams of Tëme along the creek, here and there would turn into Duke and then back again. Nuttah and the old joints “appeared” in some dreams, mostly Nuttah, she didn’t say much, just:

“He is happy (referring to Duke/Tëme, whoever was there at the moment) you are happy, then so am I. He found his friend his way, I found you my way, be thankful” .

It was overwhelming when she said it to me, being overcome with the enormity of what is inferred still. I don’t know if it is just a dream or another psychotic episode or both, but I have never before had a continuous dream throughout an entire night, especially having woken several times and reentered the dream. I don’t know what to think, the dreams had some episodes at their place that I don’t have any recollection of in my current history, almost like it was events Tëme and Nuttah’s father experienced together before he died. But if it is just dreams, it is meaningless. I would like to believe otherwise, if they are other than dreams, Nuttah’s father was quite a guy. There are some things that I haven’t written, maybe, as I have time and remember, I will.

Duke & Tëme on the dresser merged as one dog

And mine back to Bob:
I would assume that they are NOT dreams; that it was a real picture in some way. I wish I could get that too. What I did get though, gives me some measure of comfort, as I see visually on the dresser, what I think she was saying to you in the dream. But I don’t understand it, I can’t begin to understand it.

And then on the morning of September 28, Bob wrote this email:
I know this is complete silliness. but somewhere on my computer (somewhere that is not in my “pictures” file) I have a picture of Dukey looking directly at me while I am sitting on the deck with them. Since Thursday, that picture has shown up in my screensaver images everyday at least once when I walk in my office.  Pictures of him popping up before that were extremely rare. And I can’t find where the picture is on the computer.

Now just me narrating: This reminds me of the songs (mostly that Bob reports) that interrupt the middle of a radio talk show; songs that have meaning to Bob or the listener, just ‘appearing’ on the airwaves. And there have been other random images and weird coincidences that happen. For instance, something started happening involving my mother (who is deceased) that make me wonder if it is coincidence or something driven somehow? I will write that up in the next post.

June 20, 2011

Event #229: Approximately June 20, 2011

Not sure the date of this, so I am estimating about June 20. It was sometime after the “ceremony” that Bob witnessed, on May 26. This is in the form of a phone conversation we had about it.

Bob began with,  “You know that book, ‘The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe’? Where the girl is hiding in the wardrobe and pushing aside all the firs hanging there, and then all of a sudden, she finds herself outside in the woods in the snow?”

“Yeah.” I replied. I’ve actually re-read that book kind of recently for about the 3rd time.

“Well, that’s how this experience was – I was walking up the steps from the basement to the deck, letting out the pups when I first got home, and before I even got to the top step, off I went to another land. All of a sudden, I was at the creek, by the long-house lodge with Duke & Wobbles. And the elders wanted to speak to me, to ask me something.

“And what was it?” I wondered.

“It was about the history, what’s going on, essentially asking if I can handle it? I don’t know… I don’t know what that means, but that’s all they ask. So I said ‘Yes’.”

“And then what?” I wondered.

“Nothing, that was pretty much it. Nuttah was there, Duke, Wobbles, the teme and the elders. And that was it, except for one main thing…” Bob continued.

“This was the second time I didn’t come back to where I left from. I arrive back ‘here’ and I find myself talking to our neighbors. They’re up on the bridge taking the kids for a walk, and I’m down at the creek yelling up to them. And I have no idea where in the conversation it is, what I’ve even said to them at this point. Or IF I’ve even said anything to them, and what on earth we are talking about. It was so disorienting.  But they just kept talking like nothing was wrong, we were apparently talking about that get-together we’ve been thinking about having. She said she’d bring some kind of appetizer.”

“Wow, how do you think you pulled that off? Do you think they noticed anything was amiss?” I wondered.

“Well, wait, it gets better. As I’m standing there, the white merganser comes coasting down the creek, and I watched as it sailed by, and they didn’t even notice it. I’m sure that it means they can’t see it, because it’s such an unusual bird, they would definitely have said something. It just wasn’t there to them.

“So, you’re not being ‘moved’ there by Nuttah, you’re moving yourself there, while you’re not really mentally ‘here’? Cause you don’t remember moving from the basement to the bridge and you ‘return’ finding yourself in conversation with them? Is it as disorienting as it sounds?” I asked.

“Yeah!” Bob replied.

“Well, what about the pups, have you stopped to unconsciously leash them, or are they loose with you?”

“They’re loose, but they’re behaving, they’re staying right with me, not like they would normally do.” Bob replied.

“Was there any message that came through as the merganser coasted by?” I wondered.

“Nope, it was just cruising by, and nobody comments on it”, was Bob’s answer.

This, for Bob, was even odder than the time he just popped back into the woods after the ceremony ‘trip’. Here he found himself in conversation with people, which means that the local version of himself, for lack of any better term, is just continuing to do what he was doing, as if on auto-pilot.

April 9, 2011

Event #205: Saturday, April 9, 2011

The 2nd Maya book appears on the rocking chair seat: "Maya History & Religion"

Saturday night, we went out to eat and when we came home, I immediately noticed a change as I passed through the sun room, where we have the bookshelves and the rocking chair. For the second time, there was a book laying open on the seat of the chair, right in front of the book shelf from which it came. (The previous book that showed up on the rocking chair is still missing).

The folded piece of paper that marked the pages of the Maya book open on the chair

There was a small folded up piece of notebook paper laid on the open right hand side of the book. I picked up the paper, and it must have been what Bob, at his last reading (probably many years ago) had been using as a bookmark. It looks much yellower after I scanned it, than it does laying on the page of the book. The scanner must have picked up its ‘age’. It is uncertain if the bookmark was still at these particular pages, or if Nuttah removed the paper from somewhere else in the book and placed it here. I carefully unfolded the notebook paper because there was writing on it. It is in Bob’s handwriting, that looks like his college-age writing style. It said this, and I’ve included a picture below as well:

The unfolded piece of paper that was laying on the open pages

Earliest Maya
1) Possibly as far back as 2600 BC.
a. This makes the early formative Maya culture among the old-
est settled societies in the New World.

The book laying on the chair is called, “Maya History and Religion” by J. Eric S. Thompson and it was laid open to pages 208-209. There were 2 almost full-page Maya graphics on both the open pages, and they had to do with a deity of maize, otherwise known as corn.

Maybe this is a good time to mention something else. Bob has been feeling some degree of  ‘pressure’ from Nuttah to ‘grow our own’. That we should become less dependent on the commercial aspects of our society and function more independently. The first step is our own vegetable garden. Well, actually, that’s more like step 2, we’ve been heating the house with wood for a couple of years now. And yes, the vegetables should include corn, as it is one of the Lenape “Three Sisters”: Corn, Beans, Squash. I have even already purchased the corn seeds. And here, below, is the first of the pictures of our little beginner garden to grow our “Three Sisters”. The future garden is outlined in a rectangle by the wooden 6×6’s. The actual dimensions are about 8 ft. x 16 ft. Things still look a little rough, as we’re still in the process of the spring-cleanup. We have limited sunlight on our property, and this is one of the few places that will hopefully get the amount of sun needed. Funny, I actually have three sisters.

Picture 1 of our small vegetable garden; missing is the soil and plants, but it's a start

April 5, 2011

Event #203: Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Email Bob wrote of Tues. April 5th,  morning:
BtW, had a strong sense of activity, or at least presence a little after 9 when I was about to fall asleep. Definitely Nuttah and, I think, the pups, but not sure, it wasn’t the same as the “presence” that has been stopping in, or I could have just been in a somnolent state and it was nothing.

Me: Well, considering the wolves were rearranged on the dresser, it’s pretty clear your senses were correct. Also, your stone comes into play there too, it is arranged inside the heart-turtle necklace she had pointing at you before. And then there is Joe’s behavior, so she and the wolves must have been there before you came up. I didn’t see anything else out of place.

Then tonight, April 5, 2011, this is an excerpt of Bob’s email:

Nuttah has re-arranged us like this - she no longer leans against 'me'; a heart points at each of us

I was sitting outside with the puppies having a brew, and had just finished talking to Kate on the phone. Just after hanging up and just sitting with the pups drinking a Double Dog watching the water, I suddenly was in a tunnel of light, then, just as suddenly in the sweat lodge/hut. The elder gents are there and looking very earnest, just got a severe chill writing this.

Bob was then given a “vision” of how “we” – he and I – were THEN. Then, as soon as that vision was gone, he was shown us as we are now:
“Sitting in the creek on chairs having a brew, with a definite connection to each other and the water, and just as I had a thought about not being as happy as we/they were I was told it was because we have lost our way but we are on the correct trail now, not to lose sight, not to give up, to have a sense of urgency, this may end in an instant. Enjoy each other while you are together. That is it, I was back with the pups on the deck. Scared out of my mind. I love you Wup An’na

Now me narrating again: When I got home, there was again a buzz in the driveway and a re-arrangement of my character with Nuttah in the office. She is no longer leaning against me, but standing straight up and a heart points at me, and one at her. I’ve included a picture of this to the right.

January 18, 2011

Event #173a: January 18, 2011

I’m inserting here a “Place-holding” post. I started to look into that document, the “Walam Olum”, and it proved to be an exercise in continual research, which would delay the posting of the rest of January for too long. So, what I am going to do for now, is just mention it, and I will get back at some future time to finish this post up so that I do it justice. I’m running into a lot of questions about the authenticity of the document, and I want to know what I am posting before I just throw it up there and imply that it is fact. What I do know, and what Bob is becoming more increasingly aware of, is that the Lenape were a people of incredible oral traditions, with an oral history that was passed on between generations, over many years. So it is quite possible, that although it was never “officially” written down, that at some point in time someone did come along who made a written document out of what had been this oral tradition over what appears to be the many thousands of years. So, moving on, I’m going to finish all of the back-posting, get current with events, and then come back to this after I’ve spent some time with it…

January 18, 2011

Event #173: January 15-18, 2011

Saturday, Jan. 15, 2011: Last night, I am pretty sure she was there. Maybe even showing me some visions, did I get it? Wolf eyes? Wolf heads. (Had a wolf dream also Thurs. into Friday morning). Others visions too perhaps… bare barren land, snow covered, at the edge of something with a great body of water. I saw nothing except the land and the water though, broken, jagged coastline, very rough. Far north, cold, snow covered everywhere. This vision came to me a number of times. I was awake for it. I was awake again from about 3 to 5 am.

Monday, January 17, 2011: There really is not much going on right now. In between now and Saturday, Bob has only reported that he gets from her the message to keep the fire going. She nudges him or reminds him… “I don’t want to get any grief”, as he puts it.

Then tonight, when I talked to Bob from work, he mentioned that there was a passage in the book “Entangled” that really hit home with him, and I’ve typed it here:

“But the excellent thing is you are somehow able to communicate with her – that’s difficult you know. I don’t think you realize how difficult it is – not only to talk to matter from spirit but also to do it across the time barrier.”

Then Tuesday night, Bob and I were talking and we were just kind of musing on the events of the past month. Bob could not get rid of that image in his head that he had been “shown” of the mound ceremony. He asked me, “See if you can find something on a split in the migration, one group goes one way, one another. South, or east. And the mounds.”

A picture from the Walum Olum - this picture is translated: "After the rushing waters (had subsided) the Lenape of the turtle were close together, in hollow houses, living together there".

This actually sparked a memory in me of something I had found early on in some of my research of the Lenape people. I did not tell Bob at the time, because as he was always saying, “Don’t tell me, I don’t want it to influence what I’m being shown/told by Nuttah.” Bob did not want to do any internet searching himself, or read any of the things that I found, so as not to confuse his thinking with the things that were being presented by Nuttah. He told me not even to send him links to things in the emails when I made discoveries.

So even though I had come across this document before, I had not mentioned it to Bob, just had “bookmarked” the sites any time I found a reference to them. The document of which I speak, is called, in Lenape, The Walum Olum. In most translations I have found, it means “The Red Record”, but can also be translated as “Red Score” or literally, “Painted Tally”. It is the pictorial story of the migration and history of the early Lenni Lenape:
Here is a brief paragraph that very basically explains its origin that was on this website:

After sifting the evidence as to its authenticity, Brinton concludes: “It is a genuine native production, which was repeated orally to some one indifferently conversant with the Delaware language, who wrote it down to the best of his ability. In its present form. it can, as a whole, lay no claim either to antiquity or to purity of linguistic form. Yet, as an authentic modern version, slightly colored by European teachings, of the ancient tribal traditions, it is well worth preservation and will repay more study in the future than is given it in this volume. The narrator was probably one of the native chiefs or priests, who had spent his life in the Ohio and Indiana towns of the Lenape, and who, though with some knowledge of Christian instruction, preferred the pagan rites, legends, and myths of his ancestors. Probably certain lines and passages were repeated in the archaic form in which they had been handed down for generations.”

I found some passages of it to read to Bob that had to do with the migration, and he started getting a really creepy feeling as I read on. “Yes, that was it…”, he remarked, “That’s what she was showing me.”
I’ll publish these passages in the next post.

January 6, 2011

Event #168a: Thursday, Jan. 6, 2011

Excerpts of our emails the next day about Event #168:
Bob: I suspect we had activity last night. I was having some extremely vivid dreams of the creek, sweat lodge and longhouses last night. I woke up and had company, there is a connection between fire, sweat lodge and ancestors/history. I guess that is why our fire is important. I should have put that together sooner.  I also see where the creek is at her place in relation to our house, at least at this point the egde is about where the bathroom is, there was some sort of “altar” or at least a few items placed at the edge as an “offering”, I think. The most prominent was a turtle shell. Of course this might simply be a dream, including being awake, I might have dreamed that also. But Joe was initially freaked out when I came up and then calmed back down, maybe his need for routine overrode his fear. Did you have any awareness of Nuttah being around? I get concerned when I don’t hear from her. Like I said, I don’t know if this was strictly dream or not, there was also something to do with the “meteor stone” in the offering arrangement, whatever, the more I think of it the more I think it was a normal dream.

The pewter turtle is in the linen closet now (the teabag? Sometimes I grab a tea bag to take to work, and then empty my pockets in here later - obviously I didn't use it.)

Me: No, I wouldn’t disregard it. I knew when you told me about Joe that I’d be coming home to a new arrangement on the dresser. And sure enough. It’s the most changes I’ve seen in a long time — the biggest ones being the weighty-pewter turtle is in the bathroom closet, and your meteor stone is moved to the center of her turtle on the dresser. The grouping of us is changed around as well as my plant sprigs for her. We all have a “heart” pointing at us — all 4 of us there on the dresser.

Each character has a "heart" pointed at us, along with the other changes

The "Turtle on the Dresser" now has Bob's "Meteor-Stone" as part of it

I sensed “something” when I closed my eyes, swirling, motion… thought I would have a vision, but I also was really tired, and I think I was asleep in minutes. It’s the closest that I’ve come to a vision in a couple months I think. Got up to go to the bathroom and had it again. Sound-wise, the hum/vibration was very distant, dim. I thought she’d be there after the dresser changes, so I listened carefully. At first it wasn’t there at all, but then I could hear it dimly, far away, not like sometimes it is, sounding like a motor under the bed. So I think that you might have actually had an excursion, and it was not a dream. Think more about the fire connection, and what you remember there.

Bob: The turtle in the bathroom closet is interesting, that, I think, is the edge of the creek, also where the offerings were set, I think I saw nuts, maybe chestnuts or something like that. Those red berries were there as well as what I think was dried squash and corn???, not real clear about that. Some other things like ornaments, I think. It is dark and only fire light to “see” with. The fire connection to the sweat lodge and history makes sense now. It is integral to the experience. Something to ponder.