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September 1, 2013

Nuttah breezes through and a key has gone missing

2013-08-31-Desk-arrangement-in-officeSunday, September 1, Bob had gone up to take a shower, and when he came out he asked me, “Did you sense something while I was in the shower?”

I replied that I had not, but Bob said he felt something “breeze through” while he was up there. Later, I was in our bedroom, and I noticed Nuttah was no longer on my bedside table. Where was she?

I looked around the bedroom, she was nowhere. So the next place I usually check is the office, and there she was, on a shelf to the right of my desk with a fairly elaborate new arrangement that included wolves, dogs, both me and Bob and Bob’s stone, the bark-hut, turtles, a heart and her “papoose”. See the picture to the left. So she cruised through, and Bob sensed her, and there was a new arrangement to mark the occasion. However, what it all may mean is another story.

A sneak-peak at the downstairs, furnished room of the apartment rental.

A sneak-peak at the downstairs, furnished room of the apartment rental.

There was something else that was going on at this time too. We were soon to have a tenant moving into an apartment space we had created in a separate part of our house. This was the part where all this stuff that has been happening had started in late 2009; the bedroom that included all those episodes with Joe the Cat, and the ducks, and the furniture and all else. It had been flooded in Hurricane Irene (August 2011) and when we fixed it up, we decided we were done with the space for ourselves (I think I mentioned awhile ago how we moved our bedroom into the front part of our house, since Kate and Stewie were now off on their own). Anyway, after all this time, it was finally ready to rent, and since the summer humidity had wreaked havoc, Bob and I were cleaning up back there whenever we had time. The subject of a key to the door had come up, and Bob didn’t think we had one. I spent some time looking around, and miraculously, produced what appeared to be the ONLY key to the apartment. We put it inside a cabinet in the apartment’s kitchen, very deliberately, so that both of us knew where it was. Bob announced, “Here, in this cabinet, above the sink, is where I am putting the only key that we have.” The next time we were out there cleaning, Bob went to check on the key… and it was gone. Of course he asked me if I took it and of course I hadn’t. We looked all over the place and the key was gone. Drat, because it had been the only key, and we had not yet made any copies. We were going to have to figure that out later. We had until mid-September to produce a key, because that was when our potential tenant was supposed to move in. The weird thing was, we kind of started to interpret this as a message: Did Nuttah somehow not want our tenant? Any tenant, or just THIS tenant? The key was gone, and neither Bob nor I had anything to do with its disappearance. We somehow convinced ourselves that Nuttah didn’t want this tenant. And the other weird thing was that we hadn’t heard from said tenant since he’d agreed to take the place and move in. It had been several weeks and move-in time was upon us. So… we thought maybe Nuttah had something to do with the key disappearance, and had also somehow influenced his thoughts and he was NOT going to move in. At this point, when we thought it wasn’t happening, the key somehow miraculously reappeared. So we thought we were tenant-less, but at least we had the key. I think it was the next day, we went out and immediately had 3 copies made. Phew.

November 12, 2012

Unfortunately, I was right about Joe

November 8, 2012

Joe leaps from the bed in fright from the "Whoosh"!

Joe leaps from the bed in fright from the “Whoosh”!

And, as it turns out, I was right about Joe. I went down in the morning, because I could avoid it no longer, and Joe the Cat was stiff as a board. Poor Joe. He is outside now waiting to be buried this weekend, when it’s supposed to warm up and I can dig a hole next to his mother – Momee Cat. To the right is one of the pictures I used in the blog months ago, depicting Joe leaping off the bed straight up in the air in fright, as a “whoosh” comes through the bedroom.

Then a few days later, I got an email from my Dad, on November 12:
“Don’t know if you heard via recent contacts that “Number 9” passed away peacefully last week after a 3-4 week gradual decline despite 2 trips to the vet with no specific diagnosis.  She was 15 plus, so “old age” for a cat who kept me company through the day for the last 4 years.  Will be missed.   Love, Dad

I found out later that the date “last week” that Number 9 died was also November 7.

I wrote back to Dad: “So sorry to hear about Number 9. Curiously, our cat of 18 years, “Joe”, died the same day. I buried him this weekend in our yard. Sunday was warm enough to dig a pretty big hole.”

Joe from about a year ago

Joe from about a year ago

Joe arrived to our house in 1995 as a newly born kitten with his mother, who I thought would surely die of malnutrition. Bob had brought the whole “kit and kaboodle” home from the plant where he worked in the city. Momee Cat, the mother, was a stray that got knocked up as all unspayed cats will eventually do there, and since we had young children at home at the time, Bob thought he’d bring them all home. (Little did I know that this would be the first of about 5 litters of cats I would eventually be asked to take care of: de-flea, medicate, sometimes nurse, spay, neuter and place in homes). All told, I think we’ve been responsible for placing nearly 40 cats over the years. Joe was one of 5 kittens; we raised them all, and found homes for all but Joe, a sibling Mo, and the mother, who we called Momee Cat. Mo was eventually given to a family that wanted a cat, actually we gave them Joe and Mo, but Joe freaked out and hid in a closet for a week, so we got him back. Momee Cat, the mother, lived until about 2008 or 9. This past year, I’d been treating Joe for Diabetes for a few months, but he finally succumbed. I felt that we owed it to Joe (treating him for his health problems) not just for his incredible amount of years with us, but for what he’d been through with all these events: he’d Lived it. But something tells me being 18 didn’t help. We officially now only have 1 cat and 1 dog.

The thing about Joe and Number 9 both dying on the same day is just one of many strange coincidences that have occurred, especially with out pets. I thought it was exclusive to the dogs, but maybe the cats are also somehow linked. And then one last thing to mention about the day that I buried Joe in the yard. I was digging and of course had my head down focused on my task. I had just finished placing Joe in the grave I dug, wrapped in an appropriately black and white towel, and was dressing it up with leaves and pine boughs. I thought Bob might want to come over with me and say a few words as we said goodbye to Joe; he was out poking around in the yard cleaning up “Sandy” stuff. At the moment I thought I was finished, Bob called to me to quick look at something. I did as soon as I heard him, but the thing had passed and I missed it. What Bob had been calling to me to look at was his first ever sighting of a UFO streaking across the sky. This is the way he described what he saw:

It was just like a cylinder, it was shiny, reflective metallic. I thought it was the fuselage of a plane, with the sunlight reflecting off of it, it was just going across the sky, just like plane would, I could see it through the branches of the trees. It was the light that caught my eye, the sun reflecting on it, and then just like that, it shot off straight up, a straight line upward, like no plane would ever be able to do. I tried to get your attention, but it was gone in a flash.

Dang. I wish I had seen it. What was the significance of this the day we buried Joe? Anything? Who knows? Are there truly any coincidences?? I think not.

I was curious about this incident because I’ve been hearing on C2C about a site you can go to and report and/or check out UFO sitings. It’s called the UFO Reporting Center: if you ever witness something that you would like to catalog or to check on something you witnessed, here is the place to do it. And yes, there were numerous sitings in PA during that period, nothing specifically HERE where we are, but Bob was pretty sure about what he saw. I wish that he had reported it too, to be logged into the database. I found some pictures on the internet of the cigar-shaped cylinder that Bob saw, and he said this one pretty closely resembled his sighting:

Bob witnesses a cigar-shaped cylindrical UFO go straight up while we bury Joe-the-Cat

Bob witnesses a cigar-shaped cylindrical UFO go straight up while we bury Joe-the-Cat

November 7, 2012

Power comes back on

November 7, 2012

On the eve of Hurricane Sandy, October 29, Nuttah had hidden herself under a turtle shell.

On the eve of Hurricane Sandy, October 29, Nuttah had hidden herself under a turtle shell.


Later in the “power failure week”, we came home to find Nuttah on the bed with the turtle shell

Nuttah was out from under the turtle shell, on my bedside table with hearts

Nuttah was out from under the turtle shell, on my bedside table with hearts

Power came on Tuesday night (election night).  I actually voted that morning in a township hall that was running the voting booths on generator power. First time for that. We still have no internet, cable, or telephone. This was Day 8, and it had been off since the night of October 29th. Then tonight, I came home to a loud vibration as soon as I get out of my car in the driveway. As I go upstairs, in the bathroom it was even stronger. I went into the bedroom, and Nuttah was no longer under the turtle shell, as above,  where she’d placed herself for “protection” the night of the storm. Where was she tonight though? On my bedside table. I walked over, she faces my side of bed, with the piled up hearts pointing at me (see picture to the left) Immediately, I’m not sure why, I think: “Joe”. He’s dead. I know it. She knows I’ll be sad. I don’t have the heart to go down and look at him, he’s been ailing now for so long, after months of treatments, that ultimately were not going to save the life of a 17 year old cat. Joe. So much of this he experienced himself, in the beginning, in the old bedroom. I’ll have to get a good picture of Joe, from his early better days, when he was still a robust young man. Probably most of those pictures were on film and are in photo-albums. Joe came home to us in 1995, and it’s hard to believe it’s now 2012. I can’t deal with the inevitability tonight, I’ll check him out in the morning. Good ole Joe.

"Joe-the-Cat" emerging from his hiding place

“Joe-the-Cat” emerging from his hiding place

June 20, 2012

The Evil One Regroups

Bob’s incident at the plant with the “Evil One” occurred on May 30th. Up until this encounter, Bob had been seeing him every day. Afterwards, for a number of weeks, he was completely absent, which Bob found odd, considering his continual presence before this. We thought that the encounter had really had an effect. Then on Tuesday, June 19th, I got this email from Bob:

“Had my buddy run in front of me this morning. He was standing near the railroad bridge looking at me as I was approaching and as I got up to him he darted towards me directly in front of car….then “POOF” he was gone. Didn’t even have time to touch my brakes. Half expected him to be in the back seat, maybe he is, who knows, but I didn’t have any sensation he was or is around. Also, having some pretty alarming “dreams” again, most of last week and now again last night. Just have to hope it isn’t on our timeline. That is what I am banking on anyway. If not, we might be homesteading, or probably living in a small village. On another note, I saw Joe this morning, he seems to be more mobile and alert, demanding attention.

My email to Bob: Alarming that you are seeing the buddy again, and that you’re having these dreams. Any corroboration from the woman upstairs? I had a really weird dream about Bobby Kennedy, of all people, he was alive in this dream. Maybe in some timeline he still is. That’s all I remember now.

Bob responds:  “The woman upstairs approached me with ” bad things” dreams this morning. I said I know all about it. I told her not to worry, nothing was going to happen, that it is “somewhere  else” that it is/will happen. She seemed to get it. What I don’t get is why she AND her husband seem to think that I have some control over it. They look to me to explain and protect, good luck.

My email back to Bob: What are the “bad things dreams”, is it death and destruction, the end of the world as we know it? Is it the course of events unless something changes? Joe does seem more alert and mobile, he was yowling for food this morning when I went down. Had a bad night of sleep, up for a big part of it, had a lot of pain. Have not been wobbling since I lost the nano, cause I can’t seem to do one without the other, however, I am also afraid of a giant pain attack while I’m a mile into it and having to hobble and drive back, but I may have to just plow forth.

Joe from about a year ago

The reference above to Joe, pertains to “Joe the Cat”. Remember him? He is still with us. However, he had a serious health issue (diabetes) for which we treated him through most of the spring. He is definitely ailing, and as old as he is (17 or 18), he’s had a good, long life. That’s Joe. The reference I am making to above about pain has to do with a bout of kidney stones! I hadn’t had one since 1998, and here one was, rearing its ugly presence. I had to suffer this one out until I passed it, which mercifully finally did happen. I had a CT scan somewhere in there, which showed that I actually have THREE. This was just one of the 3. Not something I recommend.

October 7, 2011

Event #256: October 3-6, 2011

One thing needs to be explained before I can continue with posting all the new pictures. Bob and I moved out of the back of the house and into the front. This, I believe, was on October 1st. It’s something we had planned to do, because we only want to burn one wood stove this winter to heat the house rather than two. Stewie has moved out, and it is just the 2 of us. So, for the first time in our 10 years here, we are now in one of the pretty small but very cozy bedrooms of the old, original, 2-bedroom cape-cod part of the house. Our old bedroom and the flooded, damaged, muddy, living room below it stand empty. Empty of people, anyway, and Joe has not figured out yet how to find us. That being Joe’s entire “Universe”, it is possible that he never will find us. I did wonder how this might look to Nuttah, and how we might explain to her why we were doing it. I didn’t want her to feel like we were abandoning her, or were leaving for any other reason other than economics. (and not wanting to walk through the flooded room all the time).

Above then, is a picture of what I found on the dresser on Oct. 3rd; Tëme/Duke is standing between Bob & I, Nuttah sits next to me and there are hearts and a flower sprig in front of all. And the morning of October 4th, I write Bob this email:  I meant to tell you that there is a new re-arrangement on the dresser with us and the pups again. She visited over there. I think you have to let her know why we moved. (meaning moved our bedroom to the front of the house)

Every night, after our move, I stop in the back of the house and the old bedroom to both check on Joe, and see what he needs, and to see if there have been any changes on the dresser with the characters. Here are a couple of photos of how things appeared on October 6th. This appears to be the “Girl” side of the dresser, as it is ‘me’, Nuttah, the “mother wolf” emerging from the bark-hut, and the wolf pups, I presume. Plus a couple of hearts and a turtle. The round pendant-heart that is red in a yellow circle plays into the scene for the first time. The pendant was a gift from Bob last Valentine’s Day, and had hung in my jewelry closet:

The left, "Girl" side of the dresser

Then the “guy” side of the dresser looked like this picture below. In this one, we have Bob with the merged version of Tëme and Duke, Bob’s stone, some dried flower sprigs, and a heart.

The right "Guy" side of the dresser: Bob and the male pups

My email about it to Bob: The changes on the dresser are fascinating. I can’t interpret really, except for the obvious parts, like you with Duke and Tëme, your stone with you and a heart. For the first time, the Valentine heart you gave me has been brought out into use. I will send you a picture, I took some last night. I don’t know what it all means. I had a dream last night about one of the wolf-pair pups. In a compound sort of like where homeless people or even a tribe would live inside a city, like the poor in Santa Fe or some place like that.

Now me just narrating: I do hope that Nuttah is not perturbed by our move. I know that she has been on this side of the house before, as there have often been changes in my office. So, we wait to see if she finds us or visits, or moves anything around over here. I don’t want to bring the characters over just yet, she seems to be doing interesting things with them over there. But I would like it if Bob could somehow convey the reason for our move.

April 19, 2011

Event #208: April 19-20, 2011

April 19: When Bob called me at work tonight, he reported Joe being all out of sorts. So when I got home, I did my usual ‘look-around’, and the only change I noticed had to do with the Oaxacan rabbit on the shelf over our mirror in the bathroom. It is no longer leaning over the mirror cabinet looking down, but standing straight up. I did ask Bob about it later, and he said he didn’t do it.

Then Wednesday evening, April 20th, when Bob and I were talking on the phone, he reported that at that moment, and for a good 2 hours of the evening, Nuttah had been with him:
“She’s been around quite awhile; the last couple of hours, in fact.”
“Is she still there?” I asked.
“Yeah.” was Bob’s reply.
“How about Joe? How’s he dealing with it?” I wondered.
“He’s a little weirded-out, but nothing really out of the ordinary – he’s just ‘Joe’ “, was Bob’s reply. “He’s not really even reacting to her.”
“And she’s right there?” I wondered.
“Yeah – she’s either sitting or standing right next to the bed”. Bob said. “She’s been here most of the evening”, Bob continued.
“Was she downstairs, and outside with you?” I wondered.
“Yeah – just being there… being happy to be there. The message coming across seems to be… ‘Appreciate what you have while you have it.’ ”
“How is she getting that across?” I asked.
“I don’t know”, Bob responded. “It’s just…  conveyed, somehow. I’m given an overwhelming sense of it just being ‘gone’ in a moment”.
“Are there any ‘changes’ in the room?” I wondered.
“No.” Bob said, “But that stuff isn’t important to me. Just that she’s here is what’s important. Joe is staring up like she’s standing here next to the bed.”

Then Bob reiterated what had occurred a couple nights before:
“That was pretty wild, how Joe just leaped into the air; at least 3 ft above the bed.” Bob remembered.
“That is pretty high…” I mused. “It’s like a cat on springs! Where was the ‘Whoosh-guy’?” I then asked.
“I don’t know, I can’t tell, he just ‘WHOOSHED’ by as I was laying here in bed. Joe had just settled himself down between our pillows, like he does every night. I had almost drifted off, and all of a sudden there was this feeling of the ‘WHOOSH’… and Joe was so freaked out that he shot up in the air.”
I then wondered, and I’ve thought of this before: “Do you think the presence of Nuttah has opened a ‘pathway’ of some sort, a ‘portal’, as it were, and brought other stuff in with her? And that’s what this ‘whoosh’ is?”
Bob responded: “That’s what I was thinking… an avenue for something else to follow… but I also believe that if it was possible for her to stop something bad, she would not let it happen.”
“Did she indicate if she got my gifts?” I wondered.
“What did you give her?” Bob asked.
“I left her some flower buds in the office.” I responded.
“She didn’t really say…” was Bob’s response.

This conversation had taken place while I was still at work, so when I got home, I checked around and found at least six changes, all in the bedroom:

1. The heart-turtle necklace is ‘shaped up’ back into a heart shape
2. The wooden turtle is open
3. Bob’s stone is stood up against the wolves
4. The owl is turned to face the bed.
5. The egg and the eagle are moved – the eagle is over with the array of farm animals.
6. On my bedside table is a heart-stone with the tiny little (evening primrose?) flower bud on top of it.

Don’t think I’ll have time for all the pictures in the morning, so I’m recording it in writing now in case anything moves before Friday morning, which will be the first chance that I’ll have to address it.

I confess, as of this actual date of publishing, it is now May 3rd, and I’m slipping behind again. What a busy spring it has been so far. But events are still happening, and I have about 4 more to record before I am caught up… pictures to add, etc. So stay tuned please.

April 14, 2011

Event #207: Thursday, April 14, 2011

Email excerpt from Bob, April 15, 6 AM:
I woke last night with a start when Joe the Cat rocketed straight up into the air from beside me and then I had that “whoosh” of someone/thing going past me. Did you notice anything last night when you came in? I think this was around 10:40, but not real certain of that. I went right back to sleep apparently. I am extremely tired this morning, don’t know if there is a connection, but I feel unslept.

Joe leaps from the bed in fright from the "Whoosh"!

And my email to Bob:
I didn’t sense anything other than the usual when I got home, which was around… 11 something, as best I can recall. I’m having an amusing vision of Joe rocketing straight into the air. Anyway, I heard the buzz, as usual now, even in the driveway, but no changes anywhere that I saw. You sensed that it was not Nuttah, but the other entity?

Bob’s email back:
Joe the Cat was not amused, I’m just glad I didn’t get clawed in the incident. He didn’t run as far as I remember, just jumped about 3′ in the air. I was only awake briefly, I don’t recall Nuttah being there, but in the commotion of the moment I may have not noticed her. Joe is a cat.

Me narrating: Obviously I don’t have a picture of Joe rocketing into the air, so I did this brief sketch of what this might have looked like. With my apologies to Joe. It really is a good thing that Joe is a cat. Any other animal with an ounce of brains, having seen what Joe has seen over the past year and some months would probably not be able to take it. Joe has a very short memory-span, thankfully for him. By the time he landed back down on the bed, the incident was forgotten, I am sure. The bigger issue of course, though, is what on earth is this “Whoosh” thing? I’m a little worried about it, but Bob keeps assuring me that “Nuttah would not let anything bad happen”.

April 4, 2011

Event #202: Monday night, April 4, 2011

A picture from the internet of what a local pair of merganser ducks look like

Before I get to Monday night’s happening, I should mention that over the weekend Bob reported another White Bird sighting. This one was right here on our property, in the creek. He looked over the wall and saw 3 Mergansers. (Mergansers are ducks that are native to the area). Mergansers themselves are not that unusual, at least a few times every year we have Merganser sightings. But what was unusual about the 3 of them, is that 2 were a normal male/female pair, as in the picture to the right, and the 3rd was solid white.

A rare white merganser (albino?)-- credit Mike Dee photography,

Could it have been an albino Merganser? Does such a thing even exist? I’ve never seen one, if it does, and certainly not here. I was only able to find one picture searching the internet for images of a white merganser, and I’ve added it here. Bob verifies that the bird he saw, although sitting IN the creek and not flying, was similar to this photo. I don’t really know what we should read into this, but it is, without a doubt, a White Bird sighting, and an unusual one at that.

Then, Monday night, when Bob and I talked at work, the first thing that he told me was how he had found Joe in the bedroom:

“Hiding behind the planter by the window”, was the report.
“You mean like cowering? Literally hiding”? I wondered.
“Yeah, he was freaked.” Bob answered.

We ended our call at about 8:45 or so Monday night. Then Bob wrote me this email Tuesday morning:

The "heart-necklace" arrangement on the dresser now has Bob's stone & the wolves

BtW, had a strong sense of activity, or at least a presence a little after 9 when I was about to fall asleep. Definitely Nuttah and, I think, the pups, but not sure, it wasn’t the same as the “presence” that has been stopping in, or I could have just been in a somnolent state and it was nothing.

After Bob had told me about Joe’s behavior, hiding behind the plant in the bedroom, I came home to look around as usual. There was a strong buzz in the driveway. I kind of knew that I’d be coming in to something, and sure enough, here is my follow up email to Bob’s:

Me: Well, considering the wolves were rearranged on the dresser, it’s pretty clear your senses were correct. Also, your stone comes into play there too, it is arranged inside the heart-turtle necklace she had pointing at you before. And then there is Joe’s behavior, so she and the wolves must have been there before you came up. I didn’t see anything else out of place.

March 31, 2011

Event #201: Wednesday night, March 30, 2011

The bud has blossomed, and tonight there is also a heart-charm in front of the flowers

When I came in Wed. night from work, it was just after 10. I heard the ‘buzz’ entering the house again. I had an odd feeling too, this new twist has both of us a bit spooked in the dark. Instead of going right upstairs like I usually do, I went into the office with the day’s mail. The ‘Lesser Celandine’ buds on my desk have opened, and sit in a small cup of water. Since March 10, my character, along with Nuttah’s have sat on a shelf to my right in the same position she left us (picture was in the 3/10 post) with the 2 hearts pointing at us. Now, the small silver heart-charm was positioned in front of the celandine flowers, and pointing towards where I would sit at the computer. I have included a picture to the right. After I stopped in here, I went upstairs. I had a momentary start when I first opened the door to our downstairs living room; Joe was standing on the chair, and fairly launched himself at me with a giant, plaintive yowl. Spooked me too, he is not usually downstairs when I arrive. He was scared out of his mind. He didn’t even want to follow me upstairs, I had to encourage him. I had chills walking up the steps, not sure why. Bob was comfortably asleep, and there was nothing amiss in the room. I went down later (brought Joe over with me, as he was still all out of sorts) and wrote Bob an email about what I’d come home to, just in case he’d had any experience as well:

Me: “The flower buds that I have blooming in the office here tonight have a silver heart pointing from them to me… also, Joe was really FREAKED when I came in tonight – he was downstairs on one of the chairs, and gave me a start when I walked in down there — he yowled and then jumped, seemed like he didn’t want to go upstairs. There was a buzz as well, from the driveway on in to the house.”

Bob: “As soon as I hung up with you I started scanning channels, stopped on the history channel, they were doing one of the ancient aliens/UFO shows, this one seemed to have much more current events and not only alien stuff. Two items got my attention and in each instance Nuttah made herself obvious, first was about an incident at a base in Europe that I have heard about many times with the difference now being the guys involved are talking about it and they kept journals because it changed their lives. One thing that stuck out was that the one guy went up and put his hands on the craft, when he did he was instantly given patterns of information, he has been trying to record them ever since, very similar to what I got a glimpse of, I think, he was able to maintain that image like a picture in his mind, some of it in binary code which can be translated. Second was about an Indian mathematician from the early 20th century that provided the theorems for string theory and other advanced theories in physics. He is one of the great mathematicians of the past 200 years. He claims he was provided with the theorems by a woman while in a “dream like” state, but not quite a dream. Hmmm, not comparing myself to him by any stretch, but it sounded very similar too my “dreams”. Who knows.

The other “person” was there last night with Nuttah and without, odd sense when he/she/it is there, Joe seems fine when I am there with him, maybe when I am asleep he is less comfortable with having company, he may be unsure of his hosting ability. He is a cat.
The information thing is kind of intriguing to me. Didn’t feel the sense of unease this time at least, still odd though, apparently we can’t say the same thing for Joe T. Cat.
I am trying to understand why, have been for awhile, I can sense and get communication and others can’t. When I was watching the segnent on the ufo/information transfer they talked about just that. What they said, and it is something I have thought about, is the frequency they are tuned to, like a radio tuned to a certain station, nothing special about them, just happen to be tuned to the station.”

Me: “This is very interesting… and how did Nuttah make herself obvious? What sense do you have of the other being? Joe apparently doesn’t like “it” either — this is about the 3rd time in 2 weeks or so that I’ve been greeted by him when I come in downstairs, and that is very unusual, he is almost always on the bed with you. Also, do we know how that binary code was translated? I am apparently not on the frequency at all. I “hear” stuff, but haven’t been able to pick it up any other way. I try though. Pretty dreary out today.”
Bob:  I sense her as I used to, but sometimes it is like being pushed or directed.
March 28, 2011

Event #200: Sunday, March 27, 2011

Excerpts of our emails today (Monday, March 28) although we are speaking about something that happened Sunday evening:

Bob: Also, before I forget, did you come up around 10:20 very briefly last night? I heard very slow footsteps that seemed like they took an awful long time to come up the stairs and cross the room, then I fell back to sleep for a minute, woke again and no one was there. Joe the Cat was on the bed. Very much a cat. Just wondering.

Me: No that was not me creeping across the floor – I was still in the office then. Doubt I would creep across either. I did hear a pretty serious buzz in the ear though last night, which is no longer a daily/nightly event. There seemed to be numerous visions when I went to bed too, but nothing that made sense. Just random, current-seeming stuff that had no meaning to me. One was 3 beautiful ‘vintage’ sleds lined up against the fence along our driveway. Why? I wasn’t even thinking about that. Other stuff came streaming in fast and furious, but I can’t remember any of it now, except that one really clear one of the ‘Flexible Flyers’.

Bob: Well, if it wasn’t you and it wasn’t Nuttah, I don’t know who it was, but I sat up and looked and didn’t see anyone. No idea what is going on with this new twist, or if Nuttah even has anything to do with it. It was pretty distinct though, pretty weird.

Bob & I talked then later Monday, when I was still at work. He brought the incident of Sunday night up again, and asked me again, if it wasn’t me that he heard ‘creeping’ across the floor. I don’t really creep; Bob sleeps pretty soundly, and with my normal moving around, I don’t have to worry about waking him up. Bob is a little concerned about this latest ‘twist’ in events. He is pretty sure that it is not Nuttah, and it’s about the 3rd time now that he’s had an experience with whatever this new ‘entity’ is. However, last night when I did come up to the bedroom, I heard what I interpret as her ‘buzz’, pretty loudly for the first time in awhile. And then when I shut my eyes, there was instantly swirling motion, the liquid motion I have not seen in awhile either. I don’t know what the change is — a new flower downstairs, the sound, visions, the missing book… Bob’s encounters… something is new and different.  I got home tonight around 10 pm and again, opening the door of the truck in the driveway, I was aware right away of the sound — the buzz. It was loud again upstairs as well. I’m headed up to bed soon, so we’ll see what happens tonight.