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January 4, 2013

After the Big “Event”

Later on January 3, 2013, Bob wrote me an email with more details of the “final event”. Again, I can’t provide the word-for-word account, but suffice it to say, the job got done as outlined in the last post.

My response: Geeeeeeeeezzzzz, that is just nuts. What would you tell me if it wasn’t the cleaned up version? Do you have any sense of whether Nuttah’s baby is okay, or does the Lao woman? What about any sense of the 100’s left? Are they vacating the area? It would be great if they could get back to normal life. It pains me to think of how she’s been living trying to take of the baby in the cold. Ktaholël- glad the mission was a success, can’t imagine what would have happened if it hadn’t been.

The next day, Jan. 4th, 6:17 AM, Bob wrote this email: I was hoping that I would get some sort of update last night on how things are playing out, I would assume it is chaotic right now for everyone.  Hopefully it will work for the return to normal life. I don’t think Nuttah and baby can survive the entire winter without fire and ability to hunt freely. I don’t think it can be any worse than it was with my “buddy” around. Pretty wild scene, it sends adrenaline racing through me when I think about it. I get even more freaked when I think of how it could have gone.

1/4, 9:17, Me: I was hoping you’d get some sort of update too, after what happened, I hope all is okay. Did the Lao woman have any report about Nuttah’s baby?

It had been a life-altering event for Bob (and for others, of course). Yet it occurred in another time-line, so he had no way to follow up with the outcome without Nuttah’s help. We were just left to wonder until, or if, Nuttah could let us know what was going on. My hope is that they can return to life soon as in the scene in the picture below. It’s been since last August that they’ve had any semblance of this at all. Nuttah’s baby was born November 17; not even 2 months old at this point.

September 6, 2012

Post Massacre

I’m desperately trying to get caught up to January, so I can start posting things as they are happening, which they still are. One of the many things that is so weird about all of this, is that every time that we think that it can’t possibly get stranger, it DOES. When I get caught up, you will see. But back to September, when Nuttah reappears and we find out where she is and why:

On Thursday, Sept. 6, 2012 Bob wrote me this email:
I have been having trouble sleeping due to anxiety caused by the event on Sunday. It is haunting me. It is going on right now and I can do nothing. I know they are better able to deal with everyday survival than we would be, but they have to get together with others to prepare for winter, if possible. All crops may be destroyed by the marauders. What a nice group. If they can coordinate I know the Lenape can overcome the weaponry superiority of the Maya with other tactics.

And my response: I’ve been thinking about her (and all of them) too. Then last night, I was looking for a piece of paper I may have scrawled notes on while I was on the phone with you about your incident with the shaman-person at the chiropractor. That’s the next post. I didn’t find that, but did stumble across one that I will read to you tonight, because I need the context, and I didn’t date it, unfortunately. I think this was a “dream” that you had. In the first part, you are observing the Lenape “me” outside the longhouse weaving, and you are watching from somewhere. Then, you mention scenes that involve the existence of an “interloper”, and they are watching from behind the trees (don’t know if that refers to the Lenape or to the “others”), but then you say “it does not bode well for the turtle tribe“. “Most of it was in the woods just watching” — Does that refer to you?

Then you mention mound builders: “Lenape were scared to death of them”. There is some connection to the Oaxacan rabbit. Do you remember this dream? I wish my notes were more thorough.

Bob replied:  I know, I was thinking about that dream too, Nuttah has been afraid of this for awhile. The mound builders definitely had connection with Mexico/Central America, even in our time line. I think that is what all the issues of Nuttah being afraid were about.

Nikola Tesla: born 1856

Nikola Tesla: born 1856

Speaking of time, did you hear any of the show on Coast to Coast about Tesla? One story about him was when he (Tesla) was commenting on an experiment that went wrong and it enveloped him in some sort of electro-magnetic field, he said he was outside time and space and could see that there is no such thing as linear time: past, present, future are all happening right now. He said it was overwhelming, even for him. But this is the same thing I have been trying to convey, everything is present and always, there is no past, present, future.

Me: sigh.

February 28, 2012

Another Event with Bob – self-imposed

On Saturday night, Feb. 25, 2012, we were visiting and having dinner with some friends in a town a bit downriver from us. We’d had some drinks, and were moving on to dessert and dessert drinks. We’d been having quite a good time, and were just sitting around a table talking and laughing. There were only 4 of us: the other couple and Bob and me. Bob had been taking some heavy-duty pain killers for a shoulder problem he’d had since moving some furniture for me in late January. Then someone addressed a question to Bob, and I glanced over at him next to me because he didn’t answer right away. It was then that I realized that he had seemingly dozed off. I called his name, and he didn’t respond. I shook him a little and he didn’t respond. Then I shook him hard and he didn’t respond. Called out his name, shaking him, and he wasn’t waking up. Well, this was weird, and a bit unnerving. To me, he looked like he had twice before: the first time was that time on our front porch when he spilled the coffee on himself because he had gone “there” and was relatively unconscious “here”. Then there was that time he fell out of bed right after Dukey died, when in fact he was “there” and I was seeing his unconscious body here. These episodes are scary, and this was no different. However, this time I also knew about the strong pain-killers he’d been taking that day, possibly now mixed with some beer, and I was scared for Bob. Our friends were too. Bob was not waking up, at least not the way someone should if you shake them or shout at them. After a few minutes (seemed like longer) of trying to rouse him, Bob woke up. I can’t say exactly how long it had been, but long enough that we were really worried. At first he seemed really woozy and out of it, but he came around pretty quickly, looking around at us and seeming like he was trying to put together what had happened. I wanted to ask him if he’d gone “there”, but not in front of the others. So when we were leaving, I was driving, and the first thing that I asked Bob was if he’d had some kind of “experience” back there. “Yeah”, was the reply, and continued: “I was in the long-house, outside of a circle of the elders around a fire. There was some kind of meeting or council going on. They just looked at me briefly and then continued. I felt out of place, weird. Nuttah was not there, and I’m not sure what the meeting was about.”

I wondered if they’d called him in, and that was why he “disappeared” from us in the middle of a social gathering. Also a little worried, as it seemed as if this could now happen anywhere, and not just on the relative “safety” of our property. It was the first time we’d really had such an “off-site event” with the exception of that intersection that always wreaked havoc with Bob.  Bob said that he wasn’t really sure about his presence there being facilitated, but that he had felt really out of place. Like they’d been in a serious meeting, Bob pops in, diverts their attention for a moment, and then they go back to what they’d been talking about. What Bob knew was that one minute, he’d been at the dinner table, somewhat bored with the conversation, and the next minute, he was at a fire in a “council meeting” in Lenape-world. I have begun to notice how completely hard it is to “bring him back” when he goes. This is concerning me. This situation appeared as if it could possibly go another way, and I don’t really want to entertain the possibilities of that. I just hope that it doesn’t happen again.

That was really all there was to it until a couple of days later, I received one morning this email from Bob:
Bob, Feb. 28, 7 AM: “I did have an interesting dream; the woman here that has dreams about my Mom was in [my] dream last night. She told me a girl/woman that looked similar to her people told her that what happened Saturday night was done by me not “them”, and I could have died from it. Pretty weird. The council was for them. Came in this morning, when Thom (my crew) got here the first thing he told me was the woman had a dream about me last night but it was not with my Mom, a girl/woman that looked sort of like them, telling her I did it myself and not to, very dangerous. You must be very careful with your life. Good to know!

Me, Feb. 28, 9 AM:
So what you are saying is you both had the same dream with the same character? (I wonder if it was also the same time at night??) How much like Nuttah does this woman look – I mean is there a similarity between the Lao and the Lenape? This is pretty wild. Did you feel like you “did it yourself”? (Didn’t know that was possible). I sort of felt like you could have died too — esp. when we couldn’t rouse you, but what I kept telling myself is that I was rarely around the other times, and I never saw, except those 2 times, what happened to your “here” body. Maybe that is why Nuttah doesn’t do it often anymore. Interesting that this other way to communicate has developed. This woman at work may start to wonder, if she hasn’t already. I hope she doesn’t become self-conscious about it, or they start to tease her. She might stop telling you the dreams. How old is she?

Bob, Feb. 28, 9:30:
Yes, I believe the girl/woman she was talking to was Nuttah. I am staying away from any potential of “doing it myself”. I know and Nuttah knows it beats the hell out of me. It is not nice. Heart is racing thinking about it. I don’t think the woman will stop, I have been receptive and she saw the picture of my mom and pointed right to her, so she knows there is something. They believe in this stuff anyway. I don’t know how old she is, could be mid to late 30’s, married and has a daughter is all Thom told me. I don’t really talk to her beyond a smile and a hello. They tend to create jealousies if I talk to one and not the other, so it is easier to stay away from it entirely.

So now this is me just narrating about this incident. To recap — Bob has an “incident” while we’re dining with friends. I find out later he goes “there” — he’s completely unconscious here, because he’s present at a ceremony or council meeting in Lenape world — which means that he doesn’t have to be on our property for this to happen. He finds out through joint dreams later that he “did this himself”; Nuttah, for the first time, did not facilitate his transfer to the other time-zone. A woman where Bob works, who is apparently very in touch with the spiritual world, has a dream in which Nuttah appears (“a girl/woman that looked similar to her people”), in which Nuttah warns her to warn Bob not to take this stuff lightly, and not to do it himself: “What happened Saturday night was done by me not “them”, and I could have died from it”. Better take this stuff seriously. Bob has exactly the same dream. Why is this woman figuring into this scenario at all, I wonder? Is it because her mind is “open” to it, that Nuttah (and let’s not forget Bob’s mother), has found a way to convey information to get it to Bob faster, or when they can’t get through to him? And then there is the part about just randomly shooting off to that world at will — Bob has to be careful not to do that again; the warning that has come through is that you can’t do that on your own — you might not come back. Again, I am left at a loss as to what it all means and how to interpret it, I’m just glad we brought Bob back to our world in time.
And just one last thing to clarify something in this post. It is hard to find pictures of what a Lenape woman might look like, obviously, because they come from an era when there was no photography. Yet I’d like to insert these 2 pictures I found of “Lenape Women” on the web that may illustrate a similarity to how they might look, given the Lao woman’s statement: “a girl/woman that looked similar to her people”, meaning the Lao people, and you can see how Lenape women have physical similarities to Asian women:

October 15, 2011

Event #258: Friday night, October 14, 2011

Bob wrote this email to me Saturday morning the 15th, about something that occurred Friday night:

I sat around a large fire outside the main long house. There were about 22 people total, not including me. Some of the men were off on an extended hunting trip. I sat next to Nuttah and her husband, there were several young children with what appeared to be women other than their mothers, judging by the age of the women. One, and this is the first I am aware of this, looked distinctly like your Mom. She looked away when I looked at her, I could be wrong. I tried to ask Nuttah, but was silenced and diverted from the thought. I will pursue this obviously, but this wasn’t the time apparently.

This didn’t appear to be a special ceremony, although it could have been, it seemed more like a simple community gathering around the fire. While sitting there, I saw tëme mom and puppies at the very edge of of the clearing. I looked at Nuttah to ask her if they could join us, she and her husband both said, “They won’t, you go”. I got up and went to the mom, the pups took off as if afraid of me, mom stayed and waited for them to calm down. They don’t seem to be comfortable with people, I guess that is good. I hugged mom tëme and petted her, she seemed ok, not jubilant as the past times I have seen her, but definitely happy to see me. Unlike our two, she misses Tëme/Duke. Nuttah came over and told me I would have to leave soon or I would have to stay, that got my attention. I asked to see the grave of Tëme/Duke, not now, soon was what I was told. He, if he can, will find you, if not, you will find him. As you find An’na, you will find him, as I found you. I said, “No, I can’t do what you can do, I am just along for the journey.” She smiled, that was all. It was much cooler there than it is here, also much clearer, cleaner air than we have. The men were still not wearing long leggings, I guess they are a bit hardier than us. She is not upset with our move to the front of the house at all, she understands it, I guess. Her husband seems so young, so does she though. I hugged mom tëme and the pups let me scratch under their chin; there are only 2 by the way. I don’t want to know where the other is. Nuttah held my hands, smiled at me, I”m back.

Now me narrating: This weekend, I plan on adding some characters to the paper-doll cut outs. First, 3 wolf pups, so we can get an idea what might be going on there. Second, a Lenape character that will have my Mother’s face. Also, and I’ve thought of this recently, and don’t know why I didn’t add them before, but the 2 elder gents probably need a character. And then Nuttah’s new husband, but I’ll need Bob’s help with what he looks like. And lastly, I’m thinking about moving the whole lot of everybody over to this side of the house with us. Or should I just wait to see what Nuttah does with them?

August 21, 2011

Event #242a: Sunday, August 21, 2011

The next morning, Bob got up before me and went off fishing at a nearby lake. When he returned, Bob asked me a short time later if he had mentioned anything specific about the wedding ceremony. “What do you mean?”, I asked.
“Well, did I tell you about the music, and the dancing?”
“No, I don’t remember anything about music and dancing”. I answered.
“How about the other couples, the Turtle and Wolf clan members that were being married, the others besides Nuttah?” Bob asked.
“No, none of that.” I said.
“Are you sure?” Bob wondered.
“Yeah, I would remember that, besides, it’s all in the emails you sent me about her marriage, all you said was that you saw the young men, you saw her groom, and she was wearing these flowers in her hair. That was it, I wrote that up in a post, and that’s all there was.” I answered.
“Well, then I don’t know when I had this ‘vision’.” Bob said. “Or if I went there — but I saw a ceremony, a dancing ceremony, and it was clear that it was related to the marriages.” Bob continued.
“What do you mean, ‘marriages’?” I wondered. “I thought only Nuttah got married.”
“No, there were several couples. They came from the Turtle and the Wolf clans. About five couples got married. I saw that, and then last night, I saw the end-ceremony; the other clans were going home and they were having a big ceremony to celebrate the marriages.” Bob said.
“So this was last night?” I wondered.
“I guess so… ” Bob responded. “I mean, I know something happened last night, and I know I have a clear memory of this dancing ceremony, and the music, and the people… but I’m not clear on when I saw it. But if you’re sure that I didn’t mention it when I first told you that I knew she got married, then it had to have been last night.” Bob said.
“So is that where you went when it seemed pretty clear you were ‘gone’ last night?” I wondered.
“It must have been. I know something happened… I know I felt I ‘left’. I mean, the more I think about it, the more I remember. As I talk about it, I remember more… like I went right down a chute, right through the chair I was sitting on, on the porch, like I went ‘down the rabbit hole’.” Bob continued. “I just left the program.”
“Well, how come last night, when I asked you that, you didn’t remember it then, how come you said ‘I went somewhere’, but it’s not where you think?” I asked.
“I don’t know… I didn’t remember it last night. It’s coming back to me today. I clearly remember now seeing a ceremony, dancing, music; I can hear the instruments. It was drums, rattles, and maybe some kind of flute in the background, but it was weird, the sound was different, in that the flute didn’t really jive with the other sounds that were going on, like they were independent of each other. There were a lot of people, and there was a fire, and they were dancing around it.” Bob said.
“How many people?” I wondered.
“I don’t know, lots, maybe 100 or more.” was Bob’s answer.
“100 or more??” I asked incredulously.
“Yeah, there were a lot. More than I’ve ever seen there before.” Bob answered.

Then, Bob supplied a drawing of the scene. This was actually later that same day during dinner and the drawing is below. The writing is mine. The way Bob explained this, is that the central part of that circle is a fire. Around the fire, about 100 or so people are dancing. Towards the center, the younger people are dancing, the children. One half of the circle are the members of the Wolf clan, I’ve written there on the left upper side: “WOLF”. The other half were the members of the Turtle clan, and I wrote there: “TURTLE”. Nuttah and her new husband are indicated to the left; the newly married couples danced in the middle, between the two Lenape clans. I’ve labeled the 2 Longhouses at the top, and Bob described on the outer edges these individual huts, which are represented with those circles, to the right and left of the inner-dancing circle. So this is what Bob must have been witnessing when he appeared to ‘leave the program’, spilled his coffee, eyes moving as if watching something, hand pointing as if seeing something… curious that he did not immediately remember, but that’s just part of the whole mystery of this entire thing.

Bob draws up the "Closing Ceremony"

July 31, 2011

Sunday, July 31, 2011: Lenape Village Tour

The Village Totem

On a very, VERY hot July day, I urged Bob to accompany me to an outdoor event. It so happens that there is an actual reproduction of a Lenape Village that holds open houses and tours. Not totally authentic, they will fully admit, but a reproduction as best they can do so it will last, and not fall victim (hopefully) to both vandals and the environment. We’ve read about it, but had never been to it before, as it is somewhat of a distance. But the topic today, as they always focus on something specific on their Sunday tour, was “Medicinal Plants”, so I thought it was right up my (or An’na’s) alley. And so off we went. The tour was the first part of it, and they took us around the village to see different aspects of Lenape life. I will introduce this tour in the form of the pictures that I took, because with their captions, it should be more or less self-explanatory. Notice that the totem has a turtle at the top!

At the very least, even though it was a rather cursory intro, Bob and I have both been inspired to attend again. We may go for another topic in the early fall, when things cool down a bit.

[Note: I have inserted a web-coded ‘table’ for the first time into one of these posts, to try to display the pictures better, so I do hope that it works for every browser, otherwise, these pictures are going to spewing all over the place and I apologize in advance if that is the case with your browser]

Sweat Lodge

The sweat lodge would have been made with skins, but they used canvas in this reproduction

Birthing Hut

Village Birthing Hut

small snake

A very small garter snake, 4 days old is the estimate

Girl Grinding Corn

A young volunteer girl demonstrates making corn meal

Chris (Che) Egnoto gave the introduction to the medicinal plants talk, and there were many examples right in the village and surrounding the village of the plants that he spoke of. The instructor mentioned a couple of books to research plants further, which Bob thinks it is a good idea if I pursue. Some of the plants mentioned were those that Nuttah has left for me, such as the Indian Hemp.

Chris Egnoto

Chris (Che) gives an intro to medicinal plants on the tour. Photo is courtesy

inside the Longhouse

A view from inside the Village Longhouse

July 6, 2011

Event #234: Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bob wrote this email on July 6th, 7:20 pm:

Their fields are WAY ahead of our stupey garden. Corn is at least 4 maybe 5 feet tall. Beans are wrapped around almost to top of corn. Squash is much larger, all around the plants. DUPS have GROWN. Almost Waffle size! Great noses! Got to play with them again by the field. Got humiliated by “asking to have a puppy”. I guess I should have known this. They are not “pets”, it is insulting to think you can possess them. They are revered, I should feel honored and I (her Father) did feel honored that THEY chose him to befriend. I tried to explain that I do feel that way, I do actually. They don’t understand that our Dups are pets, they see them as having chosen us, not the other way around, the Whoosh brothers explained this.

One of the long houses is being rebuilt, just saw that in passing on way to field, sweat lodge has been redone too. You need to find out more about all the plants that have been left, they MAY be needed. Same with our stupey garden.
I was asked “to stay with us” again, first time in awhile. I said, maybe in time and only if Nuttah can get An’na here too. I got a very frustrated response, but very clear, Nkwhechi or ey, that is phonetic, but it is something like I’m trying or I try, I remember that word, which is unusual, but there was so much passion and emotion in her when she said it, it imprinted on me. She is extremely frustrated. If it ever happens you may not come back. I shouldn’t say that, might make you more resistant, but that is just me thinking that if Nuttah is ever able to get you tuned in she may just, out of desperation, keep you there. Not her thought, mine. History class may start again, we’ll see, that is my call. They are playing on my pride (they don’t know I have none). Geez, I just reread this, something I don’t normally do, do you think I’m fucking nuts?!
That was it, gone in a whoosh. Back in a flash, at least I’m still on the deck.

I later looked up the word that Bob had heard, that he said he was spelling phonetically, but he got it really close. It is “nkwëchi”, and means “I try”. [Hear it].

June 30, 2011

Event #232: Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bob wrote this email on Thurs., June 30th, 8:45 am:

I know now why I didn’t see two pups last time I went to see Nuttah and family. The pups have pups! 3 to be exact, at least that is what I saw. They are duppies. Nosing about just upstream of the “village”. They are beyond cute, unbelievable.  Mom pup is extremely attentive. Could only see them by torch light, really soft gray/black puppy fur. I wanted to bring them home (Joe T. Cat replacement)! It was so cool to see them and to see that mom was okay, I had been concerned. I could see the fires burning outside the long houses and I could see silhouettes of several small huts in front of the fires, a very serene feeling looking at the whole scene. It was quieter than even what I have seen in the past, I think because the water was lower and the riffles were softer. Amazing how different it is at our place just regarding noise levels. It was fun, that is the first time I can say that, being at her place. All the other times it was overwhelming. I think because of the pups and knowing mom dup was ok.  DUPS. They were so funny to watch. Crashing about. Anyway, it was all there was to it, Nuttah played with the pups, she is the only one that Mom will let near them, and me I guess, but I don’t know quite how I manifest to them. Btw, Nuttah had her hair up and back, never saw that before and she was wearing different clothing, almost like cloth, but not quite, not much of it either. Maybe plant material? I don’t know. I guess because it was cooler. Never saw anything like it.

Me: Wow, the dups had pups! That is so cool. Also, that you got to go there — how old do you think they are? And where in the camp do they keep all the pups? Were you able to touch them or just observe them? What were you wearing? And what time was this? Were you awake when you came back or was this more like a dream one? I was writing up the latest entry about the flower sprigs last night, but I ran out of steam, so it didn’t get posted. I know I proposed an idea that perhaps I was being ‘trained’, or she hoped to train me in the use of medicinal plants. Knowledge I may have to use at some point. Wonder why the characters moved upstairs.

Bob: I was able to play with them. I was wearing a longish hide cloth type thing, no top. Very tan skin too. The pups do not stay in camp. They have their den somewhere else. No idea where. Dups. Time was around 10 something, I believe. I was awake. Same sort of thing as on the deck, just there I am. I wouldn’t forget about the medicinal thing. Dups. More noses!

June 20, 2011

Event #229: Approximately June 20, 2011

Not sure the date of this, so I am estimating about June 20. It was sometime after the “ceremony” that Bob witnessed, on May 26. This is in the form of a phone conversation we had about it.

Bob began with,  “You know that book, ‘The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe’? Where the girl is hiding in the wardrobe and pushing aside all the firs hanging there, and then all of a sudden, she finds herself outside in the woods in the snow?”

“Yeah.” I replied. I’ve actually re-read that book kind of recently for about the 3rd time.

“Well, that’s how this experience was – I was walking up the steps from the basement to the deck, letting out the pups when I first got home, and before I even got to the top step, off I went to another land. All of a sudden, I was at the creek, by the long-house lodge with Duke & Wobbles. And the elders wanted to speak to me, to ask me something.

“And what was it?” I wondered.

“It was about the history, what’s going on, essentially asking if I can handle it? I don’t know… I don’t know what that means, but that’s all they ask. So I said ‘Yes’.”

“And then what?” I wondered.

“Nothing, that was pretty much it. Nuttah was there, Duke, Wobbles, the teme and the elders. And that was it, except for one main thing…” Bob continued.

“This was the second time I didn’t come back to where I left from. I arrive back ‘here’ and I find myself talking to our neighbors. They’re up on the bridge taking the kids for a walk, and I’m down at the creek yelling up to them. And I have no idea where in the conversation it is, what I’ve even said to them at this point. Or IF I’ve even said anything to them, and what on earth we are talking about. It was so disorienting.  But they just kept talking like nothing was wrong, we were apparently talking about that get-together we’ve been thinking about having. She said she’d bring some kind of appetizer.”

“Wow, how do you think you pulled that off? Do you think they noticed anything was amiss?” I wondered.

“Well, wait, it gets better. As I’m standing there, the white merganser comes coasting down the creek, and I watched as it sailed by, and they didn’t even notice it. I’m sure that it means they can’t see it, because it’s such an unusual bird, they would definitely have said something. It just wasn’t there to them.

“So, you’re not being ‘moved’ there by Nuttah, you’re moving yourself there, while you’re not really mentally ‘here’? Cause you don’t remember moving from the basement to the bridge and you ‘return’ finding yourself in conversation with them? Is it as disorienting as it sounds?” I asked.

“Yeah!” Bob replied.

“Well, what about the pups, have you stopped to unconsciously leash them, or are they loose with you?”

“They’re loose, but they’re behaving, they’re staying right with me, not like they would normally do.” Bob replied.

“Was there any message that came through as the merganser coasted by?” I wondered.

“Nope, it was just cruising by, and nobody comments on it”, was Bob’s answer.

This, for Bob, was even odder than the time he just popped back into the woods after the ceremony ‘trip’. Here he found himself in conversation with people, which means that the local version of himself, for lack of any better term, is just continuing to do what he was doing, as if on auto-pilot.

January 6, 2011

Event #168a: Thursday, Jan. 6, 2011

Excerpts of our emails the next day about Event #168:
Bob: I suspect we had activity last night. I was having some extremely vivid dreams of the creek, sweat lodge and longhouses last night. I woke up and had company, there is a connection between fire, sweat lodge and ancestors/history. I guess that is why our fire is important. I should have put that together sooner.  I also see where the creek is at her place in relation to our house, at least at this point the egde is about where the bathroom is, there was some sort of “altar” or at least a few items placed at the edge as an “offering”, I think. The most prominent was a turtle shell. Of course this might simply be a dream, including being awake, I might have dreamed that also. But Joe was initially freaked out when I came up and then calmed back down, maybe his need for routine overrode his fear. Did you have any awareness of Nuttah being around? I get concerned when I don’t hear from her. Like I said, I don’t know if this was strictly dream or not, there was also something to do with the “meteor stone” in the offering arrangement, whatever, the more I think of it the more I think it was a normal dream.

The pewter turtle is in the linen closet now (the teabag? Sometimes I grab a tea bag to take to work, and then empty my pockets in here later - obviously I didn't use it.)

Me: No, I wouldn’t disregard it. I knew when you told me about Joe that I’d be coming home to a new arrangement on the dresser. And sure enough. It’s the most changes I’ve seen in a long time — the biggest ones being the weighty-pewter turtle is in the bathroom closet, and your meteor stone is moved to the center of her turtle on the dresser. The grouping of us is changed around as well as my plant sprigs for her. We all have a “heart” pointing at us — all 4 of us there on the dresser.

Each character has a "heart" pointed at us, along with the other changes

The "Turtle on the Dresser" now has Bob's "Meteor-Stone" as part of it

I sensed “something” when I closed my eyes, swirling, motion… thought I would have a vision, but I also was really tired, and I think I was asleep in minutes. It’s the closest that I’ve come to a vision in a couple months I think. Got up to go to the bathroom and had it again. Sound-wise, the hum/vibration was very distant, dim. I thought she’d be there after the dresser changes, so I listened carefully. At first it wasn’t there at all, but then I could hear it dimly, far away, not like sometimes it is, sounding like a motor under the bed. So I think that you might have actually had an excursion, and it was not a dream. Think more about the fire connection, and what you remember there.

Bob: The turtle in the bathroom closet is interesting, that, I think, is the edge of the creek, also where the offerings were set, I think I saw nuts, maybe chestnuts or something like that. Those red berries were there as well as what I think was dried squash and corn???, not real clear about that. Some other things like ornaments, I think. It is dark and only fire light to “see” with. The fire connection to the sweat lodge and history makes sense now. It is integral to the experience. Something to ponder.